Chile Restaurants

  • Cool shot of the bar inside Jekus
    Cool shot of the bar inside Jekus
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    Centro Cultural Sofia Hott, Osorno
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Chile Restaurants

  • Cooking your own meals..or ..Cazuelas?

    Restaurants in Chile are plentiful with culinary options to satisfy the most demanding customer. There are usually long buffets with all kind of tasty multicoloured dishes. Soup and vegetables are in sufficient amounts as Chile has fruit and veg producing zones in the central regions. Meat is always present and abounding. It's the whole of...

  • Tea Time!

    Update: Sorry to report that high tea is no longer offered at the Hyatt Hotel!! May 2012Tea at the Hyatt Hotel in Santiago was an elegant experience. The tea was served in the lobby with a view of the pretty garden area and pool. We sat on comfortable couches and chairs with a low coffee table between us. Smaller tables for four were also used.Tea...

  • Great!!

    In the exclusive avenue Alonso de Córdova Tanaka is an appealing and modern restaurant with an avant-garde décor awaits you with delicious and sophisticated Nikkei cuisine, which results from the fusion of flavors from Japanese and Peruvian food. Queso Parrillero Roll,Avocado, Tempura Shrimp inside and cream cheese outside realy nice grilled...

  • Excellent food on the bay

    I must say that the best meals that we had in Chile was at Los Flamengos Hosteria.Perhaps it was because they were cooking just for us but I think it is probably always good.The staff was very friendly even tho they didn't speak any english and our spanish was limited.The hosteria sits on a hill, from the dining room there is a nice view over the...

  • Arabian food at Patio Bellavista

    Trendy, new Patio Bellavista offers shopping, a multitude of restaurants and is the perfect venue at which to find some of the "in crowd" on a lovely summer's night. We could have chosen any number of interesting places to dine on the evening we visited, but our daughter-in-law, Lily, suggested El Antojo de Gauguin, an Arabian restaurant!At first...

  • Dining at "W" Hotel

    Our recent visit gave us and our son's family an opportunity to try out a new restaurant they had heard about from friends, Coquinaria. This sophisticated new restaurant located in the W Hotel is something novel here--it is actually a restaurant within a gourmet market.As we wandered around the enticing cheeses, divine chocolate and kitchen gadgets...

  • Chic in the City

    Said to be Santiago's "best tea salon", we had to sample Mozart! We did so following our visit to a noted woodcarver's home/studio in Santiago.The pasteleria was full with only one table available inside, which we happilly occupied. Another hot day kept us from dining out on the attractive outdoor patio, but plenty of other people did just that....

  • On the Road from Talca to Santiago

    Bavaria is a friendly, vine-covered, country style restaurant which sits alongside the Pan American Highway* about 45 minutes from Santiago and is where Christopher and Lily suggested stopping for a late lunch/early dinner on a return trip from Talca.I was in the mood for good ole home cooking, so chose a tasty boneless chicken and creamy homemade...

  • Peruvian style in Chicureo

    Facing the laguna de Piedra Roja, Cocoa, affords one a pretty view of the pristine lake and rolling foothills. Our reservations were made at a time to give us a lovely view of the setting sun. It's glimmering visage at first blinded us, but minutes later we had to agree that our timing was perfect!A filet in cilantro sauce and rice granted me a...

  • Cafe by the Municipal Theatre

    After a morning of sightseeing, I requested that we find a place where we could have a latte. Our son, Christopher, thoughtfully guided us over the crosswalk, passed Santiago's municipal theatre and around the corner to Tavelli where we chose to sip our lattes outside. I spied medialunas on the menu, so ordered two of these small pastries to...

  • Homemade Ice Cream in Lastarria

    When in Santiago, I especially like walking along the streets of Lastarria, a district of Santiago that has charming old-world buildings clustered in one area and newer contemporary style constructions nearby. It is handily located near Parque Forestal and Palacio de Bellas Artes Museum.After browsing through a hip boutique and feeling every bit of...

  • Good Cooking in La Dehesa

    For authentic Chilean cooking, try Dona Tina's, where you can sample corn pie and other 'yum in your tum' entrees.I thought I'd order a 'tried and true' chicken dish accompanied by velvety mashed potatoes and a mixed salad. This was definitely Chilean home-cooking! Jim selected the salmon and rice, a meal he prefers to order when we're out and...

  • Casual Dining with Stunning Views

    On a recent trip to Chile to visit our son's family, we stopped by El Corral for a quick bite and our introduction to Chicureo's newest mini-mall.Located in the Mall Laguna de Piedra Roja near their home, this site had all the makings of a 5 star view of the glistening lake and the majestic foothills of the Andes.Daniel, our grandson, was eager for...

  • Don't miss the seafood!

    The entourage is splendid: a markethall filled with restaurants where you can splurge in seafood, one thing I didn't except to find in Santiago.

  • Extraordinary restaurant in...

