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  • Restaurants
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    Full of local people, benches surround...
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Most Viewed Restaurants in Lima

  • Five_And_Two's Profile Photo

    Café Verde: Carefully Made Coffee

    by Five_And_Two Written Jun 1, 2014

    This cafe is always busy because everyone in the area knows it's the best! The coffee made here is carefully created. They roast their own coffee beans, and then work hard to pull excellent espresso. They have free WiFi and lots of little tables to pack people in. This cafe manages to be nice, while still comfortable and friendly-feeling.

    Favorite Dish: I love their mocha because the flavor blend is excellent; the chocolate is not too sweet either.

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  • Five_And_Two's Profile Photo

    Central Restaurante: Delicious & Unique

    by Five_And_Two Updated Jun 1, 2014

    I have been to Central twice; once with friends, and once with my husband on the night we got engaged! This restaurant is lovely, both elegant and modern. They are very focused on celebrating Peruvian cuisine, but experiment with different ways to interpret it. All of the dishes we have ordered here have been interesting, flavorful, and very approachable.

    They also have some unique initiatives that they are carrying out directly in the restaurant like bottling and purifying water, as well as maintaining a fresh herb garden on the roof. The owner of the restaurant was kind enough to give my husband and I a tour of these things the first time we came here since we were so interested in his ideas.

    Highly recommend!

    Favorite Dish: Not exactly a dish, but with every order they provide samples of different breads and seasoned butter spreads that they have created--fun and delicious!

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  • littlebush's Profile Photo

    No idea: Local menu

    by littlebush Written Apr 22, 2014

    Just a couple of blocks from our hostel by miraflores main square are a row of local cafés with set menus

    We didn't understand half of it but I ended up having a feast of ceviche starter and beef with rice and potatoes as a main and some interesting yellow drink, all for 10 soles (£2).

    A great local experience

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  • hawkhead's Profile Photo

    Orale Mi Cuate: Authentic!

    by hawkhead Written Mar 9, 2014

    Came upon this restaurant on a Sunday afternoon when all other places failed us by having long waiting times. It is not a restaurant in the Miraflores sense of the word - more of a cafe. Small tables and metal chairs. The food is excellent and I would say authentically Mexican. The man in charge (owner?) is extremely hospitable. He is keen to make sure you choose what you want and for you to know what each dish consists of. All food is cooked to order. The tortillas are very good, being cooked freshly on site.

    Favorite Dish: Any

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  • hawkhead's Profile Photo

    Maverly: I'll go back!

    by hawkhead Written Feb 9, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You come in off the street into a bar area with tables, which gives onto a small room, which gives onto a further larger room.Rustic. Tables are cross-cuts of tree trunks. Service is pleasant and efficient. Food arrives HOT! It is obviously cooked to order.

    The restaurant is not posh or elegant - it just serves good food at a reasonable price.

    Favorite Dish: I had rissotto a los langoustinos and my guest had fettucini with shrimp sauce. Both were excellent, with lots of shimp. Portions are large but not overly so for a leisurely lunch.

    The pizzas looked to be very large - consider sharing. Or else order a half.

    We shared a jug of sangria, which was good. Although the menu doesn't list them, other alcoholic drinks are available e.g. beer - just ask.

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  • hawkhead's Profile Photo

    Los Ventillos de Gemma: A pleasant place

    by hawkhead Updated Feb 7, 2014

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We had the menu del dia at S/.15 each. This is towards the upper end for menus del dia but about average for the type of restaurant and location and clientele. You have a choice of four first courses, four second courses, 2 desserts, and a soft drink (you have no choice of this). We had palta rellenos (stuffed avocado) and pescado a la plancha (grilled fish, with vegs and rice). Dessert was either cake (kay-key) or melon. Cake was a bit dry but okay. When the second course came I asked, curiously, if it was meant to be served cold. Almost before the words were out of my mouth, the two plates were whisked away and I saw them being dumped in the kitchen. About five minutes later, two fresh plates were brought, with steaming food! The restaurant is housed in an old colonial house - two rooms with tables to the left and straight ahead, plus tables in the courtyard. Kitchens and loos to the right. We sat in the courtyard, which was cool and quiet. Clientele is mainly civil servants from the nearby government offices, etc. and one or two tourists.

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  • hawkhead's Profile Photo

    La Teteria de la Catedral: Within the Cathedral Confines

    by hawkhead Written Jan 24, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Cathedral of Lima is on the tourist trail in Lima. However, what may not be so well known is that within its walls is a tea room and shop, also loos.

    The tea room is just that - a place where one can have a cuppa. There is an extensive choice, ranging from white tea to decaffeinated Earl Grey. Soft drinks and water are also sold. Cakes as well. Teas are S/.10, soft drinks S/.4, water S/3, and cakes around S/.10 for a generous slice. Between 16.00-17.00 is Tea Happy House when tea and cake is S/.15. The seating area is in a patio with a cooling breeze. The chairs are low and comfortable, and the tables are low as well. Upholstery and umbrellas are purple, matching the lavender flowers used as decoration!

    The shop has reasonable prices and a good range of items. The loos are clean.

    A very welcome oasis on a hot and sticky afternoon. It's just a pity that I don't believe one can access the tea room unless one has already paid the Cathedral entrance.

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  • AVSENT's Profile Photo

    McDonalds: It's Different All Over The World

    by AVSENT Written Jan 11, 2014

    i like to go to this fast food chain to see what the local favorites are. Leaving Lima, I tried out the "Saltadita" a knock off word probable from saltado. It was a single burger with saltado style onions and tomatoes. This is nice change from your everyday McDonalds burger.

