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  • Paddling down the BurroBurro River to see Otters
    Paddling down the BurroBurro River to...
    by MikeBird
  • Wild Giant River Otters at Karanambu
    Wild Giant River Otters at Karanambu
    by MikeBird
  • Black Caiman on the Rupununi River
    Black Caiman on the Rupununi River
    by MikeBird
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Iwokrama Mountains




Surama Village




Port Kaituma


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  • Find Manatees in the Georgetown Botanic...

    Georgetown Things to Do

    Before my trip I'd read about the birdlife to be found in the Botanic Gardens. Reports said it was rich in bird diversity and included some species eg the Blood-coloured Parrot, that is only found along the coastal strip but most easily located in the gardens. I must say I was disappointed. For a start I would have felt uncomfortable wearing...

  • Herdmanston Lodge

    Georgetown Hotels

    65 Anira & Peter Rose Sts, opposite the Brazilian Ambassador's Residence, Georgetown, Guyana

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples


    Georgetown Things to Do

    This park is a' souvenir of Georgetown', known as a 'garden city'.Promenade gardens has been rehabilitated in 2006.It is a good place to watch birds at Sunset as they arrive in each tree.It was part of the independance park which is now divided with a playground.


Kaieteur National Park

  • Flight/Tour of Kaieteur

    Kaieteur National Park Transportation

    We took a flight with Mrs Chan A Sue from Olgo Airport. Fabulous cannot say enough good things. Her and here husband run this trip. Lunch & Drinks are provided (tons of food, made by her and very good tasting) Plus they spend 4 hours and walk with you through the trails, giving you narrative the whole time. Then a wonderful surprise on the way...

  • Grasshopper

    Kaieteur National Park Things to Do

    This four-inch long colourful grasshopper took an instant liking to me and decided to climb up my trouser leg! All the photographers were very pleased, as his colouring showed much better against the dark background of my trousers, than the sandy coloured ground!

  • A little golden frog

    Kaieteur National Park Things to Do

    Very, very small and hiding in the watery depths of a bromeliad, this frog is absolutely gorgeous, but very hard to spot!



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  • Great local foods

    Lethem Restaurants

    While it might look like a residence from the outside, the small red brick house has two small patio tables on the outside. They have no posted menu, so just ask what they are serving for the day. Quality is good, quantity is good, and price is cheap! I had stewed beef, rice (1/2 order) and juice for 400 GUY.

  • Takutu Hotel

    Lethem Hotels

    They have A/C rooms and fan rooms. Comfortable enough if you are waiting for ongoing transportation....

  • Don & Shirley's

    Lethem Favorites

    The general store has the bare essentials, but not the best selection. However, if you meet Shirley herself, she is a friendly and very helpful person. Don runs the hardware store, Shirley runs the general store, and her son Jason runs the internet cafe next door. However, there are other assistants and family that help run the place.They can help...


Iwokrama Mountains

  • Petroglyphs at Sharples Island

    Iwokrama Mountains Off The Beaten Path

    These petroglyphs are only accissible by boat at low tide (dry season). They are asaid to be 5000-6000 years old. Very little archaeologial work has been carried out in order to try and find out more about the people who libved in this area in the old days.

  • Animals

    Iwokrama Mountains Things to Do

    The animal diversity at Iwokrama is estimated to be at least 200 mammals, 500 birds, 420 fish and 150 species of amphibians and reptiles. More than 30% of the animals are listed as endangered.The list of animals is pretty impressive. In Iwokrama you can find:World’s largest freshwater fish - Arapaima World’s largest otter - Giant Otter World's...

  • Fairview Village

    Iwokrama Mountains Things to Do

    A short boat ride away from the Field Station, is the Amerindian Village of Fairview, also known as Kurupukari. 127 people live here in the village.


Surama Village

See all 40 Surama Village Tips
  • Butterflies

    Surama Village Favorites

    We visited Surama at the time of the butterfly migration, and I have never seen so many butterlies in one place in all my life. Mostly there were big groups of pale yellow butterflies, who would settle down on any area of stagnant water. As soon as you approached, either on foot or in a vehicle, they would all take to the air at the same time, and...

  • Getting back to Surama Village after the...

    Surama Village Transportation

    Those who did not want to walk the three miles back to the vilage where given the option to ride on the tractor back. What they weren't told though, was that they'd share the trailer with all our luggage, cooking equipment, hammocks, tarpauling, camping equipment, an outboard motor and four of the staff! An interesting experience travelling three...

  • Watch where you put your hands #2

    Surama Village Warnings and Dangers

    The first night in Surama, I slept with my left hand up against the mosquito net. I woke in the morning to find 77 mosquito bites on my knuckles alone! The bites were so tightly packed together that they had trouble to find room to swell, making my hand look very odd indeed. Oh, and it itched like hell for a number of days!



See all 11 Orinduik Tips
  • Jasper

    Orinduik Things to Do

    Although jasper comes in many colours, including yellow, green and greyish blue, here at Orinduik, the rocks are red. Jasper is a semi-precious stone which is popular with gem cutters. It is an opaque variety of Chalcedony, a mineral from the quarts family which varies from transparent to opaque and is most usually found in red, brown or yellow -...

  • Smoke rings

    Orinduik Off The Beaten Path

    Another amusing sight at Mahdia, was the lorry delivering fuel. He was sitting in his cab with the engine idling, and his exhaust was blowing smoke rings! I've never seen that before!The funny thing was, the staff here couldn't understand why we were all taking pictures of the side of his lorry!

  • Mahdia

    Orinduik Off The Beaten Path

    From Orinduik we flew to a small landing strip in a place called Mahdia. The sole purpose of our visit here was to refuel the plane. We were absolutely amazed at how it was done - the pilot climbed up on the wing, and the ground staff handed him buckets with aviation fuel for him to pour through a large funnel into the tank. Great!


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