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  • Maracanã Soccer Stadium
    by tim07
  • Maracanã Soccer Stadium
    by tim07
  • great!!
    by ccazajous
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    Maracanã by a local

    by marmasel Written Apr 6, 2014

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    The main address of world sports, in the years to come, is Maracanã Stadium, most important venue for WC 2014 (as it was on 1950) and Olympics 2016. It's out of the touristic South Zone, but deserves a visit - maybe watching a footbaal match there, what about it?
    Most of the tickets and matches to come are announced here:
    Informations about how to reach it, sectors, restaurants nearby can be obtained here, in the site I'm begining to construct:

    Feel free to e-mail me about specific questions:

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    To See a Soccer Game live

    by csordila Updated Nov 1, 2011

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    Vasco vs Fluminense
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    You are no Soccer fan, it doesnt matter. You have to see a Soccer Game live in Rio.
    We went to Maracanã Stadium to see the game Vasco da Gama vs Fluminense. The Stadium was full of supporters of both teams and we enjoyed a fantastic game and atmosphere.
    The result was 3-0 for Vasco, if I remember correctly.

    The Vasco da Gama was founded by Portuguese immigrants, and it is still the team traditionally supported by the Portuguese community of Rio de Janeiro. It is the newest of the four soccer teams in Rio, but is one of Brazils richest clubs!
    Fluminense is traditionally the upper class team. Often called as 'the White Powder' referring to the powder used to lighten the faces of aristocracy of an earlier era. It is the second largest Soccer club in Rio .
    The world’s largest soccer stadium offers comfortable space for 100’000 people. At top events there were already more than 200’000 people gathering. If you want to live first hand the emotions in Brazilian soccer don’t miss a derby of the local top teams Botafogo or Flamengo. This stadium is among others also hosting concerts.By the way the stadium is the world's biggest one - Original Capacity 173.000. The Maracana was built in 1950 for the fourth World Cup.

    >Vasco da Gama

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  • Watch a Live Soceer Game

    by SambaGal Updated Apr 28, 2010

    It is one thing to visit the Maracana Stadium. It is a completely different experience to visit a Live Game. It is a must do in Rio. Try to go for a game just for the experience. The crowds are passionate about the game and the atmosphere is awesome. As the area around the stadium is just okay, we went for the game with Brazil Expedition.

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    Football history

    by tim07 Updated Jan 1, 2010
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    Built for the 1950 World Cup, the Maracana is one of the world's most famous & spectacular stadiums. Ideally the best time to visit it is for a football match. Even though there were no matches taking place during my stay I decided to visit it anyway. I'd heard that guided tours were available, unfortunately after a metro ride across Rio & short walk, the stadium was closed on my arrival. I did at least manage a couple of photos of the exterior.

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    The football temple.

    by cachaseiro Updated Nov 8, 2009

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    Football fans at maracana.

    No visit to rio is complete without a visit to Maracana.
    It´s one of the biggest football stadiums in the world and it´s a truely legendary place for all football lovers.
    It hosted the world cup final in 1950 where 200 000 people were crammed in the stadium and saw home favorites Brazil lose to Uruguay.

    Going there can be slightly tricky as it´s not in the best part of Rio, but as long as you are not on your own you are fine.

    If you go along then try not leave the stadium with the big crowds after the game but wait inside, where you have lot´s of security guards, untill 20-30 minutes after the game and then leave when it´s quiet.

    A visit to Maracana is one of the things you will brag about to your granchildren so don´t miss out on it.

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  • Brazil Expedition: Maracanã!

    by ccazajous Written Apr 6, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness


    The last time I went to Maracanã I got robbed while crossing the pedestrian bridge connecting the subway station to the stadium. So this time, I decided I would go anyways but in some safer manner. I hired this tour called Brazil Expedition and they were great. They spoke english – which made it all so much easier – and they picked and dropped me off in my hotel. I was able to enjoy the breathtaking experience of going to a Flamengo match with all commodities and comforts. I highly recommend it for anyone travelling alone or with kids. (ps – take your camera in a hidden place, you’ll regret not having it when the show begins!)

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    Maracana Stadium Match with a Local Tour Group

    by sejj Written Mar 26, 2008

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    Fireworks in the Vasco cheering section, Maracana
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    Although you pay a price ($120 reais through our hotel, for example), going to a game with a tour group is a great option for the first-time visitor. Arranging directly with the tour group would probably reduce the price, according to guide books. The tour group Be a Local provided transportation to and from the game, helped us know the safe times to go in and out of the stadium, arranged for seating in a good area (toward the top of the stadium, next to a group of Brazilians passionate about the game so we got the experience but no worries about bad things being thrown at us which is a danger in other areas), and assisted with safety the entire time. We enjoyed cervejas and snacks outside the stadium before the match, inside the stadium before and during the game (Fluminense v. Vasco), and had the chance to buy souvenirs (OK to negotiate on the price outside the stadium but no luck inside). Although we had some leisurely time outside the stadium before the match, we waited for a safe time to leave and then rushed to the van for safety reasons and so the tour guides could prepare for their Favela Party tour. So don't wait until afterwards to buy food or a souvenir!

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    Footbal madness

    by gonzo747 Written Mar 20, 2008

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    Even if your not in footbal you have to try to see a match over here. The atmosphere is amazing. When I went a game costed 30 real.
    Go there by taxi because the neighbourhood is a bit dodgy.
    Many hostels organise tours to the stadium as well. This will be a bit more expensive though.