    Saltadita (left)
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  • hawkhead's Profile Photo

    Papacho's: Burgers but not as you know them!

    by hawkhead Written Dec 31, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is Gaston Acurio's answer to 'the burger joint'! A very extensive list of burgers, all with a twist. There's a choice of about 15 different ones, plus some sandwiches and other foods. All burgers served with choice of french fries, sweet potato french fries, or onion rings, or salad.

    Pros: meat cooked to order. Well-done doesn't mean burnt and crispy.

    Cons: noisy. Very busy on the weekends. Service a bit hit and miss.
    Hamburger buns, while better than average, could be improved to be less sweet and more robust to withstand hand-eating.

    No children's menu. Portions are huge.

    Favorite Dish: Any burger, depends on one's particular taste! Good value for money.

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  • grandmaR's Profile Photo

    Street Vendors: From the Bus or Boat

    by grandmaR Updated Sep 4, 2013

    We saw street vendors from the bus, and also saw a restaurant on the waterfront when we took our boat tour.

    What might they be selling?

    In Lima, street vendors sell breakfast quinoa (a grain-like crop cooked down to a thin porridge) in the mornings, mixed with fruit and served hot or cold, depending on the weather. Sandwich stands are literally everywhere serving up delicious deep-fat-fried dough in ball form with either yucca or sweet potato flour or Peru’s version of the donut, called a picaron. The latter is served with a syrupy sauce

    An elderly woman will often be seen selling her homemade specialty of Churros to pedestrians. There may also be vendors who sell sweetbreads and other desserts from a wheeled cart.

    Favorite Dish: Unfortunately I did not get to try any of these delicious looking treats

    Food stand from the bus Fast food chicken Inca Cola sign Restaurant from the boat
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  • Orchid's Profile Photo

    Norkys Miraflores (Solar!): Feeds a Family of 5 for a Week

    by Orchid Written Apr 5, 2013

    This establishment is the 'fancy' Norky's, aka Solar!, on the 2nd floor with a clear plastic roof, palms and a more sophisticated ambiance than the more common fast food versions of the brand.

    So this is where one goes for a 'fine dining' Norky's experience.

    The food was, as at all Norky's, plentiful and tasty. The Ceviche, the anticuchos and the mixed grill were all good, and our party of five had to pass on the deserts (which looked excellent) on account of being filled to pussy's bow.

    Service was prompt and efficient. Top marks for a good night out

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  • MalenaN's Profile Photo

    Bar Restaurante Cordano

    by MalenaN Written Jun 11, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Bar Cordano is an old restaurant in the Historic Centre. It was established already in 1905 and has been declared a historical monument. While I was there eating two groups of tourists walked through the bar with their guide, just stopping to look around.

    The atmosphere was very nice and I enjoyed my meal Pescado Vapor with papaya juice. It was S30 (August 2011).

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  • TooTallFinn24's Profile Photo

    Tantas: Good Peruvian Food in Central Lima

    by TooTallFinn24 Written Nov 15, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This was the first meal we had in Peru. There were four of us. We were looking for some place where we could eat outside because it was a warm winter day. So we arrived at Tanta in old town. There is another Tanta's in Mira Flores.

    I had the Tanta version Papa La Huancaina. The dish consisted of potatoes Sliced Boiled Potatoes spicy yellow sauce (which contains Turmeric) served on top of lettuce greens. There was a distinct taste of egg and cheese in the dish. It was good even though when it arrived at the table I had my doubts.

    My wife had a pulled pork sandwich. We couldn't remember the Spanish word for it but she indicated it was good and it had a dark sauce almost like a mole sauce. The other people in the party had cerviche. They indicated that Tanta's cerviche was quite good. It was served with fruit that looked like oranges and lemons.

    We all had a couple rounds of Pisco sours. For those of you not familiar with this drink it consists of pisco, lemon or lime juice, egg whites, syrup, and bitters. The pisco sours at tantos were very good and hit the spot. After the second pisco sour I could definitely fill it and ended up walking around downtown Lima a lot slower that day.

    None of us had any desert. The cost was higher than we expected. For four it was about $75.

    Favorite Dish: The Papa La Huancaina definitely was good and unique.

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  • Las Tejas: Great food, great service, cheaper than Astrid &G

    by jonty-cooke Written Aug 5, 2011

    Top service and great food in this local family friendly restaurant. Not 5 star like Astrid and Gaston but excellent all the same and of course cheaper.

    Favorite Dish: The house Ceviche served in a giant artichoke. Delicious

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  • K-nalla's Profile Photo

    La Antigua Taberna Queirolo: A must go to

    by K-nalla Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The oldest and more renown destillery in Lima, Santiago Queirolo is the place to go for a good pisco and wine, great beer, awesome food (try the escabeche de pescado) and an atmosphere that youll remember for the longest. Founded in the 1800, or sometime BC not sure, Queirolo has been a watering hole for generations and generations of thirsty peruvians. Best part, despite how big it is, is a locals place. Right next door, bottles of pisco and wine can be sampled and purchased if you fell like it. Inside the taberna, just grab a seat and one of the "Queirolos" will be with you (its family run). Get a bottle of Pisco, pick your mix (coke, 7up, etc) and theyll be back with the licor, the mixand a littlebucket of ice for ou to make your own concoction, some people ask for jarabe the goma to make their own Pisco Sour. Delicious. Or try the tabernamade pisco sour (9 soles in 2006) to get a kickstart for the afternoon. On gamedays this a fabuluous place to be as all the tables get filled w/thristy (but safe) futbol fans.....

    photo courtesy of camirtw

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