Peru Nightlife

  • Drinks in Fallen Angel
    Drinks in Fallen Angel
    by littlebush
  • Drinks at angels and demons
    Drinks at angels and demons
    by littlebush
  • Pizza Street
    Pizza Street
    by AVSENT

Peru Nightlife

  • Mama Africa Disco

    Cusco Nightlife

    I have visited the several locations of Mama Africa (moved several times) and it definitely isn't my cup of tea. It wasn't in the past and it won't be in the future. Large crowds of backpackers, bricheras, bricheros drinking and dancing. It's cheaper than other discos in Cusco but I prefer Ukukus, Kamikase and Caos. Especially don't go with a tie...

  • Camping

    Machu Picchu Nightlife

    If you are craving the disco on the Inca trail then maybe you should rethink why you are here. Sadly on the last night there is a bit of an opportunity to party it up which I think is a shame. There is plenty of time to do that in Cusco if you want. A night on the trail usually consists of stories about the magic of the Coco leaf and its all...

  • Los Perros

    Cusco Nightlife

    Here you'll find one more picture of the more than acceptable pisco sour. Made with a shaker, not with a blender which really makes a big difference. David Espejo is the friend on the picture, a very experienced guide.

  • The Cross Keys Pub

    Cusco Nightlife

    The Cross Keys Pub was my favourite of Cusco's many drinking establishments. It basically looks like any other English publike place you might find across the globe that catters to travelers however I found the Cross Keys to be very laid back. The premises are also large enough that even if it is nearly full, you still find a nice quite corner....

  • A busy and friendly Croatian bar in Peru

    A bar in a busy night spot for locals and tourists alike. Its pretty mixed. Ran and owned by friendly Croat Renato. The place consists of two floors. The bottom, more like a regular bar, but busyand serving good local beers and extravagant cocktails. Music is mixed and varied.The second floor, is usually a younger crowd of locals and plays dance...

  • Nigthlife in Cuzco

    Bar names change every week so it doesn't help to give the name of a particular one. I can just tell you that for dancing and having fun Cuzco is the city in Peru' with a bigger choice, you just need to go to the main square and locals will offer you so many options. None!

  • free dancing kennedy park

    walking thru kennedy park early evening you hear salsa music,follow it to the crowd and watch,and enjoy the smiles on peoples faces who are genuinely enjoying themselves for a free night of dancing the people of peru are very pround,the men dress collard shirt and dress pants and shoes,and the women are very classy

  • Critters of the night

    If you are in the mood, your jungle guide will take you out after dinner to find bats and insects.Here is a beautiful tarantula, eating another bug, which we found underneath a wooden structure.It was all very comical, since we were all wearing plastic ponchos.The two kissy kissy French travelers on the same outing were saying "C'est très Blair...

  • Great Clubs in Cuzco

    Cuzco may not sound as an ideal destination for those looking for parties. But if you think that, I´m glad to warn you that you´re so wrong...There´re many great clubs to party in Cuzco, such as Mythology, Mamma Africa and UpTown, located around Plaza de Armas. I´ve been also to Ukuku´s and Mamma America, but haven´t enjoyed these as much.But...

  • mixture of EX Pat y Peruvian

    Tasca bar is a nice little friendly bar in Miraflores its near cafe La Paz in parque Kennedy about 1 block from Ripleys. It has a mixture of the ex pat community and peruano y peruana. The Manager Alex is friendly and speaks very good english and the rest of the staff is nice. While they have food there my preference for food is in the park a stand...

  • New Year's Eve! (Cusco)

    This place was crazy! 6 foot long roman candles being shot up in the air all over the place from little 5 year olds to 60 year olds. People running around with sparklers, huge dynamite sounding firecrackers that would explode and shake your body and the cars around you, rockets shooting up in the air and all sorts of crazy things. Felt like we were...

  • Peruvian Dinner Theater

    If you have ever been to a Medivel Manor, a Mystery Theater, a dinner train or any other kind of dinner theater experience... you MUST go to Brisas Del Titicaca.Its one part theater, one part dance club, one part restaurant, and its all GREAT !Located not far from Lima Centre... it was about a 20sol cab fare. The street itself seemed safe enough,...

  • Nights in Titicaca Lake

    Spending a few nights in one of the islands in the Titicaca Lake is a really interesting experience. I did it in Isla del Sol (Sun Island), which is in the Bolivian side of the lake. There is no electricity there, so when the sun hides, light disappear. Some hotels have generators, but if you walk around (to go for dinner or so) it is absolutely...

  • Going out

    In general, I found more nightlife in the jungle towns than in the mountains.In Lima the best places for nightlife are Miraflores and Barranco areas. Cuzco has a lively night too (though cold) as there are many foreign tourits there, specially around Plaza de Armas.In Iquitos you will find animation and people along the riverside and by Plaza de...

