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Callao Things to Do

  • Mar Adentro (Wildlife Tour)

    This was one of the best tours we took in Peru. We got on an open boat (two 115 hp engines) with about 25 other people. I sat in back because I thought we might get wet in the front. I was right, but it was harder to take pictures because people kept standing up in front of me and also the boat was jumping around which made focusing with a...

  • BAP Abtao

    BAP Abtao is a Sierra-type submarine which was launched as Tiburon (Shark). In 1957 her name was changed to Abtao in memory of the naval battle of 7 February 1866 fought between the Spanish and Purvian/Chilean naval squadrons. The Peruvians, under Captain Manuel Villar were victorious. We saw this submarine when we went on our wildlife tour.This...

  • Fortaleza del Real Felipe

    This fort, the largest one in the Republic of Peru was built to ward off pirate attacks stemming from the fact that galleons loaded with the Inca gold left from this port. It is a pentagonal star shaped fort. Today it is under the jurisdiction of the Army and contains the Army Museum of Peru. The Viceroy Jose Antonio Manso de Velasco, Conde de...

  • The Beach

    In La Punta there are good beaches. Water is quite clean, and the waves are not so strong. Beaches are full of round stones, but there is small sand, too. Don't worry about sinking, the beaches are crowded by red-clothed life-guards.Besides swimming, it's possible to water-ski, too.


    Recorrer los edificios de la Fortaleza del Real Felipe, fortaleza de los tiempos coloniales que defendía al puerto del Callao y a Lima de los piratas. Muy bien conservado y en manos del ejército peruano como Museo Histórico Militar. Soldados con trajes de época actúan como guías.

  • Fortaleza del Real Felipe

    The fortress was constructed to protect Callao and was completed 1767 after 20 years work. It has the form of a pentagon. Each point has a place for canons, two of the points have towers.The stones for the walls (4.30 m high) were shipped from the island Lorenzo outside Callao.During a period in the first years of independence (1821-) the fortress...


Callao Transportation

  • Remnant of Ferrocarril

    In the port area in Callao there was a small train engine on display. We were told that it was the original engine for the train that went to Machu Picchu. That was (and maybe still is) a narrow gauge line.It may also be from the line called the Ferrocarril Central del Perú which started in Callao port, from almost the sea level, it passes by Lima...

  • Lighthouse with a Clock

    under construction

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Callao Local Customs

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    Because Callao is right on the water and is in an earthquake zone, they have an emergency evacuation procedure. Records only date back to the late sixteenth century, but since that time, large earthquakes centered off the Peruvian coast have generated several destructive tsunamis (1586, 1604, 1647, 1687, 1746, 1865, 1868, 1914, 1942, 1960, 1966, 1996). Of those listed, five were particularly destructive. These include the 1586, 1604, 1687 and 1746 tsunamis, as well as the 1868 Arica. In 1586 the waves reached an estimated 84 feet in height, and up to 6 miles of inland inundation in some locations.

    Earthquakes (and thus tsunamis) originate due to seismic activity associated with the Peru-Chile Trench, located approximately 100 - 200 kilometers off the Peruvian coast.

    Because of this ongoing danger, you will see Tsunami evacuation signs if you look for them along the main streets.

    They had a smaller earthquake in 2007 and it was reported as

    It was reported that when the earthquake began, sea levels rose by one meter and as movement continued sea levels rose another half of a meter.

    Nevertheless, it has been reported that the ocean has returned to its normal state. Despite the information, many families living in La Punta, Callao have left their homes and are at Yawar Huaca Park. The evacuation has officially been stopped and officials are instructing citizens to return to their homes.

    Street from the bus with sign at right Close-up of a sign Tank in front of evacuation route sign
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Callao Warnings and Dangers

  • Drug Dogs

    At Lima-Callao international airport there are dogs nosing around your luggages for drugs. But at least the coca leaves are not consided as drugs by them, although - as fas I know - they are forbidden to carry to Europe.

  • Airport Tax

    Do not use all of your currency in Peru. At airport they ask taxes (19.50$ in Feb 2007) before flight, and that amount you shoud have in cash, otherways you may have problems.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Callao Off The Beaten Path

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    There is an island off Callao where the terrorists of Communist Party of Peru of 1980, more commonly known as the Shining Path, which was a Maoist guerrilla organization in Peru were imprisoned. They were responsible for the deaths of thousands of inhabitants of the rural regions of Peru.

    On June 18, 1986, the Shining Path led an uprising on El Frontón, took over the prison and killed the guards. The Governor ordered the Peruvian Navy to bomb the islands and kill the terrorists.

    The Navy did take over the prison but when the prisoners surrendered they were executed without a trial.

    This island is off limits for tourist landings, but you can see if if you take the Wildlife Tour. Also on that tour you can see other islands which are off limits because they are bird nesting areas.

    Prison Island Islands from the ship Pelican's nesting areas Islet with birds Out of focus picture of a lighthouse
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Callao Favorites

  • Lighthouses of Callao

    There are quite a number of lighthouses around this port. I did not see all of them.La Punta de Callao (1) A tower, painted black with two white horizontal bands. The lighthouse has been relocated to stand outside DHN's oceanographic institute (Instituto de Investigación Oceanográfico) in Callao. Located near the waterfront in Callao, exact...

  • Take a walk at the beach at La Punta

    Take a walk at the beach. Look at all the beautiful small stones that covers the beach. I could easily collect more than 20 different types. Unfortunately I couldn´t carry them home, but they were very fine shaped by the sea and time.In the background you can see the two islands: El Fronton (to the left) and Isla San Lorenzo (the big one to the...

  • See the sun set at La Punta

    A place for a beautiful view of the sun set is La Punta, Callao.The sun sets at 6-6.30 P.M all the year round. Be there!But be careful when you return. Take a licenced taxi and go home safely.La Punta is guarded as it is a tourist place, but do not enter other places in Callao when dark. Be careful even in daylight, keep to the main streets.


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