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  • Iquique
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Iquique Things to Do

  • Pozo al Monte

    Pozo Almonte is a municipality and capital of the Province Tamarugal in the Region of Tarapaca, Chile. Its area is 13,765.8 square kilometers, where lives a population of 14,366 inhabitants (INE, 2006). It is located entirely in the pampas Tamarugal. The community is located in a series of nitrate plants, highlighting the Humberstone and Santa...

  • La Tirana Virgen

    La Tirana (Aymara: t'iraña, 'ravel, turns on')? is a town in the municipality of Pozo Almonte, in the Tarapacá Region, Chile. It has a population of 818 inhabitants. The village of La Tirana is located in oasis in the heart of Tamarugal Pampa, 72 kilometers distant from Iquique. It people a quiet little during the year and that is transformed...

  • Hot Spring in Pica

    San Andres de Pica (Aymara: piqa, 'grind')? is a village and commune of Chile belongs to the Province of Tamarugal Tarapacá Region. It is a tourist attraction, with thermal spas (oxbow lakes) in the desert. Nearby is the town of La Tirana, known for its festivities, The Huayca, Matilla and Lirima. In this community are oases in the middle of the...

  • Salitrera Humberstone

    Saltpeter Works Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter Works are two ancient, now abandoned, located in the municipality of Pozo Almonte, Tarapacá Region in Chile. Located 48 miles east of the city of Iquique, historic monuments and, since 25 July 2005, are World Heritage of Unesco and are included in the List of World Heritage in danger. Both...

  • Walking near the beach.

    Enjoy the beach. The weather in the north part of the country is famous because always is sunny and the temperatures of the water are very nice.!..Just few days in winter that this place is little cold and cloudy..otherwise, is commun see everybody practicing some surfing or walking in the area.

  • Historic "Baquedano" street

    To admire the beautiful houses of Georgian style, it is necessary to cross street Baquedano. There are palms and the majority of this houses were built between1880 and 1920. The principal characteristic they are the corridors to the street and the props of wood.

  • Arturo Prat Square and the Theatre

    In the Arturo Prat square gets up the Tower of the Clock constructed in 1877. This is a typical area of the city and there are many old buildings and you will also find caffe and restaurants.The Municipal Theatre is also in a side of the square. The theatre was built completely in tabiquería of wood, it was founded in 1890 during the golden epoch...


    This building was constructed in the year 2000 by neoclassic style of the traditional houses of this city.The casino is a important tourist attraction in the city and in the night it is a pretty show of lights and colours. The Casino has great quantity and variety of games, besides Bars and live music.So...come to enjoy!!

  • Paragliding

    Apparently it is a good place for paragliding. They have small hills from where you start and it ends at the beach. You can also do the roundtrip for a little bit more. I did not do it because I was sick, but I checked the prices. Usually it is about 30-35$ in good agencies. If you go at Vertical Store north of the beach you can get deal for 55$...


Iquique Hotels

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Iquique Restaurants

  • Pica local famous restaurant

    Typical north chilean food.Llama meat.Delicious pisco sour with real pica lemon. pisco sour.llama meat

  • Seafood Con Gusto

    This seafood restaurant is located in the old Spanish Club building which was beautifully decorated in the Moorish style. It serves excellent seafood dishes such as ceviche, sea urchin, acha, and crab claws. It also has beef and chicken dishes that are very tasty.

  • It's Good and It's Cheap

    This restaurant is located on the north side of Plaza Pratt. What initially drew our attention was an outside sign listing 4-5 fixed lunches for only 1500P/$2.50US. Being used to what I consider to be high food prices in Chile, this was something we had to try. It was a nice place with rather strange inside decor. In the early afternoon (2-3:00),...


Iquique Transportation

  • Taxi

    Iquique is one of the cheapest cities in Chile, so when you wanna go wherever you want just call by phone a taxi or catch one in the street. The cost must be similar and it is about (1,5 dollar) a ride to each point of the city. But if you go with another person is better to call by phone because you will have to pay (1,5) anyway so is even...

  • Turismo Lirima

    After you have wandered around downtown, Plaza Pratt, the Baquedano pedestrian area and the beach/port, you should be thinking about seeing some of the sights outside of Iquique. When we asked a tour operator about a city tour, we were told we had already seen it (so forget it).We booked a tour for a trip to various archaeological sites. There were...

  • Take The Bus From Arica

    One way to get to Iquique from Arica, is by bus. It may not be glamorous, but it only costs 3000P/$5US per person (Nov '03). The trip took about 4 hours. Our bus (Pullman Santa Rosa) had adequate leg room. The overhead was sufficiently large for our small backpacks, so we did not have to stow them in the luggage compartment. No food (normal), but...


Iquique Shopping


    It is the biggest zone free of taxes in South America. It has 240 hectares built with warehouses for the storage of the diverse products that here they offer.Also, a mall exists for the buy in detail of perfumes, domestic appliances, electronics, computation, cigarettes, toy store and clothes. There are about 500 shops that offer this one variety...

  • Duty Free - ZOFRI

    Zofri is a big shopping center, with more than 200 stores, prices are a bit lower than in the rest of the country, because Iquique is a tax free zone.It's open Monday to Sunday, from 11:00 am to 9:00pm You can buy up to USD1000 per person without paying taxes. That's the limit, if you exceed that, you'll have to pay.... Cars are very VERY cheap in...

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Iquique Off The Beaten Path

  • jovicunad's Profile Photo

    by jovicunad Written Jun 25, 2004

    Is not a bad idea to make a stop before you continue your trip to Bolvia or Peru. From Iquique you can take a bus up to Tacna (Peru) that takes not more than 5 hours. And also to Bolivia, you've got to take a bus up to Arica (Chile) and then by train to Bolivia that takes not more than 8 hours.

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Iquique Favorites


    Ubicados a 96 Kms. al Sureste de Iquique. Los dibujos se ubican en la ladera de los cerros de la costa. Es necesario recorrer aproximadamente 3 Kms. por un camino de tierra sinuoso admirando varios paneles de dibujos en toda su extensión. Los geoglifos de Pintados sin duda representan el conjunto de geoglifos de mayor magnitud que se conoce (36...


    La Cocha Resbaladero es una piscina natural formada en roca por donde escurre agua semitermal proveniente de fuentes subterráneas que son conocidas desde el periodo prehispánico. Posee propiedades medicinales y relajantes. Su temperatura promedia los 30ºC.


    Fue establecida en 1872 por la Peruvian Nitrate Company con el nombre de La Palma, en conmemoración de la batalla librada en la localidad del mismo nombre, cerca de Lima en 1855.Pasó por diferentes dueños, hasta que en 1932, bajo el poder de la Compañía Gibbs sufrió la primera paralización de sus actividades. Luego fue adquirida por la Compañía...


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