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  • Parati
    by Romannies
  • Parati
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  • Old house on Parati
    Old house on Parati
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Parati Things to Do

  • Parati Mirim

    Maybe I should place this tip in the "Out of the beaten path" group, because this is a difficult to access beach, that even surprised our Brazilian driver, who asked me how did I know about its existence. Well... readings, I said.(A well prepared trip has this advantages)It is a very beautiful isolated beach, with the extra and unexpected...

  • Old Town

    If you are not a Portuguese, and never visited Obidos, for instance, you will not understand the feelings and sensations of walking those cobblestone streets, lined with those familiar houses, in a present full of past, there understanding the real meaning of "Pais irmão" (Brother Country). This is a feeling only available to Portuguese, but the...

  • Beaches

    The local beach is not very appealing, but, by car or by boat, all around Parati there are lots of secluded or wider beaches, inviting you to swim.Angra dos Reis is famous for those beaches, maybe because it is closer to Rio de Janeiro, but Parati has nothing to loose in comparison.


Parati Hotels

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Parati Restaurants

  • A different suggestion

    We saw lots of publicity advertising this place. There were no outstanding restaurants in Parati, just good ones; We wanted to see something around town; So, why not? It's not a cheap restaurant (neither expensive) it is professionally organized to sell the landscape and ambience to tourists, mixed with the meals and handicrafts, but... it's nice....

  • Casadinho de camarao (married shrimps)

    The restaurants are more like a bar at the beach with a wonderful view and service. It is a two huge shrimps put together with manioc dough in between them and then deep fried

  • Good local food and resonable price

    Loucos & Malucos is listed as a pizzeria, but they serve many more things than just pizza. Having walked the streets of Trinidade up and down a few times, we came back here since it was not only one of the cheaper options, but it also appeared to have some of the better food visible from the street.The photos on the web page do not exactly look...


Parati Nightlife

  • Live music and great cocktails

    Although we were only in the town for a couple of days, the Café Paraty became a firm favourite. We had lunch here on one occasion (a tasty pitta bread sandwich) but it really came into its own in the evenings – we enjoyed several caipirinhas on each of our two here, and some excellent live music. On one evening in particular there was an excellent...

  • Puppets, but not what you think!

    Parati is deservedly known for the Portuguese colonial architecture and treacherous cobble-stoned streets.Less known is a theater called "Teatro Espaco" and their resident company of puppeteers called the "Grupo Contadores de Estórias" (loosely translated as "story tellers").Don't let the "puppet" word turn you off, thinking of Sesame Street. This...

  • Best beer place in Paraty for beer...

    Cervejaria camello is an excellent place for those who love their beers.They have a huge selection of beers including several brazilian micro brews.The place often plays music videos on a large screen and the service is good and lively.i spend many good nights there in Paraty enjoying their fantastic beer selection. no dress code.


Parati Transportation

  • Horse & Buggy

    If you stay at the Pousada Porto Imperial Inn you can reserve a "horse and buggy" trip around the Historic Center. We actually used ours to take us back to the bus station when we left.

  • Transfers to and from Rio de Janeiro provides regular transfers between the cities of the Costa Verde (Rio de Janeiro, Mangaratiba, Angra dos Reis and Paraty) daily, with a set price per person.This service has the advantage that can be booked online at Info Paraty: departures...

  • Transfer from Rio to Paraty

    We went to Paraty from Rio with Paraty Tours on a regular transfer - it took 7 hours door to door each way and cost us 700 real for 2 of us (350 each). 500 reals was to get to Paraty and then anoth 100 reals each way for a taxi to out hotel. The pick ups took around 1 hour - I would say a private transfer to the centre of Paraty may take 5 hours...


Parati Shopping

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  • Great place to buy local alcohol.

    Escritório da Cachaça is a very well equipped alcohol store that mostly sells Cachaça which is the localy produced sugar cane rum that is mostly known for being used in caipirinhas.You can get some very good quality in there and it is certainly worth a visit even if you are not the biggest alcohol drinker. Cachaça.

  • Brasil Coast

    This is the shop of a small industry of high quality T-shirts. It is the perfect place to buy a good quality T-shirt with a variety of designs printed on them. For you or for your friends. They are very cheap, sold at 10R, for the white ones and 12R for the colored ones. Negociate if you buy more than one! It's nextdoor to Coxixo hotel tel (24)...

  • O Sobral

    Everything in this shop seems special as they have a modern, very impressive style. Though a little pricey, it deserves a visit as all the items are very artistic and make up a perfect gift. You can find small articles like rings, ear rings, bracelets, necklaces, key rings..... And bigger ones like beautifully decorated glasses, pictures frames,...


Parati Local Customs

  • Daydreaming Namoradas

    Typical through much of Brazil, but very popular in Paraty, you will find lots of "Namoradas". A namorada is a girlfriend. So these are often placed in the windows where they girls can have a daydream and watch the passing people. Most of the time, they are like-pairs, only varying in color with the European white and the more African black. If you...

  • Fishing.

    There is still a fair bit of fishing going on in Paraty.It´s happening both at the fishing harbour in Paraty and on the outlying beaches where many local guys have their boats and nets directly on the beach.I hope it will stay that way cause it does add an extra charm to the place.One way to help it make it stay that way is to buy the local fish...

  • Paraty is a Synonym for Cachaca

    Sugar plantations produced cachaca (typical Brazilian sugar cane rum) that has been internationally famous for centuries. The city of Paraty gave its name to the drink - parati is a synonym for cachaca. Other words for it include: pinga, caninha, branquinha, malvada. There are more than 300 brands of cachaca from several parts of Brazil including...


