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  • Changing of the Guard at the Palacio De Gobierno
    Changing of the Guard at the Palacio De...
    by TooTallFinn24
  • Parque del Amor
    Parque del Amor
    by barryg23
  • Shanty town on Cerro San Cristobal
    Shanty town on Cerro San Cristobal
    by Orchid

Lima Highlights

  • Pro
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    risse73 says…

     historical sites, impressive architecture, old world charm 

  • Con
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    chancay says…

     somewhere too big, a bit too chaotic 

  • In a nutshell
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    cbeaujean says…

     behind the appearances,you'll find charm and seduction 

Lima Things to Do

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  • District Of Miraflores

    We arrived on December 14 2013 and checked into the Hotel Casa Andina Private Collection in Miraflores, Lima, Peru. It was located near the heart of Miraflores about 2 blocks from JF Kennedy Park where we went shopping and had a great variety of restaurant. We then walked to the seafront shopping mall of Larcomar. Great views here and we had our...

  • Museos - Museums

    This museum has to rank alongside the Larco for interest, information and organisation. It is situated in the Bodega y Quadra House located next to the old railway station. A big plus over the Larco - it is FREE! Open: 09.00-17.00 - Tuesday - Sunday The Museo de Sitio Bodega y Quadra exhibits artifacts of the colonial and republican period found...

  • San Francisco Church And Convent

    The church and monastery of Saint Francis were consecrated in 1673 and completed in 1774. The church, built in the Spanish Baroque style, survived earthquakes in 1687 and1746 but was extensively damaged in 1970. The complex was World Heritage listed in 1991 as part of the Historic Centre of Lima. One of the most interesting features of the...


Lima Hotels

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Lima Restaurants

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  • La Rosa Nautica

    Dispite the media and local security guards warning, we found it extremely safe and secure in wandering around that market place, foods are extremely cheap, full of local people, just a few of us tourist. Spanish speaking in communication at all time, is a must, and of course, body language is a plus, just point to what you want or sit down and...

  • Astrid and Gaston

    I had the scallops melt in your mouth type cusine with cream in the shell. I also had the Lamb the meat close to the bone was soft and excellent but the outter part was a bit tough. I need to return and try more dishes here. its that good. The prices are a bargain for Peruvian Cusine back home easily twice the price if not 3 times in San Francisco.

  • Authentic!

    Came upon this restaurant on a Sunday afternoon when all other places failed us by having long waiting times. It is not a restaurant in the Miraflores sense of the word - more of a cafe. Small tables and metal chairs. The food is excellent and I would say authentically Mexican. The man in charge (owner?) is extremely hospitable. He is keen to make...


Lima Nightlife

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  • Don't Go Here For Pizza

    Yes, if want "really" Crappy Pizza go here. If you want to drink and sing karaoke and party late; go here. In the day time you "might" get some good food here but, really it gears up at night as a block long section of bars. The bar scene really kicks in on the weekends. Casual

  • Criollisimo

    Creo q lo mas bacan es q los dueños son gente joven asi q te entienden y se preocupan por ellos mismos estar diviertiendose mientras el show y la noche corren, y ellos mismos corren pues son ellos los q estan de mesa enmesa viendo a la gente. Llamar antes para saber si hay musica en vivo, definitavemente es lo q mas divierte. El ambiente es pequeño...

  • Bar, lost of cocktails, low prices

    If you want to star your night you must star here, BW BAR have the best prices, great music, great food and is very comfortable, you can go alone or in group. It is near everything in Lima so you can go after to dance or what ever.The bar is also a gallery, so if you find something interesting, they give you name and phone number of the artist....


Lima Transportation

  • Taxis

    Ok, so taxis regulated by the airport are your best bet. I chose Green Taxi. I was not disappointed. I was met by a younger driver (well dressed like all the limo drivers) and was surprised that he spoke english quite well. Well we talked about this and that; and after awhile I realized that I could make arrangements to have him take me back to the...

