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  • Presidential Palace
    Presidential Palace
    by DSwede
  • Asuncion's Time Square
    Asuncion's Time Square
    by DSwede
  • watch what you buy
    watch what you buy
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     Quick digest of the country 

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     Safe haven for criminals 

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     If you visit Paraguay, you have to see Asuncion 

Asunción Things to Do

  • Museo Ferroviario (Railroad Museum)

    Paraguay and more specifically Asuncion has the oldest railway in South American. It was started in 1857, but sadly it is no longer functional. Most of the historic lines have been removed or grown over. There is a project afoot to rejuvenate and bring back many of the sections.However, the main terminal in Asuncion is stills standing and currently...


    There are a few statues around the capital of a guy on a horse. This is probably their great hero, Jose Gervasio Artegas, wander around Asuncion and see how many you can find!


    This is one of the most famous places to visit in the capital and basically it is dedicated to all those who died and suffered under the Stroessner regime. Outside there are many souvenirs and relics for sale but i suggest that you keep your money in your pocket!

  • Palacio Legislativo (new)

    The new Palacio Legislativo is the only post-modern building in Asuncion's center, and it was in large parts financed by Taiwan. It was kind of sad to see homeless children from the neighboring shanty barracks playing on the stairs of this modern flashy building. I wonder what the legislator think when they look outside their window and see these...

  • Palacio de Gobierno

    This is probably the most imposing buiding in Asuncion (there are not that many...), overlooking the banks of the Parana. Under dictator Stroessner, approaching and photographing this building would have been a very dangerous undertaking and you could have been shot! Nowadays, it is easier to take a picture, but I still did not find a way to get...

  • Boat Rides

    Puerto Sajonia: The Club Deportivo De Puerto Sajonia offers a boat ride in the R¨ªo Paraguay aboard the Barko Kunatai, departing in Sajonia and arriving at the port in Asuncion. I believe it runs on weekends at 4:00, and costs 25,000 Grs. The sports club also offers many social, cultural, and athletic activities with facilities on both sides of the...


Asunción Hotels

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Asunción Restaurants

  • Great local cuisine (24-hr) &...

    Bolsi was recommended to me by some local friends, but since they were kind enough to offer their company, we diner together. The restaurant appears to be somewhat elegant, with linens and wine glasses, but the place was not pretentious or posh in any means.People coming here were dressed in anything from shorts and sandals to suits and dresses....

  • Local landmark with good food

    Lido Bar is not a fancy eating place, but it is a local landmark. Lots of locals come here frequently since the food is good, the service is decent and the prices are reasonable. This is not a while linen restaurant, but rather more of a diner inside or a sidewalk patio with plastic tables. Everything on the menu is good, but one thing that is...

  • Good gelato and friendly spot

    OK, this place is not in the center, so you either need to take a bus or have some friends take you. But if you like gelato it is worth it.They do serve a full menu of sandwiches and other plates, but honestly the quality and service of those is not worth it. If you don't like gelato, don't come here. And secondly, if you hear that Fredo's ice...

  • Good Italian somewhat elegant

    A friend took me here to enjoy some decent Italian and I must say, it lived up to the reputation. OK, the food was good, but the service was slightly ho-hum. Even after asking who had what, the server didn't know the menu items well enough and gave the wrong plates to the wrong people. But laughing that off, at least the kitchen staff knew how to...

  • Economic ($4) and good quality lunch...

    I walked by this place a few times while exploring the city and noticed that it was always busy during the lunch hours. As I was walking in to investigate it, some friendly locals were coming out and gave it two thumbs up.It is not the fanciest restaurant in town, but it is good quality and cheap. The restaurant is simple enough in that it is a...

  • Simple but good drinks and foods

    This is less of a restaurant and more of an coffee shop and lounge. The staff was very polite and a bit more attentive than many other places, but they were still rather relaxed.There are some tables with love lounge style couches out on a covered patio if the weather and mosquitoes are favorable. Otherwise, there are several tables inside. Since...


Asunción Nightlife

  • Local's spot with a great view

    Having a few local friends really helps to find the nice places in quick fashion. The bar Casa Clari has a great veranda to enjoy the fresh air and evenings. Couple that with a great view of the Palacio de los López, and it makes a memorable and comfortable stop.The service may not be the greatest, but it by no means bad. The prices are much less...

  • Beer bar with lots of outside seating

    Astoria is a pretty popular night spot. They do have a food menu, with decent quality, but most people come for the atmosphere and the drinks.There are two large open air patios on the main floor with overhead canopies to protect from the hot sun or possible rain. There is also a good size veranda on the second floor. Of course there are lots of...

  • Good pub and music, 7-days a week

    Kilkenny's is a lively place. I passed by nearly every day of the week and there is always something going on. Some days is more casual, but on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays it is an outright party.Early in the afternoon, the atmosphere will be more of a pub and in the later hours it can transform into a loud club depending on if there is a band...


Asunción Transportation

  • Taxis in the city

    Taxis are quite common in the city and safe too. In popular areas, there are taxi stands which should have a few waiting at all hours of the day.However, if you are having trouble finding one, are not near an established taxi stand or simply want the convenience of door-to-door service, the taxis in Asuncion are radio dispatched quickly.If you call...

  • The Airport

    Going to Asuncion by airplane still is an adventure.Most air traffic control is still by radio only; a new Spanish Air Traffic control radar will be installed in 2011.Many of the big farm owners have their own landing strips and do their own thing in the air.The North of the country is known for smuggling flights, while in the South an ever...

