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  • Drinks in Fallen Angel
    Drinks in Fallen Angel
    by littlebush
  • Drinks at angels and demons
    Drinks at angels and demons
    by littlebush
  • Trout ceviche
    Trout ceviche
    by littlebush

Cuzco Things to Do

  • Up and Down - Ollantaytambo

    Ollantaytambo is one of the most spectacular archeological remains of Peru, for its multiplicity of archeological and the singularity of each one of them, they still haven’t come to a conclusion in the techniques that were used for the construction of the enormous walls made out of rock. Each rock is elaborated in an independent form in relation to...

  • Sacsayhuaman

    Sacsayhuaman is an archeological group located to the north of the main square of Cusco, and also north to the neighborhood of Qollqanpata that through a median street that is about one block of longitude, that unites the both. Sacsayhuaman is not that far from the city, is only 1km from the chapel of San Cristobal.Is located only 2km to the north...

  • Koricancha

    This temple was one of the first places the Spaniards had in mind to rob, being that one could find objects made out of gold and silver that were used as offerings to their gods.


Cuzco Hotels

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Cuzco Restaurants

  • Guinea pig and pizza

    Located on San Blas main square this place was recommended by our hostelMajority of seating is outside so a little unusual to be eating in your coatAnd no idea what happens if it rainsBut it's a nice ambience and exceptional serviceHowever your clothes will stink of smoke after due to the open wood burner oven located by the outdoor tablesSo, the...

  • Starters for afters....

    We stopped by this place in San Blas for lunchService was slow and very oddly our mains came before our starters!I tried ceviche for the first time. It was nice but spicy.Bill was 116 soles, our most expensive in Peru and was certainly not that good

  • Sublime food

    We just stumbled across this place and oh what a find, located just a block from the main square it's a very small place but the food awesomeI had chicken stuffed with spinach, mozzarella topped with bacon and a divine white wine sauce with rice and potatoesAnya had alpaca steak and vegThe chocolate cake is divine too79 soles all in, incl a beer...


Cuzco Nightlife

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  • Angels and Demons

    This bar located in San Blas has an interesting decorIt has several rooms all fitted out differentlyOne with retro sofas and wireless One with a bed, old chairs and Greek god sculpturesWe stopped by for a cocktail and large beer for 26 soles (£5)Nice place and apparently busy later on but we too old to stay out late

  • One of the best bars we've been to

    This place has an incredible decor It's a bar and restaurant The restaurant has bath tubs filled with water and fish with a glass top as tablesThe bar has sculptures, pictures, paintings, interesting ceilings designsThe music is perfect ambientIt's more pricey than anywhere else but we were pleased when we got the bill and they had forgot to add my...

  • Nightlife tipes

    I recently spent 5 weeks in Cusco and enjoyed quite a few places for dancing and drinking. Mythology was my favorite. They offer free salsa lessons from 9-11 every night. On the weekends they have cover charges of 10 soles, but I always got out of it. Maybe because I'm a girl, or maybe because my host sister knows everybody there. I've also been to...


Cuzco Transportation

  • 2 international flights per week from...

    Hi all,As an option if you are travelling to or from Cuzco and you want to make some decent time.While there´s a bunch of domestic flights for Cuzco (peruvianairlines seem to easily be the least expensive), there is an option for international travel from Cuzco airport. Aerosur fly on each of a Thursday and Sunday from Bolivia to La Paz. From La...

  • Train to Machu Picchu

    3 trains to MP. Only the Backbacker leaves from Cuzco (San Pedro station- Not Huanchac where you bought your ticket. Cost is $48 USD each way. When we took it- left Cuzco at 06:50 (be at the station 30 min prior) and left Aguas at 5pm. The trains don't go to MP but rather AC at least the Backpacker. As for a seat next to the food cart/restroom as...

  • trains and planes

    You can check Peru rail on their website.Inka express has a tourist bus Cusco-Puno and vv.http://www.inkaexpress.comLook for my Peru-transportation page with tips on flights and buses.Info January 2006


Cuzco Shopping

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  • Hand Made Jewelry

    Kind of New Age feel to it, very cool proprietor. Jairo the shopkeeper is also an artist, and he's got all kinds of hand made jewelry including silver and gold.What caught my eye here were the local stones - things like lapisuli and that type of thing. He's got set prices, but expect lower than what you'd pay for the same back at home!UPDATE:...

  • Junk

    There is not shortage of shops here. The place is geared towards draining tourist wallets Dont buy anything here outside of food and shoe shine. You can get it cheaper in the loacal markets in the Sacred Valley...they will bargain more. There are mostly shops here and according to Kim it all looks the same after a few days. As little as possible

  • Souvenirs

    To buy souvenirs, take Avenida del Sol to the opposite way from Plaza de Armas. You will find a big local market selling some interesting local stuff, from alpacas woollen clothes to small llamas and other souvenirs.I think bargaining prices is acceptable but I didn´t manage to get good discounts to my purchases. Good luck to you!!!


Cuzco Local Customs

  • Stray dogs

    Aside from the beggars here there are quite a few stray dogs wandering around. This is not Romania where they will take your fingers off. Most of the dogs are scared of people (probably due to beatings from the locals). Kim and some other ladies that we met in town fed a few of them. They were gentle and some would not take the food out of your...

  • Military Funeral Service

    My buddy wanted to attend a mass at the Church next to the Cathedral. We tried to attend the mass going on but was informed it was private. Soon enough, all these people dressed in high military uniforms was exiting.

