Chile Local Customs

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  • Local Customs
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Chile Local Customs

  • local phrases

    Chileans are lovely people who you get attached to very easily. They are very extrovert and emotional so they would enjoy it very much if they heard some local expressions coming out of your mouth...Try some of them ! I learned them in the south but I think they are used all over the country. Bacan = cool! cachai? = get it? altiro = right away !...

  • dancing La Cueca in Rio Clarillo !

    On a sunny day I started out for the National Reserve of Rio Clarillo. I used the Metro and a bus. Then I had to walk for 2 kms. When I reached the entrance and paid the fee, I was told I had to walk more to reach the walking path. The..garbage truck gave me a lift. By this time it was already too hot but I had no option. So I started a sweating...

  • La Minga

    What is it? It's something that rares in our "civilised" world. It's the idea of helping each other and feeling it is a celebration and not an obligation. It exists in Chiloe and many other places . When somebody wants to move away from their place for several reasons...they take their houses along! So here comes the "Minga". The procedure is very...

  • Victor Jara

    The Chilean intellectual, poet, singer and songwriter Victor Jara was tortured and killed in a football stadium in Santiago just after the 1973 military coup. His memory lives on... forever.

  • El fútbol

    Chileans are keen on football. Seven times they have taken part in the World Cup competition, and once they acquired third place, in 1962 when they hosted the competition.

  • People and Culture

    English is widely not spoken in Chile even in the tourist industry. Recently, however, the Government is encouraging Chileans to learn English. It's essential to learn some basic Spanish to enable you to be prepared whilst travelling around the country and there is an opportunity to learn by enrolling at one of the many language schools in...


    No other person had a bigger impact on the history of Chile than Bernardo O'Higgins (1778–1842). O'Higgins is affectionately known as ‘The Liberator’. His unusual name is due to the fact that he was the illegitimate son of an Irishman. His father, Ambrose Higgins, was born in Sligo Ireland and was a military commander for Spain. What is known as...

  • Pinochet

    In case you're going to Chile and think that all Chileans must hate the man who symbolizes Chile's 17 year-long dictatorship - think again. 40% of the population continues to be in favor of his time in power... Supporters refer to the coup on September 11, 1973 as a military pronouncement (pronunciamiento militar) and not as a coup d'etat (golpe de...

  • Light breakfast

    Chileans usually eat a very light breakfast of tea or coffee(sanka) and toast with jam or a pastry. When the hotel states that breakfast is included do not expect much. In the nicer hotels some times there will be yogurt and fruit as well as toast and pastry.If you are used to eating a large breakfast then wait until lunch is served and grab a...

  • Late dinners

    If you are invited to someones home for dinner do not expect to eat before 9pm at the earliest.Dinner is more of a social event in South America and they like to eat later.The restaurants as a general rule do not open for dinner before 8pm. If they have an early crowd you can bet they are all tourists.

  • Fruit vendors

    While you are in Chile be sure to look for the fruit vendors selling fruit from their cart.They can be found on the corner of most busy streets. In the spring they have the most delicious cherries that you have ever eaten.I would go back to Chile if for no other reason than to be able to eat some of their fresh fruit.

  • Onces

    A little bit of old-fashioned English lives on in translation in Chile. Elevenses (onces in Spanish) were a mid-morning snack - you won't hear it much in England any more - the term has gone the way of jolly hockey sticks and school girl stories - but Chileans wouldn't miss their "onces" - except they take them in the afternoon - usually between 5...

  • What is a nanny in Chile?

    While visiting in Santiago, I learned that a Nanny is someone who helps to watch your children. But this could also be the name of someone who comes once a week to clean your house, as well as the woman who helps to do your ironing weekly. I was surprised that all these different people were considered a "Nanny". I learned this when I visited my...

  • swinging bags on the Panam highway

    While heading in both directions going from Santiago to Panguipulli and back, we were puzzled by the sight of men swinging bags on the freeway that runs the length of the country. We though it might have been to signal to the buses they wanted to be picked up. Nope. They are selling crayfish, crawdads, mud bugs, whatever you call the little...

