Ecuador Favorites

  • Mocking Bird
    Mocking Bird
    by MalenaN
  • Galapagos Flycatcher
    Galapagos Flycatcher
    by MalenaN
  • Lava Lizard
    Lava Lizard
    by MalenaN

Ecuador Favorites

  • Cuyabeno Jungle

    Spent nearly a week in the Cuyabeno jungle at the Nicky Lodge. Was a great visit during the dry season. Saw a lot of wildlife (caiman, snakes, insects galore, eight types of monkeys, more birdlife than I can list here but including vultures, macaws, and toucans, and both pink and grey river dolphins). Would recommend this to anyone but especially...

  • Go Galapagos!

    Spent a week on a boat in the Galapagos. Was amazing. Visited several islands and saw more wildlife than I can remember. Some great hiking, very good snorkeling, and amazing wildlife. This was the highlight of my Ecuador trip. The wildlife in the Galapagos - birds galore, sea lions, sea turtles, giant tortoises, iguanas, sharks, you name it.

  • Volcanoes

    The area south of Quito is known as the Avenue of the Volcanoes because so many are to be seen there. The main road, the Panamerican Highway, runs north-south through a divide in the Andean range, with high mountains, many of them volcanic, on both sides of the road. And there are nearly as many volcanoes in the area immediately north of the city....

  • Probably the best fruit juices in the...

    One of the absolute joys of travelling in Ecuador is the range and quality of fruit juices available. As well as the fruits you probably already know and enjoy, such as orange and maybe passion-fruit, there are many that are unique to that country or at least to that part of the world. I couldn’t get enough of these delicious drinks! If I had to...

  • Storm over the Andes

    One of the most unforgettable sights of our time in Ecuador was also one that was totally unplanned, and which arose out of what might have been seen as a problem. We were stuck in a traffic jam not far from Quilotoa, on a narrow road that was being dynamited for road-widening works. We had already been stuck at the same point on our way to the...

  • Cloud forest

    Some of the most dramatic scenery we saw in Ecuador was on the road from Cuenca to Guayaquil. We had already passed through the beautiful Cajas National Park (see separate Things to Do tip), where the road had reached a highest point of 4,000 metres, and from there were to drop down to sea level in less than an hour’s driving time!As soon as we...

  • Good guide and volunteer programs

    I traveled to Ecuador through and it was an excellent experience. I volunteered at Rio Muchacho and helped run a sustainable living establishment. The housing was excellent and it was close to the beach town Canoa, which was beautiful and very relaxing. The guides at Escape to Ecuador were very friendly and helped every step of...

  • Quito

    Quito, officially called San Francisco de Quito, is the capital of Ecuador, as well as Pinchincha Province and the Metropolitan District of Quito. It is situated on the eastern base of Pinchincha Volcano at about 9,186 feet (2,800 meters), making it the second-highest capital city in the world, after La Paz, Bolivia. It is a clean, modern city that...

  • Coca

    Although most people call the city Coca, its official name is Puerto Francisco de Orellana, named after Spanish conquistador and explorer Francisco de Orellana, who set off down the Napo River from here eventually to discover the Amazon River. With a population of around 18,100, it is one of the largest of the Ecuadoran cities in the Amazon Basin....

  • Safe and fun

    Hi I have read your message and, I will be able to show you my Country arround (Quito)I'm from Quito, and I speak english fluently. My name is: Sebastian RuizAge: 35Profesion: Personal TrainerMy Phone # 2-339-688. To dial from the U.S.A. 011 5932 2 339-688Hope to help you, good luck. The wheater is just gorgeuos, Food so delicious, all the natural...

  • Ecuador Tourist Visa and Storage room

    HI, the ecuadorian law have now become very strict, you will be giving a 90 days tourist stamp once you get in, you can get out at peru border to enter again in the same year, but can only do 180 days in one year! If you OVERSTAY, you will be fine min. 200 $ but you can also run it to problems not recomended. For storage, the airport offer a 5$ 24...

  • Province of Azuay- Canaris

    Canaris are the main represantatives of the pre-Incan population in the area of Azuay. They settled down between 500 AD and 1480 AD . They had developed a great social organisation of ethnic nobility, social division within the establishments, with the priest being the head of the social structure and the extreme priest governing. They were of...

  • Ecuador - three in one: sea, mountains,...

    I always recommend to get at least a glimpse of all three kinds of landscapes, Ecuador has to offer: the sea (costa), the mountains (sierra), the jungle (oriente/selva). For the sea, I recommend Galapagos. You have to register and there is a maximum of days you can stay there. That makes sense as Ecuador tries to have sustainable (and for you that...