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    The Maracanã Stadium: for all football fans

    by toonsarah Updated Jan 27, 2008

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    Maracan�� Stadium during a game
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    The Maracanã Stadium was built in 1950 for the 4th World Cup. At first it was officially known as the Estadio Municipal, and later, in 1964, was renamed after Mario Filho, the founder of Jornal dos Sports, Rio de Janeiro's daily newspaper. However, to the locals, it was always referred to simply as the Maracanã, after the small river that flows by the stadium. This name given by the people started to supplant the official name and eventually the stadium became known to the world simply as Maracanã.

    It is built in reinforced concrete as a giant oval of two tiers, divided by a smaller intermediate level of open boxes. Circling the rear section is a dramatic sweeping roof, which at the time of the stadium’s construction was the largest spanning cantilevered cover in the world, spanning nearly 30 meters. This made it the world’s biggest football stadium at the time, with an official world-record attendance of 199,854 for the 1950 World Cup Final, Brazil v. Uruguay.

    Tours of the stadium are available but to see it at its best you should really go to a match – see my Sports tip to read about our experiences there.

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    o stadio mais grande do mondo

    by K-nalla Written Jun 19, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

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    If you came as far as Brazil, mind as well enjoy the brasilian fantasy. Futebol is a passion that drives everybody, big, small, women and men, evrybody and the Maracana is its biggest expression. Entrance to the stadium runs as little as R35 for a normal game and a couple hundred for a more expected game. The league runs almost all year long, and while on break they have some friendly games so there is no reason why ot to attend. Tickets can be bought at the stadium itself, no membership needed. The metro has a stop here.
    You can also get into the museum-stadium (R20) and enjoy some of the history, go to the changing rooms and walk all the way to the field, quite a sensation to see all those seats and just imagine them full of fanatics chanting your name, wow.....

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    by vargome Written Jan 29, 2007
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    The stadium is home to three local teams (Flamengo, Fluminese and Butafogo), and hosts on average more than 76 games a year. The music, the passion, and the atheletic skills are a must see if you are soccer fan.

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    Maracana Football Stadium

    by Joseph69 Written Jan 25, 2007

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    Fans cheering on Team Flumenense
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    If you go to the Maracana, it would be best to see a football match to experience the fantastic atmosphere!

    It's always been one of my dreams was to visit the Maracana Stadium and see a football match. Luckily, it was a local derby (Flamengo vs Flumenese), and also luckily, it ended 2-2... so everyone seemed content with the result. It was quite an exciting game too!

    The supporters are very passionate and very colourful. Braziliasd love their football, which suites me just fine. ;) If you get a chance, do go. Even in the summer months, there are matches played (usually Saturdays or Sundays around 6pm or so). I went with an organised group, but make sure you hold your belongings very close to you and not in accessible pockets as there are many pick-pockets near the entrance.

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    Even if you don't like futbol, go!

    by oceania26 Updated Dec 9, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Even if you don't like football, it's still worth a visit just for the atmosphere alone. You see how passionate people get about football. There's chanting, singing, drum playing, swearing when the opponents have the ball...honestly it's somuch fun.

    Just wear neutral colours and not any team uniform or colours...some people take the game a little to seriously and you want to be caught in someone's ignorant and petty rage.

    I wouldn't advise taking a tour with your hostel or hotel because they will rip you off. It will cost you $R4.60 return on the metro and the tickets depend on the when the game is...we only paid $R10 which you can buy from the ticket counter. You may need to buy tickets in advance if there's a big game.

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    Where Brasil's greatest have played

    by midnight_mike Written Jul 19, 2006

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Pele. Ronaldo. Roberto Carlos. Kaka. Adriano. Ronaldinho. Every great football player from Brasil has played at one time in this massive stadium. The official name is Estádio Jornalista Mário Filho, but tell the taxi driver to take you to Estádio do Maracanã.

    Built in 1950 for the Fifa World Cup, club teams Botafogo FR, CR Flamengo and Fluminense FC call it home. With a capacity in excess of 100,000, it is one of the largest stadiums in the world. Usually, however, there are far fewer in attendance for a club match. But don't assume that it doesn't get loud in there with 20,000 screaming fans.

    The cheapest tickets start at about $3; almost the entire crowd buys tickets in this price range. You can either choose to sit in the supporter's section for one of the teams or the neutral section. If you learn to say a couple of football terms in Portugese, you will surely make friends with the people sitting around you.

    Here's a tip: figure out which team the people sitting around you are cheering for and jump on the bandwagon. Although hotels will offer a tour package which includes tickets, transportation and a "football guide," you can easily go on your own. Find out when the next match takes place, then jump in a taxi. Buy your tickets at the gate and enjoy the match. Then, when it is over, jump in a taxi and head back to your hotel. The tickets, taxi and beer will cost about $15 for two people.

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    Soccer Matches at Maracana

    by bsfreeloader Updated Jul 19, 2006
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    Even if you aren't a sports' fan, attending a soccer match at Maracana Stadium will probably be one of the highlights of your visit to Rio. Built for the 1950 World Cup, it is the largest stadium of its kind in the world. Once holding nearly 200,000 fans, the stadium has undergone several renovations and now holds substantially less than that. Even so, attending a game is an extraordinary experience. Throughout the entire game, fans wave large banners, shrouded by smoke from flares and fireworks, and chant along while drummers pound away incessantly on samba drums.

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