Places to eat in Brazil

  • Garota De Ipanema
    by Paul2001
  • Leftovers at £20
    Leftovers at £20
    by littlebush
  • Chez Michou
    Chez Michou
    by Alless

Most Viewed Restaurants in Brazil

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    Choperia Caneçao: great food at Descalvado

    by gwened Written Nov 1, 2014

    you come here to talk on the terrace better but plenty of space Inside. Great company, great beers and beef cuts with seafood platter to Munch and see the world. Beleza as the locals say is beautiful.

    some events to give an idea of this great place

    no webpage just for broader info. see contact too.

    Favorite Dish: thin cuts of beef and breaded seafood fish with beer pints is wonderful for the soul and mind.

    Choperia Canecao capirinha home made! terrace to inside Canecao
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    Estancia Grill: have fun in Paulinia/Campinas

    by gwened Written Nov 1, 2014

    This is a big house churrascaria and choperia or meat cuts typical local food and pub for beers. One of the best in the area, it has a large main room and surrounded by terrace outdoor seating.

    There is a central place for salads, entrées, dishes and you put your carton facing up on the table to be serve the meat from various servers.

    I have been here before and this time was the ocassion to see a friend not seen in 20 years!! memorable night and good company.

    Favorite Dish: you go in , seated, go to the counter table to take your salads, entrée dishes, from patés to hams ,rolls etc, plenty; then the servers come in with all kinds of cuts of meat from beef, pork, chicken and boars etc, and you order your drink beers is ok and wine too.

    the service is continuous until you stop literally for one set price. 27,35,90, and 45,90 BRL

    In the link you go to Buffet and see the entrees, and go to Carne and see the meats serve.

    Estancia Grill inside Estancia Grill
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    Famiglia Fadanelli: Italy in Curitiba

    by gwened Written Nov 6, 2013

    This is in the old district where Italian families settled here in the late 1800's, Santa Felicidade. The restaurant is family owned following the tradition for générations.

    it is a sumptuous place richly decorated and friendly service. We were a party of 12 there and all was perfect
    the menu in pdf file
    The outside architecture will delight you by the beauty of the façade – with exuberant architecture of bricks in sight-and the spacious free parking, supervised by attentive valet. In its interior, the canteen leads the client to a typical Italian scenery, with decorations that evoke a feeling of joy, warmth and celebration, characteristic of the Italian community.
    Cheeses and Salamis, of various types, harmonize with ribbons with the colors of the flag of Italy. Tables and chairs and close families and couples, in style.

    In addition, the cantina has a air-conditioned cellar, with more than 500 bottles of domestic and imported wines.

    The hours are for lunch from 12h to 15h30. Dinner is from 19h to 23h30. they are open from Tuesdays to saturdays for dinner and lunch on saturdays,Sundays, and holidays.

    Favorite Dish: Filetto Fadanelli (fadanelli beef cut)
    Tournedo de mignon grelhado, coberto com
    queijo gruyere e molho roti. Acompanha risoto
    piemontese. (tornedo of filet mignon cover with a gruyére cheese sauce and rosted herbs, serve with risotto rice)

    i try the above with great Italian imported wine

    close to resto typical Santa Felicidade
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    Restaurante Olé: Spain in Curitiba

    by gwened Written Nov 6, 2013

    great Spanish ambiance, from folks from Barcelona, terrace with flowers pots or indoor like a spanish tapas bar.
    great food and friendly service always remember looking forward to repeat

    you have over 20 different tapas dishes and over 45 wines both domestic and imported. Spain in Curitiba.
    other choices in town were pata negra restaurant

    Favorite Dish: codfish in hot sauce with great spanish san miguel beer.

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    Saanga Grill: best beef in town Curitiba

    by gwened Written Nov 6, 2013

    This is beef at its very best, a gastronomic reference in town, chosen by Revista Veja as the best beef in town ,6 times!

    The palce is western style deco, in two floors, right on the Estaçao shopping center in city center Curitiba. Also, at agua verde district.

    A happening place at night too, with lots of activity in the shopping center, and bar area Inside. One not to miss if in town

    Favorite Dish: special meat cuts of the day with a sauce. home brew cold beer and you are set to stay in.

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    Tropilha Grill: churrascaria typical food in Curitiba

    by gwened Written Nov 6, 2013

    a huge dining room with great Brazilian specialties of churrascaria, the wonderful serving of beef/meats of many varieties in a non stop action; with cards of colors to stop the flow or they coming at you with serving

    This is in the city center and they have branches in Joinville too. A great way to eat here and elsewhere in Brazil

    Favorite Dish: churrascaria is a serving of different cuts of meats from beef, chicken, lambs veals etc lovely

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    Casa do Moqueca: seafood a la Brazilian

    by gwened Written Mar 16, 2013

    This is a wonderful place very popular with locals in Campinas, the popularity is such that there are now four restaurants from the same family. I went to the original Moqueca 1

    The ambiance is country, family, very friendly and excellent service. the food is serve plenty in ration and terrific in taste. The original resto was even enlarge due to the popularity of the food and service. A must when passing by or visiting Campinas

    Favorite Dish: i had the moqueca de abadejo especial ration for four persons, it is a stew rich in vegetables, shrimps ,potatoes,and different kinds of fish. It is serve in a big steel pot, and to share. I had some codfish croquettes as well as the local beer brahma. expresso coffee and you are set for the day

    menu carte of Casa do Moqueca
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    ponte velha: great local food at good prices- Morretes

    by gwened Written Jul 2, 2012

    wonderful service overlooking the river Nhundiaquara the summer jhome of many from Curitiba. The food is authentic local try the Barreado typical and only found in state of Parana and its best expression in Morretes is at Restaurant Ponte Velha

    found it on a car visit to the city while living in Curitiba

    Favorite Dish: Barreado, all kinds of meat and desserts you will need to be hungry to finish it all, good prices plenty to eat.

