Petrópolis Travel Guide

  • Carriages in the Old Center
    Carriages in the Old Center
    by DSwede
  • German Settler's House
    German Settler's House
    by DSwede
  • Casa do Sol
    Casa do Sol
    by Alless

Petrópolis Things to Do

  • Imperial Museum

    %A4A large colonial building that once was emperor's Pedro II's summer residence, is now the Imperial Museum. If you want to discover the story of the independence, and are prepared for the long lines (or it was only our bad luck?), you must visit this museum, one of the best in Brazil. The "animation" in the waiting lines was performed by a sloth,...

  • Casa do Colono (Settlers Home)

    This small house is one of the few vestiges still remaining from the old colonial days. The house was built by a German family (Kaiser) in 1847, and is still decorated with much of the materials of the day, concentrating on the German immigrants. The house small and only requires about ~20 minutes to visit, but in all the places I visited in...

  • Quitandinha Palace

    This huge building was built in 1944, in what looks like a bavarian style, as a casino and is vast. It covers an area of 50,000m2, has 6 floors, 440 apartments, 13 large halls and conference rooms - one of which, the Maua Great Room, is 30m high and 50m in diameter which is used for orchestral performances. So large is it that you are meant to hear...

  • Imperial Museum

    The Imperial Museum is located in the Imperial Palace which was the summer retreat of Dom Pedro II. The entrance hall features Italian carrara and black belgium marble which was laid in 1854. The rooms are fairly plain except for the furnishing. The first room on the tour which is located to the right of the entrance hall is the dining room which...

  • Som & Luz

    Very nice show , telling about Brazil History from imperial period , produced with lots of special efects price adult - R$ 28,00 Show Permanent , Every Thursdays , Fridays -8:00 pm and Saturdays - 8 :00pm and 9 : 15 pm

  • Valparaiso - Restaurants Center

    With a few restaurantes, this area is the best option to have a meal or night entertainment. In Valparaiso you can find modern and traditional cuisine. There is a few options: Steakhouses, Japonese food, pubs...

  • Casa de Santos Dumont

    This pretty 3-storey house perched on the cliff was the summer house of Albert Santos Dumont, the father of aviation of Brazil. He called it “ A Encantada”. It contains very simple furniture belonging to Dumont and few of his personal things.Alberto Santos Dumont was born in 1873 in Minas Gerais. He was the son of a wealthy coffee plantation owner,...

  • Cathedral of São Pedro de Alcãntara

    The Cathedral is built in French Neogothic style. Its construction started in 1884 by the architect Francisco Caminhoa, inspired by the old Spanish Cathedrals of France. Its stained glass windows are excellent! It is 70 meters high and 22 m in length. It houses the Imperial Chapel and the marble tombs of the royal family, and is dedicated to São...

  • Petropolis Today

    Petropolis still keeps the flavour of its glamorous days in its colonial architecture, its museums, historical monuments and cultural events.Today it's a modern city of 300,000 people who like breathing the fresh mountain air, a favourite summer retreat for Rio residents and a popular tourist destination. For your cultural ...entertainment there...


Petrópolis Hotels

  • Othon Pousada Riverside Park

    Rua Hermogeneo da Silva, 522, Retiro, Petropolis, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

  • Pousada Quinta dos Passaros

    Rua Dos Beija Flores 1700, Itaipava, Petropolis, State of Rio de Janeiro, 25725-580, Brazil

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Hostel ACE

    Rua Dr. Edmundo Kemp, 79, Petropolis, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

Petrópolis Restaurants

  • Restaurante Tradicão Mineira

    This was one of the best self-service restaurants I have been to. The room is large and air conditioned, the savors are excellent. Everything I tasted was worthy of a bite. The barbecue sent wonderful odours in the air and the service is very good. The decoration is nice ,too. It is extremely popular with locals and tourists as well. And it's...

  • Small eateries..

    There are simple small eateries which function as a night refuge when everything is closed and you are really hungry. These are popular with simple local people. I found them very picturesque and very cheap, too. They have a bar for the ...thirsty and serve local food in big quantities. Ask them about the size of the dish because sometimes it is...

  • Aptly named "The Delight"

    Alexandre and I went to Las Delicias the first time on Saturday 22 December. If I didn't know better, just from the outside, I would have guessed we were going over to somebody's house for lunch that day. It is a self-service restaurant in town. I had some chicken, beets, fried potatoes, black beans and rice with Guaraná close at hand.On New Year's...

  • Steaks, seafood, Pasta, Salad and Drinks

    Olivinho is a traditional Petropolis' Restaurant. Presenting an international menu, customers can choose from seafood and steaks to salad and pasta. Every Saturday also serves a magnificent Feijoada, to be degusted with the authentic Brazilian Caipirinha. Olivinho has a huge variety of drinks: International Wines, Whisky, Beer, and dozen of others...

  • Good tea house, Traditional restaurant

    This is a traditional tea house, since 1924, located at "Avenida do Imperador" (Main avenue of city), there you can find snacks, at night soups, weekends with music on live for lunch and dinner.

  • German snacks

    Located in the city entrance, Casa do Alemão , one house with german architecture style,you can find delicious german snaks like "croquetes de carne","sanduiche de linguiça", "salsicha vianense", etc.


Petrópolis Transportation

  • Carriages of all sizes

    There are plenty of horse carriages in Petropolis that cater to the tourists, offering guided tours. I lost count of how many I saw, but they typically lined up by the gate of Museu Imperial. I cannot speak for the prices, length duration or sites that they pass by.However if those carriages are too large for you or if you happen to have little...

