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Londrina Things to Do

  • Lake Igapo II: A Complete Redevelopment

    It should be noted that while various Londrina memorabilia talk of "Lake Igapo" the fact is there are really four Lakes Igapo, numbered I, II, III and IV.Not long ago, on a visit to Londrina, Lake Igapo II was still a considerable mess, with a lot of trash around the park.However, in the last few years since that visit, the area around the park has...

  • Arthur Thomas Park

    On the maps, you will actually find several parts of this park called different things, but the fact of it is that "Parque Municipal Arthur Thomas" is the most well known name, and I have never heard anyone in Londrina use any other name for this area.The park is the city's preserved forest area, there is a small lake in the center of the main part...

  • Parque Estadual Mata dos Godoy

    NOTE: This tip is still in progress and efforts are still being made for various parts of it. Photos will be coming later.Located far to the southwest of the city, and in fact located in the countryside quite far outisde the urban limits, Parque Estadual Mata dos Godoy preserves a small section of the original forest of the state of Paranã....

  • Historical Museum of Londrina

    The museum is a project of the State University of Londrina (Universidade Estadual de Londrina - UEL) and is located in the old train station - which no longer has any track going to it. The location is just north of downtown. The museum survives entirely on donations and the university, as there is no admissions charge.The fenced and gated outdoor...

  • Calçadão: The Huge Sidewalk

    Connecting the core of downtown Londrina with a street that is a dedicated pedestrian walkway has proven to be a huge success here, and along the sidewalk you will find a number of shops (both large and small), various restaurants, a number of banks, and various other businesses of interest to those visiting the city.The Calçadão is also the home...

  • Lake Igapo Park

    There are actually several lakes called "Lake Igapo". They are called, naturally, Igapó 1, 2, 3, and 4.There are several parks along the several lakes, but Lake Igapó 1 has the most well known. This park runs alongside the northeastern side of the lake, between Rua Herodoto and Avenida Amithas de Barros. Crossing to the north side of Avenida...


Londrina Hotels

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Londrina Restaurants

  • Fabrica 1

    This is a great place brew pub, excellent bar food, and local cuisine. All beer is brewed at Fabrica 1, is a great place to meet and greet friends, and make new friends. Very nice portions, and the beer is also excellent. I always look forward to visiting, every year when I go to Londrina. I recommend anyone visiting Londrina to visit Fabrica 1....

  • Great Hand Crafted Beer and Food !

    This is a great place brew pub, excellent bar food, and local cuisine. All beer is brewed at Fabrica 1, is a great place to meet and greet friends, and make new friends. Very nice portions, and the beer is also excellent. I always look forward to visiting, every year when I go to Londrina. I recommend anyone visiting Londrina to visit Fabrica 1....

  • Pastels of Many Sorts, including...

    Generally, when a place is able to say they have been in a location for a long period, it is a good sign. Roberto's is not an exception to this rule, and as long as you like pastel you should be OK at this restaurant.But first, a little explanation of what a pastel is in order: a pastel is a bit like a giant ravioli in that it is square and...

  • Great Pizza and Reasonably Priced

    Located reasonably close to downtown, the Donatello Pizzaria is not a rodisio style pizzaria, but still serves some wonderful Brazilian style pizza in a number of different forms.Small sizes range from the R$11 range, and larger pizzas may be in the R$28 range.They have some great dessert pizzas as any good Brazilian pizzaria should.There is a...

  • You can Find Better Food Elsewhere

    You will not find photographs to go with this tip, and neither does the restaurant deserve to be memorialized in photos. The service was extremely slow - so much so that even the Brazilians I was with thought that the wait was far too long. Also, it was obvious that pizza service was going to the bar first, and then to the restaurant, as the...

  • West End of Calçadão, Fine Snacks and...

    Located in the middle of a busy section of downtown offices and shops, and with a door facing the busy pedestrian mall known as the Calçadão, Rovani features a mixture of fruit juices, common Brazilian lunch snack food, and a self service section at the rear of the restaurant.As with many such restaurants, you must take a ticket upon entering the...

  • Rumor Has It the Pizza Next Door is...

    Perhpas the most bizarre story about this Pizza establishment is that it survives on leftovers from the pizza establishment next door, and in fact that is how I wound up there.It seems that some years back this was all one huge pizza restaurant. However, several years ago there was a dispute between the two owners, and the establishment was split...

  • For Serious Meat Lovers

    Like any good Brazilian Churrascaria, there is an excellent salad bar here, but you don't come for the salad. Instead, the unlimited supply of meat cooked over the flames roiling in the back room is the primary attraction. I would suggest looking at the salad bar, and selecting a few things to sample (all are excellent in my opinion, but I am...

  • Very Good Fruit Juices and Other Treats

    Located on the far west end of the Calçadão, this little bakery also serves as a fast food restaurant, and is somewhat similar to the lunch counters / soda fountains that used to be fairly common as part of drug stores in the USA.However, there are no drugs to buy - only various treats from the counter. This includes the various baked goods and...