  • A Great American Style Sport Bar in...

    I was wandering a little ways from hotel in Miraflores (near Lima) looking for a decent place to eat when I stumbled across this place just two blocks from where I was staying. I walked inside and it was like I stepped into a bar in Chicago. A good old fashion sports bar with a dozen satellite TV's showing American sports live. This being Monday...

  • Salsa in Peru

    You can hear salsa music everywhere: in the bus, restaurant, in the street... but, what a pity, Peruvian girls aren't able to dance salsa! They dance salsa, merengue, cumbia, in the same "disco style": separate mood without any salsa figure.

  • Tit tour dans la mangrove....

    La mangrove c est terrible, on voit pas a 3m des fois moins... et on se perd tres facilement... Je me suis perdu d ailleurs, un jour que l on etait parti a plusieurs pirogues, mais chacun la sienne.C est assez peusant comme atmosphere et en meme temps ca vaut le detour.Ce coup la je me suis pas fait avoir, suis monte dans un canoe plus grand, etre...

  • HLM de la selva

    Assensseur de terre....Arret formiliere 15em etage WELCOME.Un petit HLM sylvestre comme il y en a tant en va des tres grosse fourmies au minuscules de moins d un milimetre. Pantalon long, bien rentre deans les rangeurs.... et eviter de rester plus de 2 secondes au meme endroit sinon.....

  • Autre nid de fourmies

    Dans la foret mieu vaut faire attention ou l on met ses mains car il y a des bestioles partout; et c ets pas forcement les plus grosses les pires.Les fourmies attaquent et les plus petites sont souvant les plus douloureuses (acide fourmique).... bon les grande de 2 cm sont pas en reste.... ROUGE, NOIRES, FEU, VERTES.....


    Pour se metre en forme, le matin rien de tel que la peche au piranas..... peche au harpon depuis la pirogue.Personellement j etais pas capable de voir un poisson a 2m, et le guide les tirait a 6m faciledes fois il en harmonait meme 2 d un coup. Rouge sous la gorge c est pas le plus gros mais bien le pire de piranas qui soit.... Le plus agressif,...


    Apres le caimen, rien de tel que de debusquer quelques tarantules. Celles la memes qui sautent sur les gens et les pirogues quand on passe trop pres de la vegetation de bord de rio.La petite bete est grande comme ma main! POILUE ET VELUE le demoiselle

  • Jazz Zone

    Category: nightlife Neighborhood: Miraflores This is a pleasant and intimate spot to enjoy live musical shows. Performances range from standard to Acid and Latin Jazz, to Peruvian, Flamenco and other fusion arrangements. Enjoy a drink and a varied selection of entremeses … more

  • Carlos & Charlies

    Category: nightlife Neighborhood: Miraflores This colourful venue is ideal for a night out with friends, to enjoy some of the funniest comedy shows in town. These change every night and performers range from clowns to mariachis singing popular Mexican songs. Every half an hour there … more

  • Señor Frog's

    Category: nightlife Neighborhood: Miraflores The collegiate and young professional crowd frequents this international chain. A sign inside jests, "If drunks could fly, Mr. Frog's would be an airport." The lively atmosphere is helped along by a master of ceremonies who chooses … more

  • Bauhaus Postmodern Club

    Category: nightlife Neighborhood: Miraflores This Miraflores nightspot is known for playing bands of the 80s such as the Smiths and Depeche Mode. Lately, the music selection has diversified to include Hispanic rock, bands like Radiohead, and cutting edge European electronic music … more

  • Gorgeous Nighttime Cuzco

    Cuzco is spectacular during the day, but after dusk, it becomes magical. The Inca walls and the Spanish monuments are magnificently illuminated.You will walk around and drink in those sights until you collapse in your hotel.

  • There is a good irish pub in...

    There is a good irish pub in Cusco with LIVE MUSIC and sometimes there is a popular peruvian singer on saturday night at 10pm : I appreciated the songs.People ask the song and the singers have just to play and sing.You can eat also. Name:Rosie O' Grady's Irish PubAddress:Calle Santa ClaraCity:Cusco, Peru.Type of Cuisine:Central/South AmericanPrice...

  • best pub

    You always read about mama afrika but the best place to party was Mithology. The DJ's were so awesome....they even made me a CD before I left and gave me a shout out for my b-day. And Mama Amerika was a great place to learn salsa if you weren't turned off by some of the cliquey groups


    La nuit, on embarque dans une pirogue et sans un bruit, les guides la font glisser sans un bruit. On s enfonce dans la mangrove, les Bruits de la nuit sont inquietants…D un coup le guide allume sa torche et des yeux rouges se laissent deviner a la surface de l eau plate. Ce sont des caimens : 2m pour les plus communs, certains atteignent les 8…C...