    Liguria have 3 restaurants in Santiago - I went only to the one in Avenida Providencia. It was an all strange but great experience. The restaurant is quite large but nevertheless almost every table was occupied - it was so crowded! Every centimetre of the walls is decorated with old fotos, paintings and old album covers (like the ones of Julio...

  • Vegetarian entree

    When we checked into the Aqua Terra Hotel we were given coupons for a free pisco sour.We decided that we would wait and get it at dinner time and stay there to eat.To my amazement, when I looked at the menu, I saw several vegetarian dishes.The restaurant was very cozy, the food was good and arrived quickly.The waitress was quite friendly and she...

  • Good Pizza

    A light breakfast was included with our room here.It was the usual juice, cold cereal, yogurt, toast, and Jam.Hot water for tea or Sanka.There was also a table with some sweets. The night we got there we were just to tired to go out for dinner so we decided to get something from the room service menu.Most everything had meat and I don't eat meat...

  • Buffet

    The views from the top floor, Restaurant Panoramico/lounge in the Finis Terrae Hotel are great.They have buffet dinners on Friday and Sat evening. Somewhat overpriced but service and setting was good.They are quite busy so if you want to eat there be sure to reserve a table ahead of time.We made our reservation earlier that day and at first they...

  • Seafood dishes

    Las Asturias is a traditional Basque restaurant. Good location, large portions, spanish decor.Our guide book recommended it and said that it was popular with the locals so we decided to try it.The locals started arriving about the time we finished with our meal. Best to go before 9pm.It was a great experience with super food , good atmosphere, and...

  • Santiago modern

    Santiago has a great selection of contemporary dining choices, all pretty much affordable to North Americans and Europeans. Many of the old buidings and warehouses are being converted into fine restaurants. Try them all! The fish in Chile is excellent. The meat is pretty good but nothing like Argentina


    Known in Peru and Ecuador as 'cerviche', here, the Chileans call it 'mariscal' where raw slimey seafood are served in lime juice. For take-aways, some fish markets sell them in handy cups. In 'marisquerias' (seafood restaurants), they are served in a big bowl.I had no idea which planets they came from, much less what they were. Just all orange,...

  • Great for casual dining

    Casual dining for an inexpensive price can be found at MAMUT. This restaurant offered inside dining and bar area, plus outdoor dining under umbrella tables. We chose the latter location to have our meal since it was a mild, sunny day.I ordered my favorite lunch, a chicken quesadilla ($2.790 pesos) which was great; other choices were a beef/chicken...

  • Fresh seafood

    Eat sea food in Mercado central. Try something special for Chile. Expensive place but worth for ambience. Something like mixed seafood soup.

  • Nice place

    Decorated with wood, it´s a nice ambient. Maybe a little bit cold because they have opened the windows and the entrance but ok. I eat TRILOGIA DE CEVICHE (corvina, salmon and camarones) it was great !!

  • A national favourite

    Watching as bowls of something golden and delicious-looking were being delivered to nearby tables, I plucked up courage and asked people sitting near us what it was. Pastel de choclo, I was told, a Chilean dish of minced meat, chicken pieces, olives, hard boiled eggs and raisins all topped with creamy corn baked to a golden top. It sounded good to...

  • Stop For Ice Cream Or A Yummy Dessert

    We brought our grandkids to CORY for a dessert after taking them to HAPPYLAND--a game arcade at the Mall Plaza Norte. We were on the prowl for ice cream!Our intention was to order a scoop each for the kids in cups and a scoop each for us in cones. After much confusion over which flavor, how many scoops in the cups and how many scoops in the cones...

  • Casual Dining at the Plaza Norte Mall

    After a short shopping excursion at Plaza Norte Mall in Huechuraba, we stopped for lunch at the grandkids favorite restaurant, T'Quila. It could be the skeletons hanging from the ceiling, or the huge dinosaur making an appearance on weekends or maybe the colorful decor...but probably it's the kid-friendly food that appeals to them.A large open room...

  • A Recommended Seafood Restaurant

    We love walking through the barrio of Bellevista, with its brightly colored buildings and interesting restaurants. Azul Perfundo was recommended as a wonderful place to have seafood. Although we didn't eat here, it is popular enough to highlight as a suggested dining spot.The washed blue exterior invites patrons to come inside to sample the...

  • Restaurant in Sanhattan!

    Fast Good is a chic, minimalist restaurant originating in Spain and is in the area of Santiago referred to as "Sanhattan". It's where the corporative offices are and often compared to New York city.An assortment of juices, salads and desserts were arranged in a refrigerated section and the meal selection began here. Wire baskets were provided in...

  • Charming Restaurant in Lastarria

    Pergola de la Plaza was a small and intimate cafe located in Lastarria, a neighborhood located between Parque Forestal and Alemeda. I loved the French bistro feel to the place! We ordered appetizers that included a cheese board ($5.400 pesos) and empanadas with meat ($2.200)--I particularly loved a cheese called Mantecoso that was included on the...

