Chile Off The Beaten Path

  • Walk Like a Penguin!
    Walk Like a Penguin!
    by HispanicYob
  • Off The Beaten Path
    by TooTallFinn24
  • Parinacota and Pomperape Volcanoes Chile/Bolivia
    Parinacota and Pomperape Volcanoes...
    by TooTallFinn24

Chile Off The Beaten Path

  • El Tatio geysers

    San Pedro de Atacama Off The Beaten Path

    If you ever wondered how Earth looked like in prehistoric times, before massive life forms appeared on the surface of the planet, here’s the answer: it was like El Tatio ("weeping old man" in Kunza tongue) geothermal field. This is a timeless landscape of geysers, fumaroles, mineral sources and strange geological shapes, all of them together in a...

  • Moon Valley

    San Pedro de Atacama Off The Beaten Path

    Beware ! There are a few South American countries with Valle de la luna's (Moon Valley) on their maps. I have to say that the Valle de la luna in Argentina near San Juan is the best. Everyone in San Pedro takes the bus out to the Chileno version at sunset. Expect to park along side 10 other buses. You then walk up the dunes to a cliff that looks...

  • Caves

    San Pedro de Atacama Off The Beaten Path

    We left daylight in this hole behind ? and were very lucky in meeting a couple of spanish geologists exploring the caves with professional equipment. They took us down into a long cave system which was getting as narrow as 40 cm, but also holding surprises like big halls and which spit us out at a different place of the area. Great! It was kind of...

  • Monumento Natural Pichasca

    At the Monumento Natural Pichasca you can find rally well mantained and well marked path, petrified tree trunks, the excavación place of a Titanosaurus (Antarctosarurus wichimannianus) and his reconstrucción in an other aerea of the cirquito as well as cave, where 10.000 years ago seatteled precolombien culture of hunter and recolector. It is rally...

  • Monte Patria walk

    Monte Patria is a small village, sitúate at the end of an artificial lake. It is nice at typical for the chilenian countryside.Where: bus to Monte Patria from market-busesWhen: every day Entry: free (bus 1500 each way)

  • National Newspapers

    If you have a good level of Spanish, don't miss to read the most important National Newspaper: EL MERCURIO, to be informed about everything in Chile.Other important Newspapers are:- Las Ultimas Noticias: La Tercera:

  • A great excursion

    I took a 10 excursion starting from Chaiten and ending in Coyhaque. The excursion included mountain biking, trekking, horseback riding, a day of rafting and camping. It was spectacular!!! We got around in a minibus and stayed a couple of nights in hospedajes. One night we had a patagonia style barbacue. We visited a couple of National Parks:...

  • careful with ""

    I would be reluctant to follow babajaga88's recommendation, as visitchile is not always up to their promises. There are a lot of tour offers, taking into account my experiences, I suggest to refrain from visitchile.

  • Walk between sheep to find a huge...

    In the surroundings of Pucon, there are a lot of undiscovered places. We were amazed by Ojos de Caburga, a waterfall that lies on private property. You pay a small sum to enter the land, walk around the amazing waterfalls and walk between sheep to watch the incredible blue water of Ojos de Caburga.

  • Skua Glacier

    The Skua glacier was quite the most spectacular of the glaciers of Chile which I viewed as I cruised the fjords of Chile. It was the last of the glaciers that we viewed and was allocated a whole afternoon in our cruising schedule.Everyone on the ship was excited about this particular leg of the trip and gathered on board, almost without exception,...

  • The Chilean Glaciers

    Chile has some remarkable glaciers and the best way to see all of them in a short space of time is by sea. I sailed past the glaciers in a cruise ship and sat in the main upper deck breakfast and lunch room watching the icy world go by. Unfortunately the weather was inclement on that day and so the visibility was bad. However, I could make them all...

  • Hero's Field

    Talcahuano Naval Base, home to the ironclad gunship "Huascar", is well worth a visit. On arrival you'll need to check in with your passport at the gate. Before making your way to the dock to be taken across to the ship itself, take a few moments to look around the small memorial park known as the Plaza de los Heroes. Here you'll find naval guns of...

  • Spoils of war

    Built in Britain in 1864 and once the pride of the Peruvian navy, the ironclad gunship "Huascar" is much more than an historic relic, one of only two such survivors of this period of naval history afloat anywhere in the world. To Chileans, she is hugely symbolic, a tangible reminder of the War of the Pacific that saw Peru and Bolivia ceding large...

  • day trip to Santa Cruz winerys

    instead of taking the wine train to Santa Cruz ,an expensive tourist trap,take a train at the great Stacíon Central ,at the centre of Santiago,to San Fernando (it's the same train to Chillan).Buy the tickets in advance because they don't have to many schedules.The trip is very confortable and beautiful as well ,since you are with the Cordilheiras...

