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  • The cathedral by the main square
    The cathedral by the main square
    by MalenaN
  • Parque del Río Chicamocha, general view
    Parque del Río Chicamocha, general view
    by colombiantraveler
  • Barichara: perfect even in its imperfections
    Barichara: perfect even in its...
    by richiecdisc

Barichara Things to Do

  • The Doors

    One thing you notice right away are the many gorgeous doors of Barichara. While it may lack in the balcony department compared to other Colombian gems, it lacks not when it comes to doors. Jim Morrison would be proud to call this his final resting place.

  • Motmot anyone?

    This was one of best bird sightings in Colombia and to be honest probably ever. I guess what make it so special was it being so unexpected. We were just checking out a hilltop church when I spotted what looked like, and turned out to be, one very large and colorful bird. The Motmot is indeed colorful, with a near electric blue crown and equally...

  • Capilla de San Antonio

    Though it dates back to 1831, Capilla de San Antonio has the distinction of being the newest church in town and in such a small town as Barichara, it's likely you'll walk by it if you are wandering its charming streets.

  • Camino Real

    The Camino Real is a historic 9 kilometer hike along an ancient stone-paved road that links Barichara with the even more quiet town of Guane. This indigenous trail is well marked and if done to Guane from Barichara, mostly downhill and will take around 2 hours one-way.We thought about doing it but buses back did not sound very plentiful late...

  • Capilla de Jesus Resucitado

    The simple Capilla de Jesus Resucitado belies an incredible carved wooden altar that is well worth peeking in for but the cemetery just next door is its true calling card with elaborate stone tombs and as seemed par for the course the day we were in town, fair bird-life.

  • Parque para Las Artes

    The Parque para Las Artes is a cute little area filled with statues all relating in some way to water and things that live there. It's not so much as a park per se but there are great views back into town as well as the valley leading to nearby Guane. There are also many birds in the park and the area surrounding it and worth going up for that...

  • Iglesia de Santa Barbara

    At the north end of town, scenically situated on a hill overlooking the town, the painstakingly reconstructed Iglesia de Santa Barbara hides well the fact that only its facade is original. Its simple interior is a nice place to take a quiet breather and escape the midday sun.

  • Catedral de la Immaculata Concepcion

    The key feature of Parque Principal and the most impressive building in town as well is the imposing Catedral de la Immaculata Concepcion. The fairly elaborate 18th structure is made of pretty reddish stones that turn a stunning deep orange at sunset so well worth hanging in town until later in the afternoon if you are only day-tripping. It stands...

  • Parque Principal

    As one might expect in such a charming colonial town as Barichara, its town square is the focal point of all social life. Much like neighboring San Gil and unlike most of the mountain towns we had thus experienced in Colombia, Barichara's Parque Principal is a lush affair, full of trees that provide ample shade for its lingering visitors, most of...

  • Barichara, the time capsule

    Most people who travel to Barichara are going not for sights per se but for the overall beauty of an incredibly well-preserved colonial town that looks as if it were preserved in a time-capsule. The architecture is stunning in its simplicity and the overall effect is as if truly stepping back into another era, one approximately 300 years ago. This...

  • Capilla de San Antonio

    Capilla de San Antonio is different from the other churches in Barichara in the way that it is partly painted white (like the houses). Also the interior is painted white. Capilla de San Antonio is from 1831. That makes it the youngest of Baricharas churches.

  • Capilla de Jesús Resucitado

    Another of the small churches in Barichara is Capilla de Jesús Resucitado, two blocks west of the cathedral. It is built in the same stone as the other churches and has a simple interior. It was constructed in 1797. This church is situated next to the cemetery, which is worth a visit for its stone and ironwork.

  • Casa de la Cultura

    Casa de la Cultura is a museum situated in a fine colonial house on the west side of Plaza Principal. In the rooms around a typical courtyard there are different kinds of objects related to Barichara’s history on display. There are fossils and pottery of the Guane Indians, things used in daily life like wagons and typewriters, photos and a...

  • Parque de las Aguas

    Next to Iglesia de Santa Barbara is a sculpture park, which was constructed in 1988. Here you can see 22 stone sculptures, all inspired by water. They are made by different artists from the region and eleven different countries. Another name of the park is El Parque Para Las Artes Jorge Delgado Sierra.In one corner of the park there is a stage.

  • Iglesia de Santa Barbara

    From the main square I walked up the hill on Calle 6 to the Iglesia de Santa Barbara, which is standing at top of the town, by a small square. There is a nice view from here. This church was carefully reconstructed in the 1990s and it is now often used for cultural events like concerts and art exhibitions, and it is also used for weddings.

  • Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepción

    On the north side of the central square (Parque Principal) stands the large cathedral. It is built of local stone with a golden colour and it was constructed in the 18th century. The cathedral has got two bell towers and a dome.As you come in to the church you will see there is a carved wooden ceiling, and right under it there is a row of windows...

  • The birth-place of the first revolution

    Don’t think that Barichara town itself is the only place that is worth being seen. There are remarkable points of interest throughout the journey like the Town of Socorro which was founded in 1681 and it’s known for being the base of a revolutionary and popular movement against the Spanish Colonialism in 1781. Socorro is 45 minutes away by car from...

  • Magical trees in Gallineral Park

    Twenty minutes from Barichara, on the main road that connects Bucaramanga and Bogotá, is located the Gallineral Park on the Fonce River, which owns one of the most gorgeous and original natural environment because of the native vegetation hanging from the trees. This place is visited by backpackers, extreme sportspeople and all kind of tourists,...


Barichara Hotels

Barichara Restaurants

  • a convenient & pleasant snack stop

    We had breakfast fairly early and though it was close to lunch were in need of a pick-me-up while exploring quaint Barichara. We hadn't truly committed to eating at the city's famed Color of Ants restaurant so popped into this bakery on the main square for a coffee. Panaderia Central is a very cute, simple but upscale looking place with nice...

  • eating ants ain't half bad

    The Color de Hormiga (Color of Ants) sure sounded good in our guidebook but it was also very expensive in the scheme of our budget so we didn't make a definite plan to go there. Still, there was no way we would be in such a small town as Barichara and at least not have a look at it. We even went as far as making sure to go on a day it was open as...

  • Open all day- delicious, typical...

    The atmosphere was basic, although the large carved wooden chairs were quite decorative. The sincere and helpful owner was prepared to please with a selection of local dishes and grilled chicken that was delicious. Nothing fancy, but a fair price for a tasty meal of generous proportions in Barichara. The Pollo Asado was irresistible and came with...


Barichara Transportation

  • easy to reach Barichara is a can't miss

    Barichara is easily reached from nearby San Gil which is right on the main road from Bogota to points north. Go to the local bus terminal rather than the larger one serving the rest of the country and beyond. It's located at Calle 15 & Carrera 10, which is a short interesting walk from the center of town. Mini buses leave frequently and take about...

  • Between San Gil and Barichara

    More local buses are leaving San Gil from a small bus terminal on the corner of Calle 15/Carrera 10. The buses for Barichara are leaving about every 45 minutes. When I arrived at the terminal I didn’t have to wait long for the bus to leave. The ticket was 3300 pesos (July 2008) and the bus journey to Barichara took almost 40 minutes. In Barichara...

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Barichara What to Pack

  • richiecdisc's Profile Photo

    pack light

    by richiecdisc Written Oct 16, 2010

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Luggage and bags: One of the reasons that we chose to day-trip to Barichara rather than stay there overnight was the logistics of getting our fairly large packs there. We were carrying a lot of trekking equipment along with the clothes necessary for a two-month trip to a country of many varied climates. Getting them on a small mini-bus is impossible and they have to tie them on the roof, not the best case scenario if it rains. If it doesn't, they're bound to get dusty. If you could leave your bag in San Gil (assuming you are staying there prior to going to Barichara!), traveling with a small day bag would be ideal.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Barichara is a relatively warm dry place but once the sun goes down, it cools considerably. Dress in layers to be comfy as the day progresses.

    Photo Equipment: A wide angle lens is great for bring the foreground into your photos and capturing the amazing old colonial architecture of Barichara. A good zoom will be your best friend for getting good shots of the incredible bird-life in town too.

    Miscellaneous: Thanks to D for being a great romantic companion for the trip to Barichara. It's nice when you have the same interests as your wife and when she's willing to eat ants too.

    D loves to take photos too zoom comes in handy for shots like these the wide angle in action
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Barichara Favorites

  • the icing before the cake

    We made our way to a park perched high on a hill on the northern end of town, noted for watching condors, all the while snapping pictures to our rear of the stunning town. The park was cute and indeed we saw a few condors circling as well as one interesting but elusive bird feeding in the park. Very happy with our morning thus far, we explored a...

  • the Motmot vs. the time-capsule

    This is one stunning old colonial time-capsule of a town. Despite being big birders and coming across one of our best ever bird sightings and first ever one of a Motmot, it still did not top wandering the quiet scenic streets that the town is famed for. Ok, maybe the Motmot sighting was more exciting and I did take nearly as many photos of it as...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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