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Puerto Maldonado Things to Do

  • The people

    The people are very welcoming. They wave as tourist buses go by. There is a clinic in town but I have not used it. It seems like this would be a really fun town to just spend some time in with the locals... ie the town isn't yet filed with gringos :)

  • Trip to an hacienda

    Most of the guides you will find at your lodge will probably take you to an hacienda were you will find all kinds of fruits you know and ome you don´t. I ate so many of them that I didn´t feel too good at night even though everything was very delicious at that moment.I saw a bird spider and all kinds of other interesting animals and flowers.The...

  • Natural Reserves

    Puerto Maldonado has three of the greatest natural reserves: the Manu Reserve, the National Park of Bahuaja - Sonene, the Tambopata Reserve – Candamo, They represent more than 3 million hectares. More than 1250 different species of butterflies, 20 000 types of plants, 1000 species of birds (13% of the world total) 200 varieties of mammals (7% of...

  • Ayahuasca Brew

    The Ayahuasca brew is considered by the Amazon's tribes as one of the master "teacher plants". It has been used by Shamans of the Peruvian Andes and Amazon jungle for centuries as an essential part of their traditional medicine as a way of expanding consciousness. In Quechua, the term "aya" means spirit or soul while "huasca" means rope (the soul's...

  • Lake Sandoval

    From Puerto Maldanado travel for twenty minutes on the Madre de Dios River, to the access trail to Lake Sandoval, a beautiful typical rainforest lake. It’s a very pleasant (but hot) 5 km hike to the banks of the lake. Once there you board a canoe to paddle around the lake enjoying the beauty of the landscape and observing the wildlife, such as...

  • Search for Caimans

    One of the highlights of our trip was a night boat ride to search for Caimans. You can find them close to the banks of the river and all you need is a good guide with a keen sense of sight!! They bring the Caiman onto the boat providing you with a (safe) opportunity to be close to these amazing creatures.

  • Nature Walk in the Jungle

    Enter the verdant jungle on a special trail to observe wild life – your lodge will have a trail that they use. Once in the jungle you enter the territory of peccaries, deer, and others, with the possibility to hear or see the tracks of them, or discover a troop of monkeys travelling through the forest in search of food. The trees in the jungle are...

  • Macaws and the clay lick

    If you get up at dawn (4 am) and travel up the Tambopata River for an hour and half to the Bahuaja- Sonene National Park you will see nature in all it’s glory. On the river along the way you will see a magical sunrise and it’s a great opportunity to see animals such as capybaras, tapir, Jaguar (very rare – but we saw one!!), and deer in the...

  • Exotic fruits from the market

    Like all small towns, there is a market in the center of town. The vendors sell some very exotic fruits from the Amazon jungle that I've never seen before. There is this fruit that particularly intrigued me. It's yellowish in color, looks like smaller mango, with seeds inside. I asked for the name of it, but no one could give me a straight answer....

  • juice stands

    local juicestands at the market. Have you tried passion fruit, star fruit, white tomatos, papaya and all the different combinations? The lodge we stayed in serve them every meal. I did not try them in the market.

  • Color fruit/vegetable stands in the...

    Take a 3-wheeler moter car from your hotel to the market. See how the locals copnduct their business and daily life.

  • Overnight in a tipical village in the...

    This is another amazing adventure, that I decided to put into the must see activity, altough it could be also a tip reguarding the accomodation. This is not a simply activity, as you will reach sucha a different life style, such a different culture, but all of these, makes this activity an amzing and absolutely beautifull thing, that you’ll bring...


Puerto Maldonado Hotels

  • Sandoval Lake Lodge

    Puerto Maldonado Peru, Puerto Maldonado, Peru

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 1 out of 5 stars

  • Hotel Don Carlos Puerto Maldonado

    bad hotel, no view, horrible design and dirty swim pool, no charming,

  • Refugio Amazonas

    3 hours by boat from the nearest town, Puerto Maldonado, Puerto Maldonado, 084, Peru

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

Puerto Maldonado Restaurants

  • tenorsax's Profile Photo

    El Tigre: For the best cebiche in Puerto...

    by tenorsax Written Feb 3, 2004

    If you want to eat in Puerto Maldonado, be careful where you go. Try only places where you can be sure food is prepared with high standards.

    Avoid eating in the street!

    At El Trige, you will not only eat safely, but you will able to taste the best cebiche I ever had in Puerto Maldonado.

    Also, try the "Chupe de Camarón". The picture will worth thousand words :P

    Favorite Dish: Cebiche and Chupe de Camarón (Shrimp Soup).

    Shrimp Soup!
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Puerto Maldonado Nightlife

  • nattybabe's Profile Photo

    Do the Salsa!!

    by nattybabe Written Aug 31, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Just because you’re in a small town doesn’t mean you can’t kick your heals up. There are several options for nightlife in the small town of Puerto Maldanado and although they might not be glamorous they are plenty of fun and provide a fantastic break from all the relaxation you’ve been having!!