  • Gold rush sites

    Gold was found east of Porvenir in 1879, gold seekers flocked here from Chile and Croatia.Yields were small and the rush had ended by 1909.You can see several of the old sites as well as some of the equipment used.

  • Lake and mountain scenery

    Drive across the pampas of Tierra del Fuego to Lago Deseado. This was a beautiful location and we would have liked to have done some birding here but the rain wouldm't stop. Lago Deseado was the end of the line for us. There was construction nearby on a new road that would take you to Argentina but it wasn't completed. One has to wonder if this...

  • Fishing

    Lago Blanco is 227 kilometre from Povenir. It has very interesting scenery. It is surrounded by wooded hillsides, with the Darwin mountain range in the background. It is not unusual to see groups of Guanacos, or see magnificent condors soaring overhead. We were told a pair of Condors have their nest there.The lake is known to have large spotted...

  • Trout fishing

    The Rio Grande is the largest and longest river on the island of Tierre del Fuego.It has a reputation as the world's best place for trout fishing. There is lodging in Cameron.

  • Ranch life

    Experience life on an Estancia. An Estancia is a ranch in Latin America.. These ranches are usually quite large.Some have programs for over night stays. Some have fishing tours. Others have full day excursions where you are shown ranch life and then you can ride horses. I snapped a picture of this Estancia in Chilean Tierre del Fuego. I don’t...

  • See the Penguins

    For all you nature lovers, this is a must see. One of the largest nesting sights of the Magellanic penguins can be visited while you are in Punta Arenas. It is a two hour ferry ride to get there but well worth the time. They arrive on the Isla Magdalena in October, mate, raise their one or two babies, then return to sea by March.Book this tour with...

  • Beaver country

    At the foot of South America is its last remaining wilderness, the island of Tierre del Fuego.It is the land of mountains, glaciers, and rivers with giant trout. This is also beaver country.In Valle Castor( Beaver Valley) the beavers are hard at work trying to dam up the flowing waters. Here is where the Magellanic forests begin.There is plenty of...

  • The "Bos Aleman"....

    Its an hotel with a bus and behind the rooms for the night...So you can travel for cheap, but the comfort?...

  • Maestro!

    Virtuoso pianist, Claudio Arrau was born in Chillan in 1903. A child prodigy, at the age of 8 he left the town with his mother, aunt and sister, to study in Berlin. Chillan remained close to his heart however and when he died he left the town an enormous treasury of his personal possessions, including the complete library of his manuscripts. The...

  • Mexico's gift

    Following the earthquake that all but destroyed Chillan in 1939, the first school to be rebuilt in the town was done so as a gift from the Mexican Government. Known still as the Escuela Mexico, the school's library is decorated with two large murals, the choice of this art form further emphasizing the Mexican connection. Painted by one of the...

  • Going, Going...Almost Gone

    Fifteen minutes from downtown Santiago you can find green pastures cozying up to new or established housing developments. Although areas outside of the city are popular with the up-and-coming, small slivers of land are still occupied by farm animals. I snapped this photo on my daily walk. The land is being used by tenants until it is sold to...

  • Streets, Plazas and City Parks

    When walking around Santiago, beautifully detailed sculptures, fountains or monuments will suddenly appear along the way. Any city of age has them! This particular fountain shows Neptune, God of the Sea, and Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty, having a relaxing conversation. I wasn't able to find any background information of this piece, but it certainly...

  • Antarctic Chilean Base

    The scientists of this base will offer you a very warm welcome, and after exchanging a few phrases in Spanish with you, drinking a mate (typical Argentinean and Chilean tea-like drink) and explain you about their biological job, they will sell you stamps from the Antarctica, postcards that you can mail from that base (it will take them over two...

  • Tierra Del Fuego

    Take the barge across the "Straits" and look back at the furthest southern tip of South America. Enjoy the solitude and stark beauty of the land near the bottom of the earth.

  • Stop off in Los Molles

    As we made our way North to Le Serena, we decided we needed to make a quick stop for luncn. That is when we discovered a small gem called Los Molles. This tiny beach town had water the colour of deep blue and a rocky shore that was refreshingly different from the beaches further South. This town may get busy in the summer, but was quiet during our...

  • humberstone,a ghost saltpetre city...

    47km from iquique,on the road to panamerican. FROM JULY 15th,2005 ,part of UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE!!!once upon a time ,james humberstone...the saltpetre's father...built in 1862 this city on a nitrate layer.he brings to perfection the nitrates workings and built train lines to bring raw materials...the city grew up to 5000,a ghost...

