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  • The cave under the volcano
    The cave under the volcano
    by jitkaceska
  • Mirador 1
    Mirador 1
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  • The best time is spring ...
    The best time is spring ...
    by jitkaceska

Pucón Highlights

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     Beautiful Landscapes 

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     but very interesting..!!! 

  • In a nutshell
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     Beautifull scenary and things to do, make sure you got a few bucks 

Pucón Things to Do

  • Parque Nacional Villarrica

    The main attraction of this national park is Volcan Villarrica. A lot of visitors sign up to climb the volcano and then slide down. The park stretches across to the Argentine border covering three sectors including Sector Ricapillan features Volacn Villarrica. To climb up Volcan Villarrica you need to sign up with a guided tour and there are a...

  • Mini Tour

    Lago Caburgua and EnvironsIt's worth spending some time at Lago Cabargua for its tranquil and pleasant setting apart from the busy times during the Chilean Summer (January & February) where many Chileans pack its beaches including Playa Blanca and Playa Negra. As well as the lake there is the Ojos de Cabargua, a waterfall and not far from the lake...

  • Horse riding in Lancura Valley

    You have a choice where you can horse-rider whether if it's in Parque Nacional Villarrica or Liucara Valley and riding past the Mapuche villages. There are various treks available. The company I rode with and I highly recommend is Horse Trekking Antilco situated 12 km East of Pucon and near Rio Liucura. They offer half and multi-day excursions in...

  • The Termas

    Because of the volcanic activity, there are a number of termas dotted around Pucon and surrounding areas. People bathe in the waters for its health giving properties for various ailments.I visited two termas during my visit to Pucon (November 2008). The first one I visited were Termas Los Pozones. They're near the village Huife, 16km East of Pucon,...

  • Parque Nacional Huequehue

    You can either drive or carch a bus from Pucon to the park. It costs approximately 6000 CLP (November 2008) to visit. It's renowned for the araucana forests, mountains and lakes. Compared to Parque Nacional Villarrica it has a rich biodiversity including a wide range of flora and fauna and wildlife. You arrive at El Nido del Aguila, the main...

  • Volcano Villarica

    People of Pucon are constantly under the threat of their neighbouring volcano. It's also their pride and the most photographed sight in the region. In the central information center there is a volcano indicator with different colours showing the level of danger of explosion. Locals say they are more anxious when it stops ..smoking, as a constant...

  • Lican Ray & Coñaripe - Pucon

    Having lost all hopes that I could see everything of interest in Pucon area and having little time left I decided to get some local transport and go through some villages in the neighbourhood. Lican Ray is beautifully located on lake Calafquen offering two good beaches with very nice views and a lot of forested area around. Its name means "flower...

  • Ojos de Caburgua

    Just 17 kms from Pucon there lies a magnificent scenery of roaring cascades coming through underground paths from Lake Caburgua. They are gathering in the middle of the lush forest through several cascades and form little sparkling pools and transparent streams. A lot of local people and tourists come here to take a bath, walk in the forest or lay...

  • Park Huerquehue

    Park Huerquehue is a piece of paradise! A piece of beautiful native forest with abrupt hills, shimmering lakes and lagoons, streams and gorges, and a lot of springs. Near the entrance there is a camping site in a beautiful location on the lake side. The path is well maintained but quite strenuous as it goes higher. Nevertheless I have seen even...

  • Canopying

    Canopying is also very popular here in Pucon as there are tall trees and rivers. It involves hanging from leather stripes and strong metal cables while sliding between treetops. It's easy , it's exciting, it's safe !! For more information go to my Chile Things to do Canopying

  • Las Termas de Pucon-Thermal Springs

    Most Volcanic Thermal Springs are nowadays part of hotel premises...However you can find it convenient to stay in the not-so-cheap hotels, and have it as a base for more activities. There is no doubt the locations are excellent ! Some of the names are Huife, Menetue, Palquin, Panqui, San Luis. Others are in wonderful natural locations such as...

  • Volcan Villarrica

    A different, challenging and cold activity, that`s what climbing the volcano Villarrica meant to me.Pucon has this one peculiar view: a big and beautiful volcano that seems to be just a few blocks away.Most of the agencies at the main street can take you to this trip, but be sure you picked a trustful one! Some of them say that the rain or the bad...

  • Hot Springs in Pucon

    We decided to do a night time trip to the Pozones Hot Springs. Cost 10, 000Chilean Pesos (several companies do it, we booked thorugh our hostel (Backpackers Hostel)- standardized prices). We left at 8pm. The springs were great- 6 thermal pools which get progressively hotter up to 43 degrees celcius (it was nice at night but I imagine in the day,...

  • Hit the Beach

    In the summer, it is heaving. The Chilean women aren't the prettiest race around (no offense to the Chile ladies out there, but in comparison I mean), but if there are some in Chile, then they have definately headed to the Pucon beach for the summer. For all those confused Aussies out there, the beach is actually on the lake. Yes that's right, a...

  • Thermal Springs

    Yeah after a long day climbing the volvano, or rafting or whatever, then there's no better way to relax then in the hot springs.There are heaps around, but apparantly ?????????????? are the ost naturla ones. It's a great way to see the sunset.All say that alcohol isn't permitted, but this isn't policed at all, and it's great to gave a ice cold...

  • Volcan Villarrica

    WOW!! If you're in the area, then climb this natural beast. I'm always impressed with nature, but the concept of a volcano has got to top the list.Picture this. We climb for 4 hours and 3000 meters up a snow covered moutain. We get to the top and it's covered in ice, but in the middle of it, is a crater full of bubbling, spewing melted rock....