  • The rewards of succumbing to my wife's...

    When I saw Cotopaxi perfectly reflected in Laguna Limpiapunga I was ready to go home. I figured there was nothing that would compare to it and in fact all else would pale. And perhaps that one instant was the highlight of the trip and quite possibly as I grow too old to backpack I will look back on the walk around the mighty one as the highlight of...

  • A special place

    The Galapagos trip was better than even she imagined and though we had had an absolutely magical trip trekking around Cotopaxi I had to admit that the islands had overall been the highlight of the trip. We were a bit worried following it up with the jungle and confessed to each other that if we could end the trip perfectly we would have gone home...

  • Old town Quito.

    The Old Town area in Quito had a wonderful feel to it. It was very safe and had a ton of character. I ran into other travelers that didn't really like it, but most of them stayed in the Mariscal (Gringolandia) area of town. The churches were much nicer then the ones in Cuenca, and the town just had a little more character. I loved just spending...

  • Scenery in the Andes

    If you have the chance to visit Banos, rent a bike and take the Banos-Puyo road downhill for a few miles. Some of the most incredible scenery you can imagine awaits (if the volcano hasn't destroyed a lot of it recently). One of the best sights I saw there was the waterfall Manto de la Novia. It's 100 meters tall and you can walk up on the rocks to...

  • The Old and The New

    Here we are at Plaza Grande, the main square in the Old City of Quito. I know I tend to go on about what I like so this time, I'll make a special effort to control myself because Quito is probably the most beautiful city I saw in South America.The Old City appeared in all its intriguing splendour the minute I got out of the taxi at Plaza Grande....

  • Learn a little Spanish

    If You do not speak Spanish, try to learn a little before You go or take a course in Quito or Cuenca. As You are in the middle of spanish-speeking South America, English is only spoken by few people in the bigger cities. Getting into contact with lokals will be much easier if You can strike up the conversation in Spanish. Especially as a woman...

  • Llamas and alpacas

    Since the night of the times, these cute animals have been for the Andean indigenous people what the sheep, the cow and horse have been to us. Probably one of the most useful to men animals in the world, as, apart from providing wool and meat and efficiently transporting woods, they even work as guardians. Beware their spits!

  • Indigenous culture

    Although Equator, like most of South America, is a mestizo country, indigenous culture is still very visible in many regions, in particular in the Andean provinces. The quechua language is still widely used and many people are dress regularly in their traditional costumes.The economy and the politics are still controlled by the criollos to a large...

  • costa y selva

    The beach called canoa was quite incredible, a very special place. Also the legendary montanitas, for total locura! Once in Canoa beach after a heavy rain I turned over a rock on the beach and found that it was an ancient artifact face perfectly looking at me.

  • The Avenue of the Volcanoes

    The Equatorian strech of the Panamerican highway, or simply the "Pana" as the people call it here, is lined with high volcanoes that reach well over the 4.000 meters and, in some cases, over the 6.000 metres. Although the immediate vicinity of the road is very developped with small towns, greenhouses and industries, the framework provided by the...

  • Churches and monuments

    Churches and monuments are gorgeous in Ecuador. It sometimes witnesses forms of architecture that almost disappeared in Europe.Quito and Cunca, once again, are must see cities for churches and monuments but you may discover smallest but interesting ones in small villages during your trip.I built a travelogue on churches and monuments of Quito in my...

  • Colonial cities

    The colonial architecture of Ecuador is well reknown. The most interesting cities in this respect are Quito (Unesco world heritage's city) and Cunca. Save at least two days to visit Quito. Cunca is smaller and the atmosphere is great as well.

  • Markets

    Markets of Ecuador should not be missed: they are beautiful, full of colours and interesting (sometimes surprising) goodies and crafts.The two most important are Saquisili (you can see my Saquisili's page) and Otavalo. But there are many others in the big or small cities and villages.

  • The Pacific Coast

    One of the highlight of Ecuador is its wonderful Pacific coast. The magestic Pacific offers, under these lattitudes, hot water (a point of interest for those of you who live in California ; )).You can see pics in my Montanita and Puerto Lopez's pages but there are many others.

  • Volcanos

    Ecuador counts an incredible number of volcanos, some of which are still active.A visit of Ecuador would be uncomplete without sightseeing (and even climbing) the volcanos.My pages under different cities comprise some pics of volcanos in Ecuador.

  • The Andes

    Ecuador is a marvelous country to discover the Andes. It offers all of the various landscapes and climates of this mystic and gorgeous mountaigns chain.The views, the people and their culture, and the roads are incredible.

  • Banos : Selling in Banos - Vendre a...

