Chile Favorites

  • Valparaiso, Chile Rocky Coastal Waters!
    Valparaiso, Chile Rocky Coastal Waters!
    by acommon1
  • The funicular station in Bellavista
    The funicular station in Bellavista
    by TheWanderingCamel
  • Universidad de Chile - Paris Londres
    Universidad de Chile - Paris Londres
    by TheWanderingCamel

Chile Favorites

  • Cerro San Cristobal

    Santiago Favorites

    Located right in the middle of downtown Santiago, the Cerro Santa Lucía is a nice walk and retreat all the year round, as well as a good lookout for the city; its limits are the Alameda, and Miraflores, Ismael Valdés and Merced streets. It`s especially nice in autumn, when leaves cover the paths, and in summer, when the coolness of the lawns is...

  • The Chilean Coat of Arms


  • The blue whale..largest on Earth !

    Blue whales are sea mammals. Scientists believe they are the largest animals that have ever lived. They can be up to 33 meters long and up to 190 tons heavy ! It can gulp down 14 million of krills, small fish and squid a day! Krills are little crustaceans like tiny shrimps. According to recent reports only 5,000-12,000 blue whales are left although...

  • Los palafitos of Chiloe

    Remains of Palafitos have been found even coming from Neolithic Time. Initially they must have been built for fishing. Later they were converted to summer houses and finally it's the most common sight in South East Asia, West Africa and South America. Especially in the warm climates, obviously. They are very practical because they protect from...

  • Pablo Neruda said...

    "Yo vine aqui para cantar y para que cantes conmigo.." I came here (to life) to sing and for you to sing with me..! ************************ "Asi cada mañana de mi vida me traigo del sueno a otro sueno." So every morning of my life I travel from one dream to another one.. **************************** "Hoy es hoy y ayer se fue hay duda..!"...

  • A quick overview of Valparaiso

    A great town with wonderful bay, cable cars ,and upper city of narrow streets, cliff hanging houses and great architecture.Being the first port of Chile and second city is reason enough to come here. In addition to only been 115 kms from Santiago de Chile, and link by a great network of buses.I have the pleasure of many friends including some who...

  • A quick overview of Santiago de Chile

    do the cierro Santa Lucia, cerro San Cristobal, the mercado central for eating and history, great at night. the Cathedral, the plaza de armas, the fine arts museum, walk paseo Ahumada from plaza de armas. And do eat here Ocean Pacific the restaurant submarine, great. Used to go there every month for years as we had a branch in the city of my...

  • So many places to see!

    With Chile you'll get varied landscape e.g. Patagonia, Atacama deserts, the Andes in Peru, Easter Island for natives etc, the gorgeous earth (see my videos), a beatiful fifteenth century port city etc etc :-)

  • Do not book with

    I wish I had read your post before booking flights with I made the mistake of making flight arrangements for a trip in November and it was the worst decision I have ever made! The personnel at are not helpful. I booked a roundtrip flight and every couple of weeks I get an e-mail with a change to the date, destinations...

  • Flora and Fauna - National Parks

    There are around 30 national parks, 38 national reserves and 11 natural monuments in Chile. These are protected by Sistema Nacional de Areas Silvestress Protegidas. Some of the parks include Chile's top attractions such as Torres del Paine, Laguna San Rafael and Volcan Villarrica. The purpose of the park is to protect and manage the flora and fauna...

  • Flora and Fauna - Plants and Animals

    With Chile having a wide range of altitudes, latitudes and different climates, the country has an amazing diversity of flora.In the North of Chile it is common to see cacti in the deserts and, on the Altiplano, there are tough grasses and bushes provided for the herds of the grazing alpaca. In between and travelling down to Santiago, there is the...

  • Flora and Fauna - General Impressions

    Being the longest country in the world with approximately 5000 km in length, Chile has an abundance of beautiful landscapes with such different contrasts in which attracts many visitors and Chileans alike to explore. The landscape, in the very North, ranges from the driest deserts in the world to the high altiplano in the Andes. Travelling slightly...

  • No Es Barato

    Don't be fooled by the conversion rates. Great seafood restaurants. Totally impressed with the food, service, and wines. There is a ton of Chilean pesos to the dollar. Make certain that you understand what you are paying for. I walked out of a top line restaurant with a $200 dinner. Loved the seafood and wine. I sampled a few dishes though. But,...

  • Chile thermal baths

    CHECK THIS OUTthere are really nices places and not fancyI have been to one many timesTERMAS DEL FLACO3 hours bus ride through a mountain road and picturesque places before you reach the baths...very natural and popular with couples and families

  • Experience with

    Chile is great, but don't book with We did. We booked the Lago Genral Carrera tour which was supposed to integrate a flight from Chile Chico to Balmaceda as part of the return trip. This flight is also part of the promition of the lodge as can be seen in their promotional videos However,...

