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  • Discoteca Help
    by rdhawan
  • Discoteca Help
    by rdhawan
  • Discoteca Help
    by rdhawan
  • Discoteca Help: rio

    by mitchycerci Written Aug 21, 2011

    guys, ive been to HELP and let me tell you dont waste your time
    i went when i was 20 in 2006, the club is for ugly old men who pay to have sex with local working girls from rio
    its a brothel pretty much, you get hasseld by the girls outside when sitting having a drink and inside...they will not leave you alone..so if your keen to pay for sex, by all meens go there..
    i watched girls attack each other outside and pimps fighting etc, that was quite funny

    go for a laugh, thats about it, do not bring your girlfriend or wife !
    there are plenty of clubs around rio with great crowds..ask around!

    Dress Code: as long as you have money, they dont care

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  • Discoteca Help: No Help-and now?

    by Hinock Updated Apr 5, 2011

    I would like to have some hints where to go today in Rio if you would like to have fun , similar to HELP. I mean HELP is closed definitely, the place became a sound and vision museum but for sure the the girls and the fun didn´t dissappear...so where?

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  • Discoteca Help: Take it easy on the drinks

    by 73Mikey Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Well what can I say about HELP. You certainly dont need help when you go into that place. I was there at 2004. If you come in with a group of guys its definately a night out on the town. When I arrived there (starts pumping after 12am) there was a massive crowd girls inside waiting, and I must admit they are quite pretty irrespective of what they do for a 'living'. To buy drinks you must buy a 'token' at the cashier and give them to the bartender. Mind you the drinks are free pours of alcohol which meant I had 3/4 vodka with a touch of lemonade if that. I had 3-4 of those and was pretty hammered. You cant sit in some of the lounge corner areas as they are pre reserved for guest. The girls arnt shy there so expect you rear to be pinched or hand grabbed when you are bussling through the crowd. Buy a girl a few drinks and she is your friend for the night and you can persue anything afterthat. If your not willing to part with money that night expect her to walk away and see her kissing another tourist on the other side of the bar. If you dont have the local currency Real, USD always gets you out of trouble even at the door. Fantastic music from trance to local sets, gorgeous girls who can dance unbelievably.

    Dress Code: Anthing goes, but look nice for the girls as they do for you.

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  • rdhawan's Profile Photo

    Discoteca Help: The best nightblub in Rio

    by rdhawan Written Aug 1, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Discoteca Help is located somewhere near the middle of Copa Cabana Beach, and is definitely a club you want to visit if you are in Rio. It opens at midnite, charges a small cover of around $10 if you are single, or $15 if you want to take a woman in with you. My experience was that its best to go in single with your friends, and meet women inside.

    The crowd inside is pre-dominantly women, and each one is prettier than the next. Not kidding you on that. One tip I would definitely suggest is to not be cheap with these girls. Take the first 15-20 minutes to scope out the crowd and the scene, and to approach ANY woman that you like. Offer to buy her drinks for the evening, and give her a small jewelery gift if you can, she will very much appreciate it. If she likes you back, and she likely will, you can spend the rest of the evening with her. Knowing Portuguese or Spanish is not a requirement. Body language does the job perfectly well.

    Dress Code: Dress well. Dont even think of going in under dressed, cuz you will not be appreciated. Semi-formal evening wear is what I would suggest.

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  • Discoteca Help: "Furada"

    by Betawalker Written May 19, 2009

    This is the term locals use to describe a place that is not worth going.

    If you want to see a bunch of middle-aged men and prostitutes, fine...

    If you want to go where the great looking local girls and guys go, please don't even think about Help. Nobody goes there.

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  • Discoteca Help: Great girls but all looking for cash

    by speedbag Written May 9, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    2009, I was just at club help last night. I grabbed a taxi to see what all the hub bub was about with club help. I do recommend at least checking it out. It cost 38 reals to get in and there were lots of chicks outside. I walked in and there were even more inside, black, mix, tall, short, some with little english while others with no english. This was nothing I have seen before, a bunch of chicks, especially coming from LA where usually guys outnumber girls.

    As i look around most of the guys have no game or very little game i.e. older dudes who you would see on a Florida golf range. But there were some dudes from the US. Soooo they are the prime targets for these girls. Some of the more bold girls will step up to you, chit chat, then come to find they are looking for 200-400 reals depending on classic 1-10 scale they are at. As a person who is young and gots some game, I figured I could at least meet one chick who was just normal. In the end it seemed ALL of them were looking for some sort of cash to kick it. Id say 98% were "working." Once they find out your not interested in paying, they go elsewhere. Then again there were hardly any guys when I went (on a friday!) so they all just stood there in the corner or were on the dance floor just dancing by themselves.

    Let me also add, they do not allow Over "Freaking" on the dance floor.
    They were saying you will get kicked out for that.

    I did talk to a lot of them....there were some cool ones....cute ones, talkative ones and just about a little bit of everything. But then they are working so they are not down to talk for a loooong time since they were looking for that target.

