Brazil Tourist Traps

  • Waiting for our boat
    Waiting for our boat
    by DSwede
  • Pay with pesos or cradit card in Argentina.
    Pay with pesos or cradit card in...
    by cachaseiro
  • Just some of the boats offering cruises
    Just some of the boats offering cruises
    by DSwede

Brazil Tourist Traps

  • The Harbour #1, the Harbour #2

    Manaus Tourist Traps

    There's a big harbour in Manaus, with ticket offices where you can buy passages to the boats that depart Manaus in either direction. Prices are not expensive, and you can usually choose between a hammock or a small cabin with private WC. (I am talking about passanger boats and not cruise ships. If you want cruise ships, I don't really know where...


    Many tourists raved about taking the jeep tour through the dunes of Genipabu.Genipabu is a nearby beach resort. My friend Gisele has a beach house there, facing the beach. It was great, as we could hear the sounds of the waves all through the night.According to her, when she was a child, the dunes of Genipabu were 4 times higher than they are now....

  • Hang Gliding

    This isnt to hard to get out of but the hang glider instructor I went with was an annoying bastard when it came to purchasing photos of your flight which even when you say no at first they still set up the camera.The guy we had said "its not about the money, its for you to remember"This is the perfect oppourtunity to say "My friend, we paid for the...

  • Keep Your Receipts

    Dodging taxes is a popular costume in Brazil. Every shop is obliged to provide a sales receipt (some even post a warning saying that "asking for a receipt is a duty"), but many smaller shops don't do it, to avoid paying taxes.The problem is that (besides, of course, the tax dodging), if you ever need to change a product, shops will certainly demand...

  • Rio's beaches

    Well, I was there 20 years ago with my mother. Found the city to be dirty then, and the beaches sleazy. Many women came up to me, propositioning me (with my mother standing by). Using public transportation, my mothers purse was stolen on a bus (the only item I have had stolen in 20+ years of travel). Police were not helpful. Recommend you find out...

  • Gringo Fashion Day Tip #2

    If you are a man and you think one of these is appropriate dress - check your ticket again - if it does not say Waikiki Beach, and really does have some destination in Brazil - leave this fashion statement behind. Brazilians do not wear this stuff - and you will not 'blend in'....Better to let your dog borrow it while you are away.

  • Gringo Fashion Day Tip #1

    Shoes are one of the biggest ways to pick you out as a tourist. If blending in is your goal, leave your gringo sandals at home (wish I would have been told this about my beloved chacos). When you get off the plane, spend R$12 on the universal and ubiquitous footwear - havaianas. Besides, they are now a fashion item on the Champes Elessee

  • Take care...

    Take care with coke, hamburgers, feijoadas, picanhas and fat dishes...because you could become as the tag I saw in a little garden in Arpoador, showing the sad effects of this type of feedings...Yes it WAS a garotta de Ipanema....

  • 'Oil on the shoe trick' - CUIDADO

    Here's the trick - usually happens in Rio but other places with high tourist traffic as well. You are strolling along Copacabana beach in your shined up shoes (mistake number one). All of a sudden, you notice a spot of oil on your shoe. How the hell did that get there? Out of thin air, a shoeshine boy appears with a kit, and in broken english with...

  • Rio de Janeiro

    Rio de Janeiro, as beautiful as the City is..too many People stay for too long, not knowing, the real Brasil start's beyound the Citylimits. I know I'm copping a lot of flag for saying this, but its my expirience and won't falter. though, I had great times when staying with friends in Rio.Carnival for example is also very interesting in Salvador da...

  • Tourist Police

    There are different kinds of police in Brazil and or Rio. One of them is the tourist police. If you have been trapped or have been stolen go to their office in Leblon. It´s opposite the star brazil show. Normally they only work on cases were documents like passports have been stolen. If it has been only money then good luck.

  • Motels in Brazil

    The motels that you can see everywhere in Brazil are not normal motels. You can rent there a room for 6 or 12 ours. Some are equipped with sauna, jacuzzi and so one. So if you only want to sleep or you are alone then don´t go there. No problem, just leave.

