Georgetown Travel Guide

  • Stabroek Market and bus station.
    Stabroek Market and bus station.
    by MikeBird
  • Old style housing in Georgetown
    Old style housing in Georgetown
    by MikeBird
  • Parliament Building, Georgetown
    Parliament Building, Georgetown
    by MikeBird

Georgetown Things to Do

  • have a nice break

    Promenade gardens is clean and quiet. A lot of flowers and benches to sit down. Also you can see lover who pick this place to have some privacy who are not very happy with tourist taking pictures.

  • Find Manatees in the Georgetown Botanic...

    Before my trip I'd read about the birdlife to be found in the Botanic Gardens. Reports said it was rich in bird diversity and included some species eg the Blood-coloured Parrot, that is only found along the coastal strip but most easily located in the gardens. I must say I was disappointed. For a start I would have felt uncomfortable wearing...


    This park is a' souvenir of Georgetown', known as a 'garden city'.Promenade gardens has been rehabilitated in 2006.It is a good place to watch birds at Sunset as they arrive in each tree.It was part of the independance park which is now divided with a playground.


    Stabroek, the former name of Georgetown during the dutch time.The beautiful Stabroek market is an important center of attraction in Georgetown.A very well organized chaos. Sadly, some guyanese don't recommend this place for tourists.Try to overcome the negative impressions you are receiving and visit for the atmosphere and also the architecture....

  • National Museum

    Admission is free, while donations are accepted.A very friendly woman at the front desk explained the whole museum to me (it's not that large!), and I spent about an hour wandering around looking at the somewhat ramshackle and random, yet interesting exhibits. On the first floor, there are scale models of various colonial buildings in Georgetown...

  • Commercial areas of Georgetown

    The main commercial area in Georgetown centers around Regent Street and the streets just near it. You can buy more or less anything made of plastic, cheap clothing, various consumer goods, watches and jewelry, etc. Foodstuffs like produce, staples, meat, fish, etc. are best found in and around the very bustling Stabroek Market or the slightly less...

  • Wandering the streets of Georgetown

    I spent about 8 hours wandering around Georgetown, which is probably about 3 hours more than necessary to see more or less everything. It's also about 7.5 hours too many if you are bothered a lot by heat. I was there in late October and the temperature was in the 90s, with very bright sunshine that definitely required sunscreen. Still, it is an...

  • St. George's Cathedral

    This cathedral looks fairly decrepit from the outside, but don't let that stop you from going in. The interior, well worth seeing, is in much better condition--take some time to explore it. The spacious, airy nave is entirely made of wood--the barrel-vaulted ceiling is striped with light and dark material. A filigreed white metal fence encloses the...

  • Kaieteur falls

    You should go to Kaieteur falls, it is the most beautiful experience in your life. We went with Wilderness explorers and payed 205 dollar each. It is the only place in the wordl where you can see the golden frog. You certainly will see the frog. It takes you 50 minutes to fly over the wilder ness to get there. Lunch, guided tour and drinks are...


Georgetown Hotels

  • Herdmanston Lodge

    65 Anira & Peter Rose Sts, opposite the Brazilian Ambassador's Residence, Georgetown, Guyana

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Cara Lodge

    Cara Lodge is a colonial-style building and has two floors of rooms above a ground floor that...

  • Pegasus Hotel Guyana

    This place is like a really old motel 6, but costs 3 times the amount. Do not stay at this hotel! It...


Georgetown Restaurants

  • breakfast choice

    At the ground floor of the city mall are several restaurants with local food. Here you can have a cheap breakfast. The way they drink here their coffee is horrible, brown water! Mac Donalds and subway are not overhere yet.

  • It's not gourmet, but it is air...

    The City Mall appears to be Georgetown's only mall, and it's tiny. The escalator only goes as far as the second floor, but you won't really want to go up there anyway. The first floor is where the food court is located, and while you're not going to get 5-star cuisine there, what you can get is a pretty decent fast-food meal--all local food--and a...

  • Super local lunch

    This lunch counter, with a few tables and a lot of take-out business, is very popular. Beat your way to the counter and try to catch the eye of one of the rather unwelcoming staff to put in your order, and then they'll bring it out to you. The food here is typical Guyanese, which is to say based on Indian cuisine, but with local additions and a lot...

  • A restaurant just for me

    I had read a review of this place and figured I'd take a cab out to it, with a thought of eating some nice fish on a breezy deck. The tricky part was that the restaurant wasn't actually operational (although they had tables set up, most likely for breakfast service for their hotel guests). The bar staff told me that they were "re-doing the...

  • great bakery

    It is clean, they have a nice terrace with a great view. The building has several restaurants> Downstairs there is a bakery where you can pick out all types of bread. There is a cheap Chinese restaurant. Upstairs is the more expensive part but nice decorated.

  • Best pastries and lunch specials......

    Great little pastry shop which also offers one of the best lunch specials in town. They offer salads, sandwiches, pastries, cakes and fresh fruit juices. Everything is freshly made daily and it is first come first serve. So my advice is to call ahead and order since the crowd can be a bit much at lunch. The lunch special is very affordable at...


Georgetown Nightlife

  • Music, Moonlight, Mingling

    When I am visiting Guyana, my favorite spot on Friday evenings is at the Poolside of Le Meridian Hotel. From 6pm to midnight, the Poolside becomes a melting pot for mingling with Georgetown's mature crowd of professionals.Moonlight and ambiant lighting casts gentle hues on the lush tropical outdoor atmosphere. Guests can lounge at tables around the...