Parati Warnings and Dangers

  • Mosquitoes

    Mosquitoes are a common nightmare for those who travel in the tropics. I was rather concerned when, arriving at the hotel, we found a mosquito net over the beds. That announced us that the evenings risked to be indoors, just in case...Wrong! Maybe because we went in winter, he had no problem at all, even at dusk, and the only natural visits we had...

  • Ankle Biters

    In addition to the typical warnings about the persistent mosquitoes, particularly when the weather brings rain, there is another ankle biter that can bite when not given proper attention.The cobblestones in the historic district are not even really cobblestones, which would imply small bricks laid in a meticulous order. Instead the stones are...

  • the sun is vertical!

    According to scientists the sun during this year is exactly vertical to Brazil. As a consequence the sun rays are too strong for our skin, many times more than it usually is in other places. So protect your skin as best as you can. Sunbathing should be short as you can burn easily. Sunscreen is necessary. The only good thing is that you get a...


Parati Tourist Traps

  • Choose the right boat

    There are literally hundreds of boats that do day cruises/tours leaving from the city dock. They all go to more or less the same places, same beaches and swimming spots. It is like a large convoy of boats, all leap-frogging to the same beaches for their 30 minute stops. If you will be in town for more than a day, I highly recommend that you walk...

  • Panificadora Melissa...

    If you arrive early in the morning and nothing is open yet to get an awakening cup of coffee, try to avoid this “panificadora” that opens first.... . Everything is awful, coffee is the worst I have tasted in Brazil. The sandwiches taste bad and all of us had problems after having breakfast there, even those who had a sandwich only with cheese... It...

  • No flip-flops

    Well, visiting Paraty with flip-flops is the dumbest thing to be done. The pavement is covered with 18th Century rocks, a hard slave work. It's beautiful, but, to walk, it's not the best floor. With flip-flops, the probability you have of falling down is 50-50. If the rocks were wet, this proportion increases dramatically. Take your tennis. If you...


Parati What to Pack

  • Don't forget!

    Don't forget your sun screen and mosquito repellent. There is dengue fever in the area but do not worry. Just protect yourself.Good walking shoes are needed for the hikes and good tennis shoes for the cobblestone streets of Paraty.Flip flops or Havaianas are very useful.A light jacket should be useful for nightime.Bring your most sexy bikini!!!

  • The sun really burns here!

    Wear light clothes and sandals, slippers. But don't forget a sweater and a wind cutter as it sometimes rains and nights can get colder. Be sure to bring a high sunscreen protector and put it all day, even if you don't plan to go to the beach.

  • Some money. Repellent maybe......

    The city is not so small, so you can arrange everything (but hostells, sometimes) there. If you forgot the repellent and any mosquito start annoying you, go to drugstore and buy it. Don't forget that Paraty is actually the 5th Brazilian destination among foreign tourists, so prices are not so ridiculous - take some money. And, even though it rains...


Parati Off The Beaten Path

  • Murycana Farm

    I wrote a tip about this (good) restaurant, but the place is more than a restaurant, prepared to show (and sell) farm products and handicrafts, while you wander around the gardens and cascades.Very touristy, no doubt, but with simplicity and good taste.

  • Indian Town

    In our way to Parati Mirim we passed by an Indian village. The Indians forbidden us to make pictures, but, as you may guess, some Reais, opened all the needed smiles. One thing I owe them: not telling you the way. But if you find it for yourself... or reading the Lonely Planet guide...

  • The tiny town and church of Penha

    About 10km from Paraty is the little town of Penha. It is actually less of a town and more of a village, with a church on top of a large rock. There is also an Penha church in Rio de Janeiro which is similarly built on top of a large rock, so don't confuse the two, but the one by Paraty is the smaller, less traveled one.To get here, there are tour...


Parati Sports & Outdoors

  • Penha Waterfalls and Natural Water...

    I honestly do not recall the exact name of the waterfalls in Portuguese, but it translates to the "slippery falls". The reason is that there is one massive rock, angled ~45degrees with a gentle flow of water. Couple that smooth rock, with the water and a little bit of the natural moss, the rock makes for a perfect water slide (see first photo).The...

  • Sargent Fishes mainly

    In Paraty, you can go trecking across the "Golden Path", the one used by the slaves to bring the gold from far Minas Gerais province to the port of Paraty. You can do water sports at the beach, play beach volleyball, surf... well, there are a lot of sportive things to do. In my oppinion, however, the most exciting is diving. There are some...

  • Hiking to the Waterfalls

    Again, this was an amazing way to experience eco tourism in Parati. Beware - some of the trails you walk on will be wet and slippery and you will be crossing some flimsy bridges. Watch out for fire ants and mosquitos. Make sure you go with guides who are familiar with the terrain. Eco Paraty provides a lot of tours for hiking or swimming.


Parati Favorites

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  • Good local tour operator.

    I have used Paraty tours quite a lot when in Paraty and i was always happy there.They do various types of tours plus they have bike rentals and you can for that matter hire a tour guide there too.The place is very professional run and i can only recommend them.Their adress is: Paraty toursAv. Roberto Silveira, 11ParatyTelefone: 24 3371-2651Website:...

  • Live Music

    One of my favorite things about Parati was the live music in so many of the restaurants in the evenings. Part of that may be that I'm from live music crazy Austin but I also love Brazilian music. Just listening to the gentle voice of a female singer with an acoustic guitar was the perfect way for me to end my days.

  • Annual Events and Festivals

    Besides the main attractions in Paraty there are many special events as well. The most interesting and well-known are: Carnival (varying: February/March) Paraty boasts a lively street carnival with 'blocos' (carnival groups) and masks galore. On Saturday of carnival the traditional 'bloco da lama' (block of the mud) parades with almost 2000...


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