  • Combis Y Micros - Buses

    If you wanna go from the airport to the centre, the most economical way is the Urbanito bus. It is a private shuttle that stops in: - Centre: 6 USD - Miraflores, Barranco: 8 USD It is safe, but IT ONLY LEAVES WHEN FULL, so you might have to wait for very long to leave. To buy a ticket, you will find a desk after passing customs, still inside the...

  • Con Avion - By Plane

    It seemed to me that the basis of travel in Peru is by overnight. Those Andean passes take some getting through and those journey times are long, slow and usually at the most anti social hours of the day. I took a look at air travel and the cheapest internal flights I seen by miles were peruvian airlines. I took a flight with them from Lima to...


Lima Shopping

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  • One Of The Best Malls

    This is like an american mall/boardwalk. Next to/or on the beach; this is an upscale mall for great shopping and dining. The restaurants. Some restaurants are pricey

  • Mucho Grande

    This is one of the biggest malls I've ever seen or been to. Two stories tall and shop after shop. Great place to go shopping. There is even a grocery store for picking up things for the hotel (snacks, etc). They have all the designer names present and local flavors as well. It comes with a giant food court as well. This mall and Larco Mar are the...

  • Peruvian fashion, great designers and...

    If you are around Miraflores and want to see some designer clothing from Peru, you have to stop by Trend Studio. The boutique is small and cozy and houses garments from the hottest designers in Peru. You will find pret a porter garments for men and women in baby alpaca, organic cotton, peruvian silver, wool and many other peruvian...


Lima Local Customs

  • Lomo Saltado

    This Peruvian dish is one of my favorites. Served with rice and fries, this beef dish is stir fried with tomatoes and onions.

  • Pisco Sour

    This is something else you should try while in Lima. The Pisco Sour is just that-somewhat sour.It reminded me of a vanilla milkshake with tequila and lime juice. Of course, it's not tequila but Pisco- and egg whites not ice cream. i don't like sour too, much and it made the milk taste like soured milk. So, it was good as in OK, but not great like...

  • Inka Cola

    This is a carbonated beverage that reminds me of Cream Soda in the US. It's sweet and not real flavorful. I only like it chilled well or with ice.


Lima Warnings and Dangers

  • Police Presence

    There were a lot of police and army around Lima when we were there. I'm not sure if this was because of the big APEC Conference (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) that was being held while we were there with dignitaries like President Bush attending, or if this is 'normal' for Lima. I'm pretty sure the police in the Plaza Mayor (and the tanks and...

  • Traffic

    Bob had thought yesterday (Sunday) that it wouldn't be a bad place to rent a car. The streets were wide and in generally good repair. But on Monday, when he saw the regular traffic, he admitted that it wouldn't be a good idea.

  • Earthquake!

    Lima is in an active seismic zone, with the ever-present possibility of a shake.So be on the lookout for these helpful green signs which advise where the safest spot to be inside buildings in the event of seismic activity.Important in city of high rises, where it is possible that construction standards may not be of the highest standard.Of course,...


Lima Tourist Traps

  • Fools Gold in the Gold Museum

    The objects in this museum were bought from grave robbers and no proper archeological work was done, nor are they displayed in an understandable time progression. Plus much of the stuff displayed is fakes. The top of the museum had displays of armor and weapons, which is probably the best part, There is some of the gold work displayed in the...

  • Peru Customs

    Peru is a greedy country government wise. Fly into Peru, have the government tell you to pay a tax on your electronic goods. Worse, try sending yourself some parts for your computer when it dies on you. The taxes or duties or horrible. First you pay a tax in your country, then you pay to ship it, along with its set of taxes, then it arrives in...

  • Souvenirs at Lima Airport way...

    Do not buy your souvenirs at the airport. The same stuffis available all over Lima , Cusco and Aguas Calientes at a fraction of the price. I bought a Peruvian football shirt at Aguas Calientes for 30 soles... They sell the same shirt at Lima Airport for 99 soles. A key chain in Cusco costed 4 soles.... The same one, identical, at Lima airport... 29...


Lima What to Pack

  • Comfortable Walking Shoes

    Peruvians dress casually. If walking around the City Center, Miraflores, and other areas be sure and have good walking shoes. Walking shoes in Peru are not always available in a great variety of sizes.