  • Coca Tea

    We had already booked our hotel before leaving Brazil so, when we arrived at Cusco´s airport, the lady of Hotel Prisma´s kyosk walked us to a car that took us to the hotel. As soon as we arrived there, even before taking our luggage to the room, they served us coca tea to avoid the effects of "soroche" (the altitude sickness).To be honest with you,...


Cuzco Warnings and Dangers

  • Kissing in Public and Buying off Cops

    Careful of what you do with your significant other in public. If you are caught Romancing the Stone and making out in public, you could find yourself in jail. This sign of public affection by Cuzquenian law is taboo regardless of the clothes you still have on. It shocked me to find that out and it cost me a nice amount to "buy" my way out of it in...

  • Low doorways

    The people here in Cuzco aren't the tallest around. Some of the doorways are real low. I'm only 5'8", and skimmed my head a few times. Watch the low doorways! Photo is in my hotel room.

  • Don't get a haircut

    So my buddy Patrick wanted to get his haircut. Don't ask me why he didn't do it before or do it when we get back.But here he is getting a haircut in Cuzco. It actually won't be a bad idea if someone really needed to get a haircut. But the problem was he went to a barber who didn't cut hair full time for a living, and the scissors were the...


Cuzco Tourist Traps

  • Cheap shoeshine- bad idea

    It may be obvious, but don't cave in and get a shoeshine from the very numerous and persistant shoeshine boys that patrol the Plaza de Armas. I was in Cusco the second week of February of 2010 and since Machu Picchu was not open (another example of my great luck and planning!) tourism had supposedly dropped by 90%. This made me a pretty obvioius...

  • Promotours

    This local travel agency 'organises' trips to Chivay and Maras. In fact what they do is take your money and simply give a cut to a local taxi driver, who can barely speak English. They do not provide proper tours that we could see.The address is Portal Commercio 187. If you speak Spanish, you're better off trying to find a frindly taxi driver...

  • Taxis at airport

    Can you believe it? Im peruvian, so I must know it all about this kind of things..but I went to Cuzco with a friend, and a guy offered us to drive all the way to the hotel..was ok, but in the way he started to offer taking us to the sacred valley, then to get us train tickets...completely tricked us, send his daughter..yeah, he called the daughter...


Cuzco What to Pack

  • Stuff you need

    Travel light here. If you want to stay in San Blas you are going to hate having to lug a heavy pack up the streets on your first day. If up here in the rainy season which is winter in the states bring a poncho or you can by one here. A good pair of walking shoes also works. A jacket is also nice at night when it can get a bit nippy. You can buy...

  • Altitude sickness pills & Sunscreen

    Because of the height, and the fact I live at barely above sea level I took the pills that counteract altitude sickness. Start taking them the day before you get there, and until 2 days after.....they worked great. Didn't feel anything bad. Coca tea helps too, but I didn't have any, didn't need it.I went to the doctor who gave me the prescription...

  • Medicines for Headaches

    Don´t forget to bring your favourite medicine against headaches. On the first 2 days, soroche (altitude sickness) will probably strike you and the headaches can ruin your days. Avoid this and you´ll be fine 3.400 meters above the sea level. :)


Cuzco Off The Beaten Path

  • Sacred Valley tour

    The only organized tour we took in Peru was a day trip to the valley. The information office in Cusco recomened a cheap tour operator that charged us $10 for a 9 hour trip thru the valley. The highlight of the day was probably Ollantaytambo which they say you should visit if you do not have time for Machu Picchu. The stones had to be brought in...

  • Monument to Cusco´s Founders

    This is a monument to the founders of Cusco, located at Avenida del Sol (which connects the train station to Plaza de Armas).The legend says that the city was founded by Manco Capac (the legendary first inca leader) and his wife Mama Ocllo after God Sun has revealed them the site after a long pilgrimage through the Sacred Valley.Historians and...

  • Native people

    Native people of Peru are everywhere in the Colorful Ponchos it may however cost you a soles or two to take there Pictures so just be aware of this also when stopping on the bus trips the will take you to a store to buy things that are much more expensive .Know you prices before buying . i found a lot of same stuff in Lima For Cheaper than in...


Cuzco Sports & Outdoors

  • ThiagoRamos's Profile Photo

    by ThiagoRamos Written Jan 5, 2007

    If you want to watch a football match live (a peruvian passion), the local club of Cusco is Cienciano, one of the best peruvian clubs nowadays.

    The best matches are for Copa Libertadores, the south american version of the UEFA Champions League. The tournament starts in February and goes until June or July. But Cienciano may not go so far...

    "Inca Garcilaso de la Vega" Stadium was recently remodeled for Copa America 2004, which was held in Peru, and looks very beautiful now!!! Check it out!!!

    Inca Garcilaso de la Vega Stadium
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Cuzco Favorites

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  • Tourist card

    In Lima this is probably a waste of dough. In Cuzco 130 soles gets you a multi day pass to all the relevant sites including the Sacred valley stuff. If you are just doing a one day adventure since MP is not included in this you can buy one for half as much from most of the guides.With this you will get into the museums, folk dance sessions among...

  • Information office

    In Cuzco it seemed like every 10 feet into a hostal or a restaurant. How they all stay in business is beyond me. With so much to choose from step into the Information office on Av El Sol which is a 2 min walk from Plaza de Armas. Tell them your price range and they can will point out a few good places in your range. We wanted to take a day trip and...

  • Tourist Tickets to use in Cuzco

    When you will arrive to Cuzco, you will have many places to visit (and to pay for visit them!). The best is to buy the Tourist Ticket (US$ 25 more or less in 2006) which let you enter in many places like museums and visit important places. See the picture # 1 to see the picture of this ticket and also you will see all the tourist places (16 in...


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