  • Banks beer on tap

    Windies Sports Bar might possibly be the Banks beer on tap. You can order by the glass or the pitcher. They have both indoor and outdoor seating.They have daily "blackboard" specials for dinner plates. Typically speaking, the food is good. The finger foods are decent too, but be warned that the "nachos" are actually just nacho Doritos. Dress code...

  • Where most hipsters will go

    Buddy's dance club has a 1000 GYD cover charge but drinks are reasonable at ~200 GYD per beer. The music is as varied as the people who come here. There will be a mix of hip-hop, dance, rock, possibly country, Indian, etc. The people who come here are generally very friendly and laid back.If you do not want to subject yourself to the dance floor,...


Georgetown Transportation

  • yellow taxi

    Always take a taxi at night. They should cost you only 300 GYD in the city. (1 euro). Take a yellow one, those are official. Ask your hotel or restaurant to call a taxi for you. We had no safety problems in Georgetown, but we did not feel at ease either.

  • Parbo Southdrain Georgetown bus

    You can cal Boby. They will pick you up at 4 o clock at night and within twelve hours they will bring you to Paramaribo. You pay 6000 GYD for this. We got some trouble at the border because of the license of the driver. But they arranged another bus and after some waiting we continued the trip.

  • Minibus

    As soon as you understand the routes, minibus are all over the city and suburbs of Georgetown.There is no bus scedule, it is starting only if it is full.The main minibus park is located in front of the stabroek market.As other passenger to find the right minibus.


Georgetown Shopping

  • need cash? it's a challenge!

    I ended up changing US dollars into Guyanan dollars at my hotel, which is something I almost never do. The only ATM at the airport in Georgetown didn't accept my card, and I only found one ATM machine in town that accepted foreign cards--that's the Scotiabank ATM on Robb St., about 100 meters west of Camp St. Unfortunately, that ATM appeared to be...

  • Souvenirs, sort of

    The only place that I saw anything resembling souvenirs was a row of about 4-5 street vendors across from the entrance to the National Museum. I didn't look at them closely, but I didn't get the feeling that anything was worth crossing the street for. I saw things like straw hats and little wooden figures.

  • Get some of the basketry and wicker...

    Santa Mission and/or any of the Amerindian villages that you visit are a great place to buy some local crafts / souvenirs.If you do not wish to buy, but learn more of the locals' history with wicker and basketry, the Walter Roth Museum in Georgetown has some great displays (it’s free too). Amerindian and other native peoples here are well known...


Georgetown Local Customs

  • DSwede's Profile Photo

    Cheap drinking water

    by DSwede Written Sep 29, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Jus' Water
    Corner of Robb & Light streets
    (other locations too, but this is most central)

    Tap water in Guyana is not to be trusted. And most visitors to the tropics will go through many liters of water a day. This adds up quickly!

    Anyone can buy a new bottle or water here for normal prices (~200 GYD for 1L).
    However, if you have a bottle (any bottle) up to 2L in size, they will fill it for only 20 GYD ($0.10 US!!). Open 7 days a week, until 8pm on weekdays (not sure open hours on weekends).

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Georgetown Warnings and Dangers

  • Feeling hot, hot, hot

    The title says it all. It is damn hot here, and there are relatively few places to escape the heat. Very few buildings are air conditioned, and shade is not easy to find--and forget about finding a seat of any kind, much less in the shade. I found myself drawn to the convenience stores in Shell stations, and spent more time than I really needed to...

  • Crime? Maybe. Deserted streets? Yes.

    A lot of Georgetown's streets can feel a bit deserted, which can be anxiety-inducing if you are a solo, female, Caucasian traveler. I was warned (rather excessively, I thought) by my hotel desk to take a cab even to go the few blocks to the Scotiabank ATM on a holiday when the streets were empty, advice I ignored with no untoward consequences. I...

  • Theft

    Despite the new friends I made in Georgetown, I was also introduced to the problems with crime, theft and some shady dealings.During my short stay, my camera was stolen right out of my hand as a motorcycle drove by. The day after I met some Peace Corp volunteers, they called to tell me that later that same afternoon one was taken from behind and...


Georgetown Off The Beaten Path


    An important meeting of the non-aligned countries took place in georgetown 1972Most of the countries of Africa and Asia are members of this organisation, founded in 1961 in Belgrade former Yougoslavia.

  • Santa Mission

    Santa Mission is a small quiet Amerindian village about 2hrs from central Georgetown. It is a self sufficient establishment that celebrated its 150th anniversary (Sept 2008). There a small community of Amerindian locals who live, work, study and share their ways with you.The "black water" river that runs by here is quite refreshing to swim in,...

  • Georgetown Hotels

    11 Hotels in Georgetown

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Georgetown Favorites

  • Public buildings in Georgetown

    Walking during day time in Stabroek area is quite interesting.Stabroek was the name ofthe city during the dutch time 1784-1812.The when it beame an english colony in 1812 the name of George the third is replacing it.

  • Suriname Embassy

    Suriname Embassy in Georgetown is located at the corner of Crown & Peter Ross streets.Consular services only offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 8am~3pm.No sandals, shorts or sleeveless t-shirts.Bring US cash, but be advised they do not accept $100-bills (10/20/50's are OK).If you drop off in the morning, they will have all Visas processed...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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