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Peru Highlights

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     Ruins, People, Mountains, Rivers, Hospitality 

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     Tourists are targets in Lima and Cuzco 

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     Only a few countries in the world can offer this variety of life 

Map of Peru





Machu Picchu






Aguas Calientes - Machupicchu












Puerto Maldonado










Aguas Calientes




















Lago Titicaca




Isla San Lorenzo










Isla Amantani








San Borja










Chavín de Huantar






La Merced






Lomas de Lachay


Puerto Chicama



See all 1065 Cusco Tips
  • Sacsayhuaman

    Cusco Things to Do

    Well. I wish I was an Aztec, Or a runner in Peru I would build such beautiful buildings To house the chosen few Like an Inca from Peru (Neil Young ' Like an Inca') We took a taxi in the morning, up to the Saksayhuaman complex, on a hill to the north of the city. We bought 'Boleto Turistico' which included entry to this site and an array of others...

  • Hotel Monasterio Cusco

    Cusco Hotels

    We didnt really think of coming here until we started mapping out a plan of our independant walking...

  • Pacha Papa

    Cusco Restaurants

    The evening after going to Machu Pichu, I went to this restaurant Pachapapa on the recommendation of the hotel I was staying at. The hotel provided the transportation so, it was an easy choice. i didn't want to explain directions to a taxi driver. I decided on the Lomo Saltado (I've never had it). The wait was not long (as expected on a rainy...



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  • District Of Miraflores

    Lima Things to Do

    We arrived on December 14 2013 and checked into the Hotel Casa Andina Private Collection in Miraflores, Lima, Peru. It was located near the heart of Miraflores about 2 blocks from JF Kennedy Park where we went shopping and had a great variety of restaurant. We then walked to the seafront shopping mall of Larcomar. Great views here and we had our...

  • JW Marriott Hotel Lima

    Lima Hotels

    We did not stay here, but it was pointed out to us as the hotel used for some of the VIPs that came...

  • La Rosa Nautica

    Lima Restaurants

    Dispite the media and local security guards warning, we found it extremely safe and secure in wandering around that market place, foods are extremely cheap, full of local people, just a few of us tourist. Spanish speaking in communication at all time, is a must, and of course, body language is a plus, just point to what you want or sit down and...


Machu Picchu

See all 654 Machu Picchu Tips


See all 315 Arequipa Tips
  • An Oasis!

    Arequipa Restaurants

    This is the restaurant in the Hotel Casa Andina Private Collection - it has a name but I cannot remember it. The hotel is in the loveliest old casa, which was once The Mint. Beautifully restored and adapted. Service is as expected in a 5 star hotel. BUT, the prices are NOT five star. Only a few soles more than one pays in an ordinary restaurant in...

  • Colca Lodge

    Arequipa Hotels

    It's located in the Colca Valley , relatively small hotel but has unique features. One of them is...

  • Peaceful!

    Arequipa Restaurants

    International Food and Regional Food. In a country that seems to favour noise as an accompaniment to eating, it was lovely to find this restaurant. The music is very faint. The ambiance is quiet and unrushed. Comfortable chairs. Efficient but not servile service. Wine is available in the glass, the half litre, the litre and by the bottle. One...



See all 135 Iquitos Tips
  • Don't go to margaritaville restaurant

    Iquitos Warnings and Dangers

    In downtown Iquitos is an American owned from Texas restaurant that the owner allowed for a white patron of his to spew the word nigger several times in his presence and brandish a firearm to my wife in intimidation after I confronted the individual responsible. The waitresses are told to give me my check. How can an owner of a business condone a...

  • Amazonas Sinchicuy Lodge

    Iquitos Hotels

    Calle Pevas 246, 20 miles from Iquitos, Iquitos, Peru

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Deep Jungle Trip up the Tapiche River

    Iquitos Things to Do

    New in 2011. There is a new destination deep in the Amazon, 340km up river from Iquitos, Peru called Tapiche Ohara's Reserve. I went there in May 2011 and found it to be way off the beaten track in terms of typical jungle tour locations. It takes a day to get there from Iquitos. Requena is the last "town" along the way and the Reserve is yet...


Aguas Calientes - Machupicchu

  • Hot Springs

    Aguas Calientes - Machupicchu Warnings and Dangers

    The hot springs seemed like a nice way to relax after a long day of hiking, so we decided to check them out. The gentleman working at the entrance was kind and helpful, and we walked up a beautiful path to get to the springs. It seemed like a great start to a relaxing afternoon. Unfortunately, it was exactly the opposite. The hot springs had the...

