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Pisac Highlights

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     unique qualities of ruins,their approach,surroundings beauty 

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     Usually you don´t have the time on the tour ... 

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     Ancient and modern in one valley 

Pisac Things to Do

  • Explore the markets

    Písac is a village located on the Urubamba River in the Sacred Valley. It is a popular place to stop on the way to Ollantaytambo and is famous for its markets which are held each Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.There is plenty of Peruvian craft for sale but the local market is fascinating and some lovely fresh fruit can be bought for a few Sol. It is...

  • Pacing the Pisac Market

    The Pisac Market in Cusco is a classic open air tourist market consisting of fifty or so booths owned by local merchants. All manner of T-shirts, woolen sweaters, hats, and gloves, alpaca blankets, tapestries, toys, belts, postcards, arts and crafts, and other goods can be purchased here. Merchants are accustomed to bargaining and prices can often...

  • Famous Market

    Definitely go to the famous Pisac market to find great bargains on local handicrafts, pottery, jewelry, textiles, alpaca scarves and sweaters. This is the place to haggle away until you get to a mutually acceptable price. Although the alpaca scarves and sweaters here are mostly synthetic and not 100% genuine, it is still worth the purchase for me...

  • Visit the Inca city in Pisac

    Here, you're in for a real treat. The panoramas from here are outstanding, and you won't believe your eyes! It is beautiful!!! Make sure you take your time walking if you are not yet acclimatized, since there is lots of steps to climb and it will make you out of breath. Totally worth the effort!

  • Be curious and explore

    This little church was found behind the craft market. Just a nice find trying to get away from the sales people.

  • Visit the Pisac craft market

    The Pisac craft markets are well known in the Sacred Valley. There is booths after booths of stuff, for all your souvenir needs for your family and friends waiting for you at the airport when you go back home. Remember to barter as hard as the locals want to sell their stuff. As I have been around, the articles are all the same between the cities,...

  • Check out the llamas and alpacas

    Right before entering Pisac, there is a llama and alpacas farm. If you are lucky, your bus driver will stop for you to take a look and your guide will explain the differences between the species.

  • Stop at the lookouts

    You will be rewarded with tremendous views over the sacred valley, over the mountains, over the terraces. Get out of the bus and capture the moment!

  • Visit the Ruins

    When I was in Pisac, I didn't get the chance to do this because I was suffering from headaches the first day I arrived in Peru, but I heard that visiting the ruins is worth the strenuous climb up the large mountainside terrace.

  • Outdoor Shopping

    The outdoor market in Pisac happens every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Basically it consists of many stalls covered with tarps selling various wares from jewerly, alpaca made products, leather goods, art and one end even has a produce market for the local Peruvian people. Its much like the flea markets back in the States. The market is colorful...

  • Pissac Markettttt!!

    Everytime i`m in Cusco i can`t miss going to the Pisac market..there are so many nice things to buy.....bags, pretty silver jewelry with beautiful stones..textiles, etc......some prices are higher than in the city but you will see things that you can`t find in Cusco....so get ready to go shopping.

  • Vist the market

    The market is open on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. We went there on a Thursday and it was in full swing.


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Pisac Restaurants

  • Yummy Empanadas

    There is an "empanaderia" in Pisac market. We bought cheese and chicken empanadas. Both selections were quite tasty. It's a quick order to-go type of place and so you can bring it with you and eat it on the way if time is limited. various selection of empanadas

  • The Trout is Awesome

    Semani Wasi Restaurant has the best trout I have ever had in my life. The restaurant is located on the end of the market with the produce. It houses a hostel as well and you basically eat in the courtyard of the hostel which is quite nice. The owner must have a fondness for birds because there are many in cages around the courtyard. Also you will...

  • Barbecue cuy

    In the Pisac market, before you get to the main square, there is this courtyard with a huge stove which they serve cuy (guinea pig) from. I didn't have time to try it.

  • Choclo

    You will find many street vendors selling bolied corn. It is delicious and sooo big! And so cheap, just 40 cents for each. You can have it with or without cheese.I tried the plain one, and I highly reccomend it, so fresh and warm...

  • Terraces around the market

    Apart from wandering around the market stalls, one of my best experiences there was sitting at a terrace by the main square and watching the people go by. I did so because I wanted to paint some watercolors and this was a perfect observation place. I had a coca leaf tea, recommended for altitude sickness.

