Ecuador Transportation

  • Isla Santa Cruz
    Isla Santa Cruz
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    Isla Baltra
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    Baltra airport
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Ecuador Transportation

  • Flying to Galapagos Islands

    There are no international flight to Galapagos Islands, but you have to fly from Quito or Guayaquil. From Quito to Galapagos it takes almost 2.5 hours, and that includes a stop in Guayaquil (when I travelled this route we changed planes in Guayaquil). From Guayaquil it takes 1.5 hours.From mainland Ecuador you can fly to Baltra Island (just off the...

  • Mariscal Sucre International Airport

    Mariscal Sucre International Airport (UIO) is the main international airport in Ecuador, handling flights to and from cities in South America, Central America, North America, and Europe. The airport is only five minutes from Quito's center and is therefore right in the city. Because it is surrounded by a built-up urban area and mountains, there is...

  • Really the only option.

    As far as I know, there is no rail system in Ecuador and short of driving yourself (which I don't) or hiring a private car and driver (which I could not then and still cannot afford) your transportation option is really the bus.I travelled all over the country by this means and had some, shall we say, interesting experiences. Again, I add the...

  • A tour or independent?

    It was my original intention to put the trip together myself, booking our Galápagos cruise on our chosen boat, the Angelito, through their Quito-based agents, Cometa Travel, and arranging time in Quito either side of it, from where we would have done tours to various parts of Ecuador in the north. But out of curiosity I also contacted a UK company,...

  • Flying to Quito

    We had originally booked our flights to Quito through Opodo, flying out via Miami with Delta and returning via the same hub with American. Miami isn’t exactly my favourite airport, and I’m no fan of American Airlines either, but this was the best value I could get on the dates we wanted to travel. But about six weeks before the trip Opodo contacted...

  • a reliable driver in the Mindo area

    For those who need transport in or around Mindo (including transfer to/from Quito), Giovanny Diaz is an absolute recommendation. He is trustworthy, makes fair prices, drives sensible, and has a great sense of humour. We were in need of a transfer from Mindo to El Angel by car as there was no good public transport connection, and he delivered us...

  • Bus from Guayaquil to Lima

    Hi, from Guayaquil it is a 24 hours bus ride!! sometimes you can book a not very expensive flight to lima for 150$ but you have to book in advance in NOT in HIGH SEASON! Isabelle

  • Galapagos Islands

    Since online reviews have a tendency to be skewed in one direction, I think that it is best if I objectively list the series of incidents that occurred when interacting with Carlos A. De La Torre, our travel agent working for Sangay Touring:1) Upon receiving our payment, Carlos asked our group of 5 travelers for more money to cover flight costs...

  • Francisco de Orellana Airport

    Francisco de Orellana Airport (OCC) is a domestic airport serving the small city of Coca. It is the gateway to towns and other destinations on the east slope of the Andes Mountains and in the Amazon Basin. Due to the growing importance of ecotourism in the Amazon Basin area, the airport is becoming increasingly busier. Airlines serving Francisco de...

  • Answer to "Transportation: Bus System...

    Hi Gavin, I wanted to tell you that on my first week, I had a horrible experience when I took Transesmeralds (which is supposed to be one of the best bus companies in Ecuador) . Going to Atacames my 300 euro camera was stolen, I the worst thing is that I have no idea how, they are really experts on that. However, when I went to Montañita (changing...

  • Taxis

    Taxis try to charge more for tourists, and sometimes even locals. During the day, all taxis should use taximetro to calculate the fare. At night, you should ask for taximetro or settle on the price of the trip before getting in to the taxi.Also, only take yellow taxis with a red number on the side unless you have called the company and they have...


    If you take the train to Nariz del Diablo, you can hop off at Alausi on the way back after experiencing the famous switchbacks and catch a bus from there to Cuenca.In fact, there may be a guy selling bus tickets while you are on the roof of the train. I don't know about bus frequency to Cuenca, but suggest that you purchase the ticket from him and...


    The 2 trolley lines in Quito are Trole and Ecovia. They are quite frequent, modern and clean.Trole runs mainly along Av 10 de Agosto and Ecovia runs mainly along Av 6 de Diciembre. Both taper more or less towards each other towards the historical centre. But the Trole takes you right to the plazas that matter, like Plaza de la Independencia ('Plaza...

  • distances are relatively short so easy...

    Ecuador is a relatively small country, the size of the UK or the state of Nevada so distances are not great compared to some of its South American neighbors. Add to that a great road system and it makes for pretty easy traveling. Buses are not as cheap per mile/kilometer as say Bolivia but with distances being much shorter it’s still a bargain...

