Chile Warnings and Dangers

  • Warnings and Dangers
    by blueskyjohn
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by blueskyjohn
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by blueskyjohn

Chile Warnings and Dangers

  • El Tatio geysers

    San Pedro de Atacama Warnings and Dangers

    There is a very strong geyser which has taken the lives of some tourists who dared defy it. They tried to walk on the natural bridge over its hole but with a sudden turn of wind they were choked , fell into it and scorched to death. It's called the "killer"...So don't walk very near it or on the small bridge.

  • Your invisible money...

    Even if Chile is a very safe country comparing to the majority of destinations, you nevertheless keep the golden rules of travellers. The first one is "Don't be an obvious target!" So keep your money invisible ! Never take out the whole pack..! Keep it in a pouch on your body. That's all you need here. And common sense, of course ...The same...

  • sun protection

    Always use your sun screen on your skin because the ozone layer over Chile is very thin or not existing. You can often hear the warning on the local radio. You should remember it not only on the beach but in the long walks we usually take as travellers. Generally Chile is a very safe country. You just have to use your common sense as in the rest of...

  • Los Tabanos !!!

    I decided to make the one hour walk to the cascades on foot ..It was a perfect morning. The journey was in a forested area along a small river.. Everything seemed right!! I started in a great mood humming a favorite tune...Bzzzzzzzzz ! the first enemy attacked and missed passing angrily almost through my hair... I ignored it and went on.. Another...


    CHILE When I travelled through South america I always made sure that I had the neccesary travel Insurance for where I was . Obviously when formulating my trip through many different countries There were many different considerations to be made and the inclusion of the neccesary Travel insurance was one of the first things organised for my trip.....

  • Safe & Beautiful Option --- Chile

    Santiago and Chile proper felt extremely safe at least to me. It is one of those countries that happen to be every easy to drive around. Great family place. Take the time to go to the coast and the mountains. Well taken care of roads and highways.Common sense Acommon Travel rules as to where ever you go.#1. Don't go where you shouldn't go.#2....


    I have worked in the tour / travel industry, so I have a good idea of how things should be done, and how a tourist should be treated. Turismo Milodon in STGO claims to specialize in tours to Torres de Paine, Patagonia, and many other southern points. I can not say strongly enough, do not use this agency. At first, I thought I was the only person...

  • Alamo Car rental

    Please be warned that Alamo Car rentals in Chile are very unreliable. Several people have complained about cars in poor condition, cars not available although booked, overcharges and much more. This was not just in one location but in several ranging fro Antafagaste to Puerto Montt. Best to avoid them.

  • Full hostels and hotels on Fridays and...

    I found in October a good number of the guide book recommended hostels and inexpensive hotels were completely full for Friday or Saturday evening. This was especially true for cities popular for weekend visits including Santiago. I imagine this would be even more of a problem during the more heavily traveled Chilean summer months. Many if not all...

  • No place for coffee lovers

    Chileans have a lot to learn about coffee. Order one in lots of places and the best you can hope for is a sachet of instant and a cup of hot water - the only thing that can be said in its favour is that the "coffee" in this instance is a named brand and sealed so it's likely to be fresh. In other places you'll find there's a lidded bowl of coffee...


    "What do we leave behind when we cross a frontier?? Each moment seems split in two;MELANCHOLY for what's left behind and EXCITEMENT a new land."(CHE..diarios de motocicleta)It is a long flight to Santiago de Chile from Istanbul...4 hours to Madrid and a long waiting for the connection or delays of Air Iberia's...And an other long hours to...

  • Warning for vegetarians

    If you are a vegetarian, like I am, then you may have a bit of a problem eating in Chile.Like all South American countries they do like their meat here.Dishes that you wouldn't dream would have meat in it, does.If you eat fish then you can probably get by with that if it isn't fried.They do have good fruit, chocolates, and wine so what's the...

  • Thieves

    Do not wear gold necklace's as they often stolen by the street kids, this can happen anywhere in small towns or big cities. Also make sure camara bags and hand bags are put over your head to make it harder to take, keep closed when not in use. Do not leave your bags unattended, if you do not want to carry bags around with you put them in a bag...

  • Watch out for traffic signs

    Chile's police maintain a fairly obvious presence but have a reputation for being courteous. We certainly found them so, despite getting a pretty firm reprimand for driving too fast on a highway access ramp - and getting a parking fine in Curico! A Sunday encounter in Santiago was much more relaxed - to the point of photos being taken of MrL...

  • Watch Where You Step...

    Chile loves their four-legged friends, but one has to watch where you walk in order to avoid certain "evidence" of their presence. When I took my daily walk, the dogs would be out for their morning exercise, as well. Most were happy fellows, eager to greet you with a wagging tail. In my travels through Chile, I marvel at the street smarts of the...

  • Be Careful in Valparaiso!!

