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  • Emporio Rei do Brejo.
    Emporio Rei do Brejo.
    by cachaseiro
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  • Local artisans and their craft
    Local artisans and their craft
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Brazil Shopping

  • Mercado Modelo

    Salvador da Bahia Shopping

    Mercado Modelo is the former slave market in Salvador and situtated down by the harbour. These days it has turned in to a tourist market but a pretty good one if you ask me. the architecture is still there and you can find some pretty good quality souvenirs if you look around. The place has a couple of good cafes, one of them on the second floor...

  • Manaus Market

    Manaus Shopping

    When you buy a hammock for boat travel, you can chose to go for the cheapest or for a hammock to bring home. Hammocks are for sale all over with varying need for bargaining depending on the shop or kiosk and the sales person. The advantage of the "Centro de redes" is that it has the full spectrum of sizes and quality. The prices seemed fair...

  • Shopping Barra - Mall

    Salvador da Bahia Shopping

    Shopping Barra is a large shopping mall – located within walking distance from Farol da Barra. You’ll find everything you need here: Clothes, shoes, souvenirs, books, CD’s/DVD’s… There is also a cinema and many restaurants and bars. I think this is a great place if you want to buy good quality. Shopping Barra is open 7 days a week.

  • Records and Music

    Salvador da Bahia Shopping

    For fans of Brazilian music and vinyl, Bazar Som Tres is the best place I found in Brazil. Sure you can find some record shops in touristy areas, but the selection is limited and the prices are super high. Bazar Som Tres is not in a touristy area. To get there you have to exit the Pelorinho and walk down Ave. Jose Joaquim Seabra, where all the...

  • Street Vendors

    Salvador da Bahia Shopping

    If you get off the beaten path, you may find a busy street where vendors set up on the sidewalks. All manor of goods may be found here, including many books, or leather goods, or even mobile phone masks. If you buy anything, it should be because you like it. I am not here to tell you what appeals to you.

  • Perini

    Salvador da Bahia Shopping

    If you're going to spend an extended period in the city you may end up getting frustrated with the local supermarkets. While eating out is a joy in Salvador, shopping for food often culminated in standing uninspired in the hypermarkets. My local Perini offered a bit of variety, with Asian foods, European goods (I was in heaven after discovering a...

  • city center shopping center

    This is a magnificent shopping center in the heart of Curitiba. It was my hangout for the great cinema, one of the most tech advance in the country! system XD (Extreme Digital Cinema), giant screen of 10,2 meters high and 18,9 meters wide. 9 screens to Watch in 1983 now with 200 stores! on the site of an old industrial firm Mueller and...

  • best one store shopping Havan

    the best dept store shopping in Curitiba, my favorite hangout covering all my needs while there.They have stores in many other areas of Brazil. my store in Curitiba - Boa Vista, the opening hours are Monday to Saturdays 9h to 22h.Sundays from 10h to 20h.They are big, great Customer service and a lot...

  • covered market curitiba

    all you need to cook is here from spices, candies, wines, meats, veggies, fruits all covered by the train bus station in Curitiba.The whole town shops here, so you can too. Its great and eateries on second floor looking down at the market below, it is with narrow aisles and can be packed on weekends. All worth it for the local flavor, I shopped...

  • shopping center central

    This is a great shopping center in what it was an old railroad station and very near the new one. It has two floors, with a huge first floor of stores and restaurant and a museum of the railroad.the second floor is stores. right on the main road to city center. It was one of my hanging out places while living in the city. It has a cinema and...

  • shopping wines and gourmet items

    This is a traditional family shop in the Santa Felicidade district of Curitiba, Paranà state. The area is the old little Italy loaded with historical family businesses.My favorite is the Durigan winery, great local wines for souvenirs,and nice quaint items to bring home;history since 1878.The Durigan family arrive in Brazil around 1845 from Treviso...

  • Beach vendors.

    When sitting on a big city beach you will have vendors walking up and down the beach all the time selling mostly food and drink.I find that quite nice as you don´t really have to leave the beach in order to get a snack.These people will sell anything from nuts to fresh oysters.And if you support their little business then you are also supporting...

  • Buy music

    Music is such a big part of a Brazil trip as you constantly hear it and brazilian music is damn catchy.CD´s can easily be bought from guys walking around the streets with little wagons with speakers on.The cd´s are mostly pirate copies, but they will usually let you listen to it first before you purchase it. Brazilian music.

