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  • One of the bays of Angra dos Reis
    One of the bays of Angra dos Reis
    by DSwede
  • The reason I first came here... work
    The reason I first came here... work
    by DSwede
  • Seafood Rice... mmm
    Seafood Rice... mmm
    by DSwede

Angra dos Reis Things to Do

  • Get a Friend

    We didn´t like Angra dos Reis! And we didn´t like it because we just saw the harbour, had a reasonable lunch, and moved to Parati. We know that the highlights of Angra are the islands, that we visited from Parati. And with so many private islands in that paradise, it should look better if you'd get an invitation. So... make a local friend. But with...

  • Ilha da Piedade

    This island (=pity island) was for some years the meeting place for brazilian celebrities, also called by locals "Ilha de caras" (caras is a local magazine, that used to hold many events in the island and many pictures of actors, singers and other famous brazilians were taken inside the island´s mansion).In the middle of the island there a huge,...

  • Ilhas Botinas

    Ilhas Botinas (="boot islands") are a pair of tiny islands in the middle of Angra bay, accessible on boat. The are no beaches on these islands...the shore is rocky. But the reason why they are usually chosen among 365 islands to be included in these boat routes are their interesting shape (they both look like boots in a certain angle) and...

  • Extremely sunny day!

    if you can afford it (pretty expensive) it's definitely worth to take a half day boat trip to the close islands, though you wouldnt find any desert island here: some of them are hotel's properties or private, or rented by wealthy brazilian and nonbrazilian people for good weather period..anyway nice beaches, wild nature and much of sun. for me it...

  • Sailboat trip

    I think that if you go to Angra you MUST take a ship and go to see the different islands of the bay. The water is cristal-clear, the islands are like a dream, and the beaches fantastic. Don´t forget visiting Ilha Grande, but there so many nice places that it´s difficult to remember their names. And if you like the scuba diving, its a nice place to...

  • Ilhas Cataguazes

    Among the islands I visited, those were the ones I liked most. They are tiny islands connected by a string of white sand and the water level is low on the surroundings. These islands are not far from the city in Angra, and they have the best spot for a feels like you are in a pool...the waters are clean, without any waves usually, with...

  • Sailboat Tour

    One fun and inexpensive thing to do in Angra Dos Reis is to take an all-day sailboat trip. The boat we got on with was brightly colored and had a young, energetic crew of locals. We toured the coastline and stopped at several secluded islands and beaches throughout the day. We also saw flying fish! We came back around sunset. Food and drinks...

  • Island day cruise

    When in Angra you must do an island cruise. Many companies offer tours that are very similar. The schooners are large and hold up to 100 people and play music and create a nice atmosphere. You make a number of stops at various islands where they anchor giving you the chance for a swim. A stop for lunch is made on another island with a couple of...


    Like many Brazilian colonial cities,Angra was deeply influenced by the Catholic church!In a small area it's possible to find a great nbr of convents,churches and monuments,even at the little islands,which is very charming!The downtown Angra was built in curves,following the wind that blows all day!Besides the churches,there are a little left from...


Angra dos Reis Hotels

  • Pousada Caicara

    Playa de Abraao, Ilha Grande,, Angra Dos Reis, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Pousada da Figueira

    Estrada do Contorno 6.097, Angra Dos Reis, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Portobello Resort & Safari

    Rod. Rio Santos, KM 438, Angra Dos Reis, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 3.5 out of 5 stars

Angra dos Reis Restaurants

  • Amazing seafood moqueca!

    The "Restaurant e Bistrô Angra dos Reis Boutique Hotel" also open to "non-guest", offers a tasty breakfast with omelets, breads, cheese and meat, juice, cakes, fruits, cereals and more. At lunch and dinner is known for fresh fish, shrimp and seafood, meat, poultry, pasta, snacks, and Brazilian dishes as "seafood moqueca", juices, cocktails and a...

  • Great Seafood and Local Flavors

    Having the fortune of coming here on business and being able to enjoy a nice meal, the restaurant in the yacht club was recommend to us. A few of my colleagues had been there before and all had good things to say.The menus are only offered in Portuguese and the staff spoke very little English. So if you don't speak Portuguese or a bit of Spanish,...

  • Amazing fish, amazing view

    This restaurant is in Muriqui, about 30 kilometers from Angra (toward Rio). It's situated high on a hill overlooking the ocean--the whole place is outdoors, with just a roof and open views out to the sea. We stopped there for lunch after visiting a nearby port, and I must say, it put the icing on the cake of one of the best plant visits I've ever...