    Dance the salsa or jive to western music either way the locals will welcome you like one of their own.

    n.b. I was there with my mother who is in her 50’s and she enjoyed herself just as much as I did. Perfect for all ages!!

    Dress Code: Anything, but everyone tended to dress to impress (for the jungle anyway)

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Puerto Maldonado Transportation

  • Airservice

    I usually travel with LAN Peru as they are a member of the Oneworld alliance and use rather new A320s which inspire confidence.There's also two other inexpensive domestic airlines Aero Condor and another one who changed name since they crashed 2 years ago. Can't remember the name but they surly can be found on the web.

  • The road to the Tambopata river

    The road from Puerto Maldonado and Infierno, where you take the boat to go to the lodges, is quite rugged. Be ready for bumps, puddles, mud and everything in between... Hopefully you won't have to get off and push...

  • Make sure you get a window seat!

    Flying to and from Puerto Maldonado is an opportunity to view the jungle from up high. Should you be lucky not to be in the clouds and in the rain, check out the views, it's awesome.


Puerto Maldonado Local Customs

  • cosmopolit's Profile Photo

    Ayahuasca ceremony

    by cosmopolit Updated May 23, 2007

    If you ever wondered about the sense of life, the universe or quantumphysics or anything you always wanted to understand.
    Ayahuasca is the spiritual teacher plant that can help you in so many ways.
    It brought wisdom about living in harmony with nature to the indians who always lived in balance with the environment.

    I've participated over the past 3 years in more than 10 ceremonies which gave me quite a breakthrough experience. This plant really can teach one a lot!
    Please also check out my other tips and the website below to find out more.

    Ayahuasca ceremonies billboard
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Puerto Maldonado Warnings and Dangers

  • Music.

    Nobody loves music more than I do, but, the jungle is a fantastic place to just listen. So, do us all a favor and don't be "that guy" who has to bring his "tunes" out into the jugle and share them with everybody else. I thought people had I-pods these days???

  • Yellow Fever

    Depending on where you come from, the Amazon in Peru is a yellow fever area. Make sure that you have your vaccinations before you arrive (or you can have one once you arrive) and keep your documentation. Many countries require that you have this vaccination and documentation in order to get back into the country. In order to get the vaccination,...

  • Cold in the Amazon???

    Although rare we arrived in Puerto Maldanado as the “freo” (cold front) set in. Imagine a plane full of people arriving in shorts and t-shirts to 10 degree Celsius weather!! It is impossible to predict when this front from Antarctica will hit and it only hits around once a year, but perhaps bring some warm clothes with you just in case as we...


Puerto Maldonado What to Pack

  • Warm clothes in the Jungle??

    Although the Amazon is usually hot, I encountered a very cold spell while I was there. So, whilst the majority of your packing should be t-shirts, pants, boots with socks, hats etc you should also bring a warm jumper and a pair of jeans. Trust me, if the “freo” hits, you won’t regret it!! Shorts are not a good idea as you will be told to tuck your...

  • all flavours of mosis but not that...

    Back-pack or dufflebag or carry-all whatever suits you best. I had a carry-all with wheels fitting into overhead locker in planes and a day pack. Light long clothes covering skin, MOSQITOES!Bathing suit, Lake Sandoval etc.Sun glasses and hat.RaincoatSun block and insect repellent. Take all your prescrition stuff and what you deem necessary for...

  • no title

    because of the mosquitoes I strongly recommend that you wear blouses or something. I am not a big supporter of insect-repellent because it's ***ing agressive and when you are in the forest with a burning eye because you forgot that you shouldn't wipe your eyes with your hands that just touched the repellent, you have a big problem, being 5 hours...


Puerto Maldonado Off The Beaten Path

  • Let the plants tell you a thing or two...

    Ever wondered why life is treating you the way it does while throwing things at you the way it is..?So was I and my time had finally arrived to find my approach to gain some insight........on life the universe and anything else as Douglas Adams would say.Hindsight tells me it's been the most important spirtitual experience in my life so far.Back to...

  • suffering ant-eaters

    There is this little zoo, next to the road to (or from) the airport. The animals look terrible so if you are sensible, don't go. But it is kind of fascinating and touching to see all these animals together and it makes you wonder: why? why? why?

  • Puerto Maldonado Hotels

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Puerto Maldonado Favorites

  • Pto. Maldonado jungle town or rather...

    This place can be used as a starting point for some very exciting trips into the rain forest with its vast biodiversity.Average annual temperature: 26°. Rain season runs from December to March.Located in the tropical rainforest of the departments of Cuzco and Madre de Dios, the Manu National Park is Peru's greatest natural reserve, for the number...

  • Banana (Platano)

    If you see this flower, I think you should know it is a banana flower.The banana plant is growing up in one year, normaly the plant is separated from the mother tree and is put in the soil where it will start to grow very rapidly.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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