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  • The conference room chandelier
    The conference room chandelier
    by sheherezad
  • View from my room balcony :-)
    View from my room balcony :-)
    by sheherezad
  • A taste of Chilean traditional garb..
    A taste of Chilean traditional garb..
    by sheherezad

Santa Cruz Things to Do

  • El Tren del Vino

    The Tren del Vino is a wine train that goes from San Fernando to Santa Cruz. The train is a steam train that has been restored specifically as a tourist train. On the train they give you a wine glass for tasting and a plate of crackers and cheese. You can sample a number of white and red wines. They also have other souvenirs available for purchase...

  • Drive to the coast

    We actually drove from the coast to Santa Cruz on this particular trip but you could do it the other way round of course! The reason I would recommend this activity as you get a really good look at the region around Santa Cruz. We came across this hill that looks out over the valley and across to the Andes and it was just gorgeous!On the coast...

  • Casa de los Espiritus

    One of the more unusual things I did in Santa Cruz was go to this place called Espritus. The company makes organic spirits from fruit mainly. They are also like a retreat and have a very relaxed philosophy. We were offered mint water when we arrived and told to relax. Then for those who wanted to, there was a tour of the place to see how the...

  • Museo de Colchagua

    The Colchagua museum is one of the better museums for looking at artefacts across Chile and South American history including pre-colombian times and post colonisation. They have an interesting collection of trains and automobiles also. I would recommend a visit to this museum. The grounds surrounding the museum are lovely in the sunshine. Some of...

  • Visit the vineyards

    There are a number of vineyards to visit in the Santa Cruz vecinity. A personal favourite is Viu Manent which is located 1.5 kms north of Santa Cruz on the "Carretera del Vino".

  • Visit The Town Square

    We couldn't resist inserting a bit of humor into our discovery of this sculpture found in the town square which was situated across the street from Hotel Santa Cruz. There were benches throughout and locals gathered here in the evening to socialize with friends.Shops selling newspapers and magazines, snacks, grocery items, stationary, etc....

  • Getting One's Perspective

    This rear view of Hotel Santa Cruz shows the rounded roof of the "Tiki" type bar that opens to the swimming pool and the new construction of additional hotel rooms and restaurant. This should all be finished or nearly completed by now.The roadway to the left leads to the parking lot--the hotel compound is enclosed and not a cut-through for the...

  • The Colchagua Museum

    The Colchagua Museum is around the corner from Hotel Santa Cruz. There is no admission fee when lodging at the hotel.The museum has pre-colombian artifacts, military paraphenalia, ancient textiles, silver pieces, pottery and vintage vehicles. The weavings are amazing--complicated patterns with original bright colors in some pieces. A display on how...

  • Colchagua's Museum

    This is a very impressive museum, one of the best ones that I have seen in Chile.Here you can see archeological remains from different cultures, Mapuche (Chile), Inca (Peru), Maya (Mexico), fossils from all around the world, old wine processing machines, old hearses (1900), can easily spend more than 2 hours here.The entrance fee is:...


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Santa Cruz Restaurants

  • Chilean Asado Restaurant

    The restaurant had indoor and outdoor seating. The food was really really good. We all had gormet sandwiches with freshly barbequed meat, avocado and tomato. We ordered a nice Carmenere wine to go with it.

  • Vineyard Restaurant - Sublime!

    The Vina Viu Manent is just one of the many vineyards located in the Colchagua Valley. This one has a New Zealand wine maker which made us even more interested to go and check it out! Viu Manent offer wine tasting, vineyard tours, horse riding, the restaurant, a gift shop and can also be reserved for special events. I had the tuna and it was to...

  • Excellent Service :o)

    This restaurant is in front of the public square, very easy to find.Service is more than excellent, waiters will do whatever to make you feel comfy there. I like fried Pejerreyes and salad. Pejerrey is a small fish that you can find in lakes and also in the sea.


Santa Cruz Transportation

  • BUS

    You can take a bus from almost everywhere in Chile, there are many companies, like: Tur Bus (in the pic), Pullman Bus, Tas Choapa, Libac, Lit, etc...If you're in Santiago and want to visit Santa Cruz, you can take a bus here, at the Bus Station in Alameda (metro station Universidad de Santiago), and take a bus to Rancagua or San Fernando first, and...

  • Rental Car

    A rental car is a really great way to get around especially outside of Santiago. My friends and I rented a car and off we went. The roads aren't really well sign posted unfortunately but it is pretty hard to get lost! It cost us about 215,000 pesos for 4 days.

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Santa Cruz Shopping

  • Carmenere Wine

    While you are in Santa Cruz you must try the wine at one or more of the vineyards in the area and should buy at least one bottle of Carmenere. The Carmenere wine is a red variety that is unique to Chile. The variety came from France but was wiped out there by disease. It was unknown to exist in Chile until recent times when a French enologist...

  • Local Sweets

    Local people sell these sweets in the streets, but you can also find them in local grocery stores. All of them are delicious, most of them are prepared with "manjar" (in Argentina they call it "dulce de leche") and meringue...hmmm! you can't miss them!. A pack with 4 pastries cost about $800(US$1.10)


    Chupalla is how we call the Chilean cowboy's hat. Huaso: Chilean cowboy.Chupallas are very popular in this region, and you can find beautiful ones.In this pic you can see Juan Acevedo, one of the Chupallas maker in Santa Cruz. There are a few types of Chupallas, feel free to ask to local people about them. You can pay from $8.000 (US$12.00) up to...


Santa Cruz Local Customs

  • Tipping

    In Chile the standard tip in a restaurant is 10% which is sometimes added onto the bill but more often than not you need to leave behind on the table. If paying by credit card you can ask to add the tip to the bill and indicate the standard 10%. Do not tip taxis.If you drive a car in Chile, in particular Santiago then there are places where you can...

  • "Huaso" Culture and "Cueca"

    The VI Region of Chile is a typical "Huaso" area. A huaso is actually a Chilean cowboy. The huasos are very proficient horse riders. The traditional dance these people learn is called the "Cueca" which has been adopted as Chile's national dance also. When we arrived in Santa Cruz on the Tren del Vino we were greeted at the station with a Cueca...

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Santa Cruz Favorites

  • Our Road Trip

    The first time I came to Santa Cruz I was doing a bit of a road trip with my friends and we rented a car in Santiago and drove south. We rented it during the "Dieciocho" holidays which is around the 18th September. There were lots of people selling Chilean flags so we bought a couple to adorn our vehicle - meet "Bill and Ted".... I still have...

  • Santa Cruz Plaza

    The plaza of Santa Cruz, like most colonial towns in South America, is the focal point of the town. The Santa Cruz plaza is a haven of trees on a hot day. A good place to chill out and watch the world go by.

  • Getting to Santa Cruz...

    The landscapes you see before getting to Santa Cruz are just beautiful.....the Andes mountain looks so pretty with snow.......... Simply watching the green-blue landscapes.............and if you're lucky, you can watch an amazing sunset with the Andes in the backround....I saw one.....but I was in the car and I couldn't stop to take a...


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