Peru Warnings and Dangers

  • Warnings and Dangers
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  • A few minutes after we reached our campsite...!
    A few minutes after we reached our...
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  • Not feeling so good...
    Not feeling so good...
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Peru Warnings and Dangers

  • Altitude Sickness - Soroche

    Cusco Warnings and Dangers

    We flew from Lima at sea level to Puno at 4000 m and were taking Diamox and drinking lots of coca tea. We're both very fit - this is irrelevant with altitude sickness. Don't make the mistake of thinking you're super fit and healthy and you won't be affected. Your body must maintain adequate blood oxygen levels and that's not within your control. We...

  • Trail Dangers

    Machu Picchu Warnings and Dangers

    Being so high above the sea level, most visitors suffer the "altitude sickness". In the first 2-3 days you will feel a little headache and some stomach problems. To fight that is advisable to drink coca tea and take it easy, move real slow. If you spend 2 days in Cuzco before the trail you shouldn't have problems during the trail, but anyway, take...

  • Food / Drink

    Machu Picchu Warnings and Dangers

    Coca tea and chewing coca will help you adjust to altitude sickness. For most, chewing coca will make you a little slap happy. I guess everyone reacts to it differently. I felt my heart racing like I drank too much coffee.

  • Bathrooms

    Machu Picchu Warnings and Dangers

    Quite simply, there aren't any. You'll quickly lose your inhibitions about relieving yourself in the great outdoors, because you won't really have a choice when necessity calls. The trek group with whom we went, provided a small tent which we referred to as the "crapper" as much for its smell as for its so called utility. I refused to go anywhere...

  • Weather Wise

    Machu Picchu Warnings and Dangers

    Visiting Machu Picchu in January, during the rainy season, we'd read to dress warm and expect rain and fog. The day we went it turned out warm, bright and very sunny. I knew about the higher altitude putting one at risk for sunburn, so I dutifully put on my sunblock in the morning, and then smeared Aruba Aloe sunblock lip balm on my nose during...

  • Timing

    Machu Picchu Warnings and Dangers

    If you want to experience the mysticism of Machu Picchu without distractions, then you better plan to rise bright and early in order to catch a few quiet moments of sanctity and solitude....the tour buses arrive fully loaded by 9:00 am, and the place is transformed. Anyways, seeing Machu Picchu during a few reflective moments in the early morning...

  • Stranded after Machu Pichu trip

    Took a packageto go to machu pichu and the surrounding areas. Upon payment could not do the Sacred Valley tour. Upon reaching Aguas Calentes we had to search for the hotel and requested the hotel personnel to call in our guide. Fortunately I took a photo of the travel agent ticket for reference ( refer to photo attached).But the worse thing was we...

  • Warnings about being in Lima city...

    The tourist guide books say not to be out at night in the city of Lima and therefore to stay the night out at Miraflores as its fine and safe out there at night and just travel to and from Lima central during the daylight - friends that had been to Lima not long before my planned dates to be in Lima said the same.Right from arriving at the airport...

  • "Pueblos Jóvenes"

    As in many Third World capitals, thousands of people from the countryside pour into Lima every year. They come to the big city in search of jobs and opportunities for their children. There is no place for them to live, other than in shantytowns, called pueblos jóvenes ("young towns" in Spanish), set up on vacant lots or the hillsides on the...

  • Peru, Is It Dangerous?

    Peru has a bad reputation as a theft ridden country. However I found that if you watch yourself in a sensible but necessarily paraniod manner, that your trip through Peru will be highly uneventful with regards to theft. I personally did not suffer any form of theft or violence while travelling around this country nor did I meet anyone who did. I...


    PERU Always be especially careful when in crowds here. Peru has a bad reputation for travellers being "Ripped Off".. Usually its pickpockets stealing from unwary travellers or the occassional bag snatch. Seems these days that tourists are really fair game for these sort of criminal activities. My friend had his bag unzipped and money removed while...

