Suriname Transportation

  • private korjaal cruise
    private korjaal cruise
    by carlverschuren
  • 2013: Carolina Bridge almost completed?
    2013: Carolina Bridge almost completed?
    by theo1006
  • bus  boat
    bus boat
    by henri123

Suriname Transportation

  • Hiring a car

    To get around in the northern districts of Suriname, an ordinary sedan car suffices, although in places the roads are in bad repair. We used such a car to- do a round tour through Commewijne, and go farther east up to Albina;- go west to Saramacca, Coronie and Nickerie districts, up to New Nickerie;- go south up to Paranam and Zanderij, as well as...

  • Cross a river or cruise in a korjaal.

    Suriname is covered with rainforest and has innumerable rivers and creeks. But there few bridges and few roads. So, everywhere in the country people use "korjalen" to cross rivers and to travel on the rivers. Korjalen may be large canoes with outboards, but also smaller dugouts with paddles. You can use a taxi-korjaal to cross the Lower Suriname...

  • In Suriname, use taxis also for long...

    Use taxis in Suriname, not just because they are cheap (e.g from 8 am till 3 pm we paid $35 to go wherever we wanted within a circle of 30 Km around Paramaribo; and we paid $15 for a 30 Km ride), but also because taxi drivers know a lot about the country. Suriname has an oral communication culture where people communicate a lot through cell phone,...

  • Flying

    From Amsterdam we took a 9 hr flight to the international airport of Paramaribo.The flight is non-stop, so convenient and pleasant.Arrival around 1pm, so you have some time to acclimate and go to sleep before starting the real big journey on the following day

  • Suriname to/from Guyana

    While you could hire a taxi, it is more cost effective to take a bus. If you are in a large group however, pooling your money may make a taxi worth while.To reach Georgetown the same day you have to leave Paramaribo by 5 am latest and most of the transport will be leaving around 4 am. Otherwise if you are starting anywhere else along the way, just...

  • to brownsweg

    if u want to go to brownsberg/brownsweg go from waterkant about 300m south and ask the people around for the "bus" to brownweg.there are 7 seater cars for the people of brownsweg. it starts wenn its ful, so it can take for an hour or so until its full.but be warned that the last bus from brownsweg to brownsberg is going abount 13:00 and if you miss...

  • Georgetown to Paramaribo

    We went overland from Georgetown to Paramaribo, which made for a very long day. We left Georgetown at 5AM in a taxi (about $120, split 3 ways). There are also minibuses that ply this route. The main road here was in good condition. The ferry from Guyana to Suriname only runs once per day at 11AM so you must make this. There is also a ferry crossing...

  • cheap transportation by bus

    This tip is for BUDGET travellers:Many visitors like ordering taxi's, but I prefer travelling by bus in Surinam. It might not be as comfortable, but you can save a lot of money. For example: A trip to White Beach: Taxi -> SRD 80,-, Bus -> SRD 2,- !!!Or all the way to Albina for only SRD 7,50!The main busstation in Paramaribo is near the...

  • Hiring a bike

    We found a hired bike suitable to get about town in Paramaribo, as far as Leonsberg. If you do not mind saddle pain, you may also do the tour of Commewijne on bicycle.We discovered three bike rentals, all in the vicinity of Torarica.Prices are uniform: EUR 3 or SRD 10 per day for a bike with single speed gearing, EUR 5 or SRD 15 for one with...

  • Call Carlo for Taxi

    On the days when we had not hired a car and were in need of transport, our cousin Carlo Bulo was always ready with his taxi. Also for the drive from and to the airport. So, when you want to call a taxi, dependable and for a competative price, we recommend Carlo.

  • make tour to the inside of suriname

    to see the real suriname you need to make a tour to the inside of suriname by a tour agent...a must to see is brownsberg and any place inside the river/rain forestwe had a very helpful and excellent organized travel agent:Sun & Forest Tours Suriname, located in center of Paramaribo, kleine waterstraat 1b

  • Ferry to Guyana

    The overland route from Suriname to Guyana, roughly follows the coast, along a very unsmooth track. We were very surprised that the main road to Guyana was so rough! A lot of it is through swamp land though, so excellent for bird watching!From New Amsterdam, you need to cross the Corentyne River by ferry to reach Guyana. Immigration formalities...

  • Tourist bus

    All the tourist buses in Surinam are built in Japan for the Japanese, whose legs are considerably shorter than European legs. Hence the buses are extremely uncomfortable for any long journey. One good thing - they are air conditioned - a must in the oppressive heat in this part of the world!

  • Flight from London to Paramaribo

    From London we travel on flight BW901 to Port of Spain, Trinidad where we take connecting flight BW883 to Paramaribo after a six hour stopover (we grab a taxi and go into the centre of Port of Spain for a drink). BWIA fly from London to Trinidad every day of the week, via either St Lucia or Barbados. BWIA is the oldest airline in the Caribbean,...

  • Mini bus for your travel needs, Comfort...

    I have used these mini buses to travel around town and various locations they are very comfortable and safe, even more safe than those in my country.Their fares ranges from 626 - 675 guilders this depends on the location. I must say I admired the orderly manner in which they queue for passagers.You'll recognize their routes with the letters such as...

  • There are twice-weekly flights...

    There are twice-weekly flights from Amsterdam to Paramaribo, but it may be cheaper to fly from Paris to Cayenne (in French Guiana) and travel overland to Paramaribo. Miami and Atlanta are the main departure points for flights from the USA, and there are also flights from various Caribbean islands, Brazil and Guyana. There is a passenger ferry from...

  • Get yourselves advised by your...

    Get yourselves advised by your travel agent. The roads are filled with holes end the traffic is very chaotic. Taxis are very cheap but don't get tricked. The public bus system in Paramaribo isn't very punctual.

  • The capital city has an...

    The capital city has an international airport which I know connects up with Europe with KLM. The only picture I have of it is a postcard with poor resolution. The cruise ship industry has discovered Suriname as well but you will just barely get a taste of it in one day.Though we have done a good deal of cruising, it proves to be more and more...


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