  • Hiring a 4x4

    While traveling around Ecuador we wanted to hire a car but after asking around and using the South American Explorers club we ended up hiring a car and English speaking driver with ola-adventuresThis turned out really well and allowed us to see loads of stuff in the 10days we were in Ecuador....I would recommend doing this to get off off the beaten...

  • Devil's nose railway

    Ferrocarril El Nariz del Diablo is a very touristy but still nice train ride. You should sit on the roof while admiring the beutiful landscape going down the steep serpentine track.

  • Chicken busses

    This picture show just why the busses of Latin America are called chicken busses. Well, you don’t have to ride on the roof as these chickens, but be prepared for bumby roads, loud music from the bad radio on the bus, stops in the middle of nowhere to let people on or of, for locals with huge bags of rice, boxes of live animals and some children on...

  • Quito : in a chair - Dans une chaise

    If the president of your country gets to leave its position, and if you want to attend the show, you'd better chose a good rolling chair to reach the place as soon as possible !!! ;-D Si le president de votre pays est destitue et que vous voulez assister au show, choisissez une bonne chaise a roulettes pour arriver au meilleur moment des festivites...

  • Get a car with chauffeur

    Whenever possible, we prefer to enjoy the freedom that a private means of transportation provides. In many developing countries, hiring a car with driver as mandatory and in Equator we decided it was also a good option.Technically we could have driven on our own, since most roads where we transitted were in good condition, traffic was scarce and...

  • Take the bus

    The inter-Ecuador bus system is dirt cheap and reliable. I took a bus from Quito to Banos and it cost me about $5 (that is for a five hour ride!). I am not sure where the station is or how to contact them. I am sure any taxista could direct you...

  • Walking

    Wandering around the streets or walking on the beach is the best approach when distances are not too important.

  • Train

    A train line was built to go from the Andes to Guayaquil. Unfortunately the line is now working for a few miles and mainly for tourists.It's a great experience, however, and a good way to see the Andes.For more details and pics, you can see my Riobamba's page.

  • Taxis

    Taxis are convinient to go around the cities of Ecuador. They are cheap but you need to bargain a little...You may use unofficial taxis to get to some areas in the Andes as well (like in the picture).

  • Bus (continued)

    Taking the bus is the cheapest was of traveling around big cities, but not always the most convinient. Taxis are not expensive.

  • Bus

    The bus is the best (if not the only one) way to go from one city to another. There are some flights connecting the major cities but they are quite expensive.The network is good and allows to visit most of the country.A bit dangerous... (see the warning and danger).

  • Portete : Coming here - Pour rejoindre...

    From Mompiche : when watching the ocean, go on your left : close to the hotel Mompiche, there is a narrow path. Follow it for 45 minutes, and then take a "lancha" to cross the small river.Depuis Mompiche : quand vous regardez l'ocean, allez sur votre gauche : pres de l'hotel Mompiche, il y a un petit chemin de terre. Suivez-le pendant 45 minutes :...

  • Banos : Dead horse walking ?

    It's so nice to horseride in Banos, but be careful, all the horses are not treated that well by their speculous owners... And sometimes, look at what you can find on the pavement...C'est sympa, les balades a cheval a Banos, mais, attention, tous les chevaux ne sont pas bien traites par leurs proprietaires sans scrupules... Et voila ce qu'on peut...

  • Sangay Touring Company

    We used Sangay touring based in Quito to book our 7 day Galapagos Islands cruise on the Seaman. They were very responsive and helpful in planning our trip. As well, out of all the people on the boat, we ended up paying the least for the tour as a result of booking directly with an Ecuadorian company rather than booking through a US agent. Plus, the...

  • Bus system

    Although we only used the public bus twice during our trip, both times were very comfortable. The schedules are convenient and they seem to go everywhere very often. The drivers can get a tad aggressive but, hey, one pound, one vote. We've been on much worse!

  • Getting around Ecuador

    Visiting and enjoying a country is some times depending on the way you do the transport.We were lucky to have those two young drivers - from Quito - through the mountains till the airoplane for Galapagos Islands.Thanks guys - you made for a big part my journey to your beautiful country i like to revisite once !

  • Getting around in Ecuador

    A touristic bus - well airconditioned - some good drivers - because believe me - the roads are different from Europe or many other countries - not that bad as in India or Cuba ! We had some long drives - but thanks to the drivers - it was a good riding through this beautiful landscapes of ecuador.