  • Jorge Chavez Airport - Stealing tourists

    Before exiting the airport, my kids had their passports and money stolen. Isolated case ? I met a few days ago someone who experimented the same thing. When crossing personal metal detector, your belonging are scanned. You get marked (just a sign of the officer, it could be touching his nose, whatever), the money and papers are identified in which...

  • Common Sense Prevails

    Lima is a big city and big city problems exist. Basic travel precautions are in order: don't carry large amounts of cash, dress down, avoid certain neighborhoods, avoid anyone trying to sell you drugs and keep an eye on valuables. Having said that, I found Lima and Cusco to be no more dangerous than any other big city. In fact, I found the people...

  • Travel on Aero Continente is illegal for...

    Just read this after I RETURNED from Peru. Luckily, I didn't travel on Aero Continente. Use LanPeru. It's better anyway; they're flying new Airbus A320s. Source: State Dept. Website NOTE: As of June 1, 2004, it is illegal for any person within the United States, as well as U.S. citizens, nationals, and resident aliens elsewhere, to fly on Aero...

  • Border crossing at Aguas Verdes

    More of anannoyance than a danger is the young guy who bailed me up when I got out of the bus to walk over to the immigration office at the border. He asked to see my passport then told me to come with him. He started filling out an immigration form and I asked him why he was doing that. I asked him three times if he expected money from me and he...

  • Altitude Sickness

    In the Andes, the high altitude can be a problem. In severe cases altitude sickness can cause death. It is a good idea to take it easy for the first few days until the body acclimatizes to the altitude. The Indians chew dried coca leaves which are sold for pennies in the Andes towns. It is a mild stimulant that supposedly increases stamina in the...

  • Beware of carnivals

    Carnivals or large gatherings are a mecca for pickpockets. Actually saw a woman pickpocket in action at a carnival.

  • Take the local buses when you can.

    In Cuzco as well as a lot of tourist towns, they will try and sell you tours to attractions that you can visit just as easily by local transport at a fraction of the cost. That is not the most important reason however. By using the local bus, you get to see how locals get around and see just how friendly and helpful they are. You also get to be in...

  • Withdrawing money from banking machines

    All banks seems to have agreed not to let foreigner withdraw more than $200 at a time. I complained about it )it used to be $500) I was told the block is in my bank but I double check in my bank and there is no limitation except the one the local bank set up. After trying al almost all major bank (Continental, MiBanco, Scotia, etc) I manage to...

  • Using large money bills (dollars or...

    In Peru, there is a lot of false money circulating and tourist are the ideal people to pass on the money to them as they don t know the difference. If asking to change money, before handling a $100 bill for change, write down the last 3 digits of the bill numbers, so that if they hand it back to you saying they cannot change it, you can check it is...

  • Peru/Equator Huaquillas/Tumbes Border...

    So you made it into Ecuador untouched and with all of your belongings. Next you need to get your enterance stamp. The immigration station is too far to walk, so walk north on the principal road (the same road with the bridge crossing) until you run into a row of yellow taxis. The yellow taxis are the ONLY ones you can trust. Do not get into one...

  • Peru/Ecuador (Huaquillas/ Tumbes) Border...

    Before crossing this border, please feel free to email me ( I just accomplished this challenge alone, and it was every bit how people describe it; dangerous! I am 36 male, and consider myself very street smart. First, please use CIFA buses, which stop at each immigration point thus hassle free. But please have a backup...

  • Lima is not Dangerous

    The scariest part of Peru is when your in the US reading all those terrible things.When you actually arrive the fear fades and you quickly realize it's not dangerous.I had a hunch things were not as bad as people said when I exited the Lima Airport and hailed a random taxi along the main street and I didn't even have to haggle as the driver gave me...

  • US DoS

    SAFETY AND SECURITY: The Shining Path (Sendero Luminoso) terrorist group is still active, and sporadic incidents of Shining Path violence have occurred in the recent past in rural provinces of Ayacucho, Huancavelica, Huanuco, Junin, and San Martin. The Shining Path has previously targeted U.S. interests and there are indications that it continues...