    I felt safe inside and outside. Go check it out and see what HELP is all about. When you walk in and see a bunch of chicks your gonna need a lil help to keep track of them all cuz they come out of all the cuts in that place! lol

    Dress Code: jeans, nice shirt

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  • Discoteca Help: Beware of Lazaro

    by Guarded Written Jun 2, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    At Club Help you may have the misfortune of meeting a man called Lazaro. He claims to be security there but he is a fraud and a cheat who tries to extort money from tourists and he has no scruples and can steal from tourists. Beware of him

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  • Discoteca Help: French comments.

    by Danyspeed Written May 10, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Pour tous les français un peu faché avec l'anglais qui passerais par là pour avoir des commentaires sur la Discothèque Help.
    Comme vous l'aurez compris vulgairement le Help est une "boîte à putes". Mais tout doit être relativisé.
    Personnellement je suis parti à Rio entre mecs (relations professionnels) pour 4 nuits sur place. Chacune de ces nuit a été passé au Help! Pourtant je n'ai ramené aucune fille à l'hôtel. Voilà mes commentaires:
    1) Le taxi

    En effet la nuit pour aller au Help vaut mieux prendre un taxi. Le trotoir coté plage de copacabana est assez dangereux pour les touristes. Côté hotel c'est mieux mais pas seul.
    Donc taxi jusqu'au Help!
    Pour le retour pareil et pas de souci, les chauffeurs vous attendent au pied de l'escalier.
    2) L'entrée
    Ouverture à 11h
    Fermeture à 5h
    23 reals pour tous avant 12h 30
    33 réals après.

    3) L'interieur
    Un boîte normale rien d'extraordinaire: piste canapé caisse, bar terrasse mezzanine au dessus de la piste Dj motivé.
    4) Le peuple
    En effet quand on va au help on y va entre mec car les filles sont déjà sur place.
    4 nuits: Le Jeudi et vendredi c'est tranquille très soft, il n'y a pas foule, tu peux profiter. Samedi, horreur, tu as tout et n'importe quoi autant en filles qu'en clients. Cette soirée m'a un peu deçu. Dimanche ça ce calme un peu.
    5) Les filles
    Je souligne ce qui a été dit plus haut. Il y a différents types de filles: les pros qui se repèrent à cent mètres, les folles qui ont besoin de fric pour soigner leur dépendance, et des filles plus raisonnables. Alors oui le samedi et le vendredi soir elles ont qu'un objectif. Si tu es cool avec une fille que tu a repéré ou qui t'as repéré, tu danse, tu lui payer un verre tu discute un peu, tu lui dis pourquoi t'es là (pour moi danser et passer la soirée à la cool!), elle reste avec toi un peu le temps d'un verre bu bien tranquillement, puis si tu n'as pas changer d'avis malgré sa persuasion, elle te dis au revoir gentiment et voilà. (suite àprès...)

    Dress Code: ... suite:

    Tu peux donc passer une excellente soirée avec des filles sympas sans pour autant coucher avec. Elles font ce qu'elles veulent. Comme dis plus haut, elles sont indépendantes (pas de boss mais elles sont par 3-4 à se surveiller)et cool (pas de prise de tête.
    Tu veux aller à l'hôtel? Ok. C'est 200 réals+ 50 de piole basta pour 2h ou plus. Tu veux pas aller à l'hôtel? C'est pas grave. Elle reste cool, elle essaye quand même de te faire changer d'avis gentiment mais voilà. Si elle vois que la soirée est calme certaines reste à parler avec toi. Elles ont toute une vie à côté, et elles apprécient qu'on s'y intéresse.
    Perso, j'ai le dernier soir j'ai juste donner un bon pourboire à une fille pour qu'elle reste avec moi pour la soirée. En même temps, nous nous étions convenu que si du travail se présente, elle s'en irais. Je lui est payer à boire, je suis rester coll, on a passé une bonne soirée, et à 7h je suis rentrée à l'hôtel (seul). J'ai passé une excellente soirée, elle aussi. Et tout va bien.

    Tout ça pour dire, qu'au Help, c'est comme partout, tu choisi qui tu veux draguer, l'autre accepte ou non et puis voilà. Si tu dis clairement les choses il n'y aura pas de soucis. Les filles là-bas sont très gentilles et ne se prennent pas la têtes.
    Je recommande donc de passer au moins une soiré au Help! Je n'ai pas regretter mes 4nuits sans sommeil.

    Be cool and move!
    It's not the time to sleep!

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  • Joseph69's Profile Photo

    Discoteca Help: Fun club!

    by Joseph69 Updated Jan 25, 2007

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Help is not your ordinary club. It's one place where women outnumber the guys. Since I was in Rio, I had to go to see what the fuss was all about.

    Some of the girls offer their "services" for a fee. I mean, you can take one with you but you must pay for the "privalege" to make love with them. You don't have to of course, as many women are willing to dance with you and get to know you.

    BTW, the women are very very attractive too! You should see the smiles on many guys' faces! :)

    It has an outdoor balcony which is nice and you can view the beach from there.