  • Laguna of Quilotoa : To go there from...

    No need to pay a tour if you only want to see the Laguna (the tours include the visit of other small villages and picture-stops).Take a bus to Zumbahua (2,5 USD : be careful, some may make you pay 5 USD). Once in Zumbahua, bargain with people to get a camioneta that will wait for you over there until you come back from your climbing down... We paid...

  • The horse - Le cheval

    Very cool, very useful, very practicable and... very cheap !One of the best means of transportation inside Ecuador's forests...Bien sympa, super pratique et... pas cher !L'un des meilleurs moyens de transports en Equateur...

  • The bus (2) - Le bus (2)

    Don't forget it ! The bus price is about 1 USD per hour (except next to Monta?ita, where it is exceptionnally more expensive). The assistants of the bus driver, recovering money ("pasaje"), are always trying to make the gringos pay more than the usual price. For, I may advice you to ask the price of the ticket to another passenger. But, you have...

  • The bus - Le bus

    You'd better be patient if you want to take the bus in Ecuador !We could make a poem out of our experiences with the buses.If you are more than 1.75 meter tall (as I am), you can't avoid banging your head ! Buses are the number one reason for pollution, but if they weren't, they would certainly be ideal : they go everywhere, even in the places you...

  • Taxis are reasonable and plentiful in...

    I used Quito taxis to get around the Quito area. Taxis are $20-$40 less than a guide/car. Most taxi drivers speak Spanish only. Booking taxis through a travel company is usually more reliable than locating one on the street.

  •, but not...

    In order to compensate for (a) a lack of serviceable railroad locomotives and (b) a shortage of well-maintained roads, Ecuadorans have put a bus onto the train tracks. It's called an autoferra, and it consists of a bus converted to run on the country's train tracks. They service many small towns and villages in rural Ecuador. They're very, very...

  • Half-priced bus trips

    In Ecuador, you can travel very cheap through all around the country. With a little amount of patience you can pay even half of the bus prices. This is how to do it:Instead of going right to the bus terminal, find the gate the buses pass through when departing. There are many buses to all localities in Ecuador, to some places even a bus every half...

  • Flying to Ecuador

    Travelling from the USA: American Airlines flies daily to Quito from Miami. This is usually the cheapest route.Travelling from Europe: Iberia has direct flights from Madrid. Most other carriers have a stopover in the US or elsewhere in S.A. (For example, Air France flies from Paris through Bogota, Colombia). It can wok out cheaper to buy two...

  • Bus and car...

    The best way is to go around in a car with an Ecuadorian, but because we don't all have that option...The bus is an option that will take you nearly everywhere. The picture shows my feet hanging off the back of a bus in the jungle (in Succumbios). Yes, I am sitting on TOP of the bus. Tied to back part of the bus, standing on a ledge was a suicidal...

  • KLM do a pretty good flight to...

    KLM do a pretty good flight to Guayaquil from Amsterdam. Or via Miami is good too. Don't fly via Newark NJ cause the plane from Newark is very small and there not even a TV to watch on an 8 hour flight!If its between cities then fly. If you can't fly, drive but beware macho Equadorian drivers. They don't like to be overtaken and will gladly watch...

  • Airplane!

    I don't know that there really is a safe way to get around Guayaquil. The taxi drivers, bus drivers and personal drivers all have to go with the flow. There are hardly any lines in the road to seperate the traffic,so cars are all over the place. They use the horn alot, mostly to warn other drivers and pedestrians that they are not going to slow...

  • The taxis in Ecuador were very...

    The taxis in Ecuador were very reasonably priced and the drivers were fair and friendly (a 20 minute ride from the airport to the hotel was $5). Our driver to get us between climbs was Hugo with Safari, a tour company based in Quito. Hugo was wonderful - he got us through some rough terrain (and weather) and was a lot of fun (Safari also does day...


    TRAVELING INTO AND AROUND ECUADORBy Air:Ecuador has airports in 15 cities, although only 2 of those are international, they are:Quito international Airport (Mariscal Antonio Jos? de Sucre) and Guayaquil International Airport (Sim?n Bolivar).For the excursions inside the country, other airports are used, some of which are in: Cuenca, Baltra...

  • We hired a van through the Rio...

    We hired a van through the Rio Amazonas to take us to Same for $120. Interesting ride, gave up counting the times we 'cheated death'. Very long 5 & 1/2 hours. Would recommend taking Tame airlines to Esmeraldas.


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