  • just don't ....

    take your Rolex to the Beach :)), leave the Leica at the Hotel..a little change for Icecream Coconut juice or Guarana soda should do. if u can't live without them..just stay at all times in your chair! don't go there in the first place

  • Eddie Murphy lookalike!

    On about my 3rd day in Rio I was sitting at a milk bar near copocaba beach relaxing and taking in all the sights .A bloke approached me asking me where I was from asking if he could show me round.He was a deadringer for eddie murphy and spoke good english.He kept asking me what I wanted to do, which i replied to chill ,at this point I decided to...

  • Stay connected, just not too connected

    If you follow the same itinerary that I did (Rio-Salvador-Iguacu) you won't have any trouble finding internet points in which to stay connected to friends and family overseas. Be prepared however, for sometimes intermittent and slow connections. As always, it's good to stay in touch, but try not to get trapped wasting away too much of your valuable...

  • Candomblé

    It is s scam. They make you pay a lot (we paid R 30 per person) and you get nothing. You spend 2 hours in a hot and crowded room where a few women are chanting and dancing around faking that they are in trance. A great disappointment.

  • Taxi cabs in Rio

    My roommates paid $30 USD each way for a cab ride to downtown for the samba parade. I paid $0.75 for two roundtrip tickets on the subway and we got there faster than my roommates. You Have to take cabs some places in Rio but you could save yourself a lot of time and money by taking the subway. It's new, very clean, and relatively safe. I don't...

  • Sambadromo tickets

    Most tourists that I talk to paid $100 to $250 USD for tickets to the samba parade through a travel agency or online. It is more convenient this way but you can save a chunk of money if you buy them once you arrive. The Sambadromo runs from 8:00 AM to 5:00 AM almost 24 hours so there is constantly people coming and going even during the peak...

  • Leaflet handouters.

    Everywhere I go someone wants to hand out a leaflet to me,if I did take all I would need a truck with me.It is a way of earning a living here besides sandwich boards,well it beats begging.. If you are curious and take a leaflet do not discard it,streets in Sao Paulo are very clean(unlike London) I feel ashamed to even throw my cigarette ashes on...

  • Visiting a Favela...tourist trap!

    One of the biggest tourist traps in Brazil, in my opinion is doing the 'Favela tour'. It's a guided tour inside a favela (shanty town). I believe that there are not only such kind of tours in Rio de Janeiro, I guess maybe in other places of Brazil it is even so possible to do it...because at least everywhere you will find those favelas. I believe...


    1.Don't be surprised if you see people carrying their tape deks when leaving their cars -thefts from cars areVERY commom,than we just have to take it everywhere with us!!2.Don't expect to find topless girls all over the beaches-even in the famous beaches in Rioare a bit staid in this respect-if it's important to you,try the sands near...


    DO'S:1.Do try to visit both,Southern & Northern areas-at times,they seem to be diferent countries!2.Do remeber that Brazilian language is PORTUGUESE not SPANISH!Try to learn at last few words(at Martinelli's Brazil page youcan find a small surviving dictionary,go and check out!!)3.Do try to go to a soccer game-it's a quite spectable,with...


    First of all an universal warning:make sure your food and drinking water are safe!Malaria:it's a preventable infection that can be fatal if left untreated-prevent malaria by taking prescription antimalarial drugs and protecting yourself against mosquitos bites.This disease is common is SOME urban areas and MAJOR rural areas!Of course if you plann a...


    This tip is here in order to prevent you for surprises:PASSPORT/VISA REQUIRES:Passport,visa,proof of onward passage and enough funds are required for citizens from Canada and the USA.Passports must be valid for 6 months AFTER date of arrival(if you have a passport which is balid only for the next 2 months,let's say,and you intend to stay for 3...

  • GESTURES ::: This is very...

    GESTURES ::: This is very similar to the American OK, but it's VERY obscene! It means 'screw you' like the gesture in the picture above. More tips on Brazilian gestures, please go to : .

  • Pelhourinho (Salvador, Bahia) Photo Scam

    In an old square in Pelhourinho, 3 ladies in full Bahia regalia (very full dresses, probably supported by hoops) asked if I'd like my photo taken with them.I claim that I'm rarely naive, but my 'scam' antenna must've been dulled by the heat, or by the sight of other Brazilian women wearing a lot, lot less ... aaah! But back to the plot ...After the...

