Guyana Warnings and Dangers

  • Trust me, there are 77 bites - I counted them!
    Trust me, there are 77 bites - I counted...
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Guyana Warnings and Dangers

  • Taxi driver -Written by a South African...

    Clearly, the Guyana taxi industry lives by two codes"we'll get you there - dead or alive" and "we'll brake when we hitsomething". As a passenger you're just shrapnel from a flyingbullet.It doesn't matter which route you take. For tourists there are onlytwo rules:1) get in the vehicle quickly or it will take off without y! ou, as one ofour...

  • Reporters held at gunpoint in Guyana

    Reporters held at gunpoint in Guyana Published on Tuesday, May 29, 2007 Email To Friend Print Version Reporters held at gunpoint in Guyana Published on Tuesday, May 29, 2007 Email To Friend Print Version By Gordon French Caribbean Net News Guyana Correspondent Email: GEORGETOWN, Guyana: For the third time in less than...

  • Warning!

    This is a 3rd world country. Many guyanese see you as a rich target. You will be bringing with you more items and money than most make in a year! Be very careful where you travel. Know someone. Get an escort to assist you.For $30.00 U.S. you can hire a guide to take you anywhere for the day. He will keep you in the proper places. More than...

  • Bandits in Guyana target bank customers

    Bandits in Guyana target bank customersThursday, May 25, 2006 by Gordon FrenchCaribbean Net News Guyana CorrespondentEmail: gordon@caribbeannetnews.comGEORGETOWN, Guyana: Police in Guyana have alerted the public to a new risk of bandits, using great skill and communication, trailing customers who have conducted transactions at commercial banks in...

  • Dust

    As most of the roads are sand or gravel, be aware that oncoming traffic causes an awful lot of dust. Particularly if you are travelling in a non aircon vehicle, make sure you close the windows before the truck approaches, otherwide you will arrive at your detination a rather unbecoming shade of red!

  • Fear of capsize

    I saw this sign on the Berbice ferry and it really amused me, although it is of course a pretty serious threat!

  • Fallen trees

    The topsoil is only about six inches or so deep here in the rain forst, so any storm will bring down many trees, so will large, heavy passing trucks. Our vehicle carries a chain saw, a couple of machetes and an axe. The lads get busy, and in no time have they managed to clear the road of the tree. Having seen the size of the tree, I was sure we'd...

  • Mud

    In places the track looks completely and totally impassable. I would NEVER have attempted to drive along this track. It really is too much!Guess what? We get stuck!I take my hat off to four wheel drive vehicles in general, and in particular to these drivers!After a few nervous minutes of sliding back and forth, slipping deeper into this mushy...

  • Spiders

    We saw very many spiders during our time in the rain forests of Guyana. Not much knowledge was held by the guides about the names and venomousness (is that a word?) of these insects, so I would recommend that unless you are 100% sure that the spider is not poisonous - stay well clear!This tarantula was in our sink on the last morning we spent in...

  • Big Bugs

    I have never in my entire life seen so many enormous bugs as I did here in Guyana. Not that they particularly bother me - I leave them alone and they (hopefully) leave me alone! If you do not like creepy crawleys, I would not venture into Guyana's hinterland - they are everywhere!

  • Flies

    Wearing a head torch has its advantages, as it frees your hands to do other things. The disadvantage is that light attracts flies, and the last thing you want right by your head is a large swarm of flies! We went through one such mass of these pesky little things, that they'd enter your nose as you breathe in! Yuk! A head net stops this happening.

  • Mosquitos

    The first night in Surama, I slept with my left hand up against the mosquito net. I woke in the morning to find 77 mosquito bites on my knuckles alone! The bites were so tightly packed together that they had trouble to find room to swell, making my hand look very odd indeed. Oh, and it itched like hell for a number of days!

  • Poisonous trees

    Peter was very unfortunate in that some poison from a trre in the forest affected his ankles. We don't know exactly what happened, but it appears that his bites, and/or heat rash got terribly infected. It became so bad that he was unable to partake in any of the activities - he had great trouble walking! Eventually he was able to visit a medic...

  • Allergic reaction

    Although in fact I always end of with more bites than my husband David, he sometimes gets an allergic reaction to his, causing great swelling. The first morning in Surama, David woke up to find that he had great trouble opening his left eye. The swelling stayed for a day or two, then he went back to being his normal handsome self. We always make...

  • Large puddles

    Even in the dry season there are puddles on the tracks the size of small lakes. In the wet season the tracks become impassable. The problem with driving into puddles is, you don't know how deep they are. As we found out! We got stuck in this enormous puddle on the way to Surama, and had to be pulled out by anoterh 4x4 vehicle.

  • Drug Traffic attracts a lot of criminals

    Drug trade is squeezed to Guyana, with its lax borders the Takatu Riveris so slender a border between Guyana and Brazil that speedboat taxis skimacross it in a minute. In the dry season, villagers ford it by jeep oreven on foot.

  • Travelling overland can be rough.

    As I mentioned in my overview, security is reputed to be a problem here in Guyana. It´s best to be on alert and take the usual sensible precautions that you would take in any capital or large city. Georgetown is a very friendly town and we enjoyed our stay here very much.Also, be prepared for the rough ride if travelling overland from Brazil. This...

  • Guyana is a land free from...

    Guyana is a land free from natural disasters the only thing you would have to worry about are the burgulars... they like to prey on unsupecting individuals...... fortunately, this is only in certain depressed areas but don't worry much because there is lots of police protection. And then of course......the beggers.... but its nice giving its a...

  • Light attracts bugs, lots of them

    It is customary to sleep under mosquito net to keep from getting Malaria. One night I forgot to turn off the light over may bed, at my return, my net was covered with flying insects attracted by the light with tens walking all over my net. Very interestinc collection but not the kind of sight to fall asleep on. I turned on another light, turned off...

  • Don't walk around Georgetown...

    Don't walk around Georgetown at night. Don't take a ride in just any taxi. Use a hotel taxi and make arrangements for a pick-up or call for one. Even in broad day light foreigners have been targetted for muggings.

  • I was 19 years old and every...

    I was 19 years old and every few weeks, someone would ask me to marry them in order to come live in Canada: Most of the time these were mothers talking on behalf of their daughter. I was not shopping for a wife otherwise ...

  • Nights are very dangerous in...

    Nights are very dangerous in Georgetown. Lost of 'Chock and Rob' wit a knife. I was lucky to be in the Capital during the Jim Jones suicides. FBI agents had little tolerance for getting robbed. Actually 5 people were killed by FBI agents during the period of their investigations. That was a historic moment when a white person could fairly safely...

  • Pick pockets back then were...

    Pick pockets back then were super bright in their workings. They usually dressed up as buisiness men thus giving the elusion of someone safe.Today, I guess it would be the same in Georgetown as it is in any other city around the world.

  • Politically unstable. As a...

    Politically unstable. As a tourist be on the lookout.Today's Guyanese are few - only about 700,000 - but they are richly diverse, descendants of East Indians, Africans, native Amer-Indians, Chinese, and Europeans. They speak English and worship in Christian churches and Hindu temples and Islamic mosques. Yet if this place is known at all from the...


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Guyana Warnings and Dangers

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