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  • Posada 'Villa Norte'
    Posada 'Villa Norte'
    by moocurtis
  • plenty of lounging space
    plenty of lounging space
    by moocurtis
  • outdoor bar/dinning area
    outdoor bar/dinning area
    by moocurtis

Chichiriviche Things to Do

  • Walk the White Sands

    The beaches at Morocoy Nacional Parque are just perfect. Wander along the white sands and just take some time to enjoy the beauty of the place.We went during the week, so it wasn't crowded. (see pic ) - Beautiful !

  • Say Your Prayers

    When such beauty surrounds you, it may well be a good idea to voice your appreciation of such a wonderful world ; )Pictured here, religious figures on the rocks at Morrocoy Nacional Parque.People go there to pray and sometimes ask for a special request from Jesus, Our Lady of the Valleys and other saints and leave little gifts for them. There are a...

  • Birdwatching, is a Must !

    The amount of colourful wildlife in El Parque National Morrocoy, makes for some very exciting sights for a girl who was brought up in London, UK and now resides in the city of Brighton & Hove.Pictured here, a Scarlet Ibis, which much to my delight, I spotted in the mangroves. Apparently sometimes the skies are filled with flocks of these amazing...

  • Grab a Water Taxi

    Grab a water taxi and take a trip through the mangroves to visit the little islands in the Parque Nacional Morrocoy. The boat owner (ours was particularly jolly) will take you where you like and you can jump off and swim to your choice of island, snorkle, visit the caves in the cliffs and generally have a wonderful time!I spent a day there with my...

  • A trip through the tunnel of love

    There are wonderful sights at every turn when you take a boat ride through the mangrove channels at Parque Nacional Morrocoy, Chichiriviche.Pictured here, a view from the 'Tunnel of Love' which you can travel through by boat before going out to sea and the islands.These mangroves are home to the Scarlett Ibis and other wonderful birds and wildlife.

  • Morrocoy National Park - Beauty at Every...

    As I say, there is beauty at every turn. I don't really know what to write, the pictures say so much more.(This lovely photo was taken by 'Sister no1' )

  • Caquetios Indians

    Amazingly, you can see some cave art by the Caquetios Indians, an indigenous group who lived in the 'Cave of the Indians' 3,400 years BC ! They lived along the whole coast of Falcon State. Some say, the caves were a burial site. You can visit this cave by water taxi, disembark for a while and view the art on the cave walls.They say a big snake...

  • Play 'Spot the Iguanas in the Trees'

    Casually looking over the balcony of our apartment which was level with some treetops and much to the delight of myself and the small people with me, I noticed a familiar headbanging movement and was delighted to see at least 6 or 7 large Iguanas nodding in the sun amid the treetop branches. Snapped one of them here.he he.

  • Visit the The Cliffs by Water Taxi

    As your boat emerges from 'Tunnel of Love' in the mangroves, you approach the cliffside.The boat can take you directly there, where you can disembark for a while at various spots like the 'Cave of the Indians'. Make sure you have your camera handy!

  • Cool Off With a Quick Dip

    ...and if it all gets too hot, you can always jump off the boat into the shallow tuquoise waters of the Carribean to cool off.Perfect!

  • Swim to Your Own Desert Island

    Desert Islands with white sand beaches and surrounded by coral reefs tempt you towards them in El Parque Nacional Morrocoy - Not much more I can say about that, it's the stuff that dreams are made of.(Have you got your discs ready)?

  • Discover the northest cayos of Morrocoy...

    From CHichi u can reach the northest cayos, but rememeber that here is open sea, the wave are stronger and u will be wet in a while.I haven't a lot of pics cause I passed quickly trough them and I prefered to spend the lst 3 days ina a quiet beach like Varadero kitesurfing...but I give u some indication: Cayo Muerto and Sal, The nearest, are in...

  • Umbrella

    Recomandable is to protect you against the sun. Look for a large umbrella, or was this not the reason why i took this picture???

  • Bounty beaches

    In Chichiriviche there is not much to see, just stroll around and look for a good restaurant.But a must see activity is to visit the different islands near the coast, located in the National Park of Morrocoy

  • Cayo Sombrero

    Cayo Sombrero is supposed to be one of the largest islands in the park - and for sure it's the best known of them. It's really beautiful, but such beauty has a draw back: it can get quite crowded. Still it has long wonderful beaches dotted with many bits and pieces of dead coral - especially on the side opposite from where your boat will dock....


Chichiriviche Restaurants

  • One of the best to cool off

    Ice cream chop, owners of Belgian/Italian origin, so what ?? - The quality of their ice creams is top.

  • Don't miss a good meal

    At last a good meal in Venezuela, in this God's forgetten harbour in the west of Venezuela. A good piece of meat - a local red wine or Vino Tinto

  • everything "a la brasa"

    We found this little and simple restaurant by chance.. wandering around. It was full of people eating what seemed like a delicious chicken. Then we saw they served pizzas as well. Our choice was made. The chicken was as good as it looked - but I'll always remember this restaurant for the yucca: it was the first time I had ever tasted it....


