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    The City of Valencia
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Valencia Things to Do

  • Zoo

    The zoo which adjoins the aquarium is a rather sad place, as most of the animals are kept in very small cages and seem to rely on visitors for a great part of their sustenance. I have several felines that I have never seen before, including this one on the photo (called cunaguaro I think). He looked so sad to be in a bird cage-sized enclosure....

  • Acuario - fishes and turtles

    The acuario also holds several home aquariums that hold mostly typical fishes you see in upmarket fish stores: tetras, South American cichlids, even guppies. The collection of turtles is really great though, and I have many strange one that I have never seen before. There are also caymans here.

  • Acuario - Toninas

    This is one of only two sights in the world where you can see these freshwater dolphins that live in Orinoco and Amazonas. Most of them are born in captivity, and you can attend shows with them.Photos are not very clear, because the water was kinda murky.

  • Northern Valencia

    This area does not just feel like another city from the center. It feels like another country! This is the area where the wealthy residents live, work and play. The nicest hotels including the posh Intercontinental is located here. If you can afford it, this is the place to stay.

  • Parque de Esculturas

    This is the nicest park in Valencia, located in its northern part. It is full of beautiful trees and sculptures, some of which are whymsical and some abstract.The area around it is the hub of nightlife and is full of restaurants and clubs.

  • Colonial Streets

    Away from the hustle and bustle of shopping malls, many parts of the center have retained a look of colonial times with these colorful rowhouses. Unfortunately, many of them are crumbling, but this adds an atmosphere of authenticity to the place. Excercise caution here at night.

  • Plaza Bolivar

    This large plaza is sorrounded mostly by ugly concrete shopping malls, but it has preserved a very nice and elegant cathedral. In the center is the obligatory monument to Bolivar.

  • State Capitol

    Valencia is the capital of the state Carabobo, and this former convent building houses its legislature.

  • Theater

    This sight is a symbol of civic pride of local citizens. It is in a very good condition and holds shows.


Valencia Hotels

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Valencia Restaurants

  • Long Standing Tradition in Valencia

    Casa Valencia is one of the finest restaurants in town, and the ambience of parrots and colonial style architecture is excellent. The food is quite varied, with seafood, red meat, poultry, and pasta on the menu, along with the traditional yucca, tostones, platanos, and other authentic Venezuelan food. Venezuelans dress up more than other countries...

  • Tapas restaurant in Hotel Diamante

    I was so tired that I hadn't the enery to go out to eat, so I tried the restourant, little, next my room at the first floor of my hotel.The meat parillada was so good, the dishes was big and the salade was fresh and gorgeouse!We took 1 parillada to share, 1 salade, 1 queso fundido, bread and 4 bears: we was full and the price only 36.000 bolivares.

  • Don't sleep on the Seafood Chowder Bowl

    One of the popular dishes is a soup, served in a bowl of bread, that's filled with seafood and potato. It's kind of like clam chowder, but the Venezuelan version of it. Here is a picture of Dave enjoying a hearty bowl of chowder. We spent a lot of time at Bambu, and I recommend that you do as well. If you're in Valencia, it's a must go.


Valencia Nightlife

  • Watch out for this place!

    Wow! Watch out for this place. It is a tiny, but beautiful modern bar/nightclub in Valencia. The drinks are INSANELY strong (as I found out one very strange night!) Their signature drink "The Ocean" Is a giant, frozen drink served in the largest Martini glass I have ever seen. The only downside to this place is that there is only one unisex...

  • Great Bar/Restaurant

    This is a great place to hang out at night. I think there are some other reviews of this place, but it is so great that I had to post my own, along with a photo. It's just a relaxed place playing live house music, with great prices. Dress casual, but trendy. Always dress trendy when you are out and about in Valencia! Venezuela is the beauty-queen...

  • Parque de Esculturas

    Bambu and Loud are located next to the Parque de las Esculturas. The former also doubles as a restaurant.These places are safe, have decent prices for drinks, play mostly techno and raggaeton music. If you enjoy nightlife, these are definitely the places to visit.


Valencia Transportation

  • Buses and Colectivos

    Along Avenida Bolivar is an excellent system of minibuses known as colectivos that are cheap. They are very often crowded during rush hour, and if you do a bank transaction downtown, watch who follows you on to the bus. The buses are themselves very frequent, cheap and safe, and the drivers responsible, but it's easy to have a robber climb off the...

  • MetroValencia

    Valencia is constructing a new light rail type metro system to connect the fast growing suburbs with the center of the city. See the link for for complete information.

  • Freeway System in Valencia

    The city of Valencia has a fine freeway system that circles the city, so it's possible to drive right through without delay by any stop lights. Freeway lighting is excellent in the Valencia metro area, but some bulbs may be burned out. During rush hour, the northside freeway can get heavily congested for awhile, but never for long compared to...


Valencia Shopping

  • LexiSalsera's Profile Photo

    by LexiSalsera Updated Oct 6, 2006

    CC Sambil Valencia, or Centro Comercial Salmbil, is part of the Sambil chain in Venezuela. It is a large mall which is shaped like a baseball diamond. The different areas, and levels have a baseball theme. 1st base, 2nd, 3rd, home, etc.

    What to buy: Sambil is like any other mall in the world. Prices can be higher than usual, but the convenience can't be beat. This mall is huge, but not quite as huge as another mall in Valencia called Metropolis. There always seem to be great sales at Sambil.

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Valencia Local Customs

  • el_ruso's Profile Photo

    by el_ruso Written Oct 2, 2005

    There is a fixed exchange rate which is lower than the black market price of dollars. As a result, a lot of people try to supplement their income by exchanging dollars. You will be approached by hustlers in the airport, and if you choose to exchange money with them be aware that it is illegal, and both of you can get in trouble.

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Valencia Warnings and Dangers

  • by JOYCEB Written Feb 8, 2004

    Pick pockets, don't wear jewelry. (poor country so no temptations) drink bottled water sealed,Corrupt police will take bribes for anything, Just remember 3rd world country and take usual precautions. BUT THE THE MAJORITY of the people are so friendly and helpful and the country is indeed beautiful.

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Valencia Off The Beaten Path

  • Check out this beach- Playa Las Rosas

    This is a great beach, which is pretty close to Valencia. It is Playa las Rosas in Puerto Cabello. This beach is very popular, with many people on the weekends, Weekdays are not quite as busy, so if you'd like to have a little more privacy, go during the week. There are beautiful views of the mountains, and it is on the Caribbean coast. Need I say...

  • Hotel Sexo

    Apparently men and women like to do their business in places such as this; A Sex Hotel, or Hotel Sexo. From first hand accounts, the place is a hotel 100% devoted to anonymity and getting it on. I only drove by it, and from the outside it looks like a huge version of the alladin ride at DisneyWorld. I heard that it's around $50, and that the inside...

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