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  • Sunset at Arpoador - best in Rio
    Sunset at Arpoador - best in Rio
    by marcusmansur
  • every Wednesday ...
    every Wednesday ...
    by leooliveira
  • Parati
    by Romannies
Map of Estado do Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro


Ilha Grande






Angra dos Reis






Arraial do Cabo


Cabo Frio


Parque Nacional da Tijuca








Ilha de Paquetá


Nova Friburgo




Moura Brasil






Volta Redonda


Rio de Janeiro

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Ilha Grande

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  • Pay for the things you didn't bring

    Ilha Grande What to Pack

    In addition to the typical list that people have posted here with items like sun block, insect repellent, good walking shoes, beach supplies, etc., one thing that should be noted is currency.Most main pousadas will accept credit cards now, but may charge a transaction fee. Outside of that, the island is predominately a cash-only place. Bring cash...

  • Pousada Naturalia

    Ilha Grande Hotels

    Horrible service, terrible facilities and beds that smelled like dead fish. To summarize I have...

  • Speed Connection - not recommended

    Ilha Grande Transportation

    getting to rio from ilha grande with one of the boats and the public bus can be quite strenuous, so we decided to use the resta 1 speed connection. it combines the boat ride to conceicao de jacarei (45min compared to approx. 90min to angra dos reis) with a shared transfer including drop-off in your rio hotel/hostel/airport. sounds like a great...



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  • Murycana Farm

    Parati Off The Beaten Path

    I wrote a tip about this (good) restaurant, but the place is more than a restaurant, prepared to show (and sell) farm products and handicrafts, while you wander around the gardens and cascades.Very touristy, no doubt, but with simplicity and good taste.

  • Pousada Guarana Hotel

    Parati Hotels

    Rua 5, no. 13, Portal de Parati, Paraty, State of Rio de Janeiro, 23970-000, Brazil

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Mosquitoes

    Parati Warnings and Dangers

    Mosquitoes are a common nightmare for those who travel in the tropics. I was rather concerned when, arriving at the hotel, we found a mosquito net over the beds. That announced us that the evenings risked to be indoors, just in case...Wrong! Maybe because we went in winter, he had no problem at all, even at dusk, and the only natural visits we had...



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  • Buggy trips

    Bùzios Things to Do

    If yo go to this place, you have to drive a buggy to make your city tours. It is amusing and give you the full liberty to stop everywhere customizing your itineraries - ¡great!

  • Hotel Le Relais La Borie

    Bùzios Hotels

    La Borie is one of the best and most luxurious Poussadas in Buzios. It is located on the beach in...

  • Open Space

    Bùzios Nightlife

    Everybody meets in Rua das Pedras at night. An irregular cobblestone street by the harbour, lined with bars and restaurants, become, at night the center of the world. And even by day, by car, on foot or by boat, it's the central attraction of Buzios, and the main commercial area. For what we saw in winter I can imagine what happens in summer...


Angra dos Reis

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  • Get a Friend

    Angra dos Reis Things to Do

    We didn´t like Angra dos Reis! And we didn´t like it because we just saw the harbour, had a reasonable lunch, and moved to Parati. We know that the highlights of Angra are the islands, that we visited from Parati. And with so many private islands in that paradise, it should look better if you'd get an invitation. So... make a local friend. But with...

  • Pousada da Figueira

    Angra dos Reis Hotels

    Estrada do Contorno 6.097, Angra Dos Reis, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Boat

    Angra dos Reis Transportation

    Angra dos Reis is mainly a launching port to the islands, and thus a boat is mandatory. Of course, the harbour is full of boats, available to book under many conditions. You just have to search for your best option and bargain it. The same program, with less options, may be made from the other side of the bay, in Parati. We did it, and had a nice...



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  • Restaurante Tradicão Mineira

    Petrópolis Restaurants

    This was one of the best self-service restaurants I have been to. The room is large and air conditioned, the savors are excellent. Everything I tasted was worthy of a bite. The barbecue sent wonderful odours in the air and the service is very good. The decoration is nice ,too. It is extremely popular with locals and tourists as well. And it's...

  • Othon Pousada Riverside Park

    Petrópolis Hotels

    Rua Hermogeneo da Silva, 522, Retiro, Petropolis, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

  • Small eateries..

    Petrópolis Restaurants

    There are simple small eateries which function as a night refuge when everything is closed and you are really hungry. These are popular with simple local people. I found them very picturesque and very cheap, too. They have a bar for the ...thirsty and serve local food in big quantities. Ask them about the size of the dish because sometimes it is...



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  • Fantastic local seafood with locals...

    Niterói Restaurants

    If you find yourself at this restaurant, you may very well be the only non-Brazilian there. That is parially due to the fact that it is located down a nondescript residential street, in an unassuming neighborhood. And it is due to the fact that it does not advertise to the general tourists, but rather it is a local's only place.It is open ~11:30am...

  • Icarai Praia Hotel

    Niterói Hotels

    The hotels along the Icarai Beach (Praia) are all about the same. They do not live up to the same...

  • Live music and outdoor hangout

    Niterói Nightlife

    While it may be located in a bit more low cost part of town, it is close to the UFF (university), so there are always people around except when it is raining.The area locally known as "Cantareira" is a small square plaza with a number of restaurants and bars on all sides. For example on Tuesdays, one has live samba music. On Fridays, others have...


Arraial do Cabo

  • Choose your operator/boat carefully

    Arraial do Cabo Tourist Traps

    Maybe my friends and I (we were 5 people) just had bad luck, but is seems that everywhere we went, everything we did, the service was poor, quality was low or the attitude was overrated.For example, our scuba diving outfit offered free lodging for the previous night as part of the package such that we did not need to leave Rio ~5am to be at the...