  • wonderful journey

    The bus company Facil operates between Rio de Janeiro and Petropolis. Their buses are new and comfortable. Their service is good. The director himself came to me and tried to help offering his card politely . Leaving Rio, try to get a seat on the left, the good side for views. The bus takes about 1 and a half hours to reach it. The journey is...

  • Bus from Rio

    There's a regular bus service that leaves Rio's Rodoviária Novo bus station on the Facil or Unica company buses. They leave from quite early in the morning to around 10pm at night every half-hour or so and the journey takes about 1.25-1.5 hours. I think it cost me about R$11. Sit on the left side of the bus as it offers you the best views over...


Petrópolis Shopping

  • Taco Roupa

    Taco Roupa is a chain of clothing stores throughout Brazil. I shopped at one at a shopping centre in downtown Petrópolis before I set out for Buenos Aires. I bought me a pair of flip-flops (beach shoes called havaianos- meaning Hawaiians- down there, but I still call them "flip flops") because the plan was to go to the beach when I came back to...

  • Clothes are cheap!

    Shopping points are Rua Teresa, near the historical center, where fashion clothes of good quality are sold at factory prices. Closed on Mondays. Rua 16 of March, in the historic center, all kinds of stores, restaurants, cinemas and tourist offices can be found.Bingen is 10km away from the center. Factory priced fashion clothes are sold as well as...

  • Rua Teresa

    There's a lot of womens (and some mens) clothes shops etc along Rua Teresa all of which, from what I saw as they were all shut the day I went, are very inexpensive. Well worth a wander if you have time.


Petrópolis Local Customs

  • Carnaval in Petropolis

    When I visited Petropolis (on the Tuesday after Carnaval in Rio) I noticed that Petropolis was also having Carnaval celabrations at the same time. This photo was taken looking down Rua do Imperador at the junction where the obelisk is located. This must be the main area where the carnaval celebrations take place.

  • Brazilian Urinals

    Don't be surprised when you find this thing (in the picture) in men's bathroom. I was confused when I saw it for the first time in Brazil. This is a Brazilian urinal. I'm not sure whether it's because that I'm a city boy or that I'm from the States, I've just never seen one of these before.

  • Brazilian breakfast

    Brazilian breakfasts may not be as filling as those to which my fellow Americans are accustomed, but they are notable. The consist of ham (usually thinly sliced), bread, all manner of local fruits (including mangoes), and all manner of fruit juices (including, but not limited to, guava, passion and peach). That together with a cafezinho, guaranteed...


Petrópolis Warnings and Dangers

  • Hotel vacancies

    It is less a warning, but more of a caution... be aware that many Brazilians (particularly those from Rio) come to Petropolis in the winter months. What this means is that Friday afternoon and Sunday return traffic can be a bit slower. However the biggest issue to plan for is hotel vacancies.I spent several hours stopping into and calling hotels,...

  • Mudslides

    Every spring and summer, heavy rains can cause mudslides in the mountains above Rio de Janeiro which includes Petrópolis. In December, 2001, between my first and second visits to Alexandre in Petrópolis. I read on the internet from Buenos Aires about mudslides caused by heavy rains. The December, 2001 mudslides killed 52 people in and around...

  • Petrópolis Hotels

    5 Hotels in Petrópolis

Petrópolis Tourist Traps

  • No getting around it...

    At the Museu Imperial, they made everybody wear special sandals called pantufas throughout the palace. They were fine for those with small or average-sized feet, but with folks like me, none of the sandals would fit. I was a sight to behold trying to amble through the house in those silly looking shoes. I couldn't pick up my feet without the cussed...

  • If you take traveler's cheques, lotsa...

    Changing traveler's cheques to Brazilian reais sounds like a simple task, but you would think I was the only one in the history of Petrópolis to ask for that kind of transaction. Petrópolis is no small town- round about 300.000 folks in it (bigger than Richmond), so you would THINK it could be done. I finally found a bank that WOULD do it, but I...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Petrópolis Off The Beaten Path

  • RafaelTheSecond's Profile Photo


    by RafaelTheSecond Written Sep 5, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    One of my favourite things to do is trekking, and Petropolis is a paradise of trails in the forest...In the Mountains of Açu, in the district of Correias, there are great waterfalls in a river which provides clean and fresh water for you to drink!

    I brought my maltese friends there last August.

    Rafael in the forests of Petropolis

    Was this review helpful?


Petrópolis Favorites

  • Map of Petropolis

    I found this map of Petropolis online which should be useful for you to plan your trip. Note that the Bus Station (Rodovlarla) is in the bottom right of the map. This is where I picked up my tourist map from but I suppose you should be able to do the same at of the tourist information places in the city. Click on the link below for a large version...

  • Way up in the hills

    Since Petrópolis has so much to offer tourists from everywhere (Dom Pedro's palace, cathedrals, historical markers, a vibrant shopping district, and numerous great restaurants), I often wonder why, like Richmond, it is often overlooked. When I was there in December, 2001, I was the only American to be found and, by the way folks there acted around...

  • Christmastime's a-comin'

    They did sure enough put on the dog in Petrópolis to decorate the town for Christmas, 2001. There were many more lights here than I would later find in Buenos Aires with some 20 times the population. To tell the truth, there were more Christmas lights strung in public on the streets of South Hill, Virginia the following 2 January than there were...


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