  • Restaurants

    Aguas Calientes - Machupicchu Tourist Traps

    Walking up the main street, you will be greeted (or harassed, depending on your point of view) by dozens of people shoving menus in your face. These people are paid for every group they bring into the restaurant, not by the restaurant itself, but by the groups themselves. This extra fee is added into your bill as a "local tax". They often try to...

  • Mosquitoes

    Aguas Calientes - Machupicchu Warnings and Dangers

    There are many mosquitoes in Aquas Calientes, at least when I was visiting in November (2009). I sat at an open-air bar for less than an hour, but it was time enough for the mosquitoes to bite me about 50 times on my legs! I was completely eaten up by the small, blood-sucking insects! Use Mosquito Repellent, you can buy it at local shops!



See all 208 Cuzco Tips
  • Sublime food

    Cuzco Restaurants

    We just stumbled across this place and oh what a find, located just a block from the main square it's a very small place but the food awesomeI had chicken stuffed with spinach, mozzarella topped with bacon and a divine white wine sauce with rice and potatoesAnya had alpaca steak and vegThe chocolate cake is divine too79 soles all in, incl a beer...

  • Sol & Luna Hotel

    Cuzco Hotels

    Sacred Valley of the Incas, Urubamba, Sacred Valley, Peru

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • 2 international flights per week from...

    Cuzco Transportation

    Hi all,As an option if you are travelling to or from Cuzco and you want to make some decent time.While there´s a bunch of domestic flights for Cuzco (peruvianairlines seem to easily be the least expensive), there is an option for international travel from Cuzco airport. Aerosur fly on each of a Thursday and Sunday from Bolivia to La Paz. From La...



See all 184 Puno Tips
  • Lake Titicaca: Taquile Island, the...

    Puno Things to Do

    Taquile Island is located nearly 35 kilometre or 3 hours sailing from Puno, and is 1 kilometre wide and 6-7 kilometre long. It is inhabited by around 350 families consisting of 3,000 people, and the small community is following some old traditions. The three main rules are: Don’t steal, don’t lie, and don’t be lazy! And it seems to work, there are...

  • Casa Andina Puno Plaza

    Puno Hotels

    This is a small hotel (35 rooms). We loved our stay here and booked our the rest of tour in Peru...

  • Lake Titicaca: Floating Islands

    Puno Things to Do

    The Uro people have been living on floating islands for centuries, and there are still around 40-50 islands located in Lake Titicaca. The main sources of income for the Uros have always been fishing and hunting, but now it seems that tourism has taken over... and a visit to one of the islands is quite touristy, but still very interesting... We were...



See all 106 Huaraz Tips
  • Get your HUARAZ Hand made scarf

    Huaraz Shopping

    the woman sell woven scarfs , hats , mittens etc in the streets near the "Plaza de Armas" or near the bus stops. scarfs, hats, globes, socks all hand madethe scarfs are the ones I like the most, they are so soft . all white with HUARAZ written in black wool the price for the scarfs is around s/7 soles (around $4 ) they are superb and it is a must...

  • La Casa de Zarela

    Huaraz Hotels

    Arguedas 1263, Huaraz, ., Peru

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Pizza & more while you rock climb while...

    Huaraz Restaurants

    Excellent desserts ( I had a mango pastrie ) that was out of this world. I am not a pizza lover so it was just another pizza but the ambience was greatwhile you wait for your food you can climb the big wall with the various levels or organize your trekking trip. your ice adventure or any activity surrounding Huaraz including mountain biking,...



See all 121 Nazca Tips
  • Cruz del Sur

    Nazca Transportation

    We chose Cruz del Sur for our bus trip from Lima to Nazca. The tickets were easily purchased on line, and the bus station (at Javier Prado) was modern, spick and span, with shops and places to eat before departure.The journey was uneventful, though not spilling ones drink as the bus bounced around was tricky. We had chosen the upstairs, front of...

  • They aren't really

    Nazca Restaurants

    The Grumpy's has it sights set firmly on the travelers riding the Gringo Trail from Lima to Arequipa. The bright sign says it all, but we did not find the proprietors at all surly, ill-tempered or sullen. Maybe they got the translation wrong?The food is freshly cooked by the owners on order. The stirfried beef with 'Grumpy's chicken was a good...