  • Bus Terminal

    Asuncion's bus terminal is about 4km south-east of the centre in the seemingly endless suburbs. A number of local buses connect it to the centre, just ask the people at the information desk in the terminal which ones to take. It costs 2000 Guarani (about 40 cents) for a ticket to the centre and the trip takes about 20 minutes (to reach Independence...


Asunción Shopping

  • Cheap Sourvenirs & Artisan Stuffs

    There are only a couple souvenir stores in Asuncion outside of the bus station or airport. Most of these are found around the city center. The two areas with the largest selection that I found were both close to Plaza de los Heroes:- first is the outdoor street vendors on Palma St between Iturbi and 14 de Mayo streets.- second is on the southwest...

  • Local and folk crafts

    La Recova has several shops on the outside corridor as well as inside in the larger warehouse style building. The outside walkway has a series of large white arches, so it is a very recognizable building.During the day hours, the shops will be open. None have posted hours, so it is rather hit-or-miss if they will all be open. After ~6pm they are...

  • Plastic Cans, Plastic Can, Plastic Cans

    When going into the Chaco or other inlands, it's important you bring some supplies of water and fuel.So plastic cans come in handy and there are many small businesses along the roads from Asuncion selling them. A can.


Asunción Local Customs

  • Mate (Terere)

    The Mate tea is a staple in Argentina, Uruguay, South of Brazil, and Paraguay, where you can enjoy the Mate cold (as opposed in the neighbouring countries). Try the Kurupi brand. This can become addictive! In Paraguay, Mate is called Terere and is infused with cold water whereas Paraguay's neigbours use hot water.

  • The number 108

    You will avoid any mention of the number "108" whenever you are in the company of Paraguayans.The reason for this goes back to the days of the Dictature, when homosexuality was strongly frowned upon; then one day one of the newspapers outed a list of 108 names, all supposedly practicing homosexuals.And since then, a "108" is understood to be a...

  • Asunción Hotels

    47 Hotels in Asunción

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Asunción Warnings and Dangers

  • Parking "Attendants" on public streets

    Mostly limited to Asuncion, many of the public streets have unofficial parking attendants who will no doubt approach you as you are parking and demand some money. The ruse is that the money will secure your vehicle from any mishaps. However I´m told that most of the time it is the very same people who cause the damage if they are not paid.A couple...

  • Heat

    The heat in summer in Asuncion can be oppressive. Prepare yourself, wear a hat and something light. There are some nice local cotton shirts you can buy in Paraguay. Winters are cooler and more 'agradable'.

  • The local runway

    The runway of the International Airport is not to reliable, as this Iberia DC10 found out in 1981. Nowadays the surface is even more slippery.


Asunción Off The Beaten Path

  • Remanso - Riverside fishing village

    While I could have easily written this under "restaurants", I believe even though there are many food options, it really belongs in the category "Off the Beaten Path".While I did come here with some local friends, even they had not all been here before. It is something very unique but does require a bit of effort to get here (either private car or...

  • Art in its most direct state

    This a bit ambiguous "off-the-beaten-path" tip. Litteraly it depends on the "point of view". On the side this picture was taken is the modern building of the Senat and some other monstrosity representing a bank and/or the UN. The opposite side is hugged by a slum, a fact that almost automatically makes it of the beaten path since most of the travel...

  • Yaguaron

    Yaguaron's landmark is a18th century church, which was built by the Guarani indians under Franciscan supervision. The inside is entirely made of carved wood and is particularly interesting.


Asunción Sports & Outdoors

  • DSwede's Profile Photo

    by DSwede Updated May 23, 2012

    There is a large park, and as matter of fact, that is exactly what its name means - Large Park. But in Guarani, so maybe most people don't know that.

    Located out of the north side of town, near the airport, the park is open 24-hrs a day and is free of charge. There is a fence around the entire perimeter, with access only through gateways. The inside of the park is patrolled so it relatively safe, even in the late hours.

    For locals and visitors who find it difficult to go jogging in the city due to traffic or lack of good paths, this is the place to come. Likewise, there are several kilometers of biking paths too. But as you would expect from a park, there is lots of open green space. There are a few play areas for kids too. There are basketball courts, tennis courts, skating areas, etc.

    Equipment: The park does not offer any equipment of any kind, only basic services like bathrooms and a few food kiosks.

    You may need sun cream and insect repellent.

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Asunción Favorites

  • Tourist Information

    Tourist information for Paraguay is rather limited, particularly in English. However what strides are being made are being done so by the local tourist board (SENATUR).The website is obviously available 24/7, but it sometimes lacks the specific details that help make a detailed itinerary possible. It will however give you a much better idea of what...

  • Bolivian Embassy in Asuncion

    The Bolivian Embassy and Consulate are in the same compound(a former private home) at 6421 Campos Cervera Street at the intersection of Ytororo Street in the residential Villa Morra neighborhood. Telephone (021) 601-999 / 660-620. Take any bus from the historic center that indicates "Lopez" Avenue for Guarani 2,100(US$.45) and get off a few blocks...

  • various

    Main cell line companies are:1. Vox: 3. Porthable: Tigo 4. Personal: To access internet, I’m told Tigo is the best provider offering a 128kbit/sec connection with unlimited traffic for US$50/month - you must buy US$15 in calls per month. Porthable does not...


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