Chile Transportation

  • Arriving Santiago.
    Arriving Santiago.
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  • Beautiful down there.
    Beautiful down there.
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  • Transportation
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Chile Transportation

  • By Bus

    Santiago Transportation

    By far the most common question that appears in the Chile page in VT is how does one get from the Santiago International Airport to Valpariso and the Valpariso Cruiste Terminal. From the Arturo Merino Benitez (Santiago Airport) go downstairs to baggage claim and out the door. You will see under the building a waiting area for Centropuerto Buses....

  • Airport

    Santiago Transportation

    Like is several countries Santiago decided to build there airport in the country side in the middle if nowhere !!!! As soon as you exist the customs area directly in front of it... there are shuttle bus service into the city. Taxi's usually run about $35-$40 US into the city and the shuttle bus about $8 US....most drop you off at your hotel or busy...

  • Metro

    Santiago Transportation

    Subway system is cheap and efficient making it a great way to get around but be very careful with your wallet/purse. Pickpockets are very quick. I was very much on guard but took my hand off my pocket for about 30 seconds on a crowded train. This was just long enough for someone to snip the wallet. Don't carry much cash, cards and don't wear...

  • Chile's Other (cheaper) Airline

    Most everyone who's traveled in South America is familiar with LAN, the legacy Chilean airline. It's a good airline with a well developed domestic and international route system and good services. But there are cheaper prices available. Many of the domestic destinations served by LAN are also served by Chile's other airline Sky Airlines, albeit...

  • Fly over the mountains

    Flying on DAP Airlines is like flying in your own private plane.There were only 4 other passengers and the 2 pilots aboard when we left El Calafate, Argentina.It was a beautiful day and a smooth ride across the mountains to Puerto Natales, Chile. I would highly recommend this airline to anyone unless you are afraid of riding in small planes.There...

  • Ships and boats

    A common trip is the 4day trip between Puerto Montt and Puerto Natales which Navimag, the most popular company, charges 200-400US$ dorm bed/cabin and going as high as 850$US ! The journey is beautiful , the food is generous but boring, except vegetarian dishes, and the crew do their best to make you happy . There is plenty of...Pisco Sours in the...

  • Puerto Natales - Punta Arenas

    Arriving in or leaving from Punta Arenas by plane a lot of tourists do have to travel by bus to/from Puerto Natales.We made our reservation at the office of Buses Fernández two days in advance and we got reserved seats. The departure at the local office was just like one on an airport and we had to check in and drop off our luggage. The bus ride...

  • Santiago – Valparaiso

    We visited Valparaiso on our own using public transportation. First by metro (very modern and clean !!) to Pajaritos Station. There is a bus station and we could buy our ticket and almost immediately the bus left for a ride of about 75 minutes. We arrived at the central bus station in Valparaiso and from there you can take buses or a taxi to every...

  • MS Nordnorge

    We went on a cruise with the MS Nordnorge and we had the best time ever!!! Fantastic food, wonderful people and plenty of window space to have a glance at the fjords and Antarctica!Absolutely recommended!!!


    Buses in Chile is a very popular and cheap way to travel within the country.There are some excellent Companies, like:- TUR BUS- PULLMAN BUSBoth of them goes almost along the whole country.A ticket from La Serena to Santiago with Tur Bus, must cost $3.700 (US$5.00), this is one way. (473 km, about 6 hours).*Photo: taken from*

  • Subway & More

    A good idea is to rent a car.If you're going from Santiago to the south you can do it by train, bus (Tur-Bus has a good service to the south) or airplane (LanChile & LanExpress have flights to major cities.)If you're going to the north you can do it by bus or airplane. In Santiago the subway is clean, safe and efficient.Taxis are a good idea in...

  • LAN flights

    Most people from abroad will arrive by plane in Santiago. And some others in other Chilean destinations like Punta Arenas (from Ushuaia), Puerto Montt (from Bariloche) or Easter Island (from Tahiti or Lima/Peru). But most of the tourists who want to see different areas of Chile will ‘have’ to travel by plane, due to the huge distances in the...

  • Travelling around Chile - General

    AirThe best methods to travel around Chile are eitehr by plane or bus. Being the longest country in the world, it's recommended to invest in an air pass for the very long distance journeys! For example, from Santiago to the Chilean Lake District this takes an average of 13 hours either by car or bus! And if you're planning to travel to the very...

  • getting from buenos aires to rio

    should you decide to travel to rio from buenos aires, be prepared for a long trip. i took it a couple of years ago and it took 36 hrs. (actually that was not even all the way to was to florianopolis). the bus takes you up around uruguay, then cuts over to porto alegre and continues north from there....