  • Diarrhea after artichoke salad

    In response to your question about "what to do with 3 days in Lima", I did visit the Pachacamac which is an interesting archeological site and you can easily reach it from the Lima center. Too bad you have only 3 days, since Cusco would have been nice and of course Machu Picchu --- but just be careful of the salads and water. I tried to avoid...

  • Beware of withdrawing large amount of...

    Many of my friends had been stolen after just withdrawing large amount of money at either at a banks or 'at a cash transfer' site. Basically you are being 'marked' and other people attack you most of the time aiming at the bag or place where the money was put. A friend of mine living in Cusco, did recuperate money from a bank to buy a car, and the...

  • Civil unrest

    There is every chance that your travels in Peru may be disrupted, as mine were, by the many anti-government strikes and demonstrations. These can lead to airports being closed, roads being blocked and violent confrontations between protesters and riot police, often leading to casualties. My first day travelling south of Lima on the Pan-American...

  • Lima Cuzco by bus?

    If you have time and money try to avoid this long bloody and though route. This is over 16 hrs bus all going and turning around, there is no single straight piece of road as all the way is in bend. Best suggestion: Book a flight and in two hrs you ll be there!

  • workout on the stairmaster before the...

    yeah great idea climbing wyanapichuu,this is the mountain behind the city of machu picchu,it is harder than it looks but worth the climb,and when you get to the top WOW the views are spectacular,and be careful of the sign great cave with the arrow pointing,its all the way down the other side and you have to climb way back up almost to the top again...

  • Altitude acclimatization

    There are two concerns related to becoming 'altitude acclimated'. During this period one may experience; 1) the effects of altitude from low pressures and low oxygen to which your body may never fully adjust, and 2) altitude sickness. Shortness of breath upon exertion is often an example of one of the first and does not necessarily represent...

  • Border Between Peru and Ecuador

    If you are leaving Peru and heading to Ecuador I'll suggest to you to hear from all the other travelers who may have done this route already and ask them for fresh and good tips. I left Mancora with a minibus (there are severals passing every hour) to Tumbles where there are taxi who brings you to the Peruvian Border for the first stamp. I didn't...

  • Mother Nature

    Almost everyplace in the world has to deal with some type of natural disaster. For some it's storms, here it's earthquakes.This is no excuse not to visit, but if you don't live in an earthquake area, you should read up on the subject.People who have to deal with hurricanes get several days or warnings, tornados you get minutes, earthquake NO...

  • Altitude sickness prevention

    Prevention begins with a graded (slow) ascent, drinking lots of liquids but not alcohol, avoiding over-exertion, eating easily digested carbohydrate meals and getting adequate rest. People often also advise taking over the counter medications to prevent mild symptoms, but there is no evidence that these drugs help prevent altitude sickness. Because...


    Harmless warning: You may inadvertently stumble into er... Ammonia Avenue (to borrow the song title from Alan Parsons Project) or should I say, Avenida de Ammonia - alleyways that turned out to be extremely popular public urinals. ;-) Well, they pee everywhere but these alleys just seemed more aromatic. Run like the wind, dearie!Here's a little...

  • Irresponsible Tour Operator - Turismo...

    My wife and I went to Peru last month for a vacation and our first stop was in Lima. We stayed in Residencial Alfa (Mira Flores) which was nice. Unfortunately, we were conned by their tour operator (namely Turismo Alfa) to take up their offer to arrange everything for us with a perfect itinerary at a high price . We went for it because the operator...


    Peru is in an earthquake zone and tremors are frequent. The last major earthquake occurred on 15 august 2007 in Southern Peru (8.7 on the Richter Scale).The rainy season in Peru runs from November to April. Landslides can occur, sometimes causing fatalities and making local travel difficult, particularly in mountainous areas. You are advised to...

  • Cold and freezing nights!!!!