    just before crossing the river resto Ponte Velha from city center across river and resto ponte velh crossing river to restaurant
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  • Casa da Berê!: Comida fresca é o nosso Lema

    by Jonathas Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Olha, sinceramente falando. Não é porque é minha mãe; mas a mulher cozinha moooooooito.
    Tem uma mão abençoada por Deus e ganhou um brinde, que é as mãos de meu pai. Que cozinha que é uma beleza!
    Então não percam!
    A casa é sua
    O seu pastor te espera

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  • jporta's Profile Photo

    Restaurant Da Pracinha: Wonderful Buffet and Grill

    by jporta Updated Apr 4, 2011

    This place is just great. A family runs the restaurant and it is very popular with the locals who frequently eat lunch here. The service is buffet style which is very common in Southern Brazil. This is great because you pay for your food by the kelo. Tip: Do not load you plate full of heavy potatos because you will pay to eat something that is very cheap. Instead pick things that have value for their weight.

    Favorite Dish: Everything is good!

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  • Alless's Profile Photo

    Habib's: Brazilian fast food , speciality arab food

    by Alless Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Brazilian fast food chain Habib's, which began as a store selling Arab specialties,was founded in 1988. Operating under franchising since 1991, the chain had a structureconsisting of 60 franchised units and 45 own stores at the end of 1998. Ten years afterthe beginning of its activities, Habib's takes second place in the national ranking of foodfranchises (a revenue of R$ 120 million in 1997), losing only to McDonald's (R$ 480million).
    --------------------------------------------------------------One of Habib's goals is to ally the quality of its products and services to attractiveprices. products - Habib's bread (hamburger, Syrian bread and pizza),with cheese and ice cream to dessert

    Favorite Dish: I love "Beirute" sandwich ( syrian bread with cheddar cheese , salad , egg,roast beef, etc)
    fruits juice are very good , to dessert the "cremino "is a delicious with chocolate and ice cream choco and cream with cherry's liqueur :-P


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    Adega do Valentim: EAT BACALHAO - Portuguese Food

    by scarm Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Portuguese cuisine, left over from the colonical days is still present in Brazil. In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, one canfind Portuguese food in a number of traditional restuarants, such as this traditional Portuguese style restaurant in Botafogo. Adega do Valentim is well away from the tourist traffic, and it serves excellent traditional dishes, like bacalhão, in the Portuguese style.

    Adega means wine cellar, and this place has an excellent selection of Portuguese reds as well as imported ports to enjoy with your meal. The owner,Sr. Valentim Monteiro dos Santos is himself an immigrant from Portugal, and he runs a great casual and comfortable restaurant. This is a place for locals, and it is located in a safe area.

    Favorite Dish: Bacalhão is a staple for the Portuguese, but less so for the Brazilians. The Bacalhão (dried salted cod) casserole shown in the picture is considered a delicacy, and it does take considerable time to prepare. The cod must be soaked overnight, and then mixed with the potatoes and seasonings before it is baked. A bacalhão casserole like the one shown is always served proudly, with the waiter showing the patrons the beauty of the prepared dish before serving.

    The Portuguese desserts are also a treat, as they feature such delicacies as baba de moça and barriga de freira. (Look these up in the dictionary)

    Bacalh��o no Brasil

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    Buzin Gastronomia: Buzios, RJ - Buzin Gastronomia

    by ant1606 Updated Aug 18, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Not the cheapest eatery in town, but a relaxed, clean spot downtown Buzios with excellent and varied food to tempt your hunger and beyond. Well, most buffet places may prove the eyes to be larger than the stomach.
    Not all-you-can-eat style but pay-by-weight, which is not uncommon throughout Brazil.
    Especially for those who hesitate before a menu, sight ans smell always works great. Shouldn't the buffet be enough - and yes, it certainly is - there's also an attended grill section and even a sushi-bar where the chef wears a kimono.
    As a reference, I had quite a large plate and a beer for about 50 Reais. No room for dessert, although after the table was cleared a kind waiter came by to present a luxurious tray with no less than ten different mouth-watering suggestions. Wish I would have saved room for some!

    - Address details to follow -

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    Comida a kilo.: Eat by the kilo.

    by cachaseiro Written Aug 9, 2010

    In Brazil you have many restaurants where you can pick your food from a big buffet and then weigh the food by the counter and then you pay according to the weight of your food.
    This can be very economical if you don´t like big portions and it´s also a very good choice for vegetarians in a country where meat dishes is what you normally get.
    The kilo restaurants tend to be medium priced and generally cater to the younger middle class brazilians but everyone is welcome there.

    Nice buffet.
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  • cachaseiro's Profile Photo

    Street food.

    by cachaseiro Updated Nov 6, 2009

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You see lot´s of little food stalls in Brazil.
    They mostly serve very nice local food.
    I have eaten there hundreds of times and never had any stomach problems from that food.
    One of the reasons i think is that it´s freshly prepared right in front of you so it has not been sitting on some buffet for 2 hours before being consumed.
    I would certainly recommend eating food from street stall and by doing that you also support hard working people who normally don´t earn much.

    Fresh food on the street.
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