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  • Lago Todos Los Santos, Petrohue
    Lago Todos Los Santos, Petrohue
    by spidermiss
  • Isla Margarita, Lago Todos Los Santos
    Isla Margarita, Lago Todos Los Santos
    by spidermiss
  • Dawn on Lago Todos Los Santos
    Dawn on Lago Todos Los Santos
    by spidermiss

Petrohué Things to Do

  • Walking/Hiking around Petrohue

    Petrohue is a nice place to walk around for an afternoon - definetly worth the trip and the scenery from the bus that goes there (we took the bus from Puerto Varas) is nice as well.

  • Walking in the nature

    The Park has a network of footpaths of big interest that allow to know the most interesting sectors of the park. Recreative footpathsFootpath Jumps of the river Petrohue: They have an extension of 370 m and it is covered in 10 minutes approximately.Footpath The Lovers: There are located in the sector Jumps of the River Petrohue. It has a length of...

  • Water dance

    The regression of the glaciers and the appearance of the volcano Osorno, also it helped to form the Petrohue cascades in the way of the waters of the lake Todos los santos to the sea, which are frequently visited for turístas the whole year, due to the facility of access

  • Visit Petrohue River

    I have just returned from a five week trip to Chile with my university. Of all the places we visited and things we did this was definitely my favorite. The river and volcano is unbelievable! It is wihtout a doubt the most beautiful place I have ever seen.

  • The prehistoric surroundings

    The surroundings of the river are very green, with lots of trees and mountains. It is said that southern Chile keeps its forests like they were when the dinosaurs were alive. No wonder that the Discovery Channel's documentary "Walking with Dinosaurs" was filmed in southern Chile.So if you want a taste of the past, come to Chile! You won't regret...

  • Petrohue River

    The Petrohue River comes from the Todos Los Santos Lake, a huge lake at the top of the Andes. That's the reason the water is so clear and so cold.

  • Saltos del Petrohue

    Well known to any visitor coming here, it's a must-see. They're not huge or fall from a high altitude, but the clearness of the water, the volcano and the surrounding mountains, make the fall even more beautiful. Look out for the salmons on the river, just below the waterfall.

  • The Osorno volcano

    It's there, and it's impossible to miss. It's huge but it's not active. That doesn't mean that it might erupt someday, but its crater is not open. For the time being...

  • Volcanic soil

    As you might notice on the ground, the volcanic soil is clearly seen. The Osorno volcano erupted many years ago, leaving its melting lava all around.


Petrohué Warnings and Dangers

  • hrothgarorange's Profile Photo

    by hrothgarorange Written Dec 17, 2006

    A general warning about traveling to and from Petrohue on holidays: the bus schedules can be VERY infrequent. So, if you are like us and have a bus to catch back to Santiago that very day, you may spend hours after your hike waiting for a bus that will never come, and instead you have to hitch-hike... Luckily, hitch-hiking in rural-ish Chile is safer than many places, but of course, you just have to be smart..

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Petrohué Off The Beaten Path

  • [Petrohue]

    First thing's first: Petrohue IS off the beaten path. The way you get there is by taking one of any buses in nearby cities (we took the bus from Puerto Varas) that say Petrohue. It is definetly worth going to, although unless you plan to take a boat or do a lot of hiking there, a few hours suffices.

  • La Pica de la Abeja

    On this place, apiculture is huge. They've got this treatments with bees, and they're suppose to make you feel good. They get the bees and let them sting where it hurts. Don't know hot it works, but I've heard that it does.Now, if you're not interested in getting sting by bees, then I'd recommend you to buy honey. Why is this honey so special....

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