  • transportation and accommodation tip

    addressing accommodations and transportation in chile:the best budget accommodations are usually hostels. you can get your own private room a a hostel while paying as little as $15 USD per person. i have used the following websites and found them to have convenient...

  • Discounted prices common?

    Bus travel around Chile is convenient between all populated destinations, but less so, of course, for travel to less populated areas. The standard published pricing is not cheap by bus travel price comparison with many other countries, but I was surprised that whenever I bought a ticket I was given a discounted price. This may be seasonal. I was...

  • A ferry-cruise

    If you plan to do a lot of bus travel in Chile, you should consider breaking up your bus travel going either north or south in Southern Chile with the Navimag ferry-cruise Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt. I have read that during the summer (Jan/Feb/Mar?) last minute tickets might be hard to obtain. You can buy them over the internet. The cost is...

  • Cruise Solo

    Easy to roam. Even though I waled around a bit, it was when I rented a car that I saw the true Chile. You have an option to rent at the airport or event at some hotels. I chose to wait until I arrived at the Sheraton 4 Points. The streets were well paved. Easy to move around. Traffic signals similar to ours. I found Santiago much simpler to drive...

  • Transport-chile

    It's easy to go around Chile since transportation is satisfactory. In Santiago the Metro is fast, clean, safe and efficient. There are five lines operating and more being built. In some stations the decoration is nice. The fare is about 400 pesos(0.75US$) depending on the time and the day of the journey. In combination with buses and Micros you can...

  • The bus to Valparaiso

    Getting to Valparaiso from Santiago could hardly be be easier - or cheaper. Buses leave every 15 minutes from the Terminal San Borja, near the Central Station and the one and a half hour journey costs only $7. Seats are allocated, the buses are clean, very comfortable with reclining seats, seem to be properly maintained and are bang on time - we...

  • Chaitén to Puerto Montt Ferry

    Be warned that there really is no schedule for the ferries to and from Chaitén. The ferry to Puerto Montt makes about 6 round trips a week but the ship leaves about 2 hours after it arrives, and each leg of the trip takes anywhere from 12 to 24 hours, depending on weather. Most of the time, it'll take just a bit over 12 hours, unless there are...

  • A family with a great travelling spirit!

    I always admire people who are travelling with small children. It takes a lot of courage but most of all it points out their fervent traveling desire and a healthy aspect of educating children! I have met a German family travelling in South America with their teenage children for one year! In my question about their missing their school they made...

  • Leave the driving to someone else

    We had contacted a tour company before we left home to show us Tierre del Fuego.The driver met us in Porvenir. We left early the next morning by SUV, equipped with extra fuel, tires, food, tools, and rain jackets.We spent one night in Cameron before going to Argentina. There is a bumpy border crossing from Chile. You must open some livestock gates...

  • Bus from Puerto Natales

    If you are in Puerto Natales and need to get to the airport in Punta Arenas, your best bet is to ride the bus.It is a 3 hour scenic drive on a good highway.Book as early as possible because the buses fill quickly.Puerto Natales has no central bus terminal so you have to go to each individual company.We wasted a lot of time doing that.Fernandez, Bus...

  • Passenger ferry

    The Melinki ferry makes the crossing from Punta Arenas to Porvenir. It is the same boat that goes out to the penguin colony at Isla Magdalena. It goes to Porvenir daily except on Mondays. It takes 2 1/2 hours and cost is $4.00 per passenger.This crossing can be a bit rough during bad weather.

  • Flights to Punta Arenas

    The quickest way to get to the southern part of Chile is to fly. Your best bet is to fly on Lan Chile to Punta Arenas. The plane lands at Carlos Ibanez de Campo airport, 20 km north of town. There will be buses there to transport you into town.In route to Punta Arenas your plane will stop in Puerto Montt, for 25 minutes, to let passengers on and...

  • Local buses & trains

    Buses & trains around Chile are very cheap, but in the smaller towns the buses can be old and small. The trains are more modern.



  • Driving yourself

    There's no doubt that hiring a car and driving yourself gives you a huge amount of freedom when travelling around a country like Chile. Distances can be extreme however, so you do have to be prepared for some long days of driving if you intend to see much of the country. You must have aninternational drivers' licence or a new European licence.The...

  • Over the Andes by bus

    Crossing the Andes by bus has to be the best way to come to Chile from Argentina. We caught the bus in Mendoza, a seven hour journey to Santiago that took up to the Los Libertadores pass at 10,000 feet, along RN-7, the Alta Montana Route. The scenery was stunning all the way as we climbed through the Upsallata Valley, past the gorgeous, multi-hued...

