Sani Lodge Travel Guide

  • Near the tower, Sani Lodge
    Near the tower, Sani Lodge
    by MalenaN
  • The tower, Sani Lodge
    The tower, Sani Lodge
    by MalenaN
  • The Tower, Sani Lodge
    The Tower, Sani Lodge
    by MalenaN

Sani Lodge Things to Do

  • Arriving at Sani Lodge

    We arrived to Sani Lodge by canoe and it was a very nice sight to see the lodge as we approached on the lagoon. We were greeted with a drink and taken up to the bar/common room where we also got a snack. We got some information about the lodge and were told which group and guide we were going to be with for the days at the lodge. First I was put in...

  • Short hike, day 1

    In the afternoon, after we had been to the camping with our things, we made a short hike along a path behind Sani Lodge. Among other things we saw leaf cutting ants, Conga Ants, termites and termite nests, the foot print of a puma or jaguar, a small toad, ground wasps and a balsa flower and tree. We were pointed out several species of plants, but...

  • The Tower, day 2

    After breakfast the second day we went to the Tower. To get there we first took a canoe ride on the lagoon and nearby stream. It was a beautiful and very tranquil ride and among other things we saw Long Tailed Bats, a kingfisher, Hoatzins, Great Anis, Smooth-billed Anis and flying macaws along the way. On the jetty were the canoe stopped there was...

  • Blowgun practice, day 2

    After lunch we stayed at Sani Lodge to practice blowing arrows with a blowgun. Jorge showed us and then we all tried several times. For me it wasn’t easy as I could just use one hand (the other was broken). Jorge held the blowgun for me and I had to say how high. Well, once the arrow I blew touched the fruit we were trying to hit. Shortly after we...

  • Canoe ride, day 2

    After lunch we had practiced to blow with a blowgun. It didn’t take the whole afternoon so later we went for another canoe ride on the Chaullayacu lagoon and stream. As always in the canoe it was very peaceful. It had rained a lot during the afternoon but had now stopped. The sky was still very grey though. During this canoe ride we saw hoatzins,...

  • The Monkey Trail, day 3

    After breakfast we took a canoe ride to the Monkey Trail. As always this canoe ride on the lagoon was very nice and tranquil and we saw many birds. Among others we saw a kingfisher, hoatzins, mockingbirds, a woodpecker, a hummingbird and a Great Tinamou. On the way back from the Monkey trail we also saw an anaconda curled up in the reeds. It had...

  • Piranha fishing, day 3

    After lunch, which was served at 13, we rested at the lodge for a while. Later in the afternoon we went out with the canoe to go Piranha fishing. We were not so lucky in catching fish. Only Jorge got a Piranha, but it was small so he let it back in the water again. We could all feel the piranha nibble on the bait and several times we had to change...

  • Night hike, day 3

    After dinner we went for a night hike along a trail going in a loop from the lodge to the camping. We saw a small green frog, a worm, a wolf spider, a small snake curled up in a tree, a small iguana, giant grasshoppers and more.I used my head torch during the walk, but when I wanted to take photos it became a problem as the camera shaded the...

  • Hike along the Eagle Trail, day 4

    After breakfast on the fourth day at Sani Lodge we made a hike along the Eagle Trail. The Eagle Trail starts behind the lodge and part of this trail we had also walked during our first day at the lodge, but now we made a much longer hike. During this hike I ate something being alive for the first time in my life and it was lemon ants. Even if they...

  • A visit to Sani Isla Community, day 4

    The day we were going to Sani Isla community we ate lunch already at 12 and then we went to the canoes to go to Rió Napo. That means we first took a canoe ride on the small stream Challuayacu and then walked on the boardwalk to Rio Napo. Before going down to the large motorized canoe that was going to take us to the community, Nelson picked some...

  • Caiman watching, day4

    The caimans are more active during the night so one evening after dinner we went out in the canoe to go caiman watching in the lagoon. We were not very lucky and only saw the eyes of two caimans hiding in the reed. The water level was high those days and when it is you don’t see the caimans as often as when the water level is low. At the camping we...

  • To the parrot clay-lick by Río Napo, day...

    All other 14 tourists were leaving Sani Lodge this morning, and so were Jorge, the guide my group had had since we arrived. For this last day I therefore got a new guide, Danny, who is originally from Riobamba and the native guide was Guillermo. After breakfast we all left in the small paddle canoes for Río Napo. When everyone else went to Coca in...


Sani Lodge Restaurants

  • Food at the community

    The day we were going to the Sani community we had had lunch already at 12 and after walking around in the community we got a second lunch prepared for us by the women’s cooperative. It was a delicious meal that they set up for us on big leaves on the floor. The fish from the river was prepared in banana leaves with palm heart. Yummy! Then there...

  • The restaurant at Sani Lodge

    Breakfast is usually served at 6am. Every morning (except my last morning at the lodge) it was a breakfast buffet. Among other things on the buffet table there were fresh fruits and fruit juices, yoghurt, milk, muesli, cereals, eggs as you liked them, cheese, butter, jam and different bread. Lunch is served at 13 (the day we were going to the Sani...

  • Sani Lodge Hotels

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Sani Lodge Transportation

  • MalenaN's Profile Photo
    Canoe ride to Sani Lodge 4 more images

    by MalenaN Written Dec 14, 2012

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    After arriving to Coca by plane we were taken to the dock where we boarded a big motorised canoe. We travelled in that canoe for about 2.5 hours on Río Napo. During the journey we got a packed lunch and when it looked like rain was coming we were given a rain poncho, a poncho we should keep for the rest of the visit. The big motorized canoe was for travelling on Río Napo. When it stopped there was a wooden boardwalk which we walked for about 5-10 minutes to the small calm stream, Challuayacu, were smaller wooden canoes were waiting. You don’t have to carry your own luggage on the boardwalk but it is put on a wagon. Then there was another 20 minutes to Sani Lodge, a more peaceful journey where the stream was first surrounded by lush rainforest vegetation and when we came closer to the lagoon where Sani Lodge is situated it opened up more. Arriving at the lodge we got a welcome drink and were taken to the bar/common room.

