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  • Puerto Villamil
    by MalenaN
  • Trillizos, Isla Isabela
    Trillizos, Isla Isabela
    by MalenaN
  • Trillizos, Isla Isabela
    Trillizos, Isla Isabela
    by MalenaN

Puerto Villamil Things to Do

  • Rent a bicycle in Puerto Villamil

    Update July 2014: There are now more places where you can rent a bike, and the bikes are in a good condition. I rented a bike from a store on Antonio Gil, and the price was $2 per hour. Still no lock is needed for the bikes._____________________________________________________________________ 2011:In the morning of my last day on Isla Isabela I...

  • Trillizos

    I had not heard of Trillizos before coming to Puerto Villamil in 2014. The reason why I hadn’t heard of it during my previous visit, in 2011, is because that is the year the cave was discovered. It was discovered when land was cleared and someone almost fell into the deep hole. At Trillizos you rappel down a 180 metres deep hole (or actually you...

  • Los Tuneles

    I booked my tour to Los Tuneles at an agency down the road from Las Gardenias, where I was staying. The price was $70 (July 2014) and that included snorkel equipment and a wetsuit, and lunch (sandwich, a cookie, an apple and a fruit drink).We gathered at 8.30 in the morning and it turned out that we were only four tourists on the boat, which was...

  • Mirador Cerro Orchilla

    If you cycle to Muro de las Lagrimas from Puerto Villamil you should definitely stop at Mirador Cerro Orchilla. From the road there is a staircase up to a viewpoint from where you will get a fantastic view over the south side of Isla Isabela, towards Puerto Villamil. On clear days you can also see Vulcán Sierra Negra and Vulcán Cerro Azul. All...

  • Flamingos and lagoons in Puerto Villamil

    There is a population of about 400 - 500 flamingos on the Galapagos Islands. They can mainly be seen on Floreana (Punta Cormorant), Isla Isabela (Villamil), Isla Santa Cruz (Las Bachas Beach), Santiago and Isla Rábida.When I visited Floreana on the cruise with Cachalote (2011) there was only one flamingo in the lagoon at Punta Cormorant. That was a...

  • Muro de las Lagrimas

    Muro de las Lagrimas (The Wall of Tears) is situated about 7km west of Puerto Villamil. During World War II there was a Military Detachment here (and in some other places of Galapagos Islands too) operating a radar station, which was part of the of the surveillance system for this part of the Pacific Ocean.After the war, in 1946, a penal colony was...

  • Crianza de Tortugas

    Long ago whalers and pirates hunted tortoises to keep on board their ships as the tortoises could survive a long time without food and water. In this way the sailors had access to fresh meat while they were at sea. Hunting continued after the islands got populated. Not only hunting reduced the population significantly but also predation by...

  • Iglesia Cristo Salvador

    When I visited Puerto Villamil in 2011 the church was under renovation and closed. When I visited in 2013 I was on a cruise and we only passed through the town, but when I came back in 2014 to spend a few days more in Puerto Villamil I went inside the church a few times. It is definitely worth a visit.The church has a Galapagos theme with small...

  • Complejo de Humedales and the road to...

    One morning I went for a walk along the sandy road west of Puerto Villamil. I came to a sign indicating that this was where the area Complejo de Humedales y Muro de las Lagrimas started. To Muro de las Lagrimas it was 5km and there seemed to be many interesting places to stop at along the road. It looked like a place I wanted to explore, but as I...

  • Boardwalk and path to Crianza de...

    The boardwalk and path to Crianza de Tortugas begins just west of Puerto Villamil. The boardwalk goes over a wetland area with several lagoons where you can see flamingos and many other birds, among others Black-necked Stilt, Moorhen and White-cheeked Pintail. The lagoons are bordered with mangrove vegetation. Further north the boardwalk continues...

  • Rent snorkel equipment in Puerto...

    In the southwest corner of Parque Central, on Antonio Gil, there is a small booth were you can rent snorkel equipment for $5 per day (July 2011). You can also rent snorkel equipment, and wetsuits, at the harbour. I went to the harbour to rent the equipment as I was going to snorkel at Concha de Perla, near the harbour. I got my snorkel, mask and...

  • The Bay Tour and Las Tintoreras

    I booked the Bay Tour at Hostal La Jungla the evening before going on the tour and it was $25 (July 2011). At 9 o’clock in the morning I was picked up at the hostel and in Puerto Villamil we picked up four other tourists. At the harbour we were met by a guide and went aboard a boat. Las Tintoreras is a small volcanic island just off the coast from...

