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  • Hiking Taquile
    Hiking Taquile
    by Zanzibargirl
  • Arch near the main square
    Arch near the main square
    by Zanzibargirl
  • Local men meeting, wearing native dress pom poms
    Local men meeting, wearing native dress...
    by Zanzibargirl

Isla Taquili Things to Do

  • Venture away from the central plaza

    Take a lovely walk around the island to get a true feel for it.We first went to the ruins on the big hill, then just wandered around. We were amazed to see almost nobody on what was a really enjoyable walk among Inca terrasses with great views of the island and the Bolivian mountains on the other side of the lake.

  • Main Square

    After you disembark from the boat you have to climb up to the main village hiking for about 30 minutes. Then you arrive to the main square of the island, where there are many men waiting for tourists to take them pictures. Of course they wait for some tip after the pic!

  • The Lake

    Although Taquile is surrounded by water all around, the lake didn't seem to play an important role in people's life here. The villages are all uphill, and life seems to happen at a certain distance from the waters. I guess in summer people (at least tourists) may have a swim in the lake's water, they seemed clear and inviting, but I couldn't tell,...

  • Old churches

    All the villages and houses are built in red stones and there are even some old churches around, small and simple, but nice. There are not really "architectural treasures" here, but the whole thing is harmonious and it goes with the landscape...

  • Check the sunset from cerro de La Luna

    Another must see activity is simple have a great view of the sunset from el cerro de La Luna.To get there, you should consider something like an hour walk with lots of ups and downs, but the view you will reach is simply beautifull..Consider also theat you are walking at abt 4.000 m asl, so drink a lot of water....

  • Hang Around Isla Taquile- real...

    This is the tipical place for backpackers, nothig really to do here, just hang around, chill, meet people and enjoy the landscape.On the way, it will happend to meet young guys that are working making some pullovers...strange.....The perfect place, something you gotta not to miss!

  • Enjoy this Peaceful, Pictureque Island...

    Taquili Island is a unique and fascinating place. Here the island locals have maintained their way of life even in times when western culture and technology has influenced so many other unique cultures. It is not to say that they are completely unaffected because tourism provides a huge source of income to the island. However, the island people...

  • village main gate

    after climbing,follow tne stone path through the fields to main gate,just retribution for your severe efforts!

  • inca terracing remains....

    first thing you see when arriving by boat from 4100m you have to climb 833 stairs before reaching the village!


Isla Taquili Restaurants

  • Tucked away in a tiny corner of Taquile...

    Perched near an alley which weaves off from the main square this little local restaurant serves simple cuisine. Choices are few with either vegetarian option of omelette or Fish caught straight from the waters of Titicaca. You will also receive some peruvian bread and local style soup. More than enough to keep you going until you get back to the...

  • Community restaurants

    All the restaurants here belong to the community, so they offer practically the same menu and they are usually arranged for groups. Menu includes a cereal soup and trout from the lake. Dessert: tea.

  • Don't miss such opportunity!

    We have slept in the house of Mr. Moises Huatta for one night and we took our meals as well in the house...This was an amazing adventure....being in the middle of the family life, was so great!!!I would suggest it to any of you, and not only because in the evening almoust all is closed!!!


Isla Taquili Transportation

  • Walking

    Having no roads, no cars, walking is the only way to move around. Well, in fact climbing, hiking, as there are many slopes and hills in the island, no flat tracks, though is not hard to wander around.All the items imported from the mainland (nearly 70%) come by boat. Women are in charge of the transport on their backs upstairs to the village, and...

  • Boat trips from Puno

    I visited Isla Taquile in a daytrip from Puno. You can book those trips everywhere in Puno, in any agency, they are basically the same. It costed me 30 soles (about 10 USD), including a visit to Uros islands, boat to Taquile and lunch.You can also take a local ferry that is even cheaper, but in that case you can't return on the same day, you have...

  • The highest lake boat...

