Peru Shopping

  • Some of the products in the shop
    Some of the products in the shop
    by mef118
  • The courtyard
    The courtyard
    by mef118
  • Peruvian carrying cloths made into cushion covers
    Peruvian carrying cloths made into...
    by CatherineReichardt

Peru Shopping

  • Alpaca and Baby Alpaca Products

    Cusco Shopping

    Cusco is a great, extensive place to go shopping. It became our night time entertainment . Here you can find here a great variety of handcrafted articles the trouble is limiting yourself. We were travelling with backpacks so we could onlt buy so many of those wonderful hats and sweaters. Forget the blankets...just wasn't room!! The beautiful...

  • Markets

    Machu Picchu Shopping

    Have you left for Machu Picchu yet? I'm was hoping someone could get me the contact information (email, or phone number) to a jewelry shop in the town (Aguas Caliente). It's about the 3rd shops on the right prior to the ticket booth for the warm springs pools. I think it's on Av. Pachacutec. The Inca looking owner is about 45 years old, with long...

  • Pisac Market

    Cusco Shopping

    Pisac market is close to the Scared Valley and Sacsaywaman. Many tour buses which go to the Sacred Valley may make stops here as well. Remember that the markets are only open Sunday, Tuesday and Thursdays from 9 AM-5 PM. The best day to visit is on Sunday. It is on Sundays that the locals set up a mercado de treque (trade market). This market...

  • Puno is just one of many great market...

    Peru's cities are full of street markets where everything from produce to guinea pigs are sold. They are not only great places to shop but also offer great photo opportunities. Fruits are varied and exotic. Huge papayas for around forty cents. Everything is cheap!

  • Alpaca cloths

    So here you are in Peru what to buy.......after a bit everything starts to look the same. Alpaca or baby alpaca sweaters and other knits are the name of the game here. As a rule they may bargain on price but not on quality when it comes to alpaca. If you want the good stuff you are going to have to pay for it. The crafts mall in Miraflores has some...

  • What souvenir to buy?

    Where to shop: Markets, craft and tourist stores, and lastly hotel and airport shops --given in order of ascending middleman profits. In Lima, you can find good examples of every type of Peruvian artistic and craft production at reasonable prices if you bargain. You will also find that craft shops all over the country carry items from well beyond...

  • Liquers

    Special liquers are sold commonly in some marketing happening, but you may find them in supermarkets, too. In addition, you may buy only the ingredients, and make yourself those drinks. For tourists, it is recommented, because in that way you dont need to carry bottles, much water and alcohol. There are many liquers made in Peru:- Chuchuhuasi is...

  • Supermarkets

    There are some big chains of department stores in Peru. Metro and Wong belong to the same owner, Tottus is one competent of them. If you don´t find something in market places, you may try here.

  • Baby Alpaca in the markets

    Baby Alpaca is a hot item sale there in Peru. Unless you really know what to look for or feel for in this case you may be thinking you are buying baby Alpaca when in truth you are buying something else. I bought a sweater early on said to be baby Alpaca. It was a common design and every place that sold it said it was baby Alpaca. When I finally...

  • No to Inca Kola souvenirs

    No! no! not Inca Kola. Great name but it tastes like a bad blend of bubble gum and cola. Once you have tried it you will realize that it would not serve as a good souvenir. Do you really want a T-shirt with a product which tastes bad and is not much more than a chemical mix of sugar and water. Or do you want a bottle of something that was never...

  • pisac indian market

    the indian market only comes alive on thursdays and sundays. don`t forget to buy your friends the peruvian ski hat/cap. i bought some for my friends and one of them was shopping at macy`s during a cold winter day and she got a compliment! they`re very pretty and cheap too if you`re travelling with american dollars everything there is cheap....

  • Pisac, a shopper's destination too

    The Pisac market is very attractive, and you can do all your souvenir shopping there in one afternoon.The Pisac market is at its peak on Sundays, but it still is very interesting on other days as well.Do not expect to find anything to buy in Iquitos however. Alpaca scarves, necklaces, T-shirts, pan flutes, rain sticks, carvings (condor grabbing a...

  • Cooperate with cooperatives

    Taquili in lake Titicaca has both a cooperative craft program and community restaurant. Different community members attend the stores on a rotating basis. The prices are set by the craftsmen on their work. The attending community member can freely negotiate the price on their own work, but are limited by parameters set by other workers on their...

