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  • Football at four thousand feet
    Football at four thousand feet
    by Zanzibargirl
  • Towards Pacha Mama
    Towards Pacha Mama
    by Zanzibargirl
  • Walking towards Pacha Mama
    Walking towards Pacha Mama
    by Zanzibargirl

Isla Amantani Highlights

  • Pro
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    mikalaurila says…

     everyone was friendly and helpful 

  • Con
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    Avenge says…

     Accomodations, bathroom situation 

  • In a nutshell
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    Yso says…

     A bit touristic, but definately worth while 

Isla Amantani Things to Do

  • Sunset from Temple of Pacha Mama

    Celebrate the stunning vistas of sunset in a place that is built to worship Mother Earth. In Inca mythology, Mama Pacha or Pachamama is a fertility goddess who presides over planting and harvesting. The locals still perform rituals at this site which have been done for thousands of years. The point marks one separation point of festivities during...

  • Football at Four Thousand Feet.

    Though you are next to guaranteed to loose the game, as the locals are equipped with dealing with running around like maniacs at altitude, there is an opportunity to organise a "friendly" game of soccor on the islands cement football pitch. Test your foot skills and lung strength in the most unusual place to play soccer in the world. Afterwards you...

  • Kicking it with the Locals

    Quechua-speaking residents live on Amantani Island, frequenting Puno on the mainland every so often to visit relatives and friends. The island itself is beautiful, with greenery blanketing the land and residents’ adobe structures blending in with the earth. A hiking trail on one part of the island leads to a shrine at the top of the hill from which...

  • Get up early and see the sunrise

    Get up early and see the sunrise. How often do you get to see the sun poke up from the highest lake in the world?Wear something warm.

  • Sunset from atop Pachamama

    This is the reason we climbed up Pachamama, to see the sunset from the top.If you also come up for this reason, give yourself plenty of time to get to the top (as I said above, due to altitude the going is not easy). Also, a flashlight would not be a bad idea for the walk down in the pitch dark.

  • Climb Pachamama

    Amantani island has two hills, Pachamama (mother earth) and Pachatata (father earth). We climbed up Pachamama.Due to the altitude (+4000m), climbing it is no small feat, and probably is best to go at a slow pace. Along the way were people selling clothes/crafts, water and chocolate bars (for the extra energy I guess).

  • Futbol at Four Thousand Metres

    So, you've arrived at Lake Titicaca and the change in elevation hasn't worn you out yet? The South American love of futbol (soccer to North Americans) continues here, and you'll be welcome to participate in a game of futbol or two with the locals. As a side note - playing will really get you acclimitized to the altitude - just don't over do it.

  • Hiking at 4000m? Yes you are nuts

    There are two mountains on the Island of Amantani - and even though you're already at 4000 metres above sea level (12,000 feet), a hike up to one of the summits is a must-do. At the top of each summit is a temple (one for the sun, one for the moon) and watching the sunset, or sunrise from the top of the summit is definitely worth the hike

  • Watch the Sunset over Lake Titicaca

    Walk to the top of the Amantani Island and view the sunset over Lake Titicaca. It's a great view sitting amongst the ruins and breathing the fresh air (or trying to gulp it in because of the altitude).Leave yourself enough time to get to the top as it will take you longer because of the altitude. Frequent stops will help. Also, make sure you sip...


Isla Amantani Restaurants

  • Peruvian Home Cooked Meal

    When you stay with a family on Amantani they will cook you up some typical peruvian cuisine for dinner to keep you nourished. It consists mostly of soup, potatos, tea, bread and staple peruvian type foods. It is quite tasty though, and you really appreciate how hard it is for the locals to come by the foods that they bring to you. It is recommended...

  • No restaurants on Amantani

    As there are no restaurants on the island, the only option is eating with your family.The food was simple but good. They served us first soup and then some potatoes and other vegetables, and we finished with a tea made from I don't know what, but it was good. Meat is a rare comodity on Amantani (wich works out great for us veggies!).

  • Isla Amantani Hotels

    0 Hotels in Isla Amantani

Isla Amantani Nightlife

  • Inca Disco

    A great experience of local Peruvian folk music and dance. Get all dressed up to be wisked around the dancefloor in a series of dances native to the island and this area of Peru. It will sure keep you on your toes. Its nothing like any other disco experience you will ever have had that is for sure. Its also a great way to meet fellow tourists,...

  • Dancing

    In the evening our family lent us ponchos and the dad walked us (in the pitch dark) to a hall for a dance. The local ladies dressed in their traditional dress and got us dancing with them (wich consisted of nothing more than basically moving your arms back and forth and stepping back and forth, even an idiot could dance this).In retrospect, I found...

  • Home-Grown Disco

    On the island of Amantani, there isn't any concept of 'nightlife'. For a large portion of the island - there's not even any electricity.However, when a group of tourists visit, the locals will put on a dance at one of the buildings of the village in your honour!. Lighted wih white gas lanterns, and accompanied by a local band playing local...


Isla Amantani Transportation

  • morgr's Profile Photo
    Boats at Amantani dock, early morning.

    by morgr Written Jul 31, 2005

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The only way to get to and from Amantani Island is by boat. It is possible to just show up to the dock in Puno and arrange a ride on the spot, or you can book one in advance from travel agencies in town. From Puno by boat it is (so I heard) 4 or 5 hour trip. We caught a boat from the peninsula about 1hr drive from town, wich reduced the trip to 1 hr.

    On the island itself, the only means of transport is on foot.

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Isla Amantani Local Customs

  • You'll need to know some language basics

    On the island of Amantani, you'll need to know some basics of the Quechua language. While some residents speak a small amount of Spanish (usually the younger children), the majority of the people only speak Quechua.Good Morning Allin PunchayGood Afternoon Allin SchisiGood Evening Allin TutaGood Night PakarinkamaHello AllillanchuHow Are You?...

  • Bring Gifts

    When visiting the Island of Amantani, even if you're not staying the night, it's a good idea to bring gifts of food to the island. There's a market right near the docks of Puno set up for this exact purpose.Fruit and vegetables are especially welcome(I wouldn't bring potatoes however)

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Isla Amantani What to Pack

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    by mikalaurila Written Apr 11, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Miscellaneous: If you're going to stay on Amantani Island for a night or more...REMEMBER to take a torch! The locals like to take you out to a fiesta at night but this place does not have any electricity or 'mod-cons'! There is NO WHERE to buy a torch. If you forget then you will rely on someone with a torch to get to and from your accomodation! When they are used to the altitude they walk really fast...making it a struggle to keep up if you're not used to high altitudes!
    Trust me... a torch can make the stay a lot easier!

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Isla Amantani Off The Beaten Path

  • Maillekeul's Profile Photo

    by Maillekeul Updated Oct 25, 2003

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    On the Amantanil Island, on the main place, there is a bar that opens at 6.00 AM : after enjoying the sunrise, go there to order a coffee and drink it on the place !

    Sur l'ile d'Amantanil, sur la place principale, il y a un bar qui ouvre a 6.00 du mat' : apres avoir apprecie le lever de soleil, venez y commander un cafe que vous degusterez au soleil, sur la place !

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