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    Venezuela in Centro Historico, Quito
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    Do not mess with us!
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See all 1111 Quito Tips
  • Colonial Quito

    Quito Things to Do

    In the corner of Rocafuerte and García Moreno, next to Arco de la Reina, is the Iglesia and Monasterio de Carmen Alto. The convent was founded already in 1653 and it is built where Santa Mariana de Jesús, the first Catholic saint of Ecuador, lived between 1618 – 1645. The Carmelite nuns makes sweets like cockies and chocolate and it is sold from a...

  • JW Marriott Hotel Quito

    Quito Hotels

    Traveled thur Quito on a Eco Tourism trip. The Marriott was unforgetable. Beautiful hotel in every...

  • From Quito to Secret Garden Cotopaxi

    Quito Transportation

    Secret Garden is a popular hostel in Quito, but they have also got a hostel on the foothills of Vulcán Pasochoa, with a view towards Vulcán Cotopaxi. To go there by public transportation would be a little tricky and it would also include some walking. Therefore it is very good that Secret Garden in Quito organize transport to their hostel near...



See all 275 Cuenca Tips
  • Cajas National Park

    Cuenca Things to Do

    Just one hour from Cuenca on the road to Guayaquil, you pass through a protected area where all trucks are checked for not carrying dangerous or suspicious cargo. This is the Cajas National Park at an altitude of 3000- 4450m. It's an amazing terrain of pure nature with more than 200 lakes and rivers that flow all the way to the Pacific and to the...

  • Hotel Victoria

    Cuenca Hotels

    Have stayed here several times - always recommended by my wife's family. It's easy to get to and...

  • Mirador de Turi

    Cuenca Things to Do

    Turi is four kilometers south of Cuenca, on a hill and provides amazing views of the whole city. It's better at sunset when the colours are light pink and the lights of the city start twinkling. The Mirador is near the church of Turi, where local people gather, as well as tourists, romantic couples and intellectuals. So you can rest watching them...



See all 147 Guayaquil Tips
  • Well Priced Great Food

    Guayaquil Restaurants

    We travel to Guayaquil about every year to visit family. This place started out about 10 years ago with a habachi on the street and a small place to sit down inside. Today it's a great Parrillada in a revitalized neighborhood next to Urdesa. The prices are reasonable, the portions are good, everything is clean and frequented by the locals. If your...

  • Hotel Oro Verde

    Guayaquil Hotels

    Though I stayed here more than 20 years ago, it was by far, a satisfying stay. I stayed here before...

  • At the airport (International...

    Guayaquil Things to Do

    When flying home from Ecuador (2013) I flew with KLM from Quito. The plane stopped for some time in Guayaquil before continuing to Europe. Luckily we could spend that time in the International preboarding area where there are several cafés, restaurants and souvenir shops. I didn’t see any Internet cafés (which I had seen, and used, in the Domestic...



See all 84 Montañita Tips
  • The Chongon - Colonche Range

    Montañita Things to Do

    Most people don't know that on the backside of Montañita there is a virgin mountain range which is being turned into a governmental protected area. There are biking, trekking and zip line tours available ranging from $15 - $40. The range is mostly virgin tropical rain forest and its common to see or hear hauler monkeys and tiger cats, there are...

  • Casa del Sol

    Montañita Hotels

    We pre-booked this hostel in March 2014. 50% deposit via Paypal only was required, non refundable...

  • The best cappuccinos and much more...!

    Montañita Restaurants

    Under the nice hotel “ Tierra Prometida” the hotel owners keep one of the best restaurants in Montañita. There is a laid-back atmosphere in a cosy ambient. All customers seem relaxed either sipping their drinks at the bar or over a savoury hearty meal. The variety of international and local food doesn't give you any chance to get bored. The outdoor...



See all 199 Baños Tips
  • The jungle

    Baños Things to Do

    Puyo is a jungle town. Getting out of it you are in the Lowlands of the Amazon Basin. It's just 50kms from Baños. We walked along the clear, happily flowing river up to the cascade where some of us had a bath. Too chilly for me. We saw the most beautiful orchid I have seen in my life! We saw some unbelievable flowers, the “besitos”, that looked...

  • Samari Spa Resort

    Baños Hotels

    Av. de las Amazonas, Banos, 2000, Ecuador

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • The worst tour in my life!

    Baños Warnings and Dangers

    As I am not too fussy and prefer to keep my mind calm and my face unwrinkled... especially on vacation, I am usually quite or very happy with tours. But this one left me really disappointed and I have to warn you. The worst is that in response to my complaints they only said they were sorry in such an unconcerned tone that made me read in their...



See all 140 Otavalo Tips
  • Otavalan dress

    Otavalo Local Customs

    As I wandered around the market stalls taking my photos I began to realise that all the women were dressed in a similar style, rather different from the indigenous people I had seen in Quito. This is the traditional dress of the Otavaleña. It consists of white blouses, with coloured embroidery (usually of flowers) and flared lace sleeves, worn with...