    South America was supposed to be a hot spot. However, winters are winters everywhere. Cusco was not an exception. Though I could not complain about the temperature during the July day - usually above + 10, the night temperature disappointed me- usually 0 and below. You can say that 10 is a good temperature for winter and there is no reason to...

  • Double rates for tourists

    All the Tourist activities were overpriced compared to local prices. For instance, trip to Machu Picchu and back from Cuzco was 160US dollars. The entrance to Incas ruins, churches and cathedrals were not free of charge. In front of any place that had even insignificant historical meaning you could meet a guard demanding entrance fees.

  • "Is bus travel as dangerous as they say...

    How dangerous do they say it is? And how do they say it is dangerous. I monitored newspaper reports prior to my visits and read at least weekly reports of serious bus accidents. When in Peru I saw where a bus had just driven off a cliff and rescue operations were underway. The combination of mountain roads, poor road conditions, wild weather, and...

  • Soroche - High altitude sickness

    Sure, it's a classic, but you can be told enough: drink enough water and chew coca leaves if you don't want to become sick of altitude. Try not to go to Cuzco right away, but try adapting to a lower level before going there, so that your body can get used to the height. Even with these precautions, you can have soroche - as I did. Luckily, I had a...

  • Dont be conned

    Be careful when handing over large notes in restaurants. 100 or 50 soles notes.A friend handed over a 100 note which he had just taken out of an ATM. The waitress came back saying it was a forgery. The note had obviously been changed and my friend had to pay for the meal and lost a 100 soles note.Always check the serial number on the note (in the...

  • Altitude sickness

    Soroche, or altitude sickness can be a real problem in Maccu Picchu and Cusco. Be sure to take care of yourself and prepare ahead of time. Altitude sickness can be miserable at the least and potentially deadly at the worse.I noticed that a lot of people around me were sick but I didn't have too many problems BUTI didn't want to take the chance of...

  • You are at risk --So how about Diamox?

    The statement that you either get altitude sickness (AMS) or not independent of who you are and what you do is misleading. It probably comes from the observation that severe cases seem to strike athletes, children and young adults at greater rates than average people. Pre-existing medical conditions do not increase the incidence of altitude...

  • Disappearing Tour Bus in Parque Nacional...

    When you are visiting Parque Nacional Huaraz north of Lima through a commercial tour bus service, do not stray too far from your group. I and my friend did when we went for a walk near Lagunas Llananuco, and we got left behind miles away from civilization.

  • Be Aware of Bird Fleas

    Be careful if you allergic for the bites of bird fleas when handling the birds and bird nestles. I had bad symptoms in my legs, arms and stomach. There is a pre-Inca citadel of Pikillacta, quechua name for "City of Fleas", one of the most spectacular centers of the Wari culture. Don't go there if you are allergic for fleas!!!Of course fleas of...


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    Sep 22, 2014 at 12:33 PM

    I was actually considering doing a trip to Peru, but all these Warnings and Dangers scared me off. I didn't know Peru was so dangerous! Holy Hell!
    If they depend on tourism so much, this sort of stuff shouldn't happened.

    • leics's Profile Photo
      Sep 23, 2014 at 11:32 PM

      How exactly do you suggest 'they' prevent altitude sickness or travellers' diarrhoea? The majority of of these tips relate to things which cannot be stopped but about which visitors should be aware and against which they should take proper precautions. Pickpockets and petty thieves exist everywhere in the world, including the US: one just takes sensible precautions to keep one's valuables safe.

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    Re: Peru Rent A Cell

    May 19, 2013, 5:49 AM

    I rented a SIM card. I made one call with it. The charged me 140 euro and do not answer my calls or emails. They are simply THIEVES!

    8. Re: Peru Rent A Cell
    Jun 09, 2013, 2:08 AM

    Following up on my previous post; Rent-a-Cell has apparently noticed me since I posted this complaint and they called me long distance to say that they would return my money. Of course that was two weeks ago and I have not heard from them since. So they are still THIEVES. Do not do any business with Rent-a-Cell at the Chavez airport.

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