Chichiriviche Transportation

  • Lancheros!

    To discover the Morrocoy northest part u have to take a lancha, aboat that u can share with other people to get in the Cayos.A lot of lancheros create association, so u can come witha boat and withyour recipt u can take onother one.There are many from playa northe ot playa sur, but I prefer Associacion La Caraquita cause they are serious and give...

  • Bus from Coro and Valencia

    U can arrive in Chichi from Valencia and Coro.Rememeber that there aren't direct bus from Caracas: u have to arrive to Valencia first, and at Terminal de passageiros ask for the first bus for Chichi: be carefull to ask for the bus streight to Chichi, there are other bus tat pass trought Tucacas, than go to Coro and leave u not in Chichi but at the...

  • Drive There

    I would say, the best way to go to Chichiriviche, would be to drive. Here a roadside snap through the car window on the road from Coro (3 Hours). We had an enjoyable journey, leaving at 4 am from Los Taques and witnessing a sunrise, some interestingly dusty 'one horse towns' and taking in some beautiful scenery. (Having said that, there are some...


Chichiriviche Shopping

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    by amapola66 Updated Apr 12, 2005

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    Chichiriviche has quite a few local craft shops. These shops are filled with genuine handcrafted items at very reasonable prices. They don't accept dollars, so I would highly recommend taking some Bolivares to Chichiri. (Naturally, you will find a man who can change your Bucks for Local currency, but why waste your time there doing that?)

    We bought a couple of local handpainted bits and bobs, there is some cool religious art which I collect and alot of handpainted wooden objects. Also brightly coloured hammocks, the usual maraccas, baskets and the like.

    What to buy: Unusual kitchen objects made of wood

    Religious art

    Baskets, Marracas, Hammocks etc

    Local handmade jewelry.

    What to pay: Next to nothing, eg 2 objects for 8,000 Bolivares (less than £2)

    Local Handcraft Shop, Chichiriviche
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Chichiriviche Local Customs

  • Nuns on the Beach

    We stopped at one beach at Morrocoy for a few hours to eat and laze around. White-robed nuns were gathering outside a small chapel I managed to snap them through the trees (not that I think they would have minded). Little did we know, that the Pope was about to depart this world at the time and their gathering was probably related.A lovely sight...

  • La Virgen del Valle

    La Virgen del Valle (The Virgin of the Valley), is the patron Saint of eastern Venezuela.In El Nacional Parque Morrocoy, you can sail through the magroves on a water taxi and visit a large shrine in the cliffs which is home to hundreds of figures of the Virgin, along with gifts of candles, coins and prayers, which people have left there after...

  • don't buy food...

    If you're heading for La Piscina, don't buy food before you leave - only drinks. There's always a few fishermen there selling seafood cocktails and rice & fish dishes. You buy it from the fishermen's boat and then eat your lunch in the water. And to think that some mothers tell their children not to go into water after eating... they are right - go...


Chichiriviche Warnings and Dangers

  • Loco Mosquito

    My Dad (The Opera Singer) who lives in dry, arid Los Taques, warned me that there would be some mosquitos in Chichiriviche as there is so much water in that area.During the day, there were none around that I could see, but we took precautions at dusk. We made sure we got back to the hotel (via the mangroves again) at a reasonable time and before...

  • be careful on weekends...

    Be careful on weekends... it can get very crowded. If it's a long weekend (like the one I was there, before a National Holiday) then it's murder... you can play the game: find a little stretch of sand where you can lay down. Hard game. The whole place is dotted with large local families out for a day of sun and (apparently and especially) of...

  • Take with you Cash - BOLIVARES

    It is important to take cash or checks, since you do not find many places that accept credit cards and there are no banks (even in restaurant posadas they do not accet it)There is a bank but I will not take the risk, it can have money not


Chichiriviche Off The Beaten Path

  • Parque National de Morrocoy

    Hve a look to my Morrocoy tips about the National Park so u can have an Idea how to do and to see in this place National de Morrocoy

  • La Piscina

    La piscina is a stretch of water about 45 minutes by boat from Chichiriviche - the water is really shallow there (waist-high) and boats stop regularily to let people out for a swim in the water. It can be a little crowded on some weekends, but it's quite fun to be in the middle of nowhere and still be able to have your feet anchored onto sand while...

  • Chichiriviche Hotels

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Chichiriviche Favorites

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    by call_me_rhia Written Aug 20, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Chi-chi-ri-vi-che - nearly a tongue twister - what a name! Chichiriviche is the northern entrance to the Morrocoy National Park - a small uninteresting steamingly hot town with nothing to see or do, except heading out for the islands.

    Fondest memory: It's the islands and beaches we visited, but I must admit that I preferred the other side of the park (the one near Tucacas) since it's definitely lower-key and quieter.

    ugly urban architecture at chichiriviche

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