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  • Punta del Este
    by Cockleshell
  • Punta del Este
    by Cockleshell
  • Punta del Este
    by malianrob
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Punta del Este

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  • isla de lobos

    Punta del Este Things to Do

    The Island counts on slightly more than 180,000 seals. In the majority of the zoological and marine aquaria of the world the seals amaestradas are copies of sea lions of this island

  • Hotel L'Auberge

    Punta del Este Hotels

    There are so many words to describe this hotel. Romantic. Peaceful. Serene. Pristine. Quaint. ...

  • parrila

    Punta del Este Restaurants

    The place is really no frills, with wooden benches to sit on, but delivers very good meat at a very reasonable price.We were a party of 4, and both the charbroiled lamb rack and the rumpsteak (bife de chorizo) were delicious. So were the grilled vegetables that came with the meat, the fries, and the grilled morcilla (black pudding) and chorizo...


Colonia del Sacramento


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  • good food

    Piriápolis Restaurants

    Service was very good , uncomplicated,accurate,and fast.and more the dish was good size and tasted good.. the Uruguayan classic "chivito" la milena with fries on a plate.It is almost like hamburger:bread,meat,lettuce,tomatoes,boiled egg

  • Montevideo to Piriapolis

    Piriápolis Transportation

    Piriapolis lies about 80 km east of Montevideo and frequent buses, many of which go on to Punta del Este, connect the two. The bus station in Piriapolis is about 4 blocks from the beach and within easy walking distance of the youth hostel and most of the hotels. If you are trying to get from Piriapolis to anywhere not along the coast you'll most...

  • Piriapolis Beach

    Piriápolis Things to Do

    Piriapolis is one of the most attractive of the seaside towns along the southern Uruguayan coast and in the summer season it attracts plenty of visitors. We visited Piriapolis out of season in September, which meant the weather was fairly cold and visitors were few. However, the beach was still very attractive, though it wasn't quite warm enough...



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  • Acuamania

    Salto Things to Do

    Acuamania is another water-based attraction close to Salto, in Dayman, near the Termes del Dayman. It costs twice as much more to enter Acuamania and recieves only about 1/5th the amount of visitors to the Termes, but it's a fun place to visit nonetheless, and we spent a very enjoyable day here. Acuamania contains a number of pools, an artificial,...

  • Barcelo Arapey Thermal Hotel

    Salto Hotels

    Termas Del Arapey (Departamento De Salto), Salto,

  • Danger...in Salto??

    Salto Warnings and Dangers

    Having lived in Caracas, Venezuela for 9 years, I can confidently say that Salto has a minimal problem with crime and danger. It is sometimes difficult to enjoy travel in some of the larger cities because of the real possibility of becoming the target of a thief, but in Salto, tourists can pretty much walk around, even late at night, with out much...


José Ignacio

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  • Best Restaurant in Uruguay, Sarava Jose...

    José Ignacio Restaurants

    Possibly the best restaurant I have dined at in South America. I have been visiting South America for 15 years and the food was simply delicious. Located in the Sand and Forest in Arenas of Jose Ignacio, the restaurant is a charming mix of chic and rustic. Wonderful music and excellent staff, I would recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting...

  • Bird and Whale watching

    José Ignacio Sports & Outdoors

    Jose Ignacio is surrounded by lagoons, making it a paradise for birdwatchers. The streets are even named for local birds.You can see and hear the Right Whales,off shore, from March through October.

  • Playa Mansa

    José Ignacio Things to Do

    On the west side of the peninsula, the beach is usually calm.You will see fishermen working in this area along with their colorful fishing boats.Of course where there is fish there is also seagulls.


La Paloma

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  • Birds

    La Paloma Favorites

    We added a new bird to our life list here. It was a beautiful white bird with black stripe on its wings and a black band at end of its tail. It wasn't a bird that we had ever seen before now. After much searching we finally found it in our birdbook. It is called a White Monjita.

  • Take your lunch

    La Paloma What to Pack

    If you are planning to go for a drive to check out the scenery, you best take your lunch with you. Everything seems to close up here in the off season. Luckily we did have water with us but we didn't find anything to eat.

  • Any thing with wheels

    La Paloma Transportation

    It doesn't seem to matter how you get around. A remarkable number of old cars grace the roads in Uruguay, along with scooters, bicycles, and even horse-drawn wagons.



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  • Historic spots in a region of vineyards

    Carmelo Things to Do

    Very close to Carmelo we visited: *Calera de las Huérfanas, which used to be a limestone quarry and estancia run by the Jesuits. The ruins of the chapel are impressive. I also particularly enjoyed a nature trail which winds through dense native vegetation and made me feel like I was miles away from civilization. *Conchillas, a town built by a...