    We got to Isla Taquile from Puno in a three hours trip with the sheep you see on the side in the picture...The boat can be taken in Puno harbor very easily, so no worries, and no need at all to get in an agency!!!Just walk to the harbor the afternoon before and bargain the price!!


Isla Taquili Shopping

  • “Is this a shopping center?”

    In the main square there is the main shop, where all the locals are producing all their tipical stuff, from the tipical cap (single or married), pullovers, and a lot of other stuff...Here the prices are almoust fixed, isn’t so easy to bergain, and the costs are pretty high....For a cap consider to spend about 10/15 USD.

  • Embroidered Traditional Cloths

    The shop is right on the main town square and is right next to the small white church. The bright and colorful garments that the locals wear and make can be bought. You can buy the men's caps and waist bands as well as the women's multio-layered skirts and blouses. Barter, but the waist bands tend to be expensive for Peru standards. They are...

  • buy in cooperative shop on main plaza!

    why?avoid buying directly at inhabitants:if the share of money doesn't go to the collectivity,community life will disapear....if begging,buy their handicrafts instead of handing out sweets indiscriminately!


Isla Taquili Local Customs

  • Women

    In the meanwhile women do ALL THE HARD WORK. They take care of the children, the house, the crops, they carry the heavy stuff from the boats...They wear no hats, just that dark clothes on the head and colourful dresses.

  • Men

    Men have a really curious role here in Taquile. Their main task seems to be sitting at the main square all day, chatting and KNITTING! They are in charge of making the unusual clothes they wear, that are a reminiscent of the Spanish heritage.They are also in charge of the shops for tourists, selling all the stuff they knit...

  • Community

    There are just a few villages here and they are all organised in communities, so they share services and there is not really private property. All the restaurants here are run by the community and all the benefits revert into social works.In fact, if you come on your own, you have to pay an entrance fee of 2 soles (less than 1USD) that goes to the...


Isla Taquili Warnings and Dangers

  • Take it easy

    This place is really high above the sea level. No matter how long have you been getting used to altitude, you feel a lack of air in your lungs. So when walking around the island, take it easy, there is no competitions here, just enjoy the landscape, stop whenever you feel breathless.

  • Wear a pullover more!

    If you checked out also my page of Lima, you’d know that our luggages has been stolen, and so...we were in Puno district with not so many things, really unprepared to reach such temperatures...We thouth, com’on is Summer in Italy, so why shall I bring a pullover?! Damn! It was so bloody freezing cold...The north of Peru is tremendously cold after...

  • A mercantile island - Une ile mercantile

    What you must know about Taquile Island before going there is that tour companies have turned a part of it into a real market, with higher prices than in any other part of Peru. The inhabitants probably agreed to this idea, for what we can't blame them. Still, I felt like being forced to buy something (what tour companies make you understand by...


Isla Taquili Off The Beaten Path

  • Distances sign

    In the main square, at the left corner as you enter, there is this cool sign indicating the distance in kilometres to various points of the world :-)))Madrid is at 9236 kilometres.

  • the only island's direction sign!

    an unknown interesting curiosity:on a map,draw a straight line between potosi (bolivia) and machupicchu.on this "spiritual" line,you'll cross ollantaytambo,cusco,pucara,taquile,tiahuanaco,oruro!!!

  • Isla Taquili Hotels

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Isla Taquili Favorites

  • Hiking, meditating and contemplating

    There is really not much to see or do in Taquile. But if you are looking for a relaxed place to chill out, sit for hours contemplating the lake's waters, hearing the birds singing, enjoying the silence... this is the place for you. At night there is no electric illumination, just the stars above. And there are many, as this place is really high!

  • Archs

    All around the island there are many of these stone archs, specially at the entrance/way out of the main villages.

  • Beautiful Smiling Faces of Taquili

    The playful smiling children on this island are one of my favorite memories of Peru. This little girl was playing with a piece of plastic with her friends when I took this picture. Later my brother and I went out on the soccer pitch and played some soccer with the local kids during recess. After a few our lungs burned out due to the altitude and...


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