  • HUGE portions to Feed the Masses

    Located in central downtown Londrina since 1966, this place serves up huge portions of food. Many of the "half-size" plates are quite capable of feeding two, and the full size plates are probably capable of feeding three or so, depending on the appetite of those involved.It just so happened that earlier tonight they had a party and television...

  • Northeastern Brazilian quisine

    Another favorite in Londrina is Tia Nega (translated literally this means 'Black Aunt').As with all Brazilian restaurants, the price is very reasonable. You really can't find a better value, especially not state-side! My absolute favorite on their menu is the 'Bife a Cavalo' (steak a-la-horse). It is so named not because it is horse meat, (which...

  • Churrasco!

    A favorite of mine is Galpao Nelore, traditional Brazilian Churrasco (grilled meat).The atmosphere is quite laid back, and the restaurant itself is laid out like a spanish-style ranch house. There are wide-open verandas and an airy, spacious interior. The roof is of red tile supported by wooden beams which are visible inside-very rustic. For the...


Londrina Nightlife

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    Nightlife in Londrina

    by RafaGoes Written Oct 13, 2003

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    Londrina has a simple nightlife, not many options though...anyways, here you can find all sort of night spots... i'm really out of whats going on here... but most of the nightlife during the week is based on bars/pubs... the city has lots of university students... on weekends, you'll find more options to dance and enjoy live music...
    I used to go to a very interesting bar called Vila Pirata...now it's moved to a very restricted area, and few people still go there...

    Pirata bar on Sunday afternoon
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Londrina Transportation

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    Rodoviaria Location Close to Downtwon

    by glabah Written May 21, 2004

    Brazil has a wonderful intercity bus system. The intercity bus terminal located in each city is called a Rodoviaria. The North American travel books that you will find typically describe the Rodoviaria as being located on the

    In Londrina, the Rodoviaria is located quite close to downtown. I don't suggest walking there, but if you do have to walk from there to downtown Londrina, it is only perhaps a 10 minute walk to the main part of downtown, perhaps less if you are fast walker.

    There is a taxi stand at the terminal and it is not difficult to get a taxi from there to any area of the city. Also, there is regular city bus service from the Rodoviaria to the rest of the city.

    Nearby is the Praça do Viajantes (Plaza of the Traveler) which has a monument to travel.

    Rodoviaria (bus station) and Pra��a do Viajantes

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Londrina Shopping

  • Assortment of T-Shirts and Trinkets

    Lembranças is the word used in Brasilian Portuguese for small items that serve as a reminder of a place, and is derived from Portuguese for "remember". It is essentially how we would use souvenir in English, though I have been told there are some differences in what it applies to.Normally, I would not suggest that anyone go into the Shopping Royal,...

  • Junk, Food, Junk Food, and Unusual Stuff

    On Wednesday evenings, there is a street market near the west side of downtown, close to the "Zerão" athletic track and very close to the very large ampitheatre that is located near this facility.This market is like any street market: what you will find depends on who shows up to sell their stuff.It is a very popular local market, and not one that...

  • Not Just Trophies

    Originally just a sports trophy shop, it has grown to include an excellent assortment of rock and rock sculpture (including raw rock for those interested in doing their own sculpting) wood carvings, and many other items.They do not have t-shirts, but a huge number of other items are good to look for here. There are many items unique to Brasil...


Londrina Local Customs

  • Dining tips

    When in a restaurant, the tip is often included in the bill, but when not, tipping rules are generally the same as in the U.S. - 10% for bad service, 15% for good and 15% for excellent. A tip is called a 'gorjeta' in Brazil.In Brazil it is considered rude to eat a sandwich with one's bare hands, people hold their sandwiches with a napkin, or as is...

  • Dating/Courtship

    Dating rules are different as well in Brazil: there isn't the same approach to casual dating as in the U.S. If two people are interested in each other, they will typically go out in a group with friends until the two know each other well, and will only go out alone if a serious relationship is being considered.When two young people become engaged,...

  • Hugs all around!

    Brazilians are by nature a very warm and friendly people. Friends traditionally greet one another in one of two ways: the 'beijinho' (little kiss), or the 'abraco' (hug), and a greeting such as 'Bom dia' ('Good morning or day'). Other greetings used include 'Como vai?' ('How are you?')or if meeting someone for the first time 'Prazer em conhece-lo'...


Londrina Off The Beaten Path

  • Visit a Coffee Plantation

    This is not something that is easy to arrange, nor is it something that the average tourist gets to experience. However, Londrina was once a primary capitol of coffee production, and if you are interested in how coffee is grown and produced you should visit a coffee plantation when visiting Londrina.The particular plantation that I visited in this...

  • Large Catholic Cemetery Close to...

    Located just a few blocks south of downtown Londrina, the Cemitério São Pedro was just outside the city when it was originally laid out. However, the city has grown around it and now it is pretty much within the central business district, though slightly south of the true center even now.You will find a variety of crypts used for the dead here -...

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