  • Peñas, Salsodromos,, Discos

    There are several possibilities to pass a night dancing in Peru. In the main cities there are of course common discos like everywhere else, but there are as well some special places to dance sepecially latin music and dance Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia or Bachata. Besides there are also places and these especially in more rural regions where the...

  • Hot Spots

    Several of the clubs that we liked and went to several times were Gotica in Larcomar and Traffic near Larcomar. Both of these places have a well dressed clientel and play good Salsa y Meringue. If you are looking for current "top 40" music you may hear a smattering depending on the DJ, but for a word of advice learn some Salsa steps. I personally...

  • Peruvian youngsters having fun

    The Barranco district is said to be the most happening place during fridays and saturdays. I cannot really question that statement as I didn't try anything else. Barranco is, however, full of youngsters getting drunk and completely enjoying the number of bars and discoteques crowding the district.It is acctually quite a nice place to visit if one...

  • Get a glimpse of traditional music and...

    Real orchestra, large group of folkloric dancers performs show almost every evenings. The price was very low and I was impressed by the quality of the show. Buy the guide at the entrance as it give an overview of the different dances that will be performed. No requirement for clothing but jeans and shirts would not be a wise choice.

  • A traveler's paradise...

    Best selection of music we found in Peru and a great sound system too adds to this funky futuristic "hangout." The bartender made the best pisco sour in Huaraz and maybe the country! Tasty sandwiches were a bonus.

  • Peñas and Salsódromos Peru is...

    Peñas and Salsódromos Peru is very rich culturally, in dance, music and tradition. Las Peñas are folk clubs where one can have a great time to the rhythms of criolla (creole) or traditional music. Lima has several Peñas such as the well-known Sachún in the Magdalena district, Brisas del Titicaca in the Downtown, La Candelaria in the Barranco...

  • Night Clubs

    Cusco:Cusco offers many bars and clubs. Most of them have live music, happy hours and free drinks. There is no cover charge for any of them and drinks are fairly cheap. You can catch some locals (or they will catch you) advertising many clubs right on the street.'Ukukus' Pub & bar, location close to Plaza - 316 Plateros. Live latin techno band, and...

  • CUZCO: The Kings Cross pub....

    CUZCO: The Kings Cross pub. The owner collects liquor from all around the world and is very proud of his collection. He let me have a glass of his 'Sonnema Beerenburg', because he could see I missed it. Kamikaze Bar a definite Gringo place, but I had a marvellous time there...

  • Be sure to see the Restaurant...

    Be sure to see the Restaurant section above and check out my article 'The Dancing Gringo'. In LimaMiraflores had a kicking nighlife that goes on until the wee hours of the morning. The bars and restaurants centered together are fairly safe during the night. As much as people say they hate Lima, I found it one of my favorite South American capitals...


    ARNOLD'S DRIVE-IN DISCOTEQUE!!!!!!!!Yes, it really is what it syas it is. The locals drive in, park their cars then go for a dance in the middle of the car park (I kid you not), get drunk, and drive home. A real experience to be had. Ask one of the young locals where to find it.

  • el tambo, huaraz

    a lovely mix of gringoes and locals. the night starts with a traditional dancing show most nights, then goes on to a good mix of salsa and british pop. check out the llungoluca cocktails if youve just been to the llungoluca lake! travelling chic..hiking boots and fleece if you like, or you could put on your last clean top if you really fancy...

  • Cuzco has many pubs and...

    Cuzco has many pubs and internet cafes to keep you in good spirits. On one night I sat at the bar in a restaurant on the plaza (I can't remember the name) and ordered alpaca accompanied by Peruvian wine. The alpaca steak was thin with very little fat (hence it was healthy but not very tender) and it tasted like beef (not chicken!). The Peruvian...

  • Las 'Penas Criollas'. With...

    Las 'Penas Criollas'. With some exceptions thesekind of entertainment allows to the visitor, toexpend all night if they wish to, enjoying nativemusic and modern as well, whith the participation ofthe guests. It's almost a big party!Well, the 'Penas' mainly those of Barranco, are themost visited because of their atmosphere, the cityitself provides...

  • Well, if I wanna bring...

    Well, if I wanna bring information about the night life in Perú... I have to start with Lima!! Summer is the best time to go outside downtown and enjoy..really really enjoy!!My fav place is all the 97.5 Km: The Asia´s Boulevard. There is located the best discoteques to have fun and meet interesting people! :) like Ibiza, La Huaka, Mai Tay, Baja...

  • There are several wonderful...

    There are several wonderful pubs and places to eat on the main square in Cuzco. Ask around for one that has a local band and the traditional dances.

  • Anywhere on the Plaza de Armas...

    Anywhere on the Plaza de Armas and nearby.Every restaurant has traveling Peruvian bands that will entertain you while you eat and try to sell you their CD. The CDs, by the way, are a great souvenir. Casual everywhere


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