  • This should be obvious but...

    This should be obvious but ALWAYS watch your personal belongings. You will be distracted by beggar children while someone steals your wallet or camera. Also, if you've got a car never ever leave anything lying on the seat next to you. They will definitely be too tempting to resist! Always carry some money with you so if you're mugged you have...

  • Copacabana night's life: take...

    Copacabana night's life: take care - most of the dancing clubs are prostitution houses !!Pickpockets: never carry your camera in your neck. Take care of your things and if you are in the beaches and want to swimm, ask the most friendly person seated close to you in the sand to care of your things while you are swimming. It works, trust me !...

  • since the pelourinho is so...

    since the pelourinho is so full of tourists you will be swamped by children selling things on the street. it's a difficult situation as you want to be nice, but sometimes you have to be very certain with your 'no's' as some of them will follow you around for quite some time pestering you to buy something. a friend of mine had one of the sellers...

  • Well its not really a tourist...

    Well its not really a tourist trap... anyhow, all the books say that in salvador, the most lively part, with all that parties and fun, is Barra. that problem is that from some reason they dont consider the fact that some people will be in brasil off the carnaval season, and off the carnaval season, Barra is a BORING, 'DEAD', NOTHING TO DO, part of...

  • Watch out for people in the...

    Watch out for people in the airports that try to exchange the money for you ,only use the banks for the best rates. Also watch out at nights in darken alley's in Rio you could be robbed. Watch out for what you buy from people on the streets and beaches.THIS IS A GREAT PLACE JUST BE CAREFUL!

  • All of Foz is a tourist trap!...

    All of Foz is a tourist trap! tons of tourists on package holidays from Argentina and Brasil. Bus after bus of tourists all stopping at the same hotels and same is that of a maka indian from Paraguay who travels every across the friendship bridge fom paraguay to sell his wares at the tourist spots.

  • Well, I went to Salvador (de...

    Well, I went to Salvador (de Bahia), and I faced three days of nonstop rain and windy weather! So be aware, Bahia can suck in September!!I spoke about this with two other guys, and both had surprisingly similar stories - rainfall for one whole week could happen.So don't believe the advertising - there is probably a lot of sun there during the year,...

  • A real tourist trap is the...

    A real tourist trap is the famous city 'Ouro Preto' in Minas Gerais - crowds of tourists and locals who run after you, trying to sell themselves as guides or their goods. Better options are Sao Joao del Rei or Tiradentes - both are also in MG and both are old cities with similar styled-buildings like in Ouro Preto, but the atmosphere there is much,...

  • Take extra care when you are...

    Take extra care when you are on the beach especially if you can´t speak portuguese!They have some thieves around ( most in summer time ) just look around for 'gringos' they try to approach in a nice way and suddenly you realised that your wallet, watch or whatever that you have with you are gone.....with the wind?? no! with the thief!Hihih!but...

  • Oh ja, men is nog niet zo aan...

    Oh ja, men is nog niet zo aan touristen gewend, dus heel vaak kan men er alleen met handen en voetenwerk uitleggen watmen bedoeld. Men spreekt nog niet echt engels, laat staan Duits Frans of Nederlands.Het is dan wel makkelijk als men een Brasiliaans sprekende hostes in de buurt heeft.

  • This should actually be on my...

    This should actually be on my Argentina page, but since I've put all information about Iguacu falls on this site, the tourist trap should go here as well. I think that the boat trip they offer on Argentian side is a bit od a tourist trap. OK, I have to admit that it was quite an experience to get totally wet and go almost under the falls, but this...

  • A bus tour of Rio de Janeiro...

    A bus tour of Rio de Janeiro is a waste of time! The guides are horrible, and they don´t share any good information about the city! If I were you, I´d go around the city by cab, and with a good city guide toget in touch with the useful info.

  • Don't bring any jewellery ...

    Don't bring any jewellery chains, or expensive watchesBe prepared for the worst - make copies of your important recordsA passport is worth several thousand dollars to some people, so keep a close eye on it.


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