  • Pisaq

    Would check out this area to shop since they're not as agressive but the bargaining is fun and entertaining. There are also things that you can't find at other places around the main tourist places. The music and the ambience of the place also make you feel more comfortable. Enjoy some tea and sit and people watch. The colors of the market are...

  • El Che

    Well I don't support cigarettes or communism but I had to have this. I originally saw them my first time in Lima but waited until I returned to pick them up, but they were nowhere to be found. My mom actually picked them up for me when she went. I don't know if the are orginally of Peruvian descent but Lima is the only place I saw them. From what...

  • flea market in Peru

    Pisaq Market is a place that's only open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Try to get there if you can. It's like a giant flea market with different booths set up to sell a variety of items from alpaca sweaters, to ceramic mugs, to jewelry. It's a great experience to walk through the section where the vendors are selling fresh fruits, vegetables...

  • Abarrotes

    In these colourful often full of items shops you will everything you might find in a supermarket, but without wide spaces and linear shelfs. I liked to stare at the million of different products they store in these little universes, even I didn't know most of them...

  • Which city to shop

    If you plan to buy local specialties, hold off in Lima. Cuzco has much better selections and price, especially woven/knit goods such as alpaca.

  • Lúcuma - Delicious Fruit!

    While visiting Machu Picchu, we stopped for ice cream, and debated about getting a flavor that said "Lúcuma - Choc Chip". I couldn't find the word in my dictionary - but figured it was some kind of marketing term. My ice cream tasted delicious, although it seemed a little more orange-colored than the average vanilla.Later, I learned that lúcuma is...


    Chinchero's Handicrafts Market: It's not as popular as Pisac's market, but in many ways, Chinchero's is more authentic, and the setting is just as spectacular. The big one is on Sunday, when the tourist buses come through, but less-hectic Tuesday and Thursday are probably better for making a deal. The quality of handicrafts is usually quite...


    Miraflores, Lima: The Peruvian capital has the biggest number of shops and selection of goods from across the country, as might be expected. The Miraflores district has dozens of shops stocked to the rafters with handicrafts from around Peru. For one-stop shopping, there are mini-malls of many stalls selling ceramics, textiles, and other souvenirs....

  • Finger puppets

    Are you looking for something to give every little child you know? I bought 80 knitted finger puppets for the children of my wife's Charter School. Less than 30 cents each (about one sole) except for some of the more intricate ones with 2 figures knitted together. You will have to pick and chose if you wish to not buy lions or camels. Very easy to...

  • Fresh fruit juice

    There is a whole row of fruit juice stands in the Arequipa market with good looking, clean, friendly ladies who make juices with all kinds of combinations of fruit in front of your very eyes. Each offers a smile and a newspaper for you to read while you enjoy your juice. Tropical fruit juices from fruit you do not recognize. The Arequipa papaya is...

  • In search of the primary producer

    In the Juli market I stumbled upon a place where the middlemen and women buy many of the weavings sold in tourist shops in Puno. I was told that some of the production of Juli was even sold on the Uros islands as originals "made on the Uros islands". These ladies have their home production on their backs. There are various types of weaving in...


    Histoire de pas voguer a vide, le bateau s arrete dans tours les petits villages (ou presque) pour charger devinez quoi…..De la banane bien sur !C est des regimes et des regimes et des regimes de banane verte, celles que l on ne peut manger que cuites.Et point de vue regime de banane, on a fait une overdose !Le plus fou c est lorsque l on arriva a...

  • Las Tejas de Ica

    This very exquisite sweet I got sight of only a year ago. I think it is almost incredible that I have missed this earlier!This sweet is a must, a souvenir to buy when going to Ica and something to take back home. (I bought mine in Lima)La teja is a fruit that is boiled (lemon, fig, orange or pecan nut etc), with a filling of manjarblanco (a sweet...

  • Be careful with buying alpaca goods

    There are tons of alpaca goods for sale in Peru. You have to be careful about what you're buying though. There are goods that are mixed with synthetic fibers. While there's actually nothing wrong with this, it is annoying if you think you're buying genuine alpaca. There is also the distinction between adult alpaca and baby alpaca, with baby...