  • Tour to Volcán Sierra Negra and Volcán...

    Volcán Sierra Negra on Isla Isabela is situated 27km northwest of Puerto Villamil. The volcano is 1490 metres high and has got the second largest volcano crater in the world, the caldera is 10km in diameter. Volcán Sierra Negra is an active volcano and it had its latest eruption in 2005, an eruption with lava flows that lasted for a week (wish I...

  • Simple is genious

    One of the tours most aggressively touted on Isabella if this expression fits this gentle frontier town at all, is the tour of the lagoon. It is located just off the boat peer and hence does not seem exciting at the beginning but it delivers the goods – literally speaking. One can see penguin, blue foot boobies, sea lions, and sea turtle to mention...

  • Turtle point of view

    At a point, in the backyard of hotel Iguana -the last building along the beach street going west, or at the sign “iguana crossing point”, (no worries, you might miss the sign but not the iguanas) one can cross it and follow a path approximately 2km through dense mangrove vegetation and lava dessert all the way to the turtle breeding center. The...


Puerto Villamil Hotels

  • La Casa Marita

    Isla Isabela, , Puerto Villamil, Galapagos

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Hostal La Jungla

    I liked my room at The Jungle Hostel. It was on the second floor with two windows from where I could...

  • Las Gardenias

    I had written to Las Gardenias, but I didn’t get an answer until the same day I arrived, and by than...


Puerto Villamil Restaurants

  • Restaurants on the south side of the...

    When I visited Puerto Villamil in July 2014 I ate at four different restaurants on the south side of the Parque Central. The first evening I went to a restaurant offering cenas (dinners) for $5 (photo 1). The dinner included a vegetable soup, a main course and a juice. For the main course I chose chicken, and it was served with a lot of rice and...

  • Restaurante El Cafetal

    El Cafetal is situated on the east side of the park, just next to the church. It is a tranquil place where you will have a good view of what is happening around the park (not much probably). One day I came here to eat a late lunch. There are no almuerzos (set lunch menus) so I ordered a pasta vegetarian. That day it was pasta with pesto, cheese and...

  • La Fogata

    La Fogata is a restaurant situated on the left side of the church, by the square in Puerto Villamil. I ate here once and had a late lunch. There was a sign outside saying they had almurzos (lunch offers) for $7 (July 2014). Seven dollars for a set lunch menu is quite a lot in Ecuador, and also in Galapagos Islands, but the food was good, and of...


Puerto Villamil Transportation

  • Speedboat between Puerto Ayora and...

    Update July 2014: I had planned to go to Isla Isabela the same day I arrived to Galapagos Islands, so when the bus arrived in Puerto Ayora I directly crossed the road and went to Cabomar’s office, afraid that there was not going to be any tickets available. Luckily there were still tickets available for the 14.00 boat. The ticket was $30. As last...

  • Never buy a ticket for a boat called...

    Transport between the islands stands on two pillars – regular so-called lanchas and charter ones. The first servers Isabella Island by connecting it to Santa Cruz Island which is most probably your point of departure and the charter ones can offer the same service at other times or different destinations as desired. What happened in this particular...

  • Puerto Villamil Hotels

    6 Hotels in Puerto Villamil

Puerto Villamil Warnings and Dangers

  • MalenaN's Profile Photo

    Watch out for the Marine Iguanas

    by MalenaN Written Jan 12, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Where the road west of Puerto Villamil makes a fork, where one road leads to Hostal La Jungla and Crianza de Tortugas and another one to Muro de las Lagrimas, there is a sign saying “Iguana Crossing, Please drive slowly”. That’s a sign I have never seen anywhere else, but of course this is Galapagos. On one side of the road is the ocean and on the other side there are some shallow lagoons, so you will see iguanas crossing here.

    Down at the beach in Puerto Villamil you must be careful too and watch where you put your feet if you walk on the lava rocks. The marine iguanas have the same colour as the rocks, and at least I almost stepped on an iguana.

    Iguana Crossing Iguana Crossing, Puerto Villamil Iguana on the road Iguanas on the path

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Puerto Villamil Off The Beaten Path

  • Assenczo's Profile Photo

    A walk out of town

    by Assenczo Updated Feb 2, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Walking along the beach can be a rewarding experience; especially when the discoveries made are not to be found on the special wildlife-to-be-seen check list. Here is one specimen that surely looks exotic enough with its defence bone spikes sticking out and conveniently thrown out on the sands for close examination. The look of it suggests the name porcupine fish!?

    Porcupine seems a relative Off the beaten path and out of town
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