  • One too many pisco sours?

    Feeling in need of an energy boost? If you're in Santiago or somewhere in central Chile, why not try a speciality of the region - mote con huesillo? More a meal in a glass than just a drink, it's a bit of an acquired taste and certainly looks odd in the glass the first time you see it, but Chileans drink it with great relish. Boiled barley is...

  • The Mapuche people

    When the Spanish Pedro de Valdivia arrived in Chile in the 1550s, he no doubt expected the native people would soon fall under the yoke of Spain. He was mistaken - the Mapuche Indians living in the south of Chile, who had only arrived in the region a hundred or so years earlier, had no intention of giving up their land. They mounted a fierce...

  • Wilderness

    Beech forests, glacial peaks, fishing, estancias, birds, and wildlife.This is what I liked about Tierre del Fuego.

  • The one and only hiking - Clem...

    If you plan to do serious hiking in Patagonia, I even would warn you not even think of buying any other book than Lonely Planet's Trekking in the Patagonian Andes. All my Patagonia hikes I did with this book (have all 3 editions by now :-). The descriptions are reliable, the maps accurate, the trek hours as well (I knew at any point how much to add...

  • Flaming beauty

    Springtime in Patagonia sees the countryside a blaze of red as the Chilean Firebush - Embothium coccineum, a form of protea - known as notro here, comes into bloom. An insignificant shrubby tree most of the year, it is the glory of the region in Spring and summer, blooming for 4 months of the year. The further south we went, the more intense the...

  • Chile's liberator

    Born the illegitimate son of an Irish father ,who served the Spanish in Peru, and the daughter of an aristocratic Chilean family, Bernardo O'Higgins rose to be a major figure in South America's fight to throw off the yoke of Spain in the early years of the 19th century. His father was an influential figure and he made sure his son was properly...

  • Pisco sours

    I'm not sure whether this should come under Warnings or Local Customs rather than here as a favourite thing because Chile's obssession with Pisco Sours just about qualifies as both. Unless you are a teetotaller, you have about as much chance of leaving Chile without having tasted one as the proverbial snowball in you know where. Made from a local...

  • Tips On Wine Selections

    Chile has some wonderful wines! We prefer the white wines, so here are some we would love to recommend- Miguel Torres: Santa Digna Sauvignon Blanc, Reserva Chardonnay, Rose. There is also a wonderful Brut Pinot Noir.Vina Casas Del Bosque: Sauvignon Blanc or ChardonnayMisiones de Rengo: Sauvignon Blanc or ChardonnayMontes ReservaChardonnay (silver,...

  • Chile has the perfect climate for fruit!

    When we travel to Curico, which is in the Maule district of Chile, we find many fruit stands along the roadside. This area is perfect for growing grapes (it's one of the best places in Chile for wine) and myriad types of fruit.The prices are less here than in Santiago, so we usually stock up. On our recent trip (Feb.06) we purchased a crate of...

  • Service Centers

    Copec Pronto is a service center you will find on the highways of Chile. When we traveled there in February 2006, gas was about $4.00 per gallon. COPEC PRONTO has gas, restrooms (usually free), snacks, light meals, beverages and dining area. An example of the food prices at COPEC PRONTO: we ordered 5 hotdogs, 5 beverages and two large orders of...

  • A good beer!

    I wouldn't call this my favorite thing, but while in Chile I tasted a very mild beer by the name of "Lemon Stones". It is refreshing, lemonade flavored and doesn't make you fuzzy headed afterwards! Try it while you are in Chile--I think you'll like it unless you are a real die-hard beer drinker. Then...I don't think it would be strong enough for...

  • My favourite travel guide - Turistel

    For all my Chile travels, I prefer (among LP and some other guides) the ones, handed out by Turistel.They are offering these approx. 400-pages colored brochures for 4 different areas of Chile: north, central, south and camping routes. It's comprehensive knowledge, usually excellent updated and always gvies detailed information about regions,...

  • Chiloe, Chile

    Walking around the South America's largest island of Chiloe was an amazing experience in itself, although I'd have to say my favourite thing would have to be seeing the palafito's and the markets. They were amazing! Full of trinkets and gorgeous scarves and colourful jumpers. I wanted to buy so many things, but I just didn't have the money!...

  • Learning Spanish

    HIGHLY recommend el goethe instituto chileno aleman if you are interested in taking a spanish course. i didn't speak a word of spanish before i went to chile, and thanks to el goethe, i survived that first month!!! they start classes the first week of every month, and it is relatively inexpensive. it is located right in the center of the city, on...