  • Honouring the dead....

    When I was in San Pedro...I saw a long funeral procession. They carried the casket from the church, all the way to the graveyard. We stepped back, stopped and honoured the processing as they passed. There seems to be much honour placed on the dead - with many decorations in the graveyard.When you see people passing by - take time to respect their...

  • Chiloe - Christmas Celebrations

    As it was close to Christmas, the locals (being devote Catholics) put on a massive street procession to honour the virgin Mary.It was quite an unusual sight watching both old and young singing together, enjoying their celebration.

  • Cemetaries

    While visiting a cemetary in Chiloe, we noticed, that there are little houses next to the grave sites. These little houses are for the souls of the deceased.

  • Puerto Natales : Strange thing......

    Do you think this agency need to show so much to sell tours ?Pensez-vous que cette agence doit en montrer autant pour vendre ses tours ?

  • Beard and long hair ... Barbe et cheveux...

    Youth is mostly composed of "muchachos" with beard or/and long hair... You can't miss them !La jeunesse est principalement composee de "muchachos" avec barbes et/ou cheveux longs... On ne peut pas les manquer !

  • The wines of Chile

    The wines of Chile have for a long time been ranked with the best in the world. The wineries in such places as the Maípo valley, Casablanca valley, Maule valley, and Peumo Valley produce wines of the best quality. Here is a short list of wineries, but there is much, much more to consider: Canepa, Miguel Torres, Concha y Toro, Santa Carolina, Santa...


    This is a short tea break when the Chileans take hot tea and some light snacks. A story of how the name came about goes like this : Previously, miners are not allowed to take alcohol in the mines. So they secretly added 'aguardiente' to their tea. As the word has 11 alphabets, they discreetly refered to taking their afternoon tea as 'once' (which...


    In Chile, they do the same kissie-on-the-right-cheek like in Argentina when they greet or say goodbye among one another BUT NEVER between men. They are too macho for that. Men shake hands. If they are good buddies, they pat each other's back.


    Listening to Chileans presented some difficulties for me. They seem to lisp a little and drop their last consonants like 's'. So, instead of 'despues' (des-PWEYS), I would probably hear 'deh-PWEY'. They speak really fast and combine words together, like 'hasta luego' (AH-sta LWEY-go) becomes 'STA LU-go'. Naturally, the Chileans have their own...


    The national folk dance is the cueca. These are danced in pairs, inspired by a pair rooster-and-hen's dance of courtship. A man and a woman hold a handkerchief each and dance in small movements, occasionally swinging downwards and twirling around and exchanging places. This is danced to happy folk music played by musicians on guitar, tambourine and...

  • MATE

    Like Argentinians and southern Brazilians, Chileans also drink the yerba mate, ground from the herbs of the holly berry. They are similarly drunk in a mate-cup, through a bombilla (here, in Chile, it is pronounced as 'bom-BEE-yah') and shared among friends by passing the cup around.


    Mapuche Indians live around central Chile, near the city of Temuco. They are largest of the Indian population left in Chile. Mapuche means 'People of the Land'.They were one of the few groups who fought fiercely against the Spanish soldiers and won several battles. While they were warriors, the Mapuches were not as advanced as the Incas. They did...


    Mestizos (mixture of Spanish and Indian blood) make up the highest proportion of the ethnic group in Chile. Most of these Chileans are roundish in body-shape, with dark hair, round heads and huge eyes and bushy eyebrows. Chile is one of the most homogeneous society in Latin America.

  • English in Chile

    Not many Chileans speak a fluent English, but they make funny efforts to understand what a foreigner wants.People is very friendly here.If you don't speak any Spanish it can be difficult at times, but nothing too terrible. Of course that Important Hotels, Restaurants and Travel Agencies work with bilingual people.

  • How much to leave for a tip?

    Here in Chile we don't use to leave the 10 or 15% for a tip. People just leave what they want....yeah, that's not fair. Anyway it'll be kind from you and very appreciated if you leave the 10 or 15% :o)

  • Late at night...