  • Coraza

    Otavalo Hotels

    Abdon Calderon and Sucre (CORNER), Otavalo, Ecuador

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

  • What we bought here

    Otavalo Shopping

    While I always like to bring back a souvenir or two from our travels, neither Chris nor I see shopping as a major holiday activity, and we hadn’t expected to buy a lot at Otavalo, being more interested in taking photos of the activity than participating in it. However a number of things did catch my eye and I couldn’t resist making a few purchases....



See all 47 Mindo Tips
  • The waterfalls – Santuario de Cascadas

    Mindo Things to Do

    To hike between the waterfalls outside Mindo is a lovely thing to do when you visit Mindo. The waterfalls are situated inside Bosque Protector Mindo–Nambillo and the area with the waterfalls is called Santuario de Cascadas. To come here I walked from Mindo and it took almost an hour. Then you have to take the tarabita (cable car) over the river...

  • CasKaffeSu

    Mindo Hotels

    Before going to Mindo I wanted to stay in a place with a nice garden where you can see butterflies...

  • Cascada Nambillo

    Mindo Things to Do

    Cascada Nambillo is the most visited of the waterfalls and also the waterfall closest to the tarabita. To come here you shall take the path to the left from the tarabita. The path goes downhill through the lush forest to the river and it takes about 10-15 minutes to walk here. Cascada Nambillo is around 15 metres high and in the pools below the...


Laguna Quilotoa

  • The legend of Vulcán Quilotoa

    Laguna Quilotoa Things to Do

    A legend says that once upon a time the god of volcanoes, Quilotoa, lived at the surface of the lake and the Pacific god Toachi lived at the bottom. Quilotoa didn’t like the presence of Toachi and therefore throw a ray of light towards him to make him leave. Toachi got angry and throw fireballs back at Quilotoa, who of course fired back. It was...

  • Hostal Cabanas Quilotoa

    Laguna Quilotoa Hotels

    I stayed two nights at Hostal Cabañas Quilotoa where I paid $12 per night (July 2011) including...

  • Reconstructions

    Laguna Quilotoa Things to Do

    I hiked from Chugchilán to Quilotoa both in 2011 and in 2012. The later year they hade done some improvements along the trail. There were now sings at several places pointing out the direction and the distance. Along the trail they had also put up benches and bins. From the bench in the photo it is a great view over Laguna Quilotoa and it looks...


Puerto Ayora

See all 69 Puerto Ayora Tips
  • Rent a bike

    Puerto Ayora Sports & Outdoors

    There are several places in Puerto Ayora where you can rent a bike. The price in July/August 2014 was $10 for half a day and $15 for a full day. In Puerto Ayora there are bicycle lanes along Av Charles Darwin and Av Baltra. From Puerto Ayora to Santa Rosa in the highlands they are constructing a bicycle road parallel to the main road. I don’t know...

  • Angermeyer Waterfront Inn

    Puerto Ayora Hotels

    Puerto Ayora, Galapagos Islands, Puerto Ayora, Ecuador

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 3.5 out of 5 stars

  • Four daytrips with bicycle (2014)

    Puerto Ayora Things to Do

    When I visited Puerto Ayora in 2014 I made four daytrips with bicycle. One day I cycled to Rancho Chato 2 and another day to both Cerro Mesa and El Garrapatero. I also went to El Manzanillo with bicycle and to Los Gemelos. For three of the bicycle tours I rented a bike at Comercial Pinguino next to Hotel Darwin on Av Baltra. The bikes there were...



See all 53 Riobamba Tips
  • View of Chimborazo

    Riobamba Favorites

    When I visited Riobamba in 2013 you could not see Chimborazo from the city, it was not clear enough. Even if you don’t see the mountain from the city, the views of the mountain can be clear when you get higher up. Luckily that was the case when I went on a biking tour to Chimborazo. The top of Chimborazo could be seen from Riobamba several times...

  • Hosteria La Andaluza

    Riobamba Hotels

    foot of Chimborazo, Riobamba, Ecuador

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • La Catedral and Basilica

    Riobamba Things to Do

    In 1797 a large part of Riobamba was destroyed in an earthquake and after that the city was moved to its present location. Stones from the old cathedral were used to construct the cathedral at the new location. The Cathedral is situated on the northeastern side of the lovely and tranquil park Parque Maldonado. Another nice church is the Basilica...


Isla Santa Cruz

  • Rancho El Manzanillo

    Isla Santa Cruz Things to Do

    When I visited Galapagos Islands in 2011 and 2013 I had not heard of El Manzanillo. When I saw the sign along the main road across the island I asked the taxi driver what it was and he told me it was a fairly new ranch where you can see tortoises in their natural habitat. It opened in 2012. So, one day I decided to cycle there from Puerto Ayora....