  • The little town of Panguipulli

    This litte town is exactly what I like about Chile. Everyone is very friendly, the food is fantastic, tourism is not a controlling influence, and the beauty rivals anywhere in the world. Only an hour or so from Temuco, Pucon, Osorno, it is convenient to get to on good roads. I stayed at the Hotel Rinimapu both times there so I'm not sure about...

  • Get out on a horse!

    If you want to really feel the outback around San Pedro - get your duff onto the back of a horse. You'll appreciate the quiet and the breathtaking views - away from the hubub of lots of other tourists. Costs about 4k pesos/hour, but it's worth it.

  • Boat Trip around Chiloe

    In the cosy island town of Chiloe, we stumbled upon a friendly boatsman who offered to give us a 'tour' of the island.We sped around in his cute boat, all decked-out in our bright yellow lifejackets.It was an eyeopening experience, seeing one side of the island packed with dinghy palafito's (houses on stilts), while the other side was clearly the...

  • The Southern Ocean/Drake Passage

    A wonderful - and forboding- part of the world. If you have a chance to travel these seas, look out: The stories are true. These are the worst waters in the world. We were lucky on our way down that we didn't hit the rough waters, but we hit them on the way back.

  • Explore the dead mine city buildings in...

    It is great fun walking through all the rotten buildings, only listening to the wind and the sound of corrugated iron pieces attacked by the desert winds.

  • Stroll through a dead mine city -...

    Just outside Iquique you will find the old mine cities. Those were built mid to end 19th century when the huge masses of salpetre in the Atacama desert were discovered. For gun munition and fertiliser it was used all over the world. So real cities with villas, offices, theatres, schools, hotels etc. were built in the middle of the desert. During...

  • Iquique - City under the dune

    I could not decide if to call Iquique the city under the dune or the city of fish meal. The latter is being produced here big style and the smell is all over. I heard it has become less now, though, which is a shame as it really gave the city a special aroma. But more specacular is the 300 m high sanddune. At the foot of it at the sea lies Iquique....

  • Arica - a good base for excursions

    Arica is a good base for excursions into the altiplano, e.g. daytrips to the fantastic National Park Lauca (I have an extra page for this one). The city itself is not a real beauty but has its charms, too. There is some beach, although not too inviting. You should climb up the morro, though. A big rock or small mountain, as you like, in the middle...

  • Valle de Elqui to Argentina

    You need a car here that is either very robust, old or not yours - streets are dirt roads. We just followed our instincts into direction Andes Mountains and Argentina and were told this dirt road would end in Argentina. The scenery quickly turned into one of the most spectacular I have seen so far. And we were completely alone...

  • Parque Nacional Conguillio

    1 hour from Temuco a lovely park having the Volcán Llaima as it most important nature site but also with beautiful lakes and trees ( araucarias )

  • Temuco - Mapuche Homeland

    I stayed in Temuco for one week to visit the local BASF branch. Not only did I have a good time with these mostly German-rooted people on our trips to various farms around the city, I also liked the city a lot. Most (Chilean) tourist go directly to the area of Pucon, the lakes and volcanoes, but the city is quite unique as still many Mapuche...

  • Vicente Perez Rosales National Park

    Stunning due to its extraordinary landscape of trees, mountains and snowy volcanoes, its wealth of wildlife is also incredibly rich, amounting to more than one hundred species of birds and 30 species of mammals. Together with the marvelous natural beauty of the Osorno volcano, the Todos Los Santos lake, the Petrohué waterfalls, the Negro river and...

  • Magellanic Penguin Colony of Seno Otway

    Punta Arenas, the capital of region XII, is home to two of the largest penguin colonies in southern Chile. Each year from November through to January the 150,000 strong army of Magellenic penguins, named after the Magallenes region in which they breed, arrive at the Seno Otway (Otway Sound) and on Isla Magdalene on the Chilean coast to meet and...

  • Puerto Eden

    This small village is the only village between Puerto Montt and Puerto Natales. The inhabitants have suffered quite a bit, since a sort of alge has spread and infected muscels, prawns and other sea animals. To eat infected food means to die within 5 minutes time!So this means, that people in Puerto Eden - fishermen in former times - are now...

  • Fray Jorge NP - Cloud Magic

    The Fray Jorge NP definitely is not among the most popular picks of Chile visitors. It is located at the coast in the socalled "Norte Chica" - the little North. Good to combine with a visit at Valle del Elqui and La Serena.This is a National Park, empty of people and full of cactusses and breathtaking cloud magic. It's were the coastal fogs meet...


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