    All other people who had arrived on the same day as me, and the guide we had had, left Sani Lodge the day before me. I and the guide I had the last day left Sani Lodge on a Saturday after breakfast, at 7.45. After the canoe ride and walk on the boardwalk we came to Río Napo where the big motorised canoe was waiting. More people going to Coca were already waiting in the canoe. Also when we passed the community a few passengers came aboard. Before we left Sani Lodge my guide had told me that this journey would be much colder than when we arrived. It is usually very windy going to Coca, and it was. It also rained a lot. While the journey from Coca had been pleasant the journey back wasn’t. The cold wind and rain pressed the rain poncho hard on my broken wrist and it was very uncomfortable. To Coca it took 2h 40 minutes. We didn’t dock at the same place as we had left from when going to Sani Lodge, but a little bit further up along the malecón. From there it was just a few minutes by taxi to the airport.

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Sani Lodge Shopping

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    Souvenirs at Sani community 4 more images

    by MalenaN Written Jan 12, 2013

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Souvenirs in the rainforest
    When you visit Sani community there is an opportunity to buy souvenirs. They mostly have jewelry; necklaces, bracelets and earrings, made of seeds and fruits from the rainforest. There are also bags made of fibres from a rainforest plant and ceramics. I bought a small bag for $10. On our first day at Sani Lodge our guide Jorge had shown us the plant the fibres come from and how to get the fibres out from it.

    Also at Sani Lodge there are a few souvenirs to buy. There were not many things but I remember they had a wooden paddle. Sometimes they also have chocolate made from cacao grown in the Sani community.

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Sani Lodge What to Pack

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    Nelson has picked us up at the camping 4 more images

    by MalenaN Written Feb 3, 2013

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    Luggage and bags: While going to Sani Lodge I left some of my luggage at the hotel in Quito. I packed the things I was bringing to Sani Lodge in a big backpack, but also brought a smaller daypack to use while at the lodge.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: I left my hiking boots in Quito as Sani Lodge provides rubber boots for all hikes during the stay there. As it can be wet and muddy rubber boots is a much better option than hiking boots. Instead I brought my tennis shoes and a pair of teva sandals. When it comes to socks to use in the boots/shoes it is good with long socks that you can tuck your trousers in.

    Sani Lodge will provide you with good rain ponchos while you are there, and during the boat ride to and from Coca. Especially the boat ride to Coca can be cold and for this ride it is good to have a lightweight jacket or fleece. I also brought a few t-shirts and lightweight long sleeved shirts. I brought two pair of long legged trousers (but only needed one pair) and a pair with shorter legs.

    Toiletries and Medical Supplies: Sani Lodge will provide you with a towel, soap and shampoo, even if you are staying at the camping. When I travel I always bring a few small plastic bottles and I had filled the largest of them with body lotion and the smaller ones with soap, shampoo and conditioner. Of course I also had a toothbrush and toothpaste with me. I brought contact lenses for every day, plus a few more, deodorant and a hairbrush. Sun block is important to bring as the sun can be strong and you should also bring insect repellant. I thought I was going to use a lot of insect repellant but in fact I only used it twice. I never travel with a big medical kit, but I brought a few plasters, and a few tablets if I would get a fever or problems with the stomach. I didn’t have to use any of them. I had also brought malaria tablets as I had been recommended that when I made the reservation. At the lodge I heard that not everyone was taking malaria pills and had not been recommended to do so either. Our guide said it was not necessary here.

    Photo Equipment: Be sure to have plenty of space on your memory cards, to have more than you think you will need is better than to have too little space for new photos. I brought both my camera batteries and a charger. If you are staying in a cabin you can charge your batteries there, but if you like me are staying at the camping you can charge the batteries at the reception as there is no electricity at the camping.

    Miscellaneous: Other things I carried in my backpack was sunglasses, a book to read, a notebook, a pen, my passport, binoculars (not very good ones), my spectacles and water bottles (to fill with water available at the lodge). I also brought a few plastic bags and zip-lock bags to put things in if the rain was going to pour down. And I had a head torch, which is absolutely necessary at the camping where there is no electricity, but also at the lodge as there is not electricity throughout the whole night there, and spare batteries.

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Sani Lodge Favorites

  • Swimming in the lagoon

    Sani Lodge is situated by the lagoon Challucocha. There are caimans in the lagoon but they are mostly active during night so we were told that it is safe to take a swim in the lagoon. As we saw a caimans swimming across the lagoon at daytime I think it is best to stay close to the jetty when you swim. I wanted to take a swim but unfortunately I...

  • Useful plants

    During our walks in the rainforest we were shown many useful plants, plants used for making things or used as medicine. Here are some of them.When we visited the Sani Isla community I bought a small bag made of fibers. In photo one Jorge is showing us how these fibers are taken out from the plant. Another time we were shown the fibers which are...

  • More small animals

    We had been told to use shoes and the flashlight when going on the boardwalk to the bathroom (at the camping) when it was dark, as there can be tarantellas and other creatures there. I never saw anything and was kind of disappointed that I didn’t see a big tarantella there. Another person staying at the camping saw a tarantella on the board walk...


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