    In small cabins, or in bigger "tiendas", every place is made for youuuuu !Dans des petits cabanons ou dans des plus grosses "tiendas", tout est fait pour vous !

  • The houses - Les maisons

    Generally not finished, half-built, dirty and rosty... This one is a joke (it's only paintings) but it's really close to the standard of the ecuadorian house...Generalement pas finies, a moitie construite, sale et rouillee... Celle-la, c'est pour rire (tout est peint), mais c'est assez proche du standard de la maison equatorienne...

  • Religion (2)

    You can be an Angel if you wish to !On peut devenir un Ange, si on le veut tres fort ! In this hotel, Stef and I became angels... for a short time !Dans cet hotel, Stef reporter et moi meme sommes devenus des anges... tres rapidement !

  • The Pacific Ocean - L'Ocean Pacifique

    The Ecuadorian Coast may be as trendy as it sometimes may be calm and empty.Be careful to the weather, it's generally hot, but it rains two or three days a week between May and November.La Cote Equatorienne peut etre aussi "tendance" qu'elle peut etre parfois calme et vide.Attention au temps, il fait generalement chaud, mais il pleut deux a trois...

  • Spanish is definitely a benefit in...

    I found that speaking Spanish was a definite plus here. Rather than spending $100 on a guide (which I found not so great here for the price) I had the travel company (G.A.P.) recommend a taxi driver for $70/day. Procuring a taxi driver through a travel company is more reliable than just finding someone on the street. You must speak Spanish in order...

  • Meet the people of Ecuador

    I was very taken by how friendly and hospitable the people of Ecuador are, especially the rural residents.We were fortunate enough to visit several Ecuadoran families in their houses. It was an opportunity to learn how they live and thrive in this beautiful little country.And, it's also a chance to buy local handicrafts directly from "the...

  • fantastic landscape

    You will get a gigantic view from the volcanoes. This picture was taken on the way up to the Refugio of Mt. Cotopaxi.

  • Visit the local markets

    When you visit Ecuador, there is a great deal of local color and experience to be had at the various markets, both rural and urban. And, the markets are also a great place to get good quality fruits and veggies for cheap eats.Many of the markets are world-famous, Otavalo's Indian market , for example. However, each little local market has something...

  • Learn Spanish - Homestays

    I could defanitly recommend a homestay as the BEST way to learn the language. My host family, the Ordonez, was so patient and helpful! My first month in Ecuador, I could only understand my name (despite my four years of instruction in high school), but by the end of the year, I was fully fluent (besides a little problem with the subjunctive form,...

  • Speak spanish

    Communication in Latin America is much easier and much warmer if you speak Spanish, as you will not be considered as a tourist to get money from. Beautiful people, wonderful mountains, volcanos. The slow life rythm.

  • Exploring the Amazon

    Ok, so it's not the ACTUAL Amazon, it is nonetheless one of the tributaries flowing from the Andes. On weekend trips we went out to little towns like Tena and Puyo and Shell and went swimming in these swift rivers in the middle of the jungle. I think this picture was taken near Esmeraldes but I took more than one river trip in these very narrow...

  • Quilotoa Circuit

    The Quilotoa Circuit is one of my most cherich experiences in South America. This is due in part to the phenomenal scenic spots. However, the most amazing part of the circuit is the cultural immersion one goes through in the region. I recommend you leave the couple of fancy B&B behind and spend your time in the local run guesthouses. For the weak...

  • The old town of Quito is very...

    The old town of Quito is very vigorous with vital people. But it was hard for me to walk to the Plaza San Francisco because people advised me to be careful and not to get lost in this town. The old town seemed not to be very safe. People are gathered around street stalls you can got many rare fruis of granadilla or something like cactus. I saw my...

  • Take a nice MUDMATH in San...

    Take a nice MUDMATH in San Vicente. It's got thermal springs there, so jump in the mud lake. Get Covered then clean up and jump in the thermal springs. Lovely. Sitting in Choclo's bar on the seafront, having a beer and listening to his cool music.

  • You must have time to come to...

    You must have time to come to visit Ecuador, because there are a lot of things to see, we have the mountains, the jungle, the coast and galapagos.Anyway, there are tours that can be adjusted to your needs if you don´t have that much time. I live in the capital, but until now I don't finish to visit my entire country. Every place has its charme.

  • At the risk of short-changing...

    At the risk of short-changing the diverse mainland, my favorite part of the trip was still the Galapagos. The people are so friendly and welcoming. Perhaps because it's a bit off the beaten track, Ecuador's citizens are not as jaded by the constant stream of tourist traffic.


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