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  • Near Chugchilan, Ecuador
    Near Chugchilan, Ecuador
    by MalenaN
  • The church in Chugchilán
    The church in Chugchilán
    by MalenaN
  • In the beginning of the hike to Quilotoa
    In the beginning of the hike to Quilotoa
    by MalenaN

Chugchilán Things to Do

  • The wrong path from Quilotoa to...

    My plan for that day had not been to walk to Chugchilán but to walk around the Quilotoa crater. However it was too windy for that as the path at some points goes close to the edge and it was very dangerous. And in Quilotoa there was no electricity and no water, so I decided to walk back to Chugchilán instead. As I had walked the opposite way, from...

  • Hiking from Isinliví to Chugchilán –...

    In 2011 I had followed a description from Llullu Llama and I know I would have found the same way in 2012 without problems, but I had heard there was another way and was interested in taking that. I thought it would be possible to walk over the hills and cross Rio Toach by the suspension bridge. However I was told before I set out that I should not...

  • Hiking from Chugchilán to Quilotoa

    Hiking from Chugchilán to Quilotoa is quite easy to do on your own. As you can see the rim of the Quilotoa crater from Chugchilán you will know the direction. I left Chugchilán after breakfast, but before leaving a man at the hostel drew me a simple map.With the map it was easy to find the starting point of the trail in Chugchilán. For a while you...

  • Horseback riding tour to the cloud...

    I and a French couple booked a horseback riding tour and chose to take the longer tour which is 6 hours. The long tour was $15 (July 2011) and the shorter tour, which takes 4 hours, was $12. In the morning, after breakfast, our guide Bernardo was waiting with the horses and we took off. From Chugchilán we rode uphill over the mountain and then down...

  • Hiking from Isinliví to Chugchilan

    At Llullu Llama in Isinliví you can get a simple map and description of the way to Chugchilan. There are more than one way you can take, but I chose the one on the map.After a good and big breakfast I left Isinliví at 9am. Just outside Llullu Llama the path begins and it goes down to Cumbijin Stream. There I turned right ( I did not cross the...

  • Quilotoa killer

    I really recommend the Quilotoa to Chugchilan trek. It is so amazing as long as you bring lots of water, layers and sunglasses (the sand is a killer). We used the Lonely Planet as a guide and I really reommend against it as it was awful. It tells you to go left when you are meant to go right etc. The best tip is to start as early as possible...


Chugchilán Restaurants

  • Eating at Hostal Cloud Forest

    After checking in at Hostal Cloud Forest I was hungry after the hike and went to see if I could get lunch in the restaurant. There were other people there eating and I got a soup with potatoes. Unfortunately they ran out of rice so when I got the main plate it was full of potatoes and it was quite dry. The lunch was $2.50.Breakfast and dinner is...

  • Lunch at a restaurant in Chugchilán

    Coming back from the horseback riding tour it was almost three o’clock and I needed something to eat. I had eaten lunch at Hostal Cloud Forest the previous day and now wanted to try the restaurant on the main street in the village. I just hoped it wouldn’t be too late for lunch. There were no other costumers in the restaurant, but lunch was still...

  • Chugchilán Hotels

    0 Hotels in Chugchilán

Chugchilán Transportation

  • From Chugchilán to Latacunga

    The buses from Chugchilán to Latacunga leave very early in the morning. I can’t remember if it was at 3am or 4am, but it was absolutely too early. Another option for me was to share a pickup with people who were going to Quilotoa, and take the bus at 13.00 from Quilotoa to Latacunga. A pickup from Chugchilán to Quilotoa cost $25 (July 2012) for up...

  • Getting there and around

    Local Transportation is limited so timing is of the essence. Since schedules change, make sure you ask locals for the departure times. You can take the occassional bus from Latacunga, via Zumbahua, and Quilotoa or take the one going to Sigchos and from there another to Chugchilan. There are also trucks headed that way, specially milk-man trucks.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Chugchilán What to Pack

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    What to bring when hiking in the...

    by MalenaN Updated Nov 2, 2012

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    Luggage and bags: If you are hiking between the villages in the Quilotoa area it is good to leave some of your luggage somewhere else, as you will be hiking for many hours at high altitude. I left many things at Hostal Tiana in Latacunga, where I stayed both before and after visiting the Quilotoa area. I was away for a week. I packed what I needed for that week in my big backpack which has good support around the hips and is comfortable to carry. In the photo you can see the backpack I carried. I also brought a smaller backpack, which is very light and can be folded, to carry around things in when I was in one of the villages, or went on the horseback riding tour and hiked around the Quilotoa crater. When I returned in 2012 I had left some luggage already in Quito, but then I also left some at Hotel Rosim in Latacunga.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Besides my hiking boots, which are very comfortable with good support around the ankles I brought a pair of sandals to use at the hostels. I brought three pair of socks, but also a pair of knitted woollen socks that I had bought in Ecuador, because in places like Quilotoa a pair of ordinary socks was not enough to wear with the sandals, even if I was inside.
    I brought three t-shirts, one of them was to sleep in, and one thin long sleeved jumper, a fleece and a woollen sweater. And I brought a thin rain- and wind jacket, but no rain trousers. I brought two pair of trousers though, one pair to hike in and a pair of jeans to wear later during the day (and good to change with if it would rain during the hike). I also had a scarf, a hat and woollen gloves with me.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: In every place I stayed I got a towel, but as I didn’t know that beforehand I had brought a small thin one. I also got a soap in each hostel (except at Llulu Llama in Isinliví). At Posada de Tigua I also got shampoo.

    I have got a few small plastic bottles . In the biggest one I brought body lotion, in a smaller one soap, and in two, even smaller ones, I had shampoo and conditioner to be able to wash the hair at one occasion during the week. It is important to bring sun block as the sun is strong at the high altitude. And of course I also had a toothbrush and toothpaste with me. I brought contact lenses for every day, plus a few more, deodorant and a hairbrush. I never travel with a big medical kit, but I brought a few plasters, and a few tablets if I would get a fever or problems with the stomach from food. I didn’t have to use any of them.

    Photo Equipment: Be sure to have plenty of space on your memory cards, to have more than you think you will need is better than to have to little space for new photos. I brought both my camera batteries and a charger.

    Miscellaneous: Other things I carried in my backpack was sunglasses, copies of a few pages of my guidebook, a book to read, a notebook, a pen, a torch, my passport, my spectacles and water bottles. I also brought a few plastic bags to put things in if the rain was going to pour down (even if I have a cover for the backpack).

    Hiking to Chugchilan, Ecuador Hiking to Chugchilan, Ecuador Hiking to Chugchilan, Ecuador
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