  • Have a beer with the locals

    When you do like I did then you will get to know the wonderful Chilean people. With this beautiful girl I chatted for 2 hours. Chileans are not only world champs in telling jokes (they do all the time and they are all about sex) but also good listeners ;-)

  • Language translation

    take a book or electronic translator with you because if you don't speak Spanish it could be rough once you leave a tourist spot. However, i generally found people to be helpful and gracious.

  • Delicious wine

    Today, wine has become one of Chile's best ambassadors, making inroads even into such wine fortresses as California, Germany and France. The country boasts over a dozen wineries that have achieved international recognition. Several of them are now over a century old, and most combine traditional methods, such as harvesting by hand, with the latest...

  • Wonderful people

    My first impression of the friendliness of the Chilean people was on our sightseeing tour through Santiago. As we were passing by some school kids, we looked at them, they looked at us, smiled and started waving - what a wonderful welcome!!!Second thing was our meeting with Camilo and Jorge, two VT friends, who proved, that this first impression...

  • Chile

    Imagine a long, thin slice of California with a patch of the Sahara desert glued onto the north. Carve some of New Zealand's fjords into the south. Press all of this against a spine of tall, rugged mountains. This would be Chile, which has some of the world's most varied and dramatic landscapes. Parts of the country - Tierra del Fuego, for example...

  • If you're a licensed scuba diver,...

    If you're a licensed scuba diver, you must dive in a ship wreck at Valparaiso.Ramon is a Diver Master at Andisub Buceo, in Viña del Mar, and organise trips to this location.Contact him at photo by Ramon Bajbuj)

  • Visit Santiago. To travel...

    Visit Santiago. To travel around the city, the Metro (subway) is a good option. In dowtown, there are many streets for pedestrians only, with a lot of people just walking, playing chess, or shopping. At Paseo Ahumada,146 is the famous Domino, where you must taste the 'completo', the chilean hot-dog, or drink a cofee at many 'cafe con piernas'...

  • Visit Torres del Paine!

    The park is considered one of the best national parks in South America, if not the most difficult to reach. This view is what you see as you approach the park by bus. The buses leave Puerto Natales early in the morning and you can be picked up at your hotel or hostal. By 10:00 in the morning the bus is at the park and all hikers have to sign in at...


    Isabel Allende is the name that pops into mind when one talks about Chilean novelists. Her first novel is also her most acclaimed one - 'House of the Spirits'. Other novels include 'Of Love and Shadow', 'Eva Luna', 'Stories of Eva Luna', 'Daughter of Fortune', etc.…Jose Donoso is believed by many to be one of Chile’s finest writers. His novels...


    Poetry seems more predominant in Chile. The most famous poet must be Pablo Neruda, winner of Nobel prize in literature in 1971. Others include Gabriela Mistral, the first Latin American to receive a Nobel prize in literature in 1945. Later poets during the 1970s Pinochet period until now include Diego Maqueira and Raul Zurita.

  • Great dishes

    In Chile as in Peru as well you have to try all these different sea food dishes you can get. Try it in restaurants or directly on the market (for example the big market place in Santiago!). Ok, there´s still a little risk for your stomach, but these mariscos, gambas, pescados deliciosos (sea fruits, gambas=shrimps, fishes) are the risk worth. look...

  • Ventisquero Colgante

    A beautiful sight is the Ventisquero Colgante (hanging glacier) in Quelat National Park, which is close to Puyuhuapi. When I went it was raining but it was worth the long hike, the view is amazing from the lookout point.

  • Parque Pumalin

    Parque Pumalin was a beautiful national park, this picture is from the Alerce Trail (Sendero Alerces). The hike is only about 20 minutes long and you get to see some giant trees that are only found along that latitude.

  • Beautiful day to visit a vineyard

    While I was in Santiago I visited the Concha y Toro vineyard. If I remember correctly the tour cost 3000-4000pesos. At the vineyard they give you samples of different wines and explain the process that goes into make their great chilean wine. It was a nice relaxing way to spend a half day.

  • Los Saltos de Petrohue

    When I visited the Saltos de Petrohue and el Lago de todos los Santos I was amazed by the emerald-blue water. While I was there the wheather wasn't that great but I still had a great time. One thing that was good about having windy and rainy conditions is that there weren't any Tabanos or another type of fly which I dont remember it's name. A not...

  • Puerto Varas

    Every once in a while when your travelling in Chile you'll stumble upon different festivals. While I was in Puerto Varas they had "El festival del Kuchen". Basically it was a ton of different homemade pastries that were for sale in the plaza.


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