  • Climbing Volcan Villarrica

    This is the most exciting thing to do in Pucon. There are lots of tour companies around Ave. O'Higgins that will rent all of the necessary equipment to you, and take you up to the volcano with a tour guide. I went to the Sol y Nieve Expediciones shop for the tour. I believe it was December at the time and all tours were in danger of cancellation...

  • Horseback Riding

    The horseback riding trip is a blast because you're usually with a group of people who have never been riding before. The guides help to keep your horse in line when it ignores you or acts up by whistling and making loud sounds. They help to get you up the mountainside to a hidden waterfall. The whole thing was cool and different, definitely worth...

  • Liquid Hot Magma!!

    This is not for the weakhearted!!! Villarrica Volcano is one of the most active volcanos in Chile. Last eruption dates from 1985!! 1979 marks the last time lava from the volcano reached the shores of Lake Villarrica. And after all this info, you wanted to flee off this place? No way!! You can get into one of the expeditions that go all the way to...

  • Wooden flowers

    One thing that you can't miss when you arrive to Pucon are the wooden flower shops with their shiny colors. Wooden flowers are one very good gift for yourself if you want to remeber Pucon. There all types of flowers, with all kinds of colors. They're around $500 and $1000 pesos, depending on the size of the flowers. Nice gift. Definately.

  • Ducky on the Licuria river

    Doing ducky can be even more exciting than doing rafting. It's just you on the boat and the trip is amazing. For $17.000 pesos, Kayak Pucon (on the main street) takes you to the Licuria river, teaches you how to move, and after 45 minutes of a still river, you arrive at the white water where there's lots of excitement. Better than rafting, and much...


Pucón Hotels

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Pucón Restaurants

  • Great breakfasts!

    A charming guesthouse that has a cafe open to non-guests serve afternoon tea and breakfast. The cafe is popular for the wide range of choices for the amazing breakfasts they serve. An "Ascenso Volcán" breakfast includes continetal and oatmeal porridge and costs around 3,600 CLP (November 2008).

  • Perfect place for a vegetarian meal

    A unique vegetarian restaurant serving great food! There's a wide range of imaginative vegetarian dishes to choose from. I recommend the lovely vegetarian lasagne I had when I visited the restaurant. There are special deals at lunch time when you can able to eat out in the vine covered trellised courtyard at the back of the restaurant.

  • Hot chocolate and fruit struddels

    Southern Chile has been always influenced by german traditions, since lots of germans arrived here after WWI. So traditional sweets from Germany have been taking Chile's south for year.This restaurant has lots of nice cakes, struddels and pies. Plus some amazing sandwichs!!! And try the hot chocolate, with a chocolate bar in it! I don't know the...


Pucón Nightlife

  • IIGUANA's Profile Photo

    by IIGUANA Written Nov 20, 2003

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Kamikaze clubs are well known over Chile. There are ove 10 in different cities around Chile.
    The one in Pucon is quite good. It has good music and it's a nice place.
    Most of the people are around 20-25, but there's always older ones that want to party there.
    It's the only steady place in Pucon. Every summer new clubs open and some close. If you want to know what's hot, the better place to find out is by the beach. Definately. The hotel's beach.

    Dress Code: No sandals or shorts. Besides that, wear what you want.

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Pucón Off The Beaten Path

  • eduar68's Profile Photo
    Ojos del Caburgua

    by eduar68 Written Jun 21, 2004

    If you are looking to calmly digest some of Pucon's magnificent breakfasts with some walking/hiking, this is a great option. The subterranian river Caburgua emerges from the earth to form a series of creeks, ponds and falls which eventually end at the lake of the same name. This place has several several hiking paths (easy to medium difficulty) with bridges connecting them. You can have a picnic here, take a bath or hunt for wild berries. There is a paking area and you pay a small fee to the guard at the little hut.

    To get here from Pucon take the Ruta Internacional for about 15km (9.5 miles) and at the fork, take the paved road to the left. Drive for 10km (6 mi) more and at the signs take a left into a macadam road for about 400m (1/4 mi).

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Pucón Sports & Outdoors

  • Skiing in a volcano

    The Villarrica volcano has nice steep slopes for skiing and snowboarding. The view from top is quite amazing. You can see the Andes quite well, plus a lot of the surrounding lakes. Although it's not a big skiing resort, it's worthwhile.Do not go up if it's too clouded on top of the volcano. You won't see anything once you...

  • Rafting in the Trancura

    The Trancura river is divided into 2 parts: the Alto Trancura (upper Trancura) y Bajo Trancura (lower Trancura). The first one is quite fast, with 7 small waterfalls. The latter is rather calm, for a beginner. If you've never done this, and if you're alone, try the Lower Trancura. But if you have done rafting before, or if you've got a group of...

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Pucón Favorites

  • Language Pucon

    My friend and I had a fantastic experience here. We did a 2 week homestay course which involved 3 hours of lessons per day whilst living with a Chileno family. The teachers were great, professional and knew their stuff. We particularly liked Karen and Patricia. Gloria seemed to lack some english skills which made important grammar difficult to...

  • Learning Spanish

    During November 2008 I spent a week learning Spanish. I took 15 hours of private lessons over a week, Monday to Saturday with Tuesday as a day off to go hiking in Parque Nacional Huerquehue. The lessons were intensive but I felt I learnt a lot and had to work very hard on my pronunciation. I studied at Language Pucon (Centro de Idiomas y...

  • European Landscape in South America

    Everywhere you go in Pucon you can see the Villarrica volcano. Choose one restaurant, order some of those marvelous "empanadas" and drink a pisco admiring the breathtaking view of Villarrica. Those wooden little houses, the cool wind coming from the Villarrica lake . The Park Lake Hotel and its great breakfast.


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