    Oh, it's also cheaper before 11pm. The entry fee increases after 11pm.

    Dress Code: Guys, where nice jean and shoes. Ladies, sexy attire!

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  • Discoteca Help: Best Club in Rio - HELP (My expert advise)

    by pimpster Written Jan 16, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The reason this club is named Help, is because once you have had a taste of Brazil, you are going to be so consumed, you will need help in order to function.

    I travel around the world with a group of friends a few times a year. Have seen about 45 countries over 5 continents and RIO, Brazil is in my top 3 of all time. If you are a guy and have any sort of game at all, you will find the most beautiful women in RIO. It's amazing, they are jaw dropping beautiful and ready to party!

    I read all the trash talk about help, but those are from shallow self centered guys with a low self esteem. Yes about 90% of the women in Help are "working girls", but and a very big BUT, they are real down to earth and nothing like you would expect. Just need to know how to talk to them and if you are a good looking guy, or at least a guy you knows how to talk, you don't have to pay for SH*T! If you do end up paying, the going rate is anywhere between 250 - 400 depending on the night and if they like you or not. Here is the best tips you can get. Get to the club about 12:30, if you have to pay negotiate a price before you leave, and here the real important one, NEVER EVER leave the club before 3 am. No matter how bad you want to leave, never leave before 3. You will know why if it happens to you :)

    I can't say enough about Rio and Club HELP. If you are fat, old and bald, or a young stud, you will have an AMAZING time in HELP. Just learn some Portugese before you go, you will be shocked on how little English they speak.

    Dress Code: No Shorts, no Sandals.

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  • Discoteca Help: Help great craic but be careful stds!

    by Paddypat Written Oct 26, 2006

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Help really is a dream come true when your a drunk irishman walking into the club, beautiful girls all over you, cheap booze and open late. To cut to the point plenty of the girls prefer sex without a condom so be careful! You don't want the hassle of stds and medical checks to spoil your holiday. If you're out of it make sure she doesn't slip your johnny off, it has happened and you don't notice cause your pissed, then you withdraw and think what the f*** Next day you realise what a stupid boy you've been...

    Dress Code: Smart casual

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  • Discoteca Help: heaven like

    by xenon1346 Written Jul 18, 2006

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    i was in Help in spring2006. I found there as very nice place for enjoying music and talking to girls. good place ,good air condition,alert securities and even medical emergency service!
    hot and lovely girls but nerly all are prostitues,working for their family,study in acollegue or earning for a new job.all were friendly,i didnt see any rubbing.drinks are relative expence.

    Dress Code: no short no sandals.open in 11pm to 4or 6 am. completly worthy to see

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  • Willettsworld's Profile Photo

    Discoteca Help: No help required!

    by Willettsworld Updated May 21, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This place is full of local girls and western guys so the combination goes very well together. It's the only disco on the beach front of Copacabana and is billed as the biggest disco in Latin America. If, like me, you're a single guy then you'll be in 7th heaven as the girls are pretty damn hot! But remember, 99% of them are after money if you fancy to persue extra activities elsewhere ;-) You can stand and just let the girls pass you by. Give them the eye and that's it! So this place is more of a meat market than a disco but the girls do dance which is always worth seeing. The music is mainly R&B along with Brazilian dance and pop if you're even bothered to know! Outside, before it opens which I think is 11pm, you'll find a whole load of girls trying to get a guy without having to pay the entrance fee.

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  • tigertiger's Profile Photo

    Discoteca Help: Big, loud and beautiful

    by tigertiger Written May 17, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is an intresting place, i would say it is more for the lads out there than the ladies, bu that depends on how open minded you all are?
    This is a place to go for a good boggie, a good reasonably priced drink or to pick up a lady.
    Note when i say lady - i mean paid for service type - this dont make it a bad place, it was a well managed set up with good security (i used to work in this field - security not door work).
    Also the girls 90% of the time dont come on strong or even over to you unless you invite them over you can pay for a drink for them or you can pay for the night the choice is yours.
    Most of them are working and most of them are stunning - go as we did have a drink a chat a good look buy one or two a drink and leave....safe as
    plenty to go around for all tastes...........!

    Dress Code: there did not seem to be a dress code as such - just as long as you have clothes on and keep them on they seem happy!

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  • O.B.Wilson's Profile Photo

    Discoteca Help: Beautiful women... BUT!!

    by O.B.Wilson Written Mar 28, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This place is all you hope for both good and bad. It has great outdoor seating where you are surrounded by attractive women. Short women, tall women, black women to white women, they are there. Most of the women are really cleaned up and have excellent shapes and are down to hang.

    GO: If you have control of yourself or if you want to be buckwild with find prostitutes.

    DO NOT GO: If you cannot control yourself(& you have a wife/girlfriend at home) and/or you want to meet regular brazilian girls. The women here are working. They are gorgeous working women, but you will GET WHAT YOU PAID for.

    ADVICE: If you get with the women, negotiate and use your own supply.

    Dress Code: No shorts
    No sneakers
    UNLESS you have the money to buy them off.

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