  • Bistro Style Coffee Bar

    We spent some time in the barrio of Bellevista on our last day in Santiago and were referred to Off The Record when searching for a coffee bar.The decor was bistro style and the walls were punctuated with black and white photos of old movie stars. In another section chairs were set up in front of a large screen and a piano sat to one...

  • American dining in Chile

    TGIF looks out on the terrazo at Parque Arauco Mall. It features indoor and outdoor dining--I recommend outdoor if weather cooperates. Umbrella tables afford a view of the terrace area making it great for people watching, yet you are above the fray seated comfortably in the shade. Inside you'll enjoy air conditioning--parking is available at the...

  • Delectable Pastry

    When we traveled to Buenos Aires last year, we discovered a wonderfully sweet pastry called a medialuna. Happily, a bakery in Santiago specializes in these tasty confections, too!We stopped for an assortment to take home to have for breakfast the next morning before departing on our trip to Algarobbo,Chile. Of course, we had to try one after dinner...

  • Japanese Style Cooking!

    Benihana's offered great Japanese style cooking conveniently located outside the doors of the Parque Arauco Mall. It seems that on this visit to Chile, most of our dining was done in this area. We enjoyed our meal outdoors on the wide terrace along which many restaurants sat.An appetizer began our meal, shrimp tempura ($5.400) which was delicious....

  • Luscious Italian Food in Chile

    My son took us all out to dinner for Valentine's Day at Pasta y Basta--an Italian restaurant outside the Parque Arauco mall. The outdoor dining area was full, so we were led to an inside table. My meal began with a glass of Montes Reserva Sauvignon Blanc( $2.500 pesos a glass). A wonderful bread assortment was brought to us in a basket--I love the...

  • Wine Bar In The City

    Mosto is located outside of the Parque Arauco Mall along with many other restaurants and eateries. It has an extensive wine list, sleek bar and outside dining area. We sat on the outside terrace under a wide umbrella upon a comfortable couch.I invited my daughter-in-law here after an evening of shopping at the mall. I ordered a glass of Montes...

  • Romantic Moroccan-Inspired Restaurant

    Dining at Zanzibar is romantic and exotic! The Moroccan inspired atmosphere made it a hit with us. Upstairs there was a very popular terrace area, but since we were traveling with three children we thought it best to settle in the downstairs dining room. We eased ourselves into the comfortable cushions lining the seating area and just relaxed....

  • Delightful Tea at Geraldine's

    After a hectic day in Santiago, I went with my daughter-in-law and the children to Geraldine's for tea. We ordered a basket of sweet breads and extra pastry so that we could all do a little sampling. Geraldine's was a serene oasis after being jostled by pedestrians in Santiago. We relaxed over our tea enjoying every sip. I would like to return on...

  • Santiago's Havana Cafe

    The Havana Cafe was near the Pre Colombian museum in Santiago. When at this museum, we asked a staff member to recommend a restaurant for lunch. We were directed to the Havana Cafe where we ordered a chicken salad sandwich and Three milk cake for dessert. The meal was good and we got to spend time people watching here. The chicken salad sandwich...

  • Gourmet in the city-Agua

    This restaurant is upscale, pricey and popular; the decor chic and sophisticated. A glass wall overlooking the street filled with hungry patrons is the first thing we noticed. This area was lively and full of conversation. We were led to a quieter part of the restaurant to our table. FYI, I was told that Agua is one of the top ten restaurants in...

  • Santiago's colorful restaurant

    Como Agua para Chocolate (Like Water for Chocolate) was in the Bellevista area and near Las Chascona. The restaurant had colorful stuccoed walls in bright orange, blue and pink. The roof was a glass, wrought iron enclosure with water running from it. A fountain sat in the center of the restaurant and a stairway with ornamental ironwork led to a...

  • If you have a craving for beans...

    This little roadside restaurant was about halfway on the drive between Santiago and Chillan. Like most Chilean restaurants the food tastes like you went to a family members house and they were preparing your meal all day. They have an awesome bean soup. They serve a huge steaming bowl to you with fresh tender beans, squash, corn and some sort of...

  • Pisco Sour - don't miss it !

    Trekking in Chile is always an adventure. Mainly, when the weather is typical southern Patagonia, meaning windy and rainy.So you might end up looking like a little pig, covered with dirt all over you and your clothes.Of course, the most important thing, when coming back to civilization, would be to find a laundry.However - get into one of those...

  • excellent pizza in Panguipulli

    In the little town of Panguipulli there is an Italian joint with fantastic food. The pizzas are handmade to perfection, the pastas were tasty, and the drinks were tasty too. Mary and her husband (sorry, I can't remember his name) own and run the place, its their baby. He makes the pizzas, she makes the pastas from scratch, and everything we had was...

  • Don't miss this restaurant

    If anyone every told me that I will eat this amazing food at the end of the world I would have not believed. Please visit the Brocolino Restaurant in Punta Arenas on O'Higgins Street 1055 and you will not be disappointed. Internationally trained chef Hector will prepare you a meal you will never forget. There is everything on the menu: fish, steak,...


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