  • Colonia to Carmelo

    Carmelo Transportation

    There are a number of daily buses between Colonia del Sacramaneto and Carmelo. The buses leave from the main station in Colonia, and the journey to Carmelo, 75km west of Colonia, takes about 2 hours. This was our first bus journey in South America, and also our first opportunity to see the Uruguayan countryside. Which was very green and reminded me...

  • Fay Fay

    Carmelo Restaurants

    After exploring Carmelo we stopped in Fay Fay for a quick coffee and ice-cream before catching the bus back to Colonoia. Fay Fay was one of the few restaurants/cafes we came across in Carmelo. It's in a good location on one side of the main square, and offers simple, straightforward Uruguayan dishes at very good prices.



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  • Route 5

    Tacuarembó Transportation

    Tacuarembo is situated on Route 5, 490 Km from Montevideo, so it is very easy to reach by car; there are several bus companies which go there every day (Turil, Agencia Central, Nuñez, Corporacion) and you can check its scheduals at Tres Cruces BusTerminal.Tacuarembó está situada sobre Ruta 5, a 490 Km de Montevideo, por lo que es muy fácil llegar...

  • Central Hotel

    Tacuarembó Hotels

    General Flores 300, Tacuarembo, Uruguay

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Laguna de las Lavanderas

    Tacuarembó Things to Do

    Just 1 Km (0,6 miles) far from downtown, there is a nice park, where is situated the "Laguna de las lavanderas" (Laundry women's lagoon); all year long, it is a nice place to walk and relax, and every year, during the first week of March, since 1986, by the lagoon it takes place the "Fiesta de la Patria Gaucha" (Festivity of the Gaucho Homeland),...



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  • Carnaval!!!!

    Artigas Things to Do

    OK, so I´ve never been there during Carnval. But I´ve always managed to go when the the major schools of Samba are having their ensayos (spelling?).It's basically about 1 month where they practice each night from about 11pm until 12, 1 or 2am, depending on the night. It's all in preparation for Carnval, and there are many people from Uruguay who...

  • Del Norte Artigas

    Artigas Hotels

    Lecueder 507, Artigas, Uruguay

    Good for: Couples

  • Got Milk?

    Artigas Favorites

    It´s amazing in my viewpoint to see how the milk man still comes around in a horse and carriage to deliver fresh milk every morning.I remember my first trip here when I was 10, I wouldn´t drink the milk because it had a distinctive taste. My aunt would boil the milk and chill it again before we consumed it (pasteurized I guess). haha...


Cabo Polonio

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  • Walking from Valizas to Cabo Polonio

    Cabo Polonio Transportation

    I stayed in the nearby village of Valizas and walked the 6-7 km (2 hours) to Cabo Polonio. We walked over the sand dunes on the way out and along the beach on the way back. The walk was very nice. Great views from start when I climbed the sand dunes, later we saw the odd sight of cows grassing next to beach. All along we didn't meet anybody, so it...

  • sea lions

    Cabo Polonio Things to Do

    personally, but the time we got to Cabo Polonio, we had seen loads of sea lions. we had sat with them on the beach at Punta Norte at Peninsuala Valdes, and we had seen them while whale watching in Puerto Piramides...so, seeing this very large sea lion colony wasn't all that impressive...but, if you haven't had your fill of sealions, it really would...

  • visit the lighthouse

    Cabo Polonio Things to Do

    the faro (or lighthouse) is the only place on Cabo Polonio that has electricty. It's in a really lovely spot...and you won't be able to miss it.



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  • The Eagle

    Atlántida Things to Do

    There are many legends written about this typical construction built on the Villa Argentina resort, right next to Atlantida. The most common is the one that tells that Nazis owned it so they could watch the Rio de la Plata river.This is certainly a place to visit and enjoy.

  • Hosteria Fortin De Santa Rosa Hotel

    Atlántida Hotels

    hotel was built in the 30's but is very clean and scrupulously maintained. jorge and the staff go...

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San Gregorio de Polanco

  • Hoplias malabaricus

    San Gregorio de Polanco Sports & Outdoors

    I do not fish, and for me the fish have only biological and gastronomical interest, but I know that many people love fishing. Rincón del Bonete lake is a great place for fishers, and there they find "dorado" (Salminus maxillosus), "pejerrey" (Odontesthes bonariensis), and the vedette: "tararira tornasol" (Hoplias malabaricus).No pesco, y para mí...

  • Los Medanos

    San Gregorio de Polanco Hotels

    San Gregorio is a very small town, so there are not many accomodations; I never spent a night there,...

  • Private house

    San Gregorio de Polanco Things to Do

    The photo shows another paintwork, this time on the wall of a private house, situated on the street that leads to the beach (if I could remember the name...)La foto muestra otra de las obras, esta vez sobre los muros de una casa particular, situada sobre la calle que lleva hasta la playa (si pudiera recordar el nombre...)


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