  • Get a portrait of yourself.

    I came across some very talented artists in various parts of Brazil who painted portraits at prices that were extremely low compared to europe.If you ever thought of having a portrait done Brazil could be the right place to get it. This is a matter of negotiation, but the prices are low.

  • Local crafts

    Throughout Brazil you have lot's of good markets where you can buy handmade crafts.Most of it is not made for tourists, but that just makes it more authentic.If you buy it you will get a good souvenier and also help the local economy.

  • Buy a phonebox

    Why don't you buy a phonebox and donate it to your hometown?The brazilian phoneboxes makes evryone smile.They have them in different shapes and sizes depending on what part of Brazil you are in and in Amazonas for instance they are shaped like parrots.

  • Best Record Shop in Salvador

    For fans of Brazilian music and vinyl, Bazar Som Tres is the best place I found in Brazil. Sure you can find some record shops in touristy areas, but the selection is limited and the prices are super high. Bazar Som Tres is not in a touristy area. To get there you have to exit the Pelorinho and walk down Ave. Jose Joaquim Seabra, where all the...

  • Quilt Store in Niteroi

    The shop owners are very friendly, they speak English, are very helpful. The store is clean, well laid out, and has a very friendly atmosphere.It is easily found from the ferry landing in Niteroi. I would have walked the distance, but didn't have alot of I took a cab. It wasn't much in fare. Try to have exact change. You can buy cotton...


    Frankly, hammocks can be bought anywhere in Brazil, especially as one heads north.But the best place to buy them is Fortaleza - the birthplace of hammocks. If you are heading that way and you get really tempted by the lovely designs, hold onto to your desires until you get to Fortaleza and even then, get it from Mercado Central (Central Market)....


    As you first start walking down the streets of Parati, you will definitely come across many, many souvenir stores selling what are to me... very tacky souvenirs with T-shirts declaring Parati (yucks), displays made from coconut-shells and sea-shells (double yucks). Endless...There are very nice locally-produced handicrafts like hammocks and couch...


    This is a huge market for the locals.As it is away from the tourist crowd, if you need that Brazilian football jersey, extra beach towel, a bikini or two, coconut-shell-and-bead type of trinkets, CDs to save your digital photos, flip-flips, extra bag, etc... here is the place to get them as they are much cheaper than found in the main city...


    The authorities of Belo Horizonte manages to close the busy Avenue Afonso Pena and stall-holders and their helpers miraculously transform this road into a HUGE MARKET. There are over 3000 stall-holders in this market!! Belo Horizonte is quite an untouristy town that most people just skip it. Well, true, I do not have much else to recommend about...


    The Sunday Ipanema Fair is a lovely affair...The stalls are located around a square. There are handicraft stalls of all types, some very lovely and creative indeed. It is quite huge and I spent a delightful time wandering around the stalls at least 2 times as there are so many tempting things on offer.In the middle of the park, paintings are sold....

  • ATMs few and far between - get cash...

    Travelers to Brazil often find that their ATM cards do not work in many of the cash machines. When in remote areas especially, be sure to have plenty of spare cash. Banco 24 horas and some Banco do Brasil outlets have machines that accept PLUS, PULSE or INTERLINK, but many banks, such as CaixaBank, rarely have machines that work on these systems....

  • Stones in Brazil

    Brazilian precious stones are also very famous. Look for the Brazilian yellow Topazio and the blue "Agua Marinha". The jewels with these stones are very beautiful and normally sold in good prices. Everything is cheap...

  • Made of wood????

    If you are in a locale with high humidity, be careful if you purchase anything made of wood. I never thought about it, but when I arrived back in Canada in the dead of winter with the dry air, the wood products we purchased dried out and cracked a bit. Beware!

  • Leather items..or Jewelery the South, leather jackets, shoes, belts, handbags.....what ever your after, high quality, even the italians purchase the leather or let their shoes make in Brazil or jewelery, precious stones from Minas Gerais, but choose the stores wisely defitnitly cheaper then in your Homecountry

  • Jewels

    You'll see this store all over Brazil and it is the country's best known jeweler. They specialize in creating original pieces using fine jewels and stones from Brazil. Many of their designs have been worn by famous Hollywood stars. I took a look at some of their products at the store in Rio and they really were quite attractive, but not in my...