  • Eat at the stalls

    Around the central market square you will find many street vendors selling local food. Is cheap and delicious and you see them cooking it right there. Forget your prejudices and sit with the locals, point at what smells best and go for it!PS.: Speaking some spanish helps in understanding basically what are you eating :-)))


Pisac Transportation

  • Start at the top of the ruins

    Make sure you start at the top of the ruins. Our taxi driver missed on turn-off so we started around mid-level. He later figured it out an dtook us to the very top.

  • How to get there

    Most tourits come here in groups from Cuzco, the nearest big town. They come for a half day trip, a visit to the market, a visit to the ruins and back to Cuzco. You can do that for about 6 USD.But there is a cheaper way. Many minibuses (colectivos) go to Pisac on sunday, as it's market day. They leave from the south part of Cuzco, and take you...

  • Getting there and around

    There are plenty of small buses and micro-buses that ply the roads within the Sacred Valley. This are usually short rides (couple of hours tops). Although it may not be the most comfortable experiece, it sure beats hiring a cab or a tour. The cost per hour travelled is usually under $1 USD. Pisac lies about one hour from Cusco by bus.To get to the...


Pisac Shopping

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  • The Market

    Pisac is rather small and ,with the exception of a few historical attractions, there is not a lot to see. It's best to go to Pisac on TUE, THU, or SUN which are the days that the market is open. Take your time and browse at the market. Each stand carries similar items but sometimes it takes a little patience to find the right color, the right...

  • Wool items

    In sunday market there are a lot of stalls selling souvenirs, and wool items made of alpaca generally: pullovers, scarfs, gloves... They are basically the same price as in Cuzco, but you might find some more variety here, and you can even bargain a little more here than in Cuzco stores.

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Pisac Local Customs

  • Cuy

    In Peru, guinea pig or cuy is a common dish. My husband had fried cuy in a restaurant and he said it tastes a lot like pork. Literally its served splayed out like a chicken on a skewer, still complete with its little hooves. This is not for the squeemish to eat because you have to chew it off of the bone like fried chicken. My husband also said for...

  • Hats

    If you wander around the sunday market you will find people from many different ethnic groups. Women use to wear distinctive hats, different depending on which group they come from. Most of them are colourful and very nice to look at.

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Pisac Tourist Traps

  • Is it real or not?

    When you are out in the market in Pisac, you will find that many of the merchants try to sell you clothing made of "baby alpaca". However, often times these goods are mainly acryllic or llama with a tiny amount of alpaca in them. Be very careful to not buy goods made out of llama if you plan on getting the clothing wet. Llama, when wet, spells...

  • Go to the upper ruins

    If you take a taxi in Pisac to visit the ruins, drivers will normally take you to the lower entrance and wait you there till you finish. BUT if you wanna visit ALL the ruins you will have to climb up to the top part and then return to the same entrance where the taxi is. Instead, you can tell the driver to take you to the upper entrance, and wait...

  • visit the WHOLE site!

    a lot of tours operators visit ONLY the main sanctuary avoiding the upper ruins,highly interesting too!AVOID visiting ruins on SUNDAY,mainly during high season (because market!) take a taxi or a small van to go to the upper part of the ruins...and from the top ,walk down peacefully through the WHOLE site to pisac main square!


Pisac Off The Beaten Path

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    The brick oven

    by vanessadb Updated Dec 4, 2002

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    If you stand back to the church, as I am standing in the picture, and go to your left (thus leaving the main square and walking down a little pedestrian street), approximately 300 meters on your left side, you will see an open arch which takes you to a small patio. In front of you, you'll see a brick oven. Ask the man standing in front of it for an empanada coming out from the oven, you won't regret it!

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Pisac Favorites

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  • Shoe shine

    You will find many kids around asking you for "shoe-shine, 1 sol". They don't really bother and are nice and friendly, so if your shoes are dusty go for it!

  • Terraces

    If you go up to the ruins you will see many terraces around. They were made by the incas to grow corn and other plants. Doing terraces was the only way to develop agriculture in this mountanious regions.

  • Not only sundays

    Pisac is famous for its sunday markets, but even if you don't come on sunday the little village deserves a visit for its narrow white streets, beautiful central square and marvellous ruins. Many agencies include it in tours around the Sacred Valley. On weekdays there is no market, but you will find a few souvenir shops around too.


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