Ruinas de Ingapirca Travel Guide

  • Ruins from nearby hilltop.
    Ruins from nearby hilltop.
    by StephanAvery
  • Carefully shot to avoid modern houses
    Carefully shot to avoid modern houses
    by calcaf38
  • Road between Ingapirca and the Hacienda
    Road between Ingapirca and the Hacienda
    by namastedc

Ruinas de Ingapirca Things to Do

  • An Awsome View

    Hiking away from the ruins give impressive views of the site itself. This was the second time I've been here and it is just as amazing every time.

  • Other Structures

    Some of the remains of Ingapirca are barely more than outlines of what once was. While it is interesting to guess what stood there, you can also appreciate the graceful turns of the stonework.

  • The Trail

    If you have the time, and the energy, there is a loop trail which goes down to the stream and back to the ruins. I usually enjoy such trails, but it was the same day as my Alausi fiasco, and I was getting deeply tired.

  • Replica

    It is hard to visualize what the place must have looked like when new, so one small structure has been erected, purportedly similar to the original structures in their prime. Ironically, the reconstitution is unevocative. It looks like a plain shed.

  • The Temple of the Sun

    Readers of Tintin comics (Le Temple du Soleil) will not be disappointed with this gorgeous structure. It is the only known circular Inca temple. And you can tell that the masons faced a huge challenge while cutting the stones: the fit is not as preternaturally perfect as it is with flat walls. Most attractive is the color difference between the...

  • Trapezoidal Openings

    A trademark of Inca architecture is the presence of trapezoidal doors, windows, and niches. As you would expect, some of those openings are precisely aligned with the cosmos so that, on some predetermined day, the rays of the sun point exactly through several openings in a row.During my visit, however, it was cloudy, with short bouts of cold...

  • Highest Craftmanship Walls

    You haven't lived until you have seen a 1st class Inca wall. It is simplicity itself, and yet how was it ever built without modern instruments? As everyone knows, no mortar was used either.Also, Inca walls look 3,000 yeard old. Yet they are "only" 500 years old. The Inca structures, which brings to mind cyclops and legends, were still fairly new...

  • Lesser Craftmanship Walls

    As in other Inca ruins, edifices that were built less carefully are thought to have been used for storage, or housing for workers.

  • Ingapirca

    Ingapirca is a nice site with both Incaic and Cañar influence. The complex itself is not huge, but the explanations offered by the guide and the museum is informative. What I liked the most was the fact that the local Cañar people controlled and managed the site... our guide was even dressed in traditional Cañar clothing.


Ruinas de Ingapirca Transportation

  • From the North, or from Cuenca

    From Cuenca, you will find buses, of the Cañar line, which can take you directly to the ruins. The last bus back leaves the ruins at 4 p.m. and the ride between Cuenca and Ingapirca takes around two hours. From any point North (Quito / Baños / Riobamba / Ambato) you will need to get off the bus in a small town called El Tambo. There, it is easy to...

  • Trans Canar bus from Cuenca

    The Trans Canar bus company runs buses from Cuenca to the ruins (not the village which is 1 km away). On weekends, there is one departure at 9 AM. The bus arrives at about 11 AM and waits in the parking lot until 1 PM. The cost one way was $US 2.50 in January 2007. On weekdays there are additional busses. The last return bus on weekdays is at 4 PM....

  • Getting there and around

    There are several buses that make the route to the town near the ruins. Once in town, you can walk to the ruins that are located about 20 mintues outside of town. The scenery is lovely so it makes for a nice walk.


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