  • Cash

    This is probably a general tip for most cities you'll travel in, but be sure you bring cash. Traveler's checks are of course safer, but you don't want to rely on them because the lines at the bank are so long. You can easily spend an hour of your afternoon waiting in line and then waiting for you bank to approve. Cash can be exchanged at lots of...

  • Sunscreen is expensive at the beach

    If you are going to the beach, you will probably want to use sunscreen and it is much cheaper to buy inland than near the beach. They sell SPF up to 100, which we thought was kind of silly, but once we got on the beach and realized how hot it could get, it made a little more sense. I don't think it increases that much in effectiveness over 50,...


Lima Off The Beaten Path

  • Museos - Museums

    Lima is by excelence, a city of museums. With more than 50 museums in the city, the best ones in Peru are located here. From public to private and from general to specialized museums, visiting them can be a good experience to know the different processes in topics like history, archaeology, anthropology, nature, culture, technology, art, religion,...

  • Watch the Monk Jump!

    Suelte del Fraire - This is a point in Barranco on the coast. It is a raw and beautiful place. While you are here there is a "monk" or a guy that walks around dressed up as a monk that will jump off the bridge between the two rocks at the point. Of course he does it for money. I'd say he is quite creative to create this job. Don't be confused he...

  • See a futbol game at the National...

    Inquire if there is a futbol game at the National Stadium while you are in Peru. It's a cheap and fun way to spend an evening. I felt safe the entire time. It was fun to be amongst the locals and the game was entertaining! Drum corps beat and fans of certain sections of the stadium stand and sing throughout the whole game. Really a fun experience....


Lima Sports & Outdoors

  • Paragliding Tandem Flight in Miraflores...

    Try paragliding with an expert pilot at the controls, in Miraflores, Lima Peru . GET OUR 10% DISCOUNT: You just need to ask for MICHAEL or CRISTINA in the administration booth of the flying site.Flying Site: Raimondi's Park in Miraflores. (close to Love's Park or Parque del...

  • Surfing

    Although the guide did not mention it, we saw surfers off the Miraflores beach. I understand there is also parasailing and such activities off the cliffs. (photo 4). The beach itself isn't that attractive.

  • Horseback Riding on the Peruvian Paso...

    At the end of our exiting holidays in Peru, we went also on a nice Horseback ride trip. We went over sand dunes, through villages, belong some facturies and over the beaches back to the stables. We rid on the Peruvian Paso Horse which is Peruvian breed and known for its smooth ride. The landowners centuries ago, breeded them this way becuase they...


Lima Favorites

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  • Plaza Mayor And Surroundings

    This square was located in the historic center of Lima. The monument in the middle was commissioned by the Peruvian government to commemorate the Battle of Callao which occurred on May 2, 1866 between a Spanish fleet under the command of Admiral Casto Méndez Núñez and an alliance of Peru, Chile, Bolivia, and Ecuador, in the Peruvian port city of...

  • District Of Miraflores

    I was in Lima last year and we had blue skies for about 5 months before the typical fog appeared. I heard many people came to Lima for plastic surgery...has anyone been/can recommend anywhere, out of interest? Gosh, talking of plastic surgery, what about cosmetic dentistry. I was searching the web and found that is in Lima....

  • District Of Barranco

    I booked a hostel in the southern district of Barranco, so had some time to wander around this beautiful quarter. Built at the beginning of the 20th century, it soon became favourite place for painters and other artists. You can find here delicious examples of art deco architecture, as this public library (Biblioteca) in the Municipal Park.


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    You might be interested to learn that on 1st February LCPeru is starting flights from Lima-Pisco.

    On 1st April, LCPeru is starting flights from Lima-Pisco-Nazca-Cusco-Lima. When you reach Pisco, you changed to another plane and have a flight over Nazca (1hr 40 mins) and then return to continue on to Cusco. Or you can stop at Pisco and do the Nazca bit and then continue on your own way by another itinerary and mode of transport.

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