  • How many hills?

    The sight of all those steep hills that Valparaiso is built on is rather daunting - but climbing up is not a problem. There are 15 ascensoreS (funiculars that operate on an all but vertical incline) dotted around the city - some have been operating since the 1880s and all are at least 50 years old. How many thousands and thousands of times must the...

  • I Wouldn't Advise This...

    While in Chile I stayed with my son's family outside the city limits of Santiago. On my daily walk around the neighborhood I would see horse drawn carts clip-clopping down the street. Laborers use these carts to haul material. Sometimes drivers would become impatient and pass these slow moving transports, so one had to be wary of this!

  • Bus Ride Around Santiago

    Like most cities, Santiago's busses serve a wide area within the city and without. Four of the major bus companies are near the Alameda area and provide service for about $.45 US.

  • The Metro

    The metro system in Chile is clean, efficient and moderately priced. We navigated through Santiago with little problem; the route was marked clearly. To brighten one's travel, colorful murals were placed in stations throughout the city. Hours are from 6:30 am-10:30 pm. Weekday rates are about $.50 US, Weekend rates less.

  • The Funicular

    We used the funicular to ascend to Cerro San Cristobal's dizzying heights. For a reasonable price the cars will draw you to the top of the hill, stopping once at the zoo to let visitors out. The panoramic view of Santiago is something that shouldn't be missed! As the city spread out below, the funicular rose higher and higher.One of the cars held a...

  • Subway system: Metro de Santiago

    Uhh....yeah. This subway system puts ALL OTHERS to shame! Wow, oh wow! I have never been on a subway this clean and efficient in all my life! I never thought I would be raving about a subway, but this is one that just sets the bar that high! It is sooooo clean! There isn't a single article of trash to be found. In fact, there are art pieces hanging...

  • Rent a car!

    Renting a car at the airport was fairly simple. We rented from Avis and didn't have any problems. We had originally rented an economy car. After seeing all of our luggage, the guy at the Avis counter suggested that we upgrade to a mini-van. We were glad that we took his advice because there was NO way in hell that we were going to be able to fit...

  • Car rentals

    When on holiday we love our freedom and if possible we try to travel by (rental) car. We feel it is much more convenient and flexible. We drive and stop when and how long we want and not when a tour guide does. And self driving allows to take minor roads and to visit ‘off the beaten path’ sights.And often it is not more expensive (with 2 persons)...

  • El Calafate - Puerto Natales

    A lot of travellers will visit both El Calafate and Torres del Paine (Puerto Natales) during their vacation. The best way to travel to/from Chile between El Calafate and Puerto Natales is by bus. There are a couple of companies running services between these cities. We took Cootra to cross the border between Argentina and Chile. The ride takes...

  • The city bus

    We travelled all over Santiago by bus ..once you get the hang of it , it was pretty easy . There is only one fare....doesn't matter how far you go. You can travel only one block or across the entire city for the same price. In Santiago, the fare is CLP$350 and you pay the driver as you get on.

  • Scootin' Around Santiago

    Special deliveries came by scooter to our neighborhood, but regular mail delivery came by foot. This man apparently is bringing registered mail of some sort. Scooters appeared every so often, but actually I didn't see this type of transportation too frequently.

  • Transfer from Valparaiso/Vina del mar to...

    I have been living in Vina del Mar for the past three years. If anyone is in the Vina/Valparaiso area and in need of a transfer service I know of a Chilean retired Navy Captain who owns a van for 12 passengers. He is very reliable and very reasonable. He also does transfers from Santiago to Vina del Mar and for that matter almost anywhere in a days...

  • Hiring a car in Chile

    We hired a Hyundai Accent in Santiago de Chile. We also visited Argentina with this car, crossing the Andes several times. The car was convenient on main roads, including the famous "40" of Argentina. We had flat tyres seven times, broken our radiator, and an overturn because of excessive speed.

  • Bus - the most convenient way to explore...

    Buses in Chile are very comfortable and offer a better service than we are used to in Europe. And they are relatively inexpensive. The fare is more or less 1-2 USD per hour of travel. To give you a concrete exemple the overnight trip from Santiago to Puerto Montt in "Salon Cama", which means seats like in buisness class on intercontinental flights,...

  • Trains are not really the solution

    Trains are not of very big help for tourist in Chile. Unfortunately the big majority of railways in this country is abandonned or used only for freight transport. From Estacion Central (Main Railway Station) in Santiago you can catch only few passenger trains, and only to the South. Deserved cities are: San Fernando, Talca, Talcahuano and - it's...


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