Baños Travel Guide

  • Things to Do
    by MalenaN
  • Things to Do
    by MalenaN
  • Things to Do
    by MalenaN

Baños Things to Do

  • The jungle

    Puyo is a jungle town. Getting out of it you are in the Lowlands of the Amazon Basin. It's just 50kms from Baños. We walked along the clear, happily flowing river up to the cascade where some of us had a bath. Too chilly for me. We saw the most beautiful orchid I have seen in my life! We saw some unbelievable flowers, the “besitos”, that looked...

  • Sugar cane and Melcocha

    Sugar cane is native to warm and tropical climates so it's very common in the area. The plant has stout, fibrous stalks that grow 2 to 6 meters tall. Its juice is really really delicious. It contains a lot of sugar but is not so unbearably sweet as you might think. I love it! In Banos I saw so many “sugar caners” I have never seen in any other...

  • Basilica de Nuestra Señora de Agua Santa

    The Basilica de Nuestra Señora del Rosario de Agua Santa is the most apparent feature in Baños. Its construction was completed in 1929. Its name ( Agua Santa=Holy Water) comes from the affluent waters of the hot springs in the area. It is visible from almost everywhere in the city and it's very pretty both inside and outside. The interior is finely...

  • Canyoning – Rio Blanco

    The canyoning in Río Blanco is done in a narrow, very beautiful canyon. We went rappelling down four waterfalls and then went down a fifth waterfall on our bottoms. The first waterfall had lots of water where we were rappelling and you could feel the strength of the water. Waterfall three was 20 metres high and waterfall four was 30 metres high....

  • Massage and spa treatment

    There are lots of places in Baños offering massage and different spa treatments like steam baths, face treatments, manicure etcLast time I was in Baños I did had a massage and a face treatment at Yerbabuena, which is situated in hostal El Marques, just next to Posada del Arte where I stayed. The massage was very good and relaxing. It was a 60...

  • La Piscina de La Virgen

    Baños is known for its many thermal baths. The thermal baths in Baños are rich in minerals like chlorates, magnesium and sulphates and the water it is said to be healthy to swim in.There are several baths in Baños but the bath in the picture is Las Piscinas de La Virgen and it is situated just below a waterfall. There are several pools with...


Baños Hotels

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  • Samari Spa Resort

    Av. de las Amazonas, Banos, 2000, Ecuador

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Luna Runtun

    We had a very good mixture of rest (spa) and activities! We have enjoyed the perfect service at all...

  • La Posada del Arte

    Before going to Baños I called Hostal Chimenea where I had stayed before, but they didn’t have any...


Baños Restaurants

  • Casa Hood

    I had not eaten at Casa Hood during my first visit to Baños 82011), but now when I returned I ate here both evenings I was in town. The restaurant is owned by an American and the majority of the customers were other tourists, but it is a very nice place. The food is good, as well as the price, and the atmosphere is very relaxed. The restaurant is...

  • Posada del Arte

    I ate at the restaurant at Posada del Arte together with a nice family from California. The restaurant is small and has a cosy atmosphere. They serve well made Ecuadorian, international and vegetarian dishes . The trout with shrimps that I had was very good , and everyone else liked their meal too. The trout was $7.50 and a glass of wine was $4...

  • Café del Cielo

    Café del Cielo is a café situated high above Baños, with beautiful views over the town. Café del Cielo is part of Luna Rutun, an expensive hotel and spa. Also the café is quite expensive and for a chocolate mousse and a strawberry batido I paid $8.30 (July 2014).Café del Cielo is open 13 – 21.30 every day.I hiked up to Café del Cielo. Before going...


Baños Nightlife

  • Active Bar Scene

    Banos is a favorite destination for Ecuadoran 20 & 30 somethings. The draw: affordable alcohol. Modern Ecuadorans shun indigenous fermentations as much as the tourists. But if you are not drinking Pilsner, imported alcohol is very expensive. For reasons that could never be explained to me, alcohol is substantially less expensive in Banos than...