  • Search for ancient astronauts (not)

    Nazca Things to Do

    You need to leave at least an the entire morning (and then some) for your flight across the Nazca lines. Our experience was that delays are common, and this should be allowed for in one's schedule. The fights themselves take only about 30 minutes, but including waiting time we were told that we'd be away for about two and a half hours.We booked our...



See all 69 Trujillo Tips
  • Nice for a snack

    Trujillo Restaurants

    A small cafe decorated with all sorts of old keys on the wall. The tables are made from the bases of treadle sewing machines. Very nice people. Very nice place for a snack. They do serve meals. I had a very good vegetarian triple. Absolutely superb limonada.

  • Hotel Libertador Trujillo

    Trujillo Hotels

    I have not stayed at this hotel, but I took pictures in the square, so I got a picture of it without...

  • A nice place!

    Trujillo Restaurants

    This place has very reasonable prices and is a pleasant place to go for a nice but not elaborate meal. Very tasty food. There are tablecloths, which makes the place look nice. Good service. Open on Sundays. Wide selection of options. Well, I had chicharonnes de langoustinos which were very good and served hot.


Puerto Maldonado

  • Music.

    Puerto Maldonado Warnings and Dangers

    Nobody loves music more than I do, but, the jungle is a fantastic place to just listen. So, do us all a favor and don't be "that guy" who has to bring his "tunes" out into the jugle and share them with everybody else. I thought people had I-pods these days???

  • Sandoval Lake Lodge

    Puerto Maldonado Hotels

    Puerto Maldonado Peru, Puerto Maldonado, Peru

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 1 out of 5 stars

  • The people

    Puerto Maldonado Things to Do

    The people are very welcoming. They wave as tourist buses go by. There is a clinic in town but I have not used it. It seems like this would be a really fun town to just spend some time in with the locals... ie the town isn't yet filed with gringos :)



See all 49 Ica Tips
  • Visit the vineyards (Bogedas)

    Ica Things to Do

    We went to the very touristy El Catador and to the less visited but equally interesting Vista Allegre.El Catador is good to see the traditional method of processing the grape, while Vista Allegre will give you an idea of the modern methods now in use.Both vineyards have friendly staff who will give you a tour of the place. Both charge nothing if...

  • Hotel Las Dunas

    Ica Hotels

    Av. La Angostura 400, Ica, Peru

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 3.5 out of 5 stars

  • bring mosquito repellent as precaution

    Ica What to Pack

    Mosquitos were not much of a problem here but we still recommend you bring a bit of repellent for the early evening hours. sweaters in the evening, bathing suit, shorts for day shampoo and beach towels (for pool facilities) camera and video cam useful clothes to go sand boarding, fossil hunting, bathing suit for pool Super-nice and secure taxi...



See all 28 Pisco Tips
  • Lima to Pisco: Soyuz buses

    Pisco Transportation

    Soyuz has a bus every 15 mins or so between Lima and Ica. They stop just outside Pisco on the Panamerica. You then need to take a short ride in a taxi or taxi tico to your hotel.Soyuz bus are reasonably comfortable and cost a fraction of what Ormeno charges. We paid 14 soles from Lima to Pisco and 15 soles from Pisco to Lima (market day...

  • Getting to Paracas from Pisco on the...

    Pisco Transportation

    If you are looking to go to the Ballestas Islands from Pisco you can save some money by booking your boat tour in Paracas (where the boats leave to go to the island). The cheapest way to get there is to take a combi. It's much more exciting than a taxi or a tourist bus, and it gives you a good glimpse of how the locals live. Our combi dropped off...

  • A Walk on the Pier - watch out for holes

    Pisco Off The Beaten Path

    The street that heads west from the south-west corner of the Plaza de Armes will take you to the pier. It's about a 10 minute walk. The guidebook warned us about potential robberies in the area so we were cautious but didn't feel threatened at any time. When we got to the pier we were a bit hesitant to walk on it because it looked like it was ready...



See all 24 Chiclayo Tips
  • Very good meat!

    Chiclayo Restaurants

    Looks like a pizza restaurant but they also serve general Peruvian food and also cook meat a la parrilla. Meat is cooked within a glass enclosure in the window, tended by mean in breathing apparatus! Very nice service. Lomo fino - superb - and a very large portion.

  • Gran Hotel Chiclayo

    Chiclayo Hotels

    Federico Villarreal 115

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Sipan Tombs Museum

    Chiclayo Things to Do

    This museum is a world class institution to hold the finds from the Sipan tombs. Best time to visit is on weekends when they have Mochica cultural demonstrations, foods, and crafts. The cost is only $ 3 for entrance fees.


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