  • Peruvian Tattoos

    When I first arrived in Peru I was walking around and I saw a sign for a tattoo shop. Liking tattoos, I was interested about tattoos down here in Peru. So I checked it out. The work down here was pretty good especially compared to other local tattoo parlours and I believe it was the owner of the shop spent a bit of time tattooing in my home town of...

  • So much shopping and too little time

    Markets are everywhere and there are wool products to be found at great deals. People loved the purses and hats I brought back. However, my favorite item (and I wish I bought more) was a necklace handcrafted by an artisan from ceramic and then hand painted. Look for these unique opportunities. He was in Cusco in an artist's show.

  • Pisac Market

    The market starts in the center of Pisac and extends into the other streets. Sunday is the biggest day. Several VT members found this market overwhelmed with tourists in June, July and August. In May this was not the case. Although this was the second day of our trip I bought alot and had to carry it for weeks, but never found anything equivalent...

  • Souvenirs in Cuzco

    The city-centre has many small shops and markets where you can buy all kinds of hadcraft souvenirs for very reasonable prices. Sweaters and scarfs of alpaca woolChristmas decorations (little stables)All kind of board gamesLocal music on CD (Eva Ayllon!!)Musical instruments like the pan-pipes Colourful carpetsLittle local Inca StatuesPaintings and...

  • Choquequirao : A beer in the camp ! Une...

    The camp in Chiquisque is small and is an unavoidable step in your trek to Choque.Le campement a Chiquisque est petit et constitue une etape imparable du trek vers Choque. After the 3rd (or 4th) day of trek, you are about to finish : so, enjoy a beer here !! Apres le 3eme (ou 4eme) jour de trek, vous etes sur le point d'arriver : alors, payez vous...

  • Jewelry

    Silver jewelry:Necklace pendant: God of medicine Earings: God of medicineNotice that this particular pair of earings are such a fine pieces of work, they were double sided.I was not able to find the matching style, but only matching theme: God of Medicine, good gifts for people with illness.

  • Dancing couple pins, Inca Calendar Cross

    Dancing couple pins, finely made: 1 sole eachInca cross/calendar: 3-4 soles3-D knit sheep: 2-3 soles

  • Finger puppets

    Knitted finger puppets.The photos shows Left to right:Top row:Blue and green peacockBlond hair angelBird with a huge yellow beakSheepPiggySheepSpidermanBottom row:Local people (more like someone on Island of Taquile with their unique hat)Llama 1 sole each.

  • Arequipa Pot Holders

    Pot holders with local scenes. We bought these from Arequipa, it has typical local theme: llama, architecture and Mt.Misty.

  • Ripley - Peru

    Peruvians are a little bit brand (trade mark) crazy, the products they use must have a good name, you buy in stores like especially "Ripley" if you want to be cool ;-). It is a big market chain where you can get everything from clothes to electronic products, probably more or less good quality, but expensive compared with products you buy on...

  • where you get everything

    big shopping centers, supermarkets where you get almost everything you need, at least food and beverage. In big cities as Lima there are several markets all over the city.

  • Local Paintings

    While in Cuzco, I bought two lovely small paintings - paintings that I still enjoy every day! Great souvenir!Interesting enough, I read, that there is a "Cuzco style" in paintings. Whereas local artist mimicked European influences at first, they developed a new and distinctive Cuzco style as they grew more confident. The local artists turned their...

  • Hand woven souvenirs

    Contemporary Peruvian artisans continue the traditions, sophisticated designs, and techniques of intricate weaving inherited from pre-Columbian civilizations--often employing the very same instruments used hundreds of years ago and still favoring natural dyes. The drop spindle (weaving done with a stick and spinning wooden wheel), for example, is...

  • Alpacastuff in Cuzco!!!

    All around Cuzco and even around Cuzco at the sites u find women selling llama-, alpaca- and vicuñawoolen stuff -all around Peru in fact-, buy them in Cuzco, they've the cheapest and seems the best quality-stuff! (which I unfortunatly discovered while back in Lima)

  • Rainbowflag not only for Gays

    Think the rainbowflag is on CSD on cologne cathedral.In Cuszco thats true.On the cathedral and everywhere in town you see the flag of gay pride.This flag is not an invention of the gay community but theflag of the Inca people since hundreds of years. You can buy the flag in all sizes very much cheaper than in gay stores in europeor US.


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