  • Playa Escondida

    Isla Santa Cruz Things to Do

    I went on a snorkeling tour to Isla Santa Fe and before returning to Puerto Ayora we visited Playa Escondida on Isla Santa Cruz. It is a small secluded beach, east/northeast of Puerto Ayora. Coming home I have looked on Google Earth and there I saw that it is situated near El Garrapatero. To visit Playa Escondida you must arrive from the sea. When...

  • Four daytrips with bicycle (2014)

    Isla Santa Cruz Things to Do

    When I visited Puerto Ayora in 2014 I made four daytrips with bicycle. One day I cycled to Rancho Chato 2 and another day to both Cerro Mesa and El Garrapatero. I also went to El Manzanillo with bicycle and to Los Gemelos. For three of the bicycle tours I rented a bike at Comercial Pinguino next to Hotel Darwin on Av Baltra. The bikes there were...



See all 47 Latacunga Tips
  • From Latacunga to Ambato, and back

    Latacunga Transportation

    I walked to the bus terminal and just as I arrived a bus outside the terminal was leaving for Ambato. I hopped on and got a seat. I sat next to a man from Ambato whose name was Darwin. Near Ambato there was a lot of traffic and the bus travelled slowly. In Ambato I had planed to go to the terminal and take a bus to the centre from there. Darwin...

  • Hostal Tiana

    Latacunga Hotels

    I think Hostal Tiana is overpriced, but it is a good place to meet other travellers and exchange...

  • To Latacunga from Chugchilán

    Latacunga Transportation

    The buses from Chugchilán to Latacunga leaves very early in the morning. I can’t remember if it was at 3am or 4am, but it was absolutely too early. Another option for me was to share a pickup with people who were going to Quilotoa, and take the bus at 13.00 from Quilotoa to Latacunga. A pickup from Chugchilán to Quilotoa cost $25 (July 2012) for up...


Puerto López

See all 36 Puerto López Tips
  • Humpback Whales and whale-watching

    Puerto López Things to Do

    June – September is the whale-watching season on the Ecuadorian coast. Puerto Lopez is a good place to do it from and the chance to see many whales is largest in July – August. In Puerto Lopez there are many tour agencies where you can book a whale-watching tour or a tour to Isla de La Plata with whale-watching along the way. I would recommend the...

  • Hotel Pacifico

    Puerto López Hotels

    I had made no reservation before arriving in Puerto Lopez but hoped it would be okay anyway in the...

  • From Puerto Lopez to Quito

    Puerto López Transportation

    Before coming to the cost I had planned to take the bus from Puerto Lopez to Quito. The bus company Reina del Camino has got a morning bus which takes 10 – 11 hours and in July 2012 a ticket was $11. The bus makes a stop for half an hour near El Carmen, for people to eat and go to the restroom. In Puerto Lopez the bus leaves from the market and in...



See all 75 Cuyabeno Tips
  • Booking Your Tour

    Cuyabeno Transportation

    Their are plenty of travel agencies in Quito that offer tours to the jungle. I chose Cuyabeno because it was way off the beaten path and my trips to Baños and Tena didn't really feel too exotic because there were so many tourists. I chose Ecomontes Tours because the price was right, and it offered camping as part of its itinerary. Make sure you ask...

  • Cuyabeno Lodge

    Cuyabeno Hotels

    I stayed one night in the Cuyabeno River Lodge, and 4 nights in a tent. The tent was a more amazing...

  • Birdwatching

    Cuyabeno Things to Do

    Our guide said that in our 8 days in the jungle, we would spot and identify at least 50 different species of birds. We easily surpassed that. I'm not much of a bird fan except for the famous and more exotic looking birds. We saw plenty of Macaws and even the rare harpy eagle. If you're a bird lover, you'll definitely get a heavy dose of birds. If...


Bahía de Caráquez

  • From Bahía de Caraquez to Puerto Lopez

    Bahía de Caráquez Transportation

    After a few days of resting in Bahía it was time for me to travel on. I was a bit worried how it was going to go as I had to change buses and I had recently had an operation and could not use my left arm and hand. Louise from Hostal Coco Bongo helped me with the luggage to a taxi which was standing a block away. The taxi ride to the bus terminal...

  • Casa Ceibo

    Bahía de Caráquez Hotels

    km 5 1/2 Av. Cesar Ruperti, Bahia de Caraquez, 11111, Ecuador

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Isla Corazon

    Bahía de Caráquez Off The Beaten Path

    Isla Corazon is a heart shaped little island in the Chone River estuary, situated 8km from Bahía de Caraquez. One of the largest colonies of Frigatbirds in South America lives in the mangroves of the island and surroundings. It is an amazing sight to see all these birds where the males, to attract females, inflate their red chest pouch to the size...


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