  • Street markets

    In every Brazilian city that I visited I noticed street markets. In Rio (more specifically, in Ipanema) there is a market known as the Feira Hippie Ipanema, or the Hippy Market in which you can buy all kinds of arts, crafts, artwork and souvenirs.Just ask a local and they'll let you know where the markets are located and when they are open (most...

  • Havaianas...

    Everybody in Brazil use Havaianas, the famous Flip Flops you can start to see in Europe and the US now too.Brazilians use them everywhere they go, if to the beach, to a restaurant or sometimes even for a shopping as a tourist in Brazil you simply have to get one pair of them too to walk around with!You will get them in different styles...

  • Well Being Well ...Bath and Body care ...

    The Brazilian cosmetics manufacturer was founded in 1969. Its headquarters are in Brazil, but it also has operating facilities in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and Peru.Natura is one of the major companies in the Americas.Its sales force are consultants who carry out direct sales in the communities in which they live. The company differentiates itself...


    There is a soapstone quarry not far from Ouro Preto and provides lots of material for the souvenir markets and carving imitations of the works of Ajeijandinho. The Largo do Coimbra, near the Igreja de Sao Francisco has a very good selection of soapstone art.

  • Amazonia shopping mall

    This is almost like an American style mall with many many shops. Leather goods - Shoes,belts, and wallets. Really good quality and really cheap by US standards. I paid R$160 for 2 pairs of leather shoes, a pair of slip ons and a pair of sandals and got an additional 25%. However larger sizes are difficult to find. I could not find leather jackets...

  • Street markets...

    If you have an rented appartment and have to prepare your meals for yourself or want a delicious breakfast maybe you will be looking for fresh fruits, vegetables, drinks, maybe fish or something like that I recommend you to go to a local street market there.Generally they are located in downtown or-if the city has- special market places or near the...

  • Shopping hours in Brazil...

    Shopping centers are open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 8pm most places, though in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo they often stay open until 10pm. On Sundays many malls open the food court and entertainment section all day (like I told you : even when the stores in it are closed it is crowded!) , but small shops will only open from 2 to 8pm.

  • Shopping Malls in Brazil

    There are big shopping malls/centres all around Brazil. At least every little city has one shopping centre.You will not feel like in a south american country or a thirld world one, because all inside and outside seems very luxury. Prices in those shopping centres aren't very cheap, but if you compare prices it will be okay. You can find generally a...

  • A shopping mall in Sao Paulo

    Got on the bus 1417 from the main road "Ave Cursino" near the house i was staying at,it felt like i was on a tractor driving through rocky road,shaking and bumping but was there in 15 minutes,a popular shopping mall 6 floors of shops restaurants and an entrance to metro,I was not very hungry so just had a coffe while watching the people the price...

  • FIREWORKS (FOGOS in Brasil)

    The best time of year to buy fireworks in Brasil is during June, as the fireworks are usually shot off around the Festa Junina (June Festival), also known as Sao Joao. For the pyromaniacs, Fireworks are especially potent in Brazil. The most popular is a banzai version of the roman candle. These babies are usually held in the outstretched hand and...


    The best buy are shoes,leather goods,coffee,ceramics,sculptures,Indian artifacts,papagaio(parrots)kites,hammocks(a present I always buy when I visit a friend out Brazil,or when a friend come to Brazil),rosewood products and semi precious or precious stones.The famous ones are Ametist,Opal,Topaz,Citrine,Tourmaline,Emerald,etc..H.Stern jewelry shops...


    Brazilians routinely eat some veggies that may be unfamiliar to you:chuchus,maxixe,jilo,fresh palm hearts and mandioca(also called "aipim").Brazilian pumpkins:"aboboras" in Portuguesethey are wonderful,they taste as good as they look,used as a side dish and also to make a superb dessert called "doce de abobora".Spices & condiments:from the ones you...


    Brazil is the country in the world with the most fruits(read it from the book "Fruit in Brazil").Need I say more?The choices are unbelievable,so go ahead and splurge!If you go to Rio,the place to buy fruits and vegetables is your neighborhood's street market or "feira".Feiras happen once a week,always at the same location.You don't need to get...

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