  • A small town but it has nightlife

    The nightlife scene in Banos is centred around a strip of a dozen bars or so on Alfaro. There are other places dotted around though that aren't on this street such as the Stray Dog Brew pub (run by the American people who run Hostal Posada del Arte).Its subject to the same peaks and troughs through the week as pretty much anywhere else in the...

  • Lots of nightlife!!!

    Because I had my daughter with me we didnt go into any bars but there are tons of them. There are also many people walking around in the streets of Banos at night. Most are tourist just checking out the town. I felt very safe here and the atmosphere at night is very festive. There are many vendors outside seeling food, hand crafts,...


Baños Transportation

  • To Baños from Riobamba

    I did not know that the direct road between Riobamba and Baños had been open again for quite some time, and somehow I had not realised there were two bus terminals in Riobamba. I have a guidebook but as this was my forth visit to Ecuador I did not open it much. If I had I would have got the right information. So, instead of going to Terminal...

  • To Baños from Quito, and back

    When leaving the hotel in Centro Historico in Quito I stopped a taxi on the street. The taxi driver said that he wanted to have $10 for going to Terminal Quitumbe, but I said I wanted to go with taxi-meter and he accepted that. It took just over half an hour to go from Centro Historico to Terminal Quitiumbe and it was $5.55 (July 2013). At Terminal...

  • To Baños from Puyo

    The terminal in Puyo is situated about a kilometre from the city centre along the road to Baños. As I was arriving to Puyo by bicycle from Baños and stopped at the terminal I never saw the centre of Puyo. I arrived at 17.00 and the next bus to Baños was leaving half an hour later. The man working on the bus put my bike in the compartment below and...


Baños Shopping

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  • Mercado Central and a supermarket

    At Mercado Central you can buy lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. There are also several cheap eateries. It is open between 7 and 18. Just across the road from Mercado Central there is a large supermarket Mega Bodega where you can practically find everything else that you can’t find at the market.

  • Sugarcane and sweet things

    By the bus terminal (on Amazonas) and on Martinez, on the way to the baths, there are several sugarcane stalls where you can buy jugo de caña, pieces of sugarcane to chew on and many other sweet things. On the main street, Ambato, there are several shops also selling sweet things and here you can often see someone standing in the door working with...

  • Tagua, vegetal ivory - La Tagua,...

    The shop is also the "factory" of Alberto. A small factory, but great products, mainly in Tagua (this white vegetal ivory), or also in colourful grains... You may ask him whatever you want to be built in Tagua, he will do it for you !Cette petite boutique est aussi l'"usine" d'Alberto. Une petite usine, certes, mais avec un gros debit de produits...


Baños Local Customs

  • sugar cane stalls

    Though sugar cane drinks are available in many Latin as well as Asian countries, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a proliferation of stands as in Baños nor anywhere near the gusto with which their owners hawked their products. Their numbers seem absurd until you see how popular they are, every one of them has a line at night! Well, at 35 cents for...

  • Fried guinea pigs - Les cochons d'inde...

    I have already told you about this ecuatorian and peruvian custom : eating the cuys, sort of guinea pigs could be considered as gross... if it was not that awful to eat !Je vous ai deja parle de cette coutume equatorienne et peruvienne : manger des cuys, sorte de cochon d'inde, pourrait etre considere comme purement degueulasse.. si c'etait pas si...

  • Baños Hotels

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Baños Warnings and Dangers

  • The worst tour in my life!

    As I am not too fussy and prefer to keep my mind calm and my face unwrinkled... especially on vacation, I am usually quite or very happy with tours. But this one left me really disappointed and I have to warn you. The worst is that in response to my complaints they only said they were sorry in such an unconcerned tone that made me read in their...