    People in Chile use to go out at night very late, let's say at 11pm sometimes 12pm.....and night clubs, bars and dicos start to be crowded by that time too.They also close very late.....or early? he he he, during summer, night clubs can easily close at take a nap before going out!!!!!!!!!!!.

  • Punctuality?

    If you make friends in Chile, relax regarding "punctuality" because here people live at their own pace.....yeah.....- If someone tells you " Ok, let's meet at 9" then they'll arrive at 9:30 or maybe at 10.- If someone, after a meeting tells you "ok, I'll call you later", do not expect any call, people say that just like an expression (?) but they...

  • National Chilean Drink

    Try the National Chilean drink there, which is called "Mote Con Huesillos". At the very bottom is something of a peach or dried peach. There are wheat kernels or something like that in the very sweet juice drink. (It is non-alcoholic btw) (or maybe there is an alcoholic version?)It was too sweet for me, and I only took one sip. But maybe you will...

  • Footwear inside homes

    My experience was that people wear some kind of footwear, whether clean shoes or sandals inside their homes. Do not go around barefoot or just with socks in someone's home. ...In any case, take care about this when entering someone's home, not just for respecting their custom, but also, to protect your feet, maybe from uncleanly floors or from...

  • Camera caution with Indigenous people

    When in Santiago, there was a small group of indigenous women making some kind of protest, with drums and a poster... seeing such a group of whites, and some of them with cameras, they kind of turned inward to each other, backs out, and cautiously watching. I didn't (wasn't even able) to try for a picture... didn't really realize til I was informed...


    Ok, let's starts with some local advices:Tipping is always a 10f you wanna thank to someone or for something, just say 'gracias!'If you can, learn some phrases in spanish (there's not too much people who can talk to you in english very well, just the basics words).When you say hello to a friend , the frenchs gives 2 kisses in the cheek, the dutch 3...

  • The people were really...

    The people were really friendly and we regretted not being able to speak Spanish - we would have learnt a lot more about the places we visited if we could have held a conversation with the local people.

  • Wine of Chile.foto, Christian...

    Wine of Chile.foto, Christian McManus.VIÑA CONCHA Y TORO

  • Music:Sale.CD,Cassete,Tape,DVD,etc.By...

    Music:Sale.CD,Cassete,Tape,DVD,etc.By Internet.Photo:Victor Jara colection.FERIA DEL DISCO

  • Gupo/Group chelean rock:LOS...


  • Portal dedicado a las...

    Portal dedicado a las diferentes expreciones artisticas en mi pais.TIEMPO DE ARTEFotografia/Photo:Artista:Danae Chacon.

  • Monumentos Nacionales/National...

    Monumentos Nacionales/National Monuments.(Chile).MONUMENTOS NACIONALESPhoto/foto:Basilica del Salvador.(Santiago).

  • Libro/Book.Titulo...

    Libro/Book.Titulo Original/Original Title:HOW TO SURVIVE IN THE CHILEAN JUNGLE.Autores/Authors:John Brennan & Alvaro TaboadaTema/theme:Modismos y formas de hablar de los chilenos en español traducidos al idioma inglés/An english lexicon of chilean slang and spanish sayingsPágina Web/Web Page :1)AMAZON2)FERIA CHILENA DEL LIBRO3)JUNGLA CL

  • Directorio Embajadas y...

    Directorio Embajadas y Consulados de Chile y el mundo/Directory & Search Engine of the World's Embassies & Consulates Search By 'Host' or 'Guest' via Engine or DirectoryPágina Web/Web Page :EMBASSY WORLD

  • Museo La Sebastiana,Casa de...

    Museo La Sebastiana,Casa de Pablo Neruda/Sebastiana Museum Neruda¨s House.(Valparaiso V region).Pagina Web/Web Page:MUSEO LA SEBASTIANA

  • Guia de Cibercafes en Chile y...

    Guia de Cibercafes en Chile y todo el mundo/Guide Cibercafes in Chile and all the world.Pàgina Web/Web Page:NET CAFE


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