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  • on ya horse
    on ya horse
    by pepples46
  • sunday afternoon drive
    sunday afternoon drive
    by pepples46
  • view into the Vale dos Sinos from Boa Vista
    view into the Vale dos Sinos from Boa...
    by pepples46

Santa Maria do Erval Restaurants

  • and again

    the eating goes on for hours, the French would love it......standing up, moving around helps make room for an other serving and there was always someone putting the kettle on for a mate........chimarao is very good for digesting nearly forgotten to tell....we had a big garden, raising our own veggies. we looked after an Avocadotree and three big...

  • happy hour

    and when all was over, happy hour started around the churrasco pitt...still some bottles to go for some niteowls here they drink Brahma, Antartica and the local Polar Beer from Porto Alegre and for sure we had some caipirinhas

  • at the weekends

    weekends, when all went well, we prepared the fire pitt for churrasco. most neighbours joined in, easy way to get the troops was played, beer on the table. there was nothing else better to do anyway. those days, I like the chicken churraso best, noodle & rice salades and of course a well marinated Potatoe salad ( german style ), cakes...


Santa Maria do Erval Nightlife

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    by pepples46 Updated Mar 2, 2005

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    we did not have much nite life when we didn't have a good idea. we mostly had a couple of cold ones, or a caipirinha.....more often then not we sat in the kitchen, playeing canaster and drank chimarao.
    TV was still in its infancies, Tele Novellas (Soap stuff) wheren't my cup of tea anway.
    every 3rd weekend or so, I showed an old movie in the community hall, Buster Keaton, Stan and Laurel, that sort of thing....people loved it....sometimes my old projecter broke down and then that was that...till it was fixed, no movies, and sometimes we had no electricity at all, black outs ...daily routine, out came the old Kerosene Lamp ^..^

    Dress Code: what dresscode??

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Santa Maria do Erval Transportation

  • unsealed road

    clay roads, slippery customer in the rainy season, or just on a rainy day. even the Horses had to be carefull. so should you, when not used to unsealed roads. still, when you come to Canela, it was all worth it. lovely little Town, great National Park, lots to do, many outdoor activities, horseriding, paragliding etc.have a look and also visit...

  • own transport

    own transport is a good idea, though Public Bus is available from Porto Alegre, changing Bus in Novo Hamburgo, to Morro Reuter and on to Santa Maria do Herval.but to expirience the region, own transport gives that opportunity.. I drove a Jeep Willis'70, loved it!but when I rambled into a slip one day and just managed to held on to the door, I...

  • Santa Maria do Erval Hotels

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Santa Maria do Erval Local Customs

  • power fall out

    power black outs are quite a bit on the card in rural areas. torch comes handy, radios running on battery and we had kerosene lamps. actually quite romantic stuff, sure we had to be a bit carefull. I remember one nite, walking home from the neigbours house, my kerosene lamp in the hand....yes I had forgotten my torch, so I had to take the neigbours...

  • My Friends

    I dropped the the young Lady, when she was 4 months old....she survived. now she's married, has two kids, and is still my Friend ^..^, like her parents

  • her Dad

    her Dad, when he was younger he was not only the Principal of the School, he also was an excellent Churrasceiro....and I liked his methode of preparing mate tea = chimarao


Santa Maria do Erval What to Pack

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    by pepples46 Written Feb 14, 2005

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    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: can get nippy I said, actually in the month of July till end of August is gets realy cold, snow is no rarity. warm clothing, good footwear and you should be fine.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: bring what you need, but these days there is a well stocked supermarket

    Photo Equipment: lots of filmrolls, from here you have access to Gramado and Canela and the whole Serra Geral

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: yes is poss....campground by the Caracol...bring your gear. great swimming holes there too

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Santa Maria do Erval Favorites

  • and an other

    beautiful Vista in this area. I asure you, you won't be disappointed making the off the beaten path trip into the Serra Geral...and Gramado or Canela.GRAMADO on a beautiful sunday afternoon.... just driving and dropping in for a coffee at a Friends place

  • mountainous region

    farming is quite back breaking. Santa Maria do Herval, VT spelt it 'wrong' known for the best Potato, Batata, Kartoffel crob in the Region....very tasty indeed the People, as always.....hart working but knowing how to throw a Churrasco I ever had, while I still used to eat meat.they drink Polar Beer here from Porto Alegre or Brahma...

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    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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