  • Fake US$

    We were passed 3 x $20 fake US$ notes in the main shopping street of Banos. My friend bought a picture and was given it in the change. We didn't notice it (weren't aware that we had to watch out for it in Ecuador) until the next day when we went to spend it and they threw their hands up in the shop shouting "Fako". We were advised to go to the...

  • attack of the killer butterflies

    When we did our little 5 k walk to a series of waterfalls near Machay on the Avenue of the Waterfalls road, we were amazed at how many butterflies there were. We were positively swamped with them, landing on us every time we made a photo stop and often before...which led to a photo stop!


Baños What to Pack

  • richiecdisc's Profile Photo

    be prepared for rain at all times

    by richiecdisc Written Feb 18, 2008

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Good hiking boots are a plus for trails that often are muddy from the considerable rain that falls on Baños. Even if it's nice and dry in town, be prepared for rain in the hills and for trails that might not be as dry as the pave streets of town. Those hills aren't that green for nothing! Always carry a rain jacket and at least a fleece as temperatures can drop and you might get cold waiting for a bus back to town.

    Photo Equipment: A zoom lens gets you closer to the waterfalls than you sometimes actually can and great for shots of the flora and of course, butterflies!

    the amazing flora of Ba��os heading towards the tropics not just waterfalls our little friend forgot to pack some water
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Baños Off The Beaten Path

  • Hiking in the Picturesque Patate Valley

    For a nice, truly 'off the beaten path' hiking experience, travel the 20 minutes from Banos to the Patate Valley for a hike above the tree lines.Carlos Restrepo, at the Hacienda Leito, will organize horseback or hiking trips into the farmland of the valley, all of which he owns. You will pass through cow pastures, past the houses of the many people...

  • Some friends - Des amis

    They live in Banos, they love doing nothing (maybe because they have no opportunity to to something for real) and they are so nice !!Ils vivent a Banos, ils adorent ne rien faire (peut-etre aussi parce qu'ils n'ont pas d'autre choix) et ils sont si sympas !!

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Baños Sports & Outdoors

  • My wonderful biking in Baños

    This time I really enjoyed biking in Baños, Ecuador. The Route of the Waterfalls takes from 20 km. to 60 km. crossing tunnels, visiting waterfalls, bridge jumping, take a wonderful bath on the border of the Andes and the Amazon Region. All their bikes have break disc system ideal for bad roads; the route is very easy because most of the time is...

  • Bungy Jump From a Bridge

    Not far outside of Banos, you can take the plunge from a bridge. It's certainly not the highest bungy jump, but it gets the job done. The price is around $10. This is just off the road to Puyo, so it can be done on the Banos-Puyo bicycle trip. $10 and extra pair of underwear

  • Bike trip down the Altiplano and into...

    As my must-see-tip says, one of the best things to do in Baños is to hire a bike (dirt cheap at about $5 USD per day) and venture into the sorounding areas. Ask around for the best routes. My favorite one was the downhill ride to the jungle.


Baños Favorites

  • Adventure Capital

    Banos was an amazing experience, there is so much to do there and it’s affordable. We visited some major attractions (pailpon del Diablo, La Casa Del Arbol) and tried some activities including rapelling/canyoning. I would definitely recommend canyoning it was great experience. It cost 20$ and you start by a hike up to the waterfalls and than rappel...

  • how nice to be in Baños

    The bus ride in was glorious. The sun was shinning and verdant hills became ever steeper. It was nice to see the color green again after a few weeks in the sun dried Andes. It was truly warm too, not like in the mountains where a cloud could drop the temperature twenty degrees and let’s not talk about the Andean wind. Once we got our room, we...

  • everyone raves about Baños

    I’d only been in Ecuador about three weeks and already I was heading out of the mountains, the main reason I’d wanted come to the country in the first place. To be fair, the weather had pushed me ahead of schedule but I couldn’t help but feel a bit of remorse as I lost elevation with each mile towards Baños. Things had been a relative success....


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