  • Marina dos Anjos Hostel

    Arraial do Cabo Hotels

    Rua Bernardo Lens 145, Arraial do Cabo, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Families

  • The most beautiful beaches...

    Arraial do Cabo Things to Do

    Arraial do Cabo is a very small city (village) that has many beautiful beaches. There is nothing really good to do there besides to be at the beaches. At night, it`s better to go to Cabo Frio (8 km) or Buzios (30 km) to enjoy the night at bars, restaurants, to shop or just to be there, in front of the beach, taking a look!


Cabo Frio

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  • Take me to the Candy Shop!

    Cabo Frio Restaurants

    If you consider the beach a restaurant ... of sorts. It does offer up differnt items for you enoyment. Beer (Skol), Oysters, Candy Floss, Chicken on a stick, Cigarettes, Potato Chips, Bottle Water, Suntan Lotion, Hats, Sarongs, Shrimp on a skewer, some sort of white cheese you got to burn over their toaster size bbq.I live for the beach, it was...

  • Best Western Paradiso Del Sol

    Cabo Frio Hotels

    Prof. Domingos Bonifacio Ribeiro, 103-Passagem, Cabo Frio, State of Rio de Janeiro, 28906-100, Brazi

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Pleasures Plentiful

    Cabo Frio Nightlife

    We bought a few coolers at the small shop inside the mall and headed to the beach. It was dark and people still milled about. A trolly of all the super hereos and disney was ammusing. Superman, WonderWoman, Daffy, Mickey Mouse, the list can go on. Fairswheel music played from your grandads wooden speakers that sit on all four corners of the roof....


Parque Nacional da Tijuca


See all 21 Teresópolis Tips
  • Vila Cecilia

    Teresópolis Things to Do

    Vila Cecilia was built in the early 1920's. Its classic architecture sets it apart from much of the other central buildings in the area which to me have little character, so it is nice to see such old styles well kept and refurbished.It has in the past functioned as the primary post office of the city, it has been part of the university and...

  • Hotel E Fazenda Rosa Dos Ventos

    Teresópolis Hotels

    Rosa dos Ventos is a Relais and Chateau property. The grounds are sprawling and the restaurants are...

  • Pedestrian Street Shops

    Teresópolis Shopping

    The Calçada da Fama (Walk of Fame) is not like the one you'd think of in Hollywood, but it is rather a popular street with shops and street vendors.There are lots of boutiques selling clothes, lots of shoe stores, a few beauty salons, etc. The pedestrian street is always busy with people and is sometimes less of a place to go shopping, but more of...



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  • Family beach

    Saquarema Things to Do

    If you are not a surfer, then the big waves in Saquarema may not be to your liking.So head over to the "Point", where large rocks shelter the beach, creating natural bathing pools!

  • Hotel Fazenda Sitio Nosso Paraiso

    Saquarema Hotels

    I have stayed for 3 weeks in august at this nice hotel and every day there was something different...

  • Beach Flags

    Saquarema Warnings and Dangers

    Check the flags that the life guards fly before you go in the water - white means its safe, red means there are dangerous currents or waves.The red flag is not used lightly! These are surfing beaches, so if they are up, it menas that the sea is dangerous. Even if the flags are white, be careful with children.



See all 1 Macaé Tips
  • Cavaleiros Beach

    Macaé Things to Do

    "Praia dos Cavaleiros" , is a must see in Macae,Rio de Janeiro.where you can work out or simply walking .Is a local full of good restaurants ,perfect to happy hour after work in Macaé.

  • Comfort Suites Macae

    Macaé Hotels

    Avenida Atlantica 3036, Praia Dos Cavaleiros, MACA

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

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Ilha de Paquetá


    Ilha de Paquetá Off The Beaten Path

    You can get carried away by some of the stately facades of the colonial homes,painted in white and pastel shades.Some of these really nice properties are avaluated in/around million dollars!As a travel tip,I would say:plan a day trip,packa picnic lunch,and after exploring the neighborhood,go to the park for a lisurely afternoon!!


    Ilha de Paquetá Things to Do

    The ever-present beauty of nature is everywhere in this island,specially in the park.It's trully a paradise that seems hand-carved by Mother nature itself.Atop the lookout point,a panoramic view unfolds-there's the Governor's residence at "Moreninha's beach","Bocoeo Island and "Fiscal Island(the last ball was held in its miniature palace before the...


    Ilha de Paquetá Local Customs

    If you believe in lov,don't miss this one:just along the main street,there's an "Imbondeiro macho" tree,(also called "Obaoba),1.628 years old,better known as "fat maria".The locals believe that if you kiss the tree's trunk and make a wish it will come true.They believe also that the kiss will bring you luck.


Nova Friburgo

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  • Cachoeiras - Waterfalls

    Nova Friburgo Things to Do

    Cachoeiras (or waterfalls) are plentiful around Nova Friburgo. All you need to do is have transportation and drive into the hills, follow the signs and enjoy. The one here is Dois Imaos, on the way to Lumiar.Most do not have any services, so bring all your own food/drink that you may want. Also, some have swimming pools, so bring proper clothes.

  • Pousada Melodia

    Nova Friburgo Hotels

    Our stay here was comfortable. The rooms are rather small, but they are clean and have just the...

  • The Country Club

    Nova Friburgo Things to Do

    The Nova Friburgo Country Club is open to the public (must park at the gate and walk in), and is a nice peaceful escape from the noise of the city. After walking through the long bamboo covered parkway at the entrance, the chaos of the city is completely filtered out.Many people come here to walk around the park and ponds, while others may do so...


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