Angra dos Reis Nightlife

  • janaina's Profile Photo

    by janaina Written Feb 13, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    My favorite night spot is private parties on private boats!
    I have 2 friends holding boats in Angra,and when one or both are there,there is no doubt that if the group is cool and big,we are gone have a party!
    Alcohol preparations start same day in the morning:the preparation of liters and liters of Caipirinha,than straight and safe going to the boat fridge till night!
    I love to sail at night,everything gets a new proportion and collor!

    preparing the sandwiches:pineapple,mint leaves,ham

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Angra dos Reis Transportation

  • Boat

    Angra dos Reis is mainly a launching port to the islands, and thus a boat is mandatory. Of course, the harbour is full of boats, available to book under many conditions. You just have to search for your best option and bargain it. The same program, with less options, may be made from the other side of the bay, in Parati. We did it, and had a nice...

  • to ilha grande from mangaratiba or angra...

    that's what i have found, but look at the boats going from mangaratiba, even though they don't suggest it...if you need a different time.'s another one. looks like monday through friday, it leaves at 1530 hrs.saturday and sundays and holidays,...

  • Boats

    The islands in Angra are relatively close to each other, so you can arrange a boat to take you for some "island hopping" during one day...Boat trips around Angra are extremely easy to be arranged, since it´s the most important mean of transportation for the locals.The best way to visit the bay in my opinion, is to reserve 3 to 4 days around the...


Angra dos Reis Shopping


    As mentioned before,"Piratas Mall" is the most crowded usually,the fact it has a beautiful marina brings there lots of tourists who are staying in their boats and need a jump for some supermarket stuff.This mall has a good supermarket (Zona Sul),a good food square only,with several restaurants(the famous in Rio "Bob's" sandwiches and the delicious...


    There are 2 malls in Angra with all you need as all the malls I saw before (ANGRA SHOPPING AND *DOS PIRATAS* SHOPPING).The street for shopping is RUA DO COMERCIO,cross downtown city and you'll find all you need.

  • Angra dos Reis Hotels

    21 Hotels in Angra dos Reis

Angra dos Reis Local Customs


    Angra locals celebrate their own special events:January 1st:New Year Sea Prossecion:thousands of ornamented boats salute a new year).January 6:Angra Dos Reis aniversary.All January:sea festivalFevereiro:CarnavalMarch/April:Sao Benedito festival(a celebration to the city's patron saint).May:The Holy Ghost Festival(a traditional Portuguese...


    There are rubbish disposals everywhere,unfortunately,there have hardly been discovered by the Brazilians!!!!!Everytime I am absolutely shocked and horrified to see how even well educated people of the so called upper classes show complete neglect in environment matters!!!Not only is all rubbish thrown overboard in the most beautiful bays,but there...


    I know there are much bigger than this one,ok,Angra is the refuge for the rich boys from Rio when they get tired of shopping and all their hard life..hehe..


Angra dos Reis What to Pack

  • joesterg's Profile Photo

    by joesterg Written Feb 27, 2005

    Luggage and bags: T-shirts, shorts, fleece for the evenings...

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Good shoes for walking (sandals)

    Miscellaneous: Don't bring you XYZ mega-expensive brand new camera etc. -instead, bring some ordinary technology that you will not miss, if it is lost or stolen...

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Angra dos Reis Off The Beaten Path


    "Naufragos Do Aquidaba"monument,in Jacuacanga,and was built in memory of the sailors of a boat that exploded in 1906.

  • CARNAVAL IN ANGRA absolutely diferent than anything you ever saw:the samba groups go in boats along the marina,in a collorful and noisy amazing cruise!The boats are decorated according to the subject the group choose,and the group customs as well!


    Angra has 2 exposition rooms,where sometimes you can find interesting expositions from locals or begginer artists,many times I found on Rio's newspapers advertisements about unusual art style expositions and went there to check out!Cultural Center Camara Torres and Angra Cultural House is where you can find it!


Angra dos Reis Sports & Outdoors


    Specially in Ilha Grande,you can follow the maps posted or take one at the tourist info and enjoy anything from leisurely to very advanced hiking.Little monkeys,noisy monkeys,huge buterflies,lots of birds,lizards,flowers of all kinds,wild fruit trees and much more you will find in the jungles.


    Well,I keep asking myself why every trip we make,we just try again & again to show the world we can do all kinds of sports..(specially because in normal days,the only phisical work we do is to seat at the offices...hehe).Another good try here!

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Angra dos Reis Favorites

  • Tourists and Professionals come here

    The hundreds of islands, the beaches and the clean water bring thousands of tourists each year.However, an almost equal number of professionals from all over the world also come to the area because it is home to one of the largest shipyard on the coast. Brasfels ship yard is massive, with no shortage of workers and impressive construction happening...


    1.Bracuhy: one of the well-known rivr rapids in Angra:on the top the only way to get there is by foot.The river is fool of rocks and I recommend you to be careful with the river strenght!!2.Ariro: some rivers coma down from the Sea Mountain Range:it's Angra's rural area,with some family houses!It's peaceful and there are nice spots for swimming and...


    In Ponta Do Leste ( east point ),you can find the remains of the old train trail what connected once Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo,and old cannons used to protect the city ages ago.The East Point is one of the important touristical points in Angra,if you come for a long trip,reserve a whole day for it!Close to this point,it's also situated the...


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