    Valparaiso is a city rich with history and also was once home to the famous poet, Pablo Neruda. Unfortunately, it has become a very dangerous city. It is still the major port city of Chile, but is VERY "rough". Even during broad daylight, the cops cautioned us to keep our purses close to our sides and never take out a cell phone even! We made sure...

  • Watch out for World Alliance!

    We booked our passage to Chile about 6 months in advance on Lan. They are partners with American and the first leg of our trip was from Chicago to Miami on American. American changed their flight times on the way out and never informed Lan. After several harrowing minutes, Ameican put us on a later flight that did not have a legal connection with...

  • Crossing the Magellan Straight

    If you are relying on getting across the Channel on the Ferry at a specific time DONT. Due to changable weather condtions (especially strong winds) the Ferry crossing may be closed. The day we crossed we waited at the crossing for 6 hours. Instead of arriving in Ushuaia from Punta arenas at 10pm we arrived at 2.00am

  • Street crime

    Crime and personal security are not the major issue in Chile that they are in some South American countries, but that doesn't mean to say you should not be aware that pickpockets and purse snatchers are always on the lookout for a careless tourist. We had an encounter with a fairly inept such thief in Valparaiso - we were walking down a very empty...

  • If your rice or chicken is cold - Don't...

    On a trip to one of the pueblos around San Pedro we stopped for lunch. The rice was cold...and the chicken lukewarm. We were ravenous and ate it anyway. We're not sure what type of food poisoning we had, but...since I got sick within 8 hours of my travel partner and we ate the same things...we can only assume it was something bad. Insist that your...

  • Hanta Virus

    If you venture into the remotest areas of southern Chile (Talca to Patagonia) and Argentina, you should be aware of the possible presence of HANTA VIRUS, a lung disease transmitted by the feces of wild long-tailed carrier rats ('ratones colilargos', NOT the domestic or Norwegian ones). This disease was brought into America by returning US soldiers...

  • Avoid Budget rent a car Chile (Tattersal...

    I got a battered Suzuki Grand Vitara with 85000KM (!) - compared to 5k-12k cars I got in Argentina.After driving for 30 minutes I realized the A/C is dead, returned and they fixed it. Later I realized high beam doesn't work either. Two mornings after, it turned out the A/C was faulty again. I went to the Iquique office, got the same story (no...

  • Pisco Sour

    Pisco Sour is more or less one of Chile's national drinks and it sure is super delicious!BUT:It is dangerous, too!!! You can drink and drink and drink it and don't feel the effects right away.... sure enough you will the next morning!!!Plus: if you plan a longer bus ride right after having enjoyed a couple of pisco sours - it is not a good idea!!...

  • Puerto Varas : Careful with the cats !...

    Not very dangerous, next to a the lovely Stef... But it gets some good nails !Pas tres dangereux a cote de la feline Stef... mais ils ont des sacres ongles !

  • Calama : Go away ! Rien a voir !

    This city seems not to be poor, but there is nothing to see here and prices are very high, though the services have no specific quality !Don't even stay one night and go directly to San Pedro de Atacama...Cette ville n'a pas l'air d'etre pauvre, mais il n'y a vraiment rien a y voir et les prix sont tres eleves, malgre une qualite de service bien...

  • Valparaiso:Picture of military boats not...

    Warning ! In Valparaiso, it's totally forbidden to take pictures of the military boats floating next to the city... You could be directly sent to the jailhouse !Attention, a Valparaiso, il est interdit formellement de prendre en photos les navires militaires mouillant dans le port... Sous peine d'etre envoye directement en prison, sans toucher...

  • Freedom of speech - Liberte d'expression

    As Pinochet fell down, freedom of speech took its place back in the everyday life (more or less...). But, as a metter of fact, it seems that every speech is allowed, even nasty ones... In the bookshops of Valparaiso, we have been really surprised to find books worshiping 3rd Reich or explaining the jewish threat among other books about Chilean...

  • Be careful if you hike solo

    I have to say that, from the airport workers to the park rangers to the bus drivers, the people were helpful and friendly. The only tips I can give here relate to hiking and camping at the park. Since the park is so big and many parts cannot be accessed by vehicles, you should not stray too far from the beaten path or you may never be found if you...

  • pick pocketing

    The main street in Santiago is O'Higgins Blvd and even though it is wide and the sidewalks wide, it has pick pockets and you must be on the alert. they tend to work in pairs and have one distract you by asking the time while the other atempts to pick your pocket from behind

  • Smog Alert!

    If you have problems associated with Asthma or have high sensitivities to stuff in the air, take care in Santiago, some days the smog can be really really bad. At the end of they day when you blow your nose you will find it unpleasant! I know that in the past they have even had times when they have had people go about covering their noses.

  • Santiago City Layout can be confusing

    If you are from the northern hemisphere, and you go to Chile, you will notice that the sun goes around the other side of the sky/or close overhead. Also, Santiago is surrounded by mountains. Plus, one of the most major freeways in the city is actually an 80-km (i think it was km) more or less ring that goes around the city within the city. So all...

  • Be careful with your wallet,...

    Be careful with your wallet, some places in Downtown Santiago are not too safe for foreginers and there's some place like Paseo Ahumada in Santiago Centro where you have to be aware of pickpockets (well, like every big city). But it's a quite city, don't be afraid.

  • We hired most of our cars...

    We hired most of our cars through Avis and they were fine. However from Punta Arenas, we had booked a car through Hertz in London. When we got to the airport, they warned us the windscreen was damaged i.e. several cracks across the full width. We insisted that they changed the car, and eventually they conceded. When we took it back, they tried to...

  • geen enkele slechte ervaring...

    geen enkele slechte ervaring met chilenen (vermijd de 'achterbuurten' en pak niet uit met je rijkdom, al gaat het dan maar om een camera of zonnebril) een goede tip, indien je toch foto's wenst, neem een wegerpcamera mee, laat je geld en paspoort achter op je kamer (vertrouw eerder op je gastvrouw)

  • (Mist in the background? No:...

    (Mist in the background? No: it's the smog layer covering Santiago on an environmental emergency day -June 10,2001-; city lies at about 600 meters above sea level beneath the pollution layer, while picture was taken from Morro del Tambor (S 33º27'09,8' / W 70º25'41,1' ) at 2910 meters above sea level, thus, in the 'clean air zone'. Although...



  • Poverty is a big problem in...

    Poverty is a big problem in Chile, even though it might be better than in many other parts in Latin america. So there are some areas to avoid and if we are talking about Santiago it's mostly the southern districts that you shouldn't go to.

  • Left, left, left, right,...

    Left, left, left, right, left...Eventhough Chile is a Democratic country...the military presence is still very strong. In Chile every young man is expected to serve in the countries military for...I think it was a year or 18 months. If you don''re in big trouble!!!

  • pick pockets. It is a pretty...

    pick pockets. It is a pretty safe place. I wouldn't suggest ordering salads in most places, since you cannot guarantee the cleanliness of the water used to water the lettuce. The police in Chile are typically extremely honest and will be very offended if you try to bribe them (bribe away in Argentina, in fact, it will probably be expected if you...

  • If you are in the airport in...

    If you are in the airport in SAntiago Chile in transit while waiting for your flight to another country and even though you have a couple hours to kill and you decide to go and venture , you have to pays $65 for getting a stamp on your passport just to step Chilinean ground.

  • Earthquakes/TremorsDON'T be...

    Earthquakes/TremorsDON'T be too alarmed. I lived in Santiago during 3.5 years and experienced many tremors. Some of them were short and strong. They aren't very frequent but they do happen. I'm just telling you so if you do feel one whilst there, you know that it is normal. Santiago has suffered earthquakes in the past, the last major one being in...

  • If you are there in December...

    If you are there in December and you do any hiking or outside activity away from the cities, you'll run into tabanos. It's like a bigger, fiercer cross between a greenhead and a Japanese beetle. Bring light long pants, shorts are no good and they seem to be attracted to dark colors. They were especially bad in the lakes. The locals laugh and say...

  • Don't underestimate hiking in...

    Don't underestimate hiking in Torres del Paine park. Even though most of W is relatively flat (except for the side valleys) and straightforward, the weather and streams or mudpools where the trail has been washed out can make even this popular trek potentialy dangerous, especially if you come unprepared. I didn't realise that until an evening in...

  • Almost in every country, you...

    Almost in every country, you can find that pickpockets something you have to take care. Well, Chile has those gusys too. Specially in Santiago. Probably in small towns you can forget about them. In general, public transportation, officials (carabieneros) and public services are absolutely reliable. Health:1. water is safe, you can drink it...

  • High plateau tours are about...

    High plateau tours are about 4000 mts.asl. (12.000 fts.asl.)you must check carefully your health conditions for extremely cold weather and exposition to thin oxygen environment. The best time to come is on Autumn (Apr-May) and/or Spring (Sep-Oct).


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  • Jun 13, 2013 at 8:29 AM

    The previous post about Alamo Chile is correct! ALAMO CHILE are THIEVES! They overcharged me by $150 USD, provided no receipt and no documentation for why they overcharged me. I had made the reservation months in advance and when I arrived to pick up the car, it was dirty and only had 1/8 of a tank of gas. After I protested, they gave me a "cleaner" car with 1/4 a tank of gas! They charged me the drop off fee immediately and forced me to give them a blank imprint of my credit card (WHICH IS AGAINST MASTERCARD POLICY!). Later, when I returned the car to Santiago airport, the guy at the desk was too busy reading his book to listen when I told them that they had already charged me a portion of the fee and that I never received a full tank of gas. He was so unconcerned, that I came back and repeated myself. "Don't worry, it will be fine" is what he said and, of course, later they CRIMINALLY overcharged me, will not respond to any emails, and have gotten away with it! I REPEAT: THEY ARE CRIMINALS! DON'